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nevertoolate's most sublime albums of 2016

An alphabetical list of my top 60 albums of 2016
1Anaal Nathrakh
The Whole of the Law

I'm probably more interested in where they go from this, they've honed their sound to the point where it simply punishes the listener. Incredible stuff
Voice of the Void

Heart Of Oak was such a great debut record and to improve upon that by as much as they have with this is truly amazing.

One of the more underrated albums of this year I feel. A pure blast of punk tinged black metal, check it out if you haven't already.
Blood from the Lion's Mouth

They've managed to harness the wildness of their debut into something with direction and drive. This is an excellent slab of progressive sludge.

Vessels is an incredibly emotive and moving album, each song builds and progresses so fluently. Be'Lakor continue take Melodic DM in a different direction than the majority.
6Blood Incantation

One of the best Death Metal releases this year, you can feel the inspiration drawn from the early 90's forged into a modern sound. Starspawn is a highly enjoyable listen
7Car Bomb

Beat Messugah at their own game. I can't say anything else….THIS JUST GODDAMN RIPS
Le Dernier Crépuscule

THE best Death Metal album of 2016. An obvious nod to off-kilter 90's death metal of Demilich, packaged into something otherworldly and complex. Unusual riffs combined with odd time signatures and full of replayability

I really really dig this album, heavy as hell Sludge that really seems to have flown under the radar this year
Slow Forever

Was My AOTY….you'll see why it was surpassed further down the list. To me though, this epitomises what metal is all about…a complete indulgence of the senses and I can't get enough
11Dark Tranquillity

Dark Tranquility have had quite a lengthy and decorated career at the forefront of melo-death and it is so inspiring for a band of such ilk still being able to produce arguably the best melodeath releases this year. An absolute cracker of an album.
12Death Angel
The Evil Divide

Thrash has really made a strong comeback over the last couple of years and we the the veteran bands are showing the young bands how its done, this is THE best straight up Thrash album this year.
13Deathspell Omega
The Synarchy of Molten Bones

These guys aren't human that’s for sure, absolute killer. There's not much in terms of innovation or progression but holy hell this delivers dizzying levels of rage and technicality
14Defeated Sanity
Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata

Can do no wrong in my books. From top notch slams to Death inspired proggy DM, I didn't think it would work as a package but it does.

With band members at loggerheads in terms of sound direction, I was worried how this might sound but in the end this is Deftones and they have produced another stellar album. But it must be said that generally speaking, this has divided some longtime fans. I don't see it myself, this rules.
Failure, Subside

Blew me away the first time I heard this album, has been on repeat quite a few times this year. Bleak, bold and full of brooding atmosphere it certainly is one of my top ten albums this year.
17Destroyer 666

Catchy as balls Blackened Thrash…I really really need to see these guys live.
18The Dillinger Escape Plan

a sad sad sad album… know why….but what an incredible way to finish up. You will be sorely missed
19Entropia (PL)

One of my very early AOTY contenders, this beastly blackened sludge album is powerful, jarring and unrepenting. The ebbs and flows are mesmerising, I really enjoy this album
20Eye of Solitude

Captivating, atmospheric and intense…one of the better death doom releases of 2016 for me
21First Fragment

Their debut EP set a pretty high water mark for the LP release but let me tell you, Daesin is an absolute beast. Solid songwriting and tremendous riffs…yes the riffage is the main highlight here, just awesome.
22Fleshgod Apocalypse

I reckon Fleshgod have really hit their stride here, to the point where I'd say this is their finest work to date. I love this album very much, it's crushing , expansive and of course overtly symphonic.
23Funeral Attire

Not many people have dug this as much as I have. And yes there are quite a few choices that I overlooked in favour of this but idk. This is Raw, angsty and emotional…what Melodic Hardcore should be. I can't help but love this shit.
The Great Destroyer

My second favourite grind album of the year, I've always enjoyed Gadget and this is their best yet
Sonoran Depravation

Heavily influenced by Dismember and Bolt Thrower, these dudes really do fly the flag for modern death metal. Fast, aggressive and unrelenting…so good.

Number 3 in my top 5 overall for 2016. I, like many , fell in love with Gojira upon listening to From Mars To Sirius. The direction is quite removed from said album but man o man does it fucking work. Catchier, more melodic and more progressive than ever before. Brilliant.
Pleiades' Dust

These Canadians are masters of their craft and this is no exception. It is dense, complex, discordant and is a continuous annihilation of your emotions, all in one epic track.

I'm such a sucker for Melodic Hardcore (refer back to Funeral Attire lol) and this was certainly the best album in that genre this year in my humble opinion.
29Hail Spirit Noir
Mayhem In Blue

This captivated me upon first listen with it's quirky and unpredictable use of instrumentation within a black metal setting. Wonderfully weird and completely engaging

Honestly, my first listed to Haken I struggled with the vocal tone but once I listened right through the album I found myself wanting more and more. So many different styles crammed into the one album, this is prog metal at it's finest
Made Wrong

A definite progression for Heiress, the aggressiveness has been dialed back in favour of more melody providing a more balanced sound overall.
Distance | Collapsed

I love this album so much, draws me right in every time. A beautiful yet brutal death doom journey
33Ion Dissonance
Cast the First Stone

Angular, jagged, twisted mathcore…here's how to make a brilliant comeback record.

Khemmis have put together one of the best albums of the year for me, I would put this behind only Vektor, Cobalt and Goijira. I got swept up in the hype around this band for good fucking reason!! Doom at it's finest.

Kverlertak really honed their own sound to perfection on this album. The first single was not that great on initial listen but once I heard the whole album I was totally won over. I love this band.
36Lizard Professor

One of my more obscure choices for 2016, this is great progressive metal and I cannot list a weak track on the album. Diverse, twisted and has been on high rotation for me.

Magrudergrind have lost nothing in their 14 year career. Hard hitting Grind/PV that hits you right in the face and keeps pummeling
The Violent Sleep of Reason

Meshuggah seem to 'overwrite' their sound as opposed to progressing it and not much has really changed since Koloss. But for me, I can't help but get swept away in the maelstrom of sound these guys produce.
You Will Never Be One of Us

What a way to spend 22 minutes…this is like having your face ripped clean off, sewed back on and then ripped off again. So good.

My 5th best album of the year. These guys have found the perfect balance between shoegaze, black metal and hardcore and completely nailed it. I cannot get enough of the track 'Second Son of R.'…for me, it is song of the year
41Plebeian Grandstand
False Highs, True Lows

First listen through was tough going, this is a very dense and cacophonous album. A few more spins and then you get to grasp the sheer ferocity on offer here. Captivating.
Great Is Our Sin

Can these guys make a bad album?? NO FUCKING WAY!!! Revocation continue to raise the already ridiculously high bar into the stratosphere. One of my favourite ever bands truth be told…fanboy alert!!

Rorcal expand upon their sludgy black metal template with rawness and oppression framed around their love of Greek Mythology. Quality release.
44Rotting Christ

Rituals is a phenomenal album in my opinion. The atmosphere, musicianship and production are spot on, making for a very dynamic and cohesive release. Great stuff indeed.

Discovered this album quite late this year and man what a find it was. Broken into 3 'movements', each part is a unique blend of diverse styles from pure black metal to light ambience. Schammasch have created a simply amazing aural experience.
47Slice the Cake
Odyssey To the West

It's a shame that this may be the band’s last album, but you could not ask for a better album finish on. It is crushing, atmospheric, majestic and dramatic all tied into a wonderfully cohesive package.

Throwers deliver a dark and menacing hardcore album with a dose of atmosphere and brooding post metal to boot. Highly recommend.
49Trap Them
Crown Feral

To be honest, I was underwhelmed in my first listen through but my expectations are insanely high as I rate this band very very highly. That being said and now having experienced the album multiple times I can safely say that this album is as menacing and angry as ever and even grindier in places than their last few releases. Just brilliant.
Shrines of Paralysis

Those Kiwi nut cases are at it again, this is an absolute BEAST of an album. Dense and murky in sound, technical and brutish in delivery this album hands your heart back to you on a silver platter. SO DAMN GOOD.
51Unfathomable Ruination

Loved their prior album and these guys have polished their already impressive brutal death style into something that almost transcends the genre and maybe even their peers for that matter.
The Spoor Of Vipers

Just behind Schammasch as my fave Black metal album this year. If you a Black Metal fan and haven't heard this…..change that now.
Terminal Redux

An absolute masterpiece. There is no weakness at all in this breathtaking progressive thrash odyssey. MY AOTY

Snuck back into my list after another rather recent listen through. Incredible songwriting and instrumentation throughout, quite ambitious in areas for a debut but my goodness does it work. Fucking excellent.

This is quite a giant leap forward over the bands prior work mainly because of the change in vocalist, well in my view anyway. This is an engaging and beautiful post rock prog metal album

I unashamedly have a real soft spot for stoner rock, especially stoner rock of this caliber. Witchcraft return to their doomier roots on this album and with great success. This is my go to album if I need to just relax and chill and hide away from everyday life.

Wormed have formed into a gargantuan hybrid of tech death and brutal death. They blast you stupid with a devastating wall of sound that crushes your soul and keeps going. A real stand out of this year. Top ten for sure.

My fave Grindcore album this year. Wormrot continue to dish up delectable grind which I feast on constantly. Seriously though, Voices simply blasts, thrashes and grooves fucking hard.
The Well-Intentioned Virus

Another comeback album from a well established band that has received widespread acclaim. And rightly so, Zao have composed another metalcore gem which is a pure mix of melody and intensity. Love it.

Unortheta is another fantastic Black Metal album and geez, there have been quite a few this year. What stands out here for me are the tempo changes and experimentation which are arranged and executed perfectly.
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