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You guys are seriously sleeping on one of the year's better pop albums.
1Taylor Swift

"Getaway Car" - Doesn't exactly fit in with the album's theme, and feels more like a 1989 track (so much for the old Taylor being dead). Features one of her biggest choruses ever, and although I haven't looked at the production credits it has a very Jack Antenoff feel to it. The bridge with the ooh ooh's is such a feel good moment. This is right up there with the very best songs she's ever made. (5/5)
2Taylor Swift

"I Did Something Bad" - The best song on the album that still fits into her darker 'bad girl' theme. I remember the first time I heard it I thought it was just alright, but it really grows (?) if that's possible for a Swift song. The stuttered post-chorus adds an extra dimension. "they're burning all the witches...even if you aren't one" show lyrical maturation and reveal an added layer to how she feels about her detractors and accusers amidst all the drama that she endures (not that she doesn't start half of it). Either way, amazing track for her new sound/look. (4.7/5)
3Taylor Swift

"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" - The most bombastic track on here, it begins sounding very much like a Lorde song but then explodes into a bigger, more catty "Bad Blood." If you hate Bad Blood that's okay, because I do too and still thoroughly enjoy this track. The lyrics can be a bit cringey (and that laugh at the end...ugh), but the sheer infectiousness of the melody make this the catchiest song on the album. It's one of those songs you'll deny liking but then blast the hell out of it while driving alone in your car. (4.5/5)
4Taylor Swift

"New Year's Day" - In stark contrast to the rest of the album, this is a very understated and emotional piano ballad. As the closer it works, but anywhere else it would have been out of place. It has some pretty gorgeous lyrics and possesses actual depth (please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere). I'd love to hear an entire album in this vein, but I know it won't happen. (4.5/5)
5Taylor Swift

"Call It What You Want" - One of the most relate-able admissions of defeat. In the song Swift realizes she's outnumbered in all the drama she's found, and put, herself in (I brought a knife to a gunfight) but finds solace in seclusion (Nobody's heard from me for months, I'm doing better than I ever was) and a healthy relationship in which she can confide. It's the definition of shrinking back from the fight, taking a deep breath, and re-shifting focus. Midtempo beat and Swift's vocals intertwine to form something very enjoyable but not overly showy - probably would land higher if I didn't have such a flair for the epic/over-the-top myself. (4.3/5)
6Taylor Swift

"Look What You Made Me Do" - The lead single that everyone knows, it has its strengths and flaws for sure. The sort of anti-chorus that it arrives at is the bane of many listener's experience, but I quite enjoy the deliberate denial of expectations. The pre-chorus is actually the best part (but I got smarter I got harder in the nick of time). Still some unavoidably embarrassing moments, though, notably the "the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" bit. A very good pop song that sets the tone for the bad-girl image shift, but not in the album's top 5. (4/5)
7Taylor Swift

"Dress" - This feels like a continuation of Wildest Dreams. Complete with seductive "ahh ahhs", this sort of feels like Taylor coming out of her shell sexually, expressing desire in a way that the songs from 1989 only hinted at (I only bought this dress so you could take it off). The entire song is a vocal showcase, because the background is little more than some echoed synths and distant percussion. It doesn't quite have the same allure as 'Wildest Dreams' and isn't as catchy or as memorable, but it's a similar type of track and is higher quality and higher class than other more overtly sexual songs like "So It Goes." (3.8/5)
8Taylor Swift

"Don't Blame Me" - A different type of song for Taylor, it sort of broods in a low, mysterious beat and then erupts into this overdubbed chorus that is pretty memorable and satisfying - even if a tad repetitive. There's something so alluring about it, I just can't pinpoint exactly what it is. It's just a cool vibe. (3.7/5).
9Taylor Swift

"Delicate" - Structurally this is very bare bones, but it has a really nice groove to it. It feels like Swift just kicking back and making a low key lounge track, and it's a refreshing change from the usual over-the-top drama. Her vocals are heavily auto-tuned, lending it a slight club vibe. It's not the most noticeable song, but it's very well executed and produced. (3.5/5)
10Taylor Swift

"So It Goes..." - Definitely her most obvious statement to the world that she does indeed have sex, she pours it on a little heavy for my taste (You know I'm not a bad girl, but I do bad things with you / Come here, dressed in black now / scratches down your back now)...okay, we get it. Still, I'm proud of her for not trying to seem prude and holier-than-thou, which she's definitely done in the past. The song has sort of a dark, hip-hop influenced vibe that I can get behind. Definitely works within the atmosphere of Reputation; it belongs here. (3.4/5)
11Taylor Swift

"Ready For It" - Is it odd that I find the rap verses on this actually pretty well executed? T-Swizzle for the win. Everything about the rest of the song is just "above average" though, from the verse/chorus to the lyrics. Sort of feels like the "we need a song to show Taylor is badass now" track, and it doesn't really accomplish that. It's a decent radio single, but not much more. (3.3/5)
12Taylor Swift

"King of My Heart" - Super auto-tuned and overdubbed, probably on purpose and definitely to a fault. Outside of that though, this is a really fun song. Finger snaps, electronic beats, the whole shebang. It would feel like a cautionary tale against overproduction if it weren't so unapologetic and carefree about it. Among the weaker songs here but not necessarily worth skipping. (3/5)
13Taylor Swift

"Dancing With Our Hands Tied" - This is another one that sort of pours it on a little too heavy. This feels like an all-out attempt to create one of those electronica dance-rave vibes, complete with heavily synthesized beats in the chorus, timed a little too perfectly to coincide with each beat. But outside of that chorus, there's a lot of trademark Swifticisms: the quick pitter-pat beat submerged behind melodic and forlorn vocals about hands in pockets, kissing as the lights go out, etc etc. It's a nice track if you don't mind its transparent goals. (3/5)
14Taylor Swift

"Gorgeous" - Kind of immature even for Tay Tay, the whole thing feels very high school-ish. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired (pretty much just her talking about how hot she thinks this guy is, even though she has a boyfriend) and then making a try-hard-to-be-cute quip about going home to her cats. It's not offensively bad or anything, just kind of a giant shoulder shrug with a side of cringe. (2.5/5)
15Taylor Swift

"End Game" - And here marks the bottom of the barrel. If Swift is surprisingly on-point with her hip-hop influences on this album, then the actual hip-hop guests are a shit show. Future and Ed Sheeran are both horribly misused on this track, and the whole thing sounds clumsy and fumbly-bumbly to get through. The fact that it's track 2 on the CD will give a lot of listeners the wrong first impression right out of the gate, but my advice is to keep pushing on because it gets better. (2/5)
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