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Twemimty Ten

I haven't listened to a whole lot of this year's music, but upon review, I found quite a few nuggets. So with our ears cushioned by our custom headphones, and our heavy-lidded eyes jaded, let us march boldly into this new year; the year before destruction!

Not in any particular order (except for maybe roughly alphabetical)
2Arms of Ra
Arms of Ra

A sludgey, post-hardcoreish little EP that almost went unnoticed. Thankfully I
took the time to track it down because it's rather great. Can't wait for the full
album. Top Track(s): Pyramid
3Norma Jean

This actually surprised me. I wrote this off rather soon after hearing it, but it's
really grown on me lately. It really does have a similar style to Disambiguation,
but I feel like this one is pulled off better. And even better, its going back to its mathy roots, which sound rather good. Top Track(s): Blood Burner, Bastardizer
4Amia Venera Landscape
The Long Procession

All thanks go to Willie on this one. Kinda funny how hyped up this got with so
little time to go at the end of the year. It's a great fusion of metalcore and I
guess post-metal. It's not the second coming of Converge, but it breathes life and diversity into a genre gasping for it. Top Track(s): Empire, Nicholas

I loved Unquestionable Presence and was very happy to find out that these guys were still making music. I was even happier to find out that music was this
good. Some moments do come off as cheesey though. Top Track(s): Live and Live Again.
6The Birthday Massacre
Pins and Needles

Another thanks to Willie and bloc on this one. I never really thought this would
be my thing, since I never really got into the gothic/mainstream "emo" music
scene, but this is a good reminder not to judge music by an album cover, ha ha.
And damn does she have a great voice. Top Track(s): In the Dark, Sleepwalking.
7Black Breath
Heavy Breathing

I love the kind of throwback tribute sound on this. It sounds like hardcore that's
heavily influenced by thrash's heyday and black metal. Top Track(s): I am Beyond.
8Wrench in the Works

This is another one that snuck up on me. I've had this album for several months
now, but it never really clicked enough to give it more than a passing notice. As
I've listened more though, I've noticed how good their more hardcore influenced
brand of metalcore is. Top Track(s): Deathslayer, Vultures.
9Called to Arms
Peril and the Patient

I love the BTBAM influence these guys manage to pull off without coming across as a knockoff. All the band members are great at what they do, but they don't get caught up in technical mastubation as so many similar bands do. Top Track(s): Pleasure In The Trough, A Hedonist at Heart
Morte(s) Nee(s)

Just go get this. Now. Sniper has this on his list so you don't even need to listen
to me to know that this is good. Top Track(s): Il y a biens des porcs que ça
ferait bander de t'étouffer, De sorte que plus jamais un instant ne soit magique
(that was a chore just to copy and paste...)
Death is Silent

One of the few hip-hop albums I checked out from this year, and I know there's
probably better, but this is just a great album in its own right. Plus it has a nice
variety of guest spots (read: EVERY TRACK) that keep it from getting stale. Top
Track(s): Rhythm of the Rain, When You Cry
Messy, Isn't It?

Picked this up on a whim at the beginning of the year (this came like the first week of January if I'm not mistaken). I didn't really like hardcore all that much at the time, so it pretty much collected dust up until a couple of months ago. I love the little jazzy interludes between the tracks, and really like the album art for some reason. Top Track(s): Pyramid of Empties, I'll Clap When I'm Impressed.
13Rabbit Junk
Project Nonagon

Metalstyles turned me on to JP Anderson's other band The Shizit a while back,
but I had never really gotten around to listening to Rabbit Junk. When I did, I
found the industrial mixed with poppy female vocals to be a tad irritating (it has
grown on me, however). This album intrigued me when I learned that the
female vocalist (sum grrl) was absent, and also that this was a concept album.
While the bookend parts retain much of Rabbit Junk's core sound (sans sum
grrl), the middle, named "Ghetto Blasphemer" is a welcome change. It takes on a narrative of one of HP Lovecraft's creatures, called a star vampire. The tracks are very death metal influenced, and most importantly the story they weave is
compelling and imaginative (especially with a little research). Top track(s): The
Revenge of Julian Modley
Diamond Eyes

I got this album after only just hearing White Pony. I liked Diamond Eyes and
that was about it. About a month or two ago it hit me and I went over to Best
Buy and got myself a physical copy that hasn't left my car stereo since. Deftones continue to evolve while keeping the core sound that most of us grew up with. Sextape and Prince and Beauty School are just too good. Those are the top tracks, btw.
15The Dillinger Escape Plan
Option Paralysis

I don't have much to say about this album other than it's a great change of pace
from Ire Works, which was disappointing, and also that this was waaaaaaaaay overrated. Overrated does not mean it isn't good, however, because this really is good. Top track(s): Gold Teeth on a Bum, I Wouldn't If You Didn't
Majesty and Decay

Grabbed this during my somewhat brief death metal binge earlier this year. It
was one of my first encounters with what great modern death metal can be. Since then, if I am in the mood for Immo, I'll throw on Close to a World Below, as it is the much better album. That was (is) a mistake, as this is a great album in its own right, that doesn't need to be compared to past works. Top Track(s): Majesty and Decay, A Glorious Epoch, The Rapture of Ghosts
17In Vain

The vocals remind me of Sikth at times, which is awesome. There's also some pretty good stuff to be found. They could have cut the track lengths a tad though. All in all a good but not outstanding album (even though I rated this SUPER high when I heard it first). Top Track(s): Ain't No Lovin', Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

So called "black 'n roll", this is a definitely fun album with a great throwback sound. Lots of great solos, riffs and catchy, downright FUN parts. FOSSEGRIM! Top Track(s): Fossegrim, Blodtørst
19Living Sacrifice
The Infinite Order

A great return to form from one of the biggest pioneers of Christian metal. The
vocals could be a bit stronger, but it's not a very large detractor at all. I only
wish they had included the two tracks from the Death Machine sampler on here.
Both of those are stronger than anything on The Infinite Order. Top Track(s): Nietzsche's Madness, Overkill Exposure, Apostasy
20More than Life
Love Let Me Go

Well let me first get the BOOBS out of the way. Honestly that and the fact that
fti wrote the review are what interested me in checking this out. I wasn't
disappointed, as this is one of the most emotionally wrenching albums I've ever
heard. Top Track(s): Love Let Me Go, Daisy Hill, Silent Gray

Take sputnik band numero uno, Coverage and slap them together with Nails and you'll have an idea of what this French band sounds like. It's fast, intense,
and -not to be cliche- it is brutal. Plus the album art is pretty badass. Top Track(s): Par Pertes et Profits, Arkhangelsk, 53%
Coldest Winter; Darkest Reaches of the Mind

Another great hardcore album that is straightforward in its delivery and pissed off about something. I just hope the semi-colon doesn't screw up the album art... Top Track(s): I Am Sin, Fear the Sleep, Slow Burn
Norron Livskunst

Nothing I can say about this that hasn't been said better and sooner by Willie.
Top Track(s): Waves Over Valhalla, Raudedauden

A short, but insanely aggressive EP that caught a lot of people by surprise. They quickly drew comparisons to Converge (of course), which for once were well-founded. It's a shame that they broke up, but at least we have this much. Top Track(s): Failgiver, My Hands are Cold
25 The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events

This was my guilty pleasure for the year. I love the frantic feel that the guitars have, especially when it's juxtaposed against the usually slow plodding screams. The vocals are also more monotonous, but they sound a lot better than they did on the s/t (new vocalist? idk). This is the music I blast when me and my bros hop out of our raised Chevy Blazer to beat some scenesters. Top Track(s): Passenger 57, W.A.L.L.S., Hour of the Time
26 Honorable

(and/or albums I haven't had proper time to listen to)
27Barren Earth
Curse of the Red River
28Caleb McAlpine
Science Fiction
29Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire
Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation
30The Contortionist
The Medication Generation
At Night We Live
34In Mourning
The Betrayed
36Mike Patton
Mondo Cane
37The Showdown
Blood in the Gears
38 To Speak of Wolves
Myself < Letting Go

stupid album art
39The Breathing Process
Odyssey (un)Dead
40Woe of Tyrants
41Shadow of the Colossus
Shadow of the Colossus
42The National
High Violet
43Linkin Park
A Thousand Suns

Just kidding! it's not even very many suns
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