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DaveyBoy's Top 40 Albums Of 2010

Well, actually, it's my top 38 albums of 2010 with my best 2 EPs tacked on to the end. The only major point to note on this list is the exclusion of 'Gorilla Manor' by Local Natives, because it was technically released (in the U.K) in late 2009. That album probably would have been #3 last year (had I known about it then) or #4 this year had it been eligible.
Foreign Tapes

No matter what your musical tastes, do yourself a favor and let 'Foreign Tapes' win you over. Searching for weaknesses on this debut LP by Parades is a difficult task, with the Sydney art-rock quartet masterfully juxtaposing multi-faceted indie, ethereal dream-pop & even complex post-rock. This self-produced album ebbs & flows brilliantly, and exudes a spontaneous nature which lessens predictability. Vocally resplendent, 'Foreign Tapes' is all the better for Rebecca Shave's guest contributions. An exciting album of 2010 contender. Recommended Tracks: Marigold, Loserspeak In New Tongue, Dead Nationale, Hunters & Lung Full of Light.
2Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

Displaying a deft balance of personal intimacy & grand accessibility, Arcade Fire deliver another superb LP with 'The Suburbs'. The Montreal septet include greater diversity & inspirations on this well produced & densely layered album where effortless melodies seemingly appear from nowhere. The absorbingly honest theme of questioning reminiscing, results in a mature (almost parental) LP which may not appeal to teens & should therefore age strongly. At 64 minutes it could have done with some editing, but otherwise 'The Suburbs' deservedly fuels more "world's best band" talk. Recommended Tracks: Ready to Start, The Suburbs, Sprawl II, Suburban War & We Used to Wait.
Total Life Forever

The greater ambition & maturity evident on Foals' 2nd album 'Total Life Forever' could not have been foreseen by anyone. While it may not be an especially immediate LP, its slow-burning qualities turn what initially may seem a little messy, into a satisfyingly cohesive release. From the measured beginning of opener 'Blue Blood' all the way through to tense closer 'What Remains', the Oxford quintet continuously take your breath away... No more so than on the 7 minute epic behemoth that is 'Spanish Sahara'; a bona fide song of the year contender. Recommended Tracks: Spanish Sahara, Blue Blood, This Orient, What Remains & 2 Trees.
4The Graduate
Only Every Time

Jam-packed with killer refrains, seldom has there been an album as instantaneously infectious as The Graduate's 2nd LP 'Only Every Time'! From the opener's gang vocals to the closing sub 3 minute epic, the band has improved in every facet. The shimmering effects of the dual guitars weave value-adding textures, while frontman Corey Warning handles the gentler moments impressively. Containing an X factor which spotlights its strengths & hides its weaknesses, 'Only Every Time' is a fun & catchy LP without a wasted moment. Recommended Tracks: Don't Die Digging, Pull Me In, All At Once, For The Missing & Stuck (Inside My Head).
5Dead Letter Circus
This Is The Warning

The wait for Dead Letter Circus' debut LP was well & truly worth it, since 'This Is The Warning' consolidates & builds on the EP's the quartet had already released. Debuting at #2 on the Oz charts proves the crossover appeal apparent here, as the soaring melodies of Kim Benzie's vocals & Rob Maric's guitar somehow combine exquisitely with a thumping rhythm section. It produces a number of stunning moments over its 53 minutes, while variety is sufficient via increased use of spacey synths on a handful of expansively experimental cuts. Recommended Tracks: Big, Here We Divide, Next In Line & This Is The Warning.
6Marina & The Diamonds
The Family Jewels

24 year old Marina Diamandis successfully follows in the footseps of recent quirky female sung pop from Britain & delivers a terrific debut LP in 'The Family Jewels'. Co-writing all 13 tracks, Marina merges her unorthodox eccentricities with irresistibly catchy pop hooks. She won't be for everyone since exploring such an abundance of variety is as much a weakness as a strength, but her theatrical kitchen-sink approach is often difficult to resist. Displaying a strangely endearing charisma, there is also a savvy depth evident throughout which simply cannot be ignored; fun, serious, poppy & unorthodox, it is an LP full of contradictions, but one which rarely fails to entertain. Recommended Tracks: Hollywood, Mowgli?s Road, Oh No! & Numb.
The Betrayed

'The Betrayed' - the 4th LP from much derided Welsh rockers Lostprophets - is a defiant, resolute and, most importantly, passionate middle finger to their doubters. Finding a near-perfect balance of everything they have done in the past, the sextet effortlessly merge their often forgotten metallic traits with their more recent mainstream poppiness. And for those after something new & experimental, look no further than the epic closer which suggests this is a band with not only a storied past, but also a very bright future. Recommended Tracks: It's Not the End of the World But I Can See it from Here, Where We Belong, A Better Nothing & The Light That Shines Twice as Bright.
8Motion City Soundtrack
My Dinosaur Life

Combining the best elements of their previous 3 LP's, 'My Dinosaur Life' is the finest release of Motion City Soundtrack's career. Without filler & containing sufficient variety, this is a step up musically since it allows both the drums & guitars time to shine. Fun, catchy & crunchy, it really is worthy of the label "pop-punk". Justin Pierre's detailed songwriting/storytelling is as fantastic as ever, while he also seems to have found greater vocal range. It all comes together on the phenomenal 'Disappear', a genuine song of the year contender. Recommended Tracks: Disappear, Pulp Fiction, History Lesson & The Weakends.
Dark is the Way, Light is a Place

Floridian quintet Anberlin could not record a bad album if they tried... And while 'Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place' does not match its 2 predecessors & may initially seem a little underwhelming & mid-tempo, it turns out to be a real grower. Densely layered & subtle musical touches abound, but it is Stephen Christian's majestic vocals which take center stage. From the catchy 'Impossible' to the acoustic 'Down', and from the hard-hitting 'To The Wolves' to the splendid 'The Art of War', there is something for everyone on this slightly back-loaded LP that contains no filler. Recommended Tracks: The Art of War, Impossible, To The Wolves & Down.
10Secret And Whisper
Teenage Fantasy

Unlikely to gain or lose too many fans for Canadian post-hardcore outfit Secret & Whisper, their 2nd LP 'Teenage Fantasy' kick-starts with an impressively exciting one-two punch that highlights the band's outstanding guitar-work. While there is a slight reduction in variety & catchiness when compared to the quintet's debut, this is an album which is immaculately produced, energetic & without filler. 'Teenage Fantasy' establishes Secret and Whisper as a force to be reckoned with on the post-hardcore scene... A band that has not only shaken their tags, but arguably surpassed them. Recommended Tracks: Warrior (Southern Arrowwood), Star Blankets, Youth Cats & Whale Bones.
11Circa Survive
Blue Sky Noise

Circa Survive were always talented, but that meant squat on their first 2 albums as they could only write 1 style of song. That all changes on 'Blue Sky Noise' as the quintet finally realize they can incorporate their progressive nature into more conventional song structures. This actually results in greater dynamics through greater variety! Not only does distinctive vocalist Anthony Green find a better sense of melody, but so do the musicians... The guitarists especially utilize all kinds of styles here. The band's major label debut is clearly their most commercial release yet, but to call it "poppy" would only be speaking relatively. Recommended Tracks: I Felt Free, Dyed in the Wool, Get Out & Spirit of the Stairwell.
12The Gaslight Anthem
American Slang

While not as immediate (partially due to it being back-loaded) as its predecessor, 'American Slang' is another excellent LP from The Gaslight Anthem. Suggesting that a lack of truly memorable tracks means this is the weakest of their 3 releases is by no means derogatory, and the album's consistency is again a strength. Moving marginally away from their punk roots (despite many superb guitar lines & thumping drums), the band vary their sound more here, creating a spacious Americana/Classic Rock feel. The song-writing is once more exquisite; with a winning over-riding theme of striving for the American dream, but moving on once it isn't fully achieved. Recommended Tracks: Old Haunts, The Spirit of Jazz, American Slang & Boxer.
13Janelle Monae
The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III of IV)

The debut LP from the creative, exuberant & versatile 24 year old Janelle Monae is bold, audacious & unique. Ambitious in both its diversity & concept, 'The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)' somehow bends genres into a cohesive compilation. The exquisite production & non-intrusive concept assist effectively, even if Suite III's experiments overwhelm by the end of the 68 minute journey. While the 18 tracks are a lot to take in, the fact that the album is still accessible speaks wonders for this exciting talent. Recommended Tracks: Tightrope, Locked Inside, Cold War & Come Alive (War of the Roses).
14Senses Fail
The Fire

On their 4th LP 'The Fire', post-hardcore quintet Senses Fail are unlikely to win over new fans since they don't exactly serve up anything which is fresh & new. However, the album is ultimately a resounding success since it is a near-perfect combination of all they have done in the past. Refining the band's sound & style so effectively, tortured screaming meets anthemic sing-alongs, while soaring dual guitar-work wraps around galloping rhythms. Add in Buddy Nielsen's convincing & predominantly understandable screaming, improved lyrics & a lack of filler, and it all results in a surprisingly excellent album that bodes well for the future of Senses Fail. Recommended Tracks: The Fire, Landslide, Lifeboats & Coward.
Fixed at Zero

A real grower; VersaEmerge's debut LP 'Fixed at Zero' initially seems too poppy, but reveals itself on subsequent listens. Using an array of intricately layered instruments (strings, synths, piano, harp, omnichord, glockenspiel, etc...) to enhance an eerie, cinematic sound, the trio always keeps their songs accessible. Still at their best when recalling their rocky, post-hardcore past (see the title track), the growth & ambition evident here is very promising. It's all capped off by a 7 minute closer that naturally morphs from acoustic ballad into a brilliantly heavy & swirling coda that outlines just how many deceptively catchy moments there are on this back-loaded album. Recommended Tracks: Fixed at Zero, Mythology, Lost Tree & Up There.

Following in the footsteps of the not too dissimilar alt-rock outfit Anberlin, Texan quartet Ivoryline take a significant step forward on their 2nd LP 'Vessels'. While the energetic catchiness of their promising debut 'There Came A Lion' remains, there are also more than enough aspects of progression to satisfy. Jeremy Gray's soaring vocals have especially improved, while the ambitious song structures of the closing trio of tracks could be a preview of Ivoryline's future that should eventually see their stock sky-rocket. Recommended Tracks: You Bring Fire, The Healing, Made From Dust & Vessels.
17Big Boi
Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Following a long delay, Big Boi steps out from Andre 3000's shadow & crafts a mighty fine debut LP which only occasionally descends into the usual hip-hop pitfalls. The lesser known half of OutKast finds a near-perfect combination of accessibility & creative depth, while being simultaneously traditional & modern. Flawlessly produced, the deceptively catchy 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty' masterfully orchestrates its guest spots to advantage. Just as fitting in a club, on the street or at home; this is a consistent & efficient 57 minutes worth that is the hip-hop album of 2010. Recommended Tracks: Shutterbug, Follow Us, Tangerine & Fo Yo Sorrows.
18Steel Train
Steel Train

On Steel Train's self-titled 3rd LP, Mr. Do-it-all Jack Antonoff brings across some of the quirkiness displayed by his other band fun.. The results are tremendous too, with an unpredictable nature & varied instrumentation being injected into what appears to be relatively straight-forward pop-rock. However, this self-produced release is not only catchy, but has so much going on that it is almost always interesting. There is a lull towards the end, but even that is negated by fantastic closer 'Fall Asleep'; which cleverly turns the melody from 'Canon in D' on its head. Recommended Tracks: You and I Undercover, Fall Asleep, Bullet & Children In the 90's.
19Amy Macdonald
A Curious Thing

Following on from her superb 2007 debut LP, 22 year old Scottish singer-songwriter Amy MacDonald resists stagnation on a rockier & more polished follow-up which could attract an even larger audience. While not totally dispensing with her trademark stripped-down sound, 'A Curious Thing' predominantly contains a fuller, punchier sound with soaring guitars & strong driving beats. Her convincing vocals & perceptive lyrics are once more on display, and while this LP may not match the overall quality of its predecessor, its consistency & lack of filler is undoubtedly still a selling point. Recommended Tracks: Don't Tell Me That It's Over, My Only One, An Ordinary Life & What Happiness Means To Me / Dancing In The Dark.
20The Tallest Man on Earth
The Wild Hunt

Not too dissimilar to the surprisingly strong 'Shallow Grave', Swede Kristian Matsson (The Tallest Man On Earth) returns with another album of sincere lo-fi folk on 'The Wild Hunt'. A little quirkier than his debut LP, Matsson seems more confident in his vocals this time around, while his vivid storytelling seems more buoyant than on past releases. The trademark melodic acoustic guitar & banjo work is present again, but is this time assisted by piano on effective closer 'Kids on the Run'. All this adds fantastic variety which makes this his best record to date. Recommended Tracks: King of Spain, Love Is All, Kids on the Run & The Wild Hunt.
21We Are The Emergency
Whispers and Fragments

Refining the sound from their screamo-heavy EP, young Aussie septet We Are The Emergency's debut LP 'Whispers & Fragments' is a surprisingly mature offering. While it is not super immediate (not helped by its song titles), it has a progressive air that makes it a real grower. And just when it feels like too many songs bleed into each other, Sophie Rodgers' vocals & keys add perfect variety. Recommended Tracks: It's Floating Wicker Propelled By Fire, Ink Well Paper Stain, My Conscience Is The Only One Who Gets Me & Coloured Pastels/Racing Hearts.
22Two Door Cinema Club
Tourist History

Northern Irish trio Two Door Cinema Club's debut LP 'Tourist History' is far from original... Bloc Party & Franz Ferdinand are obvious inspirations. They know their strengths however, and ultimately win listeners over with an immediate, enthusiastic, likeable & catchy mixture of ingredients, which results in a sound that is certain to have toes tapping from the pubs to the clubs. Kudos should be given to producer Eliot James who expertly merges together jangly guitars, buzzing synths & propulsive beats, while still giving off a feeling of sparseness. Recommended Tracks: I Can Talk, What You Know, You're Not Stubborn & Cigarettes In The Theatre.
23Jimmy Eat World

On their 7th LP 'Invented', Jimmy Eat World ditch the predominantly sugar-coated sound of 'Chase This Light' and return to the darker & maturer style prevalent on 2004 release 'Futures'. Initially seeming a little too mid-tempo & unmemorable, the album's superior song-writing & melodies eventually win out, making it a real grower. Subtle musical touches abound, while lead vocalist Jim Adkins expertly adds the necessary emotional depth where required. Including very little filler, 'Invented' is an LP that is both consistent & cohesive, with the superb mid-section especially standing out. Recommended Tracks: Stop, Coffee and Cigarettes, My Best Theory & Movielike.

Creative Portland based trio Menomena continue to grow & mature with another captivating & distinct album full of intricate melodies. Similar to its predecessors, 'Mines' displays the band's skill in controlling such a diverse range of instruments & musical styles, while still making an accessible release. 'Mines' is a little more down-tempo however, meaning less hooks & reduced immediacy. A touch overlong at 54 minutes, it is a little front-loaded & is their most inconsistent LP yet... But the better songs here are seriously top-notch, especially the captivating 'Tithe'. Recommended Tracks: Tithe, Five Little Rooms, BOTE & Dirty Cartoons.
25Calling All Cars
Hold, Hold, Fire

While their influences are rather obvious & some tracks should not be put under a microscope, Australian trio Calling All Cars have released a mighty fine solid-as-a-rock debut LP here with 'Hold, Hold, Fire'. Extremely energetic, this is a very accessible straight-ahead rock album with pleasing punk leanings. The band knows their way around a catchy hook and successfully draws the listener in on a consistent basis over the course of these satisfying 11 tracks. Recommended Tracks: Not Like Anybody, Disconnect, Hold Hold Fire & Run Away.
26The Felix Culpa
Sever Your Roots

Merging post-hardcore with indie & progressive tendencies, The Felix Culpa remind of Brand New and early Moneen & Envy On The Coast. Passionate vocals wail over ambitiously complex musical dynamics, where everything is exquisitely crafted. Since it's been over 5 years between albums, the quartet has put their heart & soul into this LP. Yet, at 67 minutes, the sprawling build-up to each climax overdoes the epic structures, resulting in melodies & hooks being spread too thin. 'Sever Your Roots' is still one hell of a successful & intriguing release though. Recommended Tracks: Mutiny, Our Holy Ghosts, The First One to the Scene of an Accident? & Because This Is How We Speak.

Weezer keep churning out the albums & while 8th LP 'Hurley' is another inconsistent release, it succeeds since there are more hits than misses. 'Smart Girls' sucks & 'Where's My Sex' is lyrically bad, but the remaining tracks are energetic, catchy & irresistibly enjoyable. It's fairly short & simplistic, but the back-to-basics approach works well with a nice combination of rock & 60's like harmonies. Most importantly, the better songs here compare well to the band's past best. Hell, 'Unspoken' is a song of the year candidate! Recommended Tracks: Unspoken, Memories, Hang On & Ruling Me.
28Foxy Shazam
Foxy Shazam

On their self-titled 3rd LP - & major label debut - Cincinnati sextet Foxy Shazam poppify their extravagant & campy genre-mashing for the sake of accessibility. The result is successful, with soaring anthemic choruses filling an album that is extremely fun & energetic. In front of fantastically hooky piano & horns, the bombastic Eric Nally strongly reminds of Freddie Mercury in both looks & voice. And while the highlights here are sensational, there is some Queen-like inconsistency as well. Yet, even on the filler, this LP is always entertaining & better than their messy previous releases. Recommended Tracks: Count Me Out, Oh Lord, Bye Bye Symphony & Unstoppable.
29Ra Ra Riot
The Orchard

Not as immediate or ultimately as memorable as the band?s debut LP, Ra Ra Riot return with another solid & enjoyable album of strings-heavy indie-pop on 'The Orchard'. More of a rewarding grower, this release sees the Syracuse based sextet display subtler & richer details which better utilizes the full band. This should assist their future growth, but in isolation, leaves 'The Orchard' feeling a little too lethargic & lacking in hooks. The highlights here are still very good, it is just that the average mid-section & closer expose a relative lack of depth. Recommended Tracks: Too Dramatic, Boy, Kansai & Do You Remember.
30Miami Horror

Going through a tumultuous gestation period, the accomplished debut LP from Melbourne electro-pop quartet Miami Horror was well worth the wait. Carrying a strong concept revolving around light & utilizing well chosen guest vocalists, the tunes on 'Illumination' cohesively range from dream-pop to 1970's disco & from mainstream pop to club bangers. It is arguably overlong & falls a little flat when it attempts to push too many boundaries & be cool, but 'Illumination' is ultimately a versatile debut LP which is just as appropriate to listen to as you are lying by the pool at 2pm, as it is when you are dancing in a nightclub at 2am. Recommended Tracks: Sometimes, Holidays, Moon Theory & Ultraviolet.
31Fang Island
Fang Island

For someone not usually into predominantly instrumental albums, Fang Island's catchy self-titled LP is an uplifting feel-good revelation. Sure, the choral chants (rare normal vocals are found wanting) spread over its half hour help immensely, but it's more than that... Wonderfully cohesive, some songs set up their successors without significantly dipping in quality themselves - even if a few are only elongating a single idea. The Brooklyn based quintet's 3-way guitar attack brilliantly perform everything from technical tempo-switching prog-rock to intertwining pop melodies, while drummer Marc St. Sauveur more than plays his role. And then there is that fun, joyous, exuberant & celebratory feel which makes the LP so sincerely unique. High five! Recommended Tracks: Daisy, Sideswiper, Welcome Wagon & Davey Crockett.
32Cee Lo Green
The Lady Killer

'The Lady Killer' - the 3rd LP from unique Atlantan Cee Lo Green - effectivelys classic R&B with a mainstream accessible combination of retro-soul & pop. Superbly produced & arranged, the album is filled with strings, horns & backing vocals, while mixed results come from the loose concept which occasionally sends the album into darker territory. The thing is, even if a song may not suit him, Green's personality & voice almost always make it somehow work. And I'm not sure anyone could dislike the contagious 'F*ck You', which is a genuine song of the year contender. Recommended Tracks: F*ck You, Bright Lights Bigger City, It's OK & I Want You.
33The Holidays
Post Paradise

Filled with indie-pop tunes that carry vibrant, percussion-heavy rhythms & just a touch of electro, Sydney quartet The Holidays have released a real summer album that seems to have come straight from a tropical island in the Caribbean. It's not exactly the most innovative LP ever & it does run out of steam towards the end as the band attempt to experiment a little more with darker sounds. Yet, with catchy melodies & suitably relaxing vocals, 'Post Paradise' still makes for an extremely promising debut LP. Recommended Tracks: Golden Sky, Moonlight Hours, 6 AM & 2 Days.
34Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Following a tough few years, Kanye West uses his egotistical self-indulgence to advantage; delivering an extraordinarily ambitious, expansive & complex 5th LP in 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. Kanye especially shows his production wares here, with the highlights impressing in their stimulating unpredictability. Unfortunately, this stubbornly overlong 69 minutes contains far too many frivolous moments, inconsistent lyrics, average vocals & a ridiculously overblown guest list. With a multitude of groundbreaking, forward-looking ideas however, it will be interesting to see how this fascinating album ages. Recommended Tracks: All of the Lights, Runaway, Power & Blame Game.
In Medias Res

The 2nd LP from PMtoday sees the Arkansas quartet refine the sound established on their promising debut. The vocals still need work but are on the improve, while this album's concept keeps the album lyrically focused with key refrains emphasized throughout. The strength of 'In Medias Res' however is the delectable guitar work which - along with a tight rhythm section - efficiently handles mutliple tempo switches. If anything, PMtoday don't quite knock any song out of the park here, meaning the LP won't demand you coming back & ends up yet another promising release. Recommended Tracks: People Are Machines, Sad World, Goodbye Blue Monday & A Convenient Literary Device...
Body Talk

Swedish songstress Robyn completes her gimmicky trio of 2010 releases with the 15 track 'Body Talk' LP. Holding its own in clubs and on radio, this is an album full of contradictions... While including previously heard songs adds familiarity, it is negated by a slight lack of cohesiveness... Robyn's lyrics make for some of the smartest pop around on the highlights, yet the intentionally icy production often results in an undeserving emotional disconnect on the latter tracks. Bravely filled with futuristic electro-pop, only time will tell how ground-breaking 'Body Talk' is. Recommended Tracks: Dancing On My Own, Indestructible, U Should Know Better & Call Your Girlfriend.
37Envy On The Coast

I'm in the minority thinking that Envy on the Coast's debut LP 'Lucy Gray' is a better album than 'Lowcountry', but that doesn't mean this follow-up is a disappointment. Natural growth sees the dynamic NY quartet incorporate a more rock oriented sound, while the slicker production is also wise. Interestingly, a clear southern rock style emerges; sometimes adding valuable, original & moody ingredients, while other times sacrificing memorable hooks. As a result, 'Lowcountry' unfortunately lacks stand-out moments, yet it is still a relatively consistent LP. Recommended Tracks: Head First in the River, Made of Stone, Death March on Two Ready? & The Great American T-Shirt Racket.
Odd Blood

Clearly looking to expand their listening audience, Yeasayer poppify their unique & eclectic sound on their self-produced 2nd LP 'Odd Blood'. Leaning more towards combining 80's synth-pop with an indie aesthetic, the Brooklyn-based band only occasionally integrate the world music influences prevalent throughout their debut. At its very best, it is extremely catchy, with the highlight singles once more loaded towards the beginning of the album. But even with less experimenting here, they still are unable to eradicate the filler. Recommended Tracks: O.N.E., Ambling Alp, Madder Red & Mondegreen.
Live At Fingerprints

Often the most difficult of qualities to accomplish on live recordings, New York based indie-pop trio fun. make the listener feel as if they are genuinely at the venue on their 5 song EP 'Live At Fingerprints'. Released as part of the celebrations for Record Store Day, fun.'s performance is so natural, sincere and real, one can't help but enjoy the intimate experience. Creating some magic with only their voices, a couple of acoustic guitars, a piano and the barest of percussion, fun. even provide an hilarious anecdote or two. It's almost enough to make you forget that 'Be Calm' and 'Barlights' are excluded from this delightful 29 minutes worth that is difficult to dislike.
40Funeral For A Friend
The Young And Defenseless

Funeral For A Friend's u-turn to the heavier sound displayed in their formative years is one step away from being complete... And if the 4 track 'Young and Defenceless' EP is any guide, then it is a process which will leave every fan they have picked up along the way in raptures. While all songs are musically hard-hitting & contain drummer Ryan Richards' near forgotten screams, each of them are still accessible, immediate & catchy... See lead single & EP opener 'Serpents In Solitude' as the perfect example. Sure, it's only 13 minutes worth, but all pointers suggest the Welsh quintet are on the right track... I guess we will find out in April when their 5th LP 'Welcome Home Armageddon' is released.
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