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DaveyBoy's Potential 5s (1000 In 50)

FINALLY... DaveyBoy has reached the 1,000 rating mark... And it just so happens that it arrives around the time of my 50 month anniversary here at Sputnik (That's 20 ratings per month for the mathematically challenged among you). While many reach this ratings milestone quicker than I have, not too many of those have written 250 reviews (That's one-quarter of the ratings...). Throw in an additional 150 sound-offs & many sound-off like comments (call me Mr Accountable), and I'm happy with that 20 ratings per month pace. rSo anyway, I figured something was in order to mark such milestones & I have decided to make a (reputation busting) list concerning albums which are potential classics in my mind. Right now, I only have 6 LPs that I have rated a 5, but there will obviously be more to come. The word "potential" is important, as many on this list (especially since I have ambitiously kept to the milestone theme & noted 50) will ultimately be rated a 4.5 or 4. Some I've already heard in full, others I have not. And since I have kept it to 1 LP per artist, I may even end up listing the incorrect release. The only other things to be noted about this alphabetically ordered list is that there are no EPs, nor are there any "Best Of / Greatest Hits" compilations.
Back In Black

What better way for me to begin with not only a hard-rock band, but an Australian one. Obviously, it's a close call between the Bon Scott fronted 'Highway To Hell' & the Brian Johnson led 'Back In Black', but the title track's riff & a little ditty called 'You Shook Me All Night Long' leans it in favor of the latter until I get a chance to go through Acca Dacca's gargantuan discography.
2Alanis Morissette
Jagged Little Pill

Where on Earth did 'Jagged Little Pill' come from? In 1995, Alanis Morissette was a by-the-numbers Canadian singer who appeared to have little future. And then, something clearly happened to unleash a brutal honesty within the young lady that practically everyone could relate to - male or female! Despite its abrasiveness, the LP was deceptively catchy & just had memorable single after memorable single included on it.
3Bon Jovi
Slippery When Wet

You knew this was gonna be here. 10 tracks of hard-rock sing-alongs with absolutely no filler & a trio of classics. What more can one ask for!
4Boom Crash Opera
These Here Are Crazy Times

There was always going to be one Aussie guilty pleasure on here and despite Savage Garden & Delta Goodrem putting their hands up, I've decided to go back much further & choose the 2nd LP by Melbourne pop-rock quintet Boom Crash Opera. A cavalcade of singles, more hooks than a fisherman's tackle box & an overlooked array of variety means that this LP is more than just likable... It's f'n awesome.
5Brand New
Deja Entendu

While Sputnik would prefer me to list 'Devil and God...', I've always preferred the balance of pop-punk & indie-rock that is 'Deja Entendu'. The jump in maturity from their catchy debut is humongous & it almost feels as if tracks such as 'Sic Transit Gloria' & 'Tommy Gun...' are required to balance the band's slower & more emotionally heavy moments.
6Bruce Springsteen
Born In The USA

Yet another discography that is nearing 20 which I must progress through... I could have gone with Springsteen's critically acclaimed earlier LPs here (& it would not surprise me at all if I do eventually rate 'Born To Run' higher), but it will most likely be the combination of hits & working-class Americana-infused rock of 'Born In The USA' that will catch my attention.
A Rush of Blood to the Head

Many people were stunned by the progression that Coldplay made on 'Viva La Vida'. Personally, I thought it was well & truly forecast 6 years earlier on this brilliant LP. With satisfying single after satisfying single, this is the perfect mid-point of this much-derided band's sound... And despite there being more diversity than meets the eye, there is practically no filler evident here.
8 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cosmo's Factory

Just scraping into this list, I find that CCR are more a 'Best Of...' band to be honest. But both 'Cosmo's Factory' & 'Green River' could just rate highly with myself, especially since their best songs are that damn good. 'Who'll Stop The Rain' & 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine' go back-to-back on this LP, while a cross-section of sounds & influences make the album a fascinating listen as a whole.
9Death Cab For Cutie

This album also scrapes into this list, but - if this makes any sense - it has a huge scope of improvement. With such lyrical depth, I find that one really has to be in the mood to take it all in... And I have yet to hear it when I am in such a mood. Who knows? Maybe it will never resonate with me personally, but you just get the feeling that it is the kind of release that will impact on anyone if the timing is right.
10Dire Straits
Brothers in Arms

Almost a forgotten band in the grand scheme of things, Dire Straits really struck it big with this attention-capturing LP in the mid 80s. 'Money For Nothing' & 'Walk of Life' were the catchy MTV staples, but it was the way in which this Mark Knopfler led outfit somehow made the slower, calmer tracks so accessible that is this album's real secret weapon.
The Marshall Mathers LP

Extremely influential (not to mention successful), this is one intense hip-hop ride after Eminem's comparitively light-hearted debut. Sure, it falls into the usual hip-hop traps (skits & guest vocals), but the feeling behind this album is almost involving. Even with 'Stan', 'Kim' & many other tunes included, the flow of 'The Way I Am' really stands out to me.
Extreme II: Pornograffitti

Sometimes, it's just plain energy & fun which wins me over, and nowhere may that be more apparent than on this album. I mean, there's childish plays on words, immature themes & some downright ridiculous lyrics. Yet, the LP is still a winner in all of its sing-along glory. Whether it's mega-ballad 'More Than Words' or a number of flashy Nuno solos, this is let-your-hair-down fun... And probably not a bad work-out album either!
13Green Day

Some naysayers still wonder how Green Day ever became such a huge juggernaut... They must have forgotten 1994's 'Dookie'. Practically bringing together alt-rock, punk, grunge & pop-punk, 'Dookie' deservedly resonated with so many. Finding that almost perfect blend of raw & catchy, there is barely a missed step on this deceptively influential album.
14 Guns N' Roses
Appetite For Destruction

Dave would kill me if I didn't include this album. But it deservedly makes an appearance on this list, predominantly for the 3 iconic singles which are scattered evenly through its tracklist. Despite containing all the flash of their hair-metal counterparts, GN'R added some real grit to the hard-rock genre at just the time it needed it.
15Iron Maiden

...And Jom may have killed me had I not included this album! I was extremely tempted to include the leaner 'The Number of the Beast' instead, but one gets the feeling that if I can one day truly immerse myself in Maiden's 15 LP discography, then it may be 'Powerslave' which ultimately stands head & shoulders above the rest. I always love an album with great bass-lines & Steve Harris undoubtedly provides them here.
16Janet Jackson
Rhythm Nation 1814

If 'Control' didn't make her a superstar to rival her brother, then 'RN1814' definitely did. A real journey, this influential album was genuinely ahead of its time, with the slick production & semi-concept standing out amongst the pop dross of the late 80s. Including hit single after hit single, this was a superb album no matter which way you looked at it.
17Jeff Buckley

What's that they say about men crying? Well, if there's a voice that can ever make a man feel genuine emotion, then it has to be the one that belongs to Jeff Buckley... And I'm not even sure that much of it has to do with his tragic death. Sure, it's flawed... But hey, sometimes the greatest things in life are... It makes them all the more real.
18Jimi Hendrix
Are You Experienced

I listen to Hendrix's Greatest Hits compilation frequently, but this album & 'Electric Ladyland' also deserve to be put up for "Classic" status. Has there ever been a debut LP that has had more of an effect on the music world than this album? I mean, this was released in 1967... And the likes of 'Purple Haze', 'Hey Joe' & 'Foxey Lady still hold up brilliantly 45 years later!
19Lauryn Hill
The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

There is always skepticism when it comes to a group member branching off to record a solo album, but in the case of Lauryn Hill doing so, it was both what she & the music world required. The modernizing that R&B music needed, the diversity which Hill brought to the table on this album was simply mesmerizing. As smooth as it was strong & gritty, you get the feeling that Hill knew she could not match this feat down the track.
20Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti

Choosing a Led Zeppelin LP to list was possibly the most difficult decision I had to make, but I have ultimately gone with 'Physical Graffiti', if only because it contains one of my all-time favorite songs in 'Kashmir'. A double-album filled with diversity, Led Zep would never better this. I just wish I would stop being lazy listening to their 'Best Of...' compilation & begin the amazing journey through their discography.
Throwing Copper

Another grungy alt-rock band which seemingly appeared out ouf nowhere in the early-mid 90s, Live took the world by storm with 'Throwing Copper'. It's one of those LPs that seems to satisfy no matter which angle you approach it. It's rough around the edges, yet it's catchy... It hits hard, yet it's soothing. Most knew the band would never approach such perfection again, but hopefully they enjoyed the moment with the rest of us.

You know all those female pop artists that currently clog up the airwaves? Well, it's all Madonna's fault. And while her self-titled debut LP contains the exact immaturity which is rife today, it also displayed an overlooked amount of flair, innovation & diversity. From the intense 'Burning Up' to the club-ready 'Everybody', and from the smash hit 'Holiday' to ballad 'Borderline', this really is an under-rated masterpiece.

I know you will be surprised by this, but anything other than old-style heavy-metal doesn't exactly float my boat. How Metallica made the more contemporary style of metal accessible here is pure genius. One would be hard pressed to call this album catchy, yet it still found a massive audience & did more for the genre than anyone could ever imagine. In a career full of achievements, this was Metallica's greatest.

With each passing year, I seem to like indie-pop more... But there always seems to be something that stops a band in the genre from elevating their releases to classic status. If there is 1 band that may have struck pay-dirt, it comes from the unexpected source of Denmark's Mew. With practically no filler, the graceful atmosphere present here is truly awe-inspiring. It's gonna be a tough call as to whether this is a 4.5 or 5.
25Michael Jackson

I'm unsure I really have to write much here. Sure, there's some corny stuff on this album which some may denounce, but come on, it's 'Thriller'... It was released in 1982 & there is a reason why MJ is called "The King of Pop".

You know that feeling when you think you've discovered an amazing new artist, only to learn that they've already released an amazing LP? That's what I experienced when I heard Nas' 'It Was Written'. Nas' (kind of) laconic flow is not usually the style of rap vocals I enjoy, but there was just something to them which was captivating. Of course, the diversity & range of influences evident on 'Illmatic' also help immensely.
27 Oasis
(What's The Story) Morning Glory?

The group may have become a traveling circus with its brother vs brother feud, but for a few years there, Oasis was the biggest rock band in the world. Their debut 'Definitely Maybe' was tremendous, but it was '... Morning Glory' which really broke them big time... And deservedly so too, with a plethora of huge singles that seemed to be so all-encompassing that no-one was immune to their rock'n'roll ways.
28Paula Abdul
Forever Your Girl

WARNING: Major guilty pleasure alert! I dunno, I still think the electro-pop influences of this album were a little more influential than what Abdul is given credit for. And even if you disagree with that, then this album has some damn fine catchy pop that included absolutely no filler. For a while there, I thought all 10 tracks would be released as singles.
29Pearl Jam

We've been past the letter N & there was no 'Nevermind' or 'In Utero'. That's because when it came to grunge, I preferred Pearl Jam's 'Ten'. I think there is something just a little more melodic & interesting about its rawness. Maybe it was the story of 'Jeremy' or the guitar line of 'Alive'... Or maybe it was Eddie Vedder's vocals which resonated, but there is no denying that this is a classic LP that was an amazing debut.
Purple Rain

For all of his eccentricities, the Purple symbol was definitely a talented artist. Forget the fact that it was a movie soundtrack & just realize how much Prince was meshing genres here. I mean, has there ever been a pop song with a guitar solo the likes of what is found on 'Lets Go Crazy'? 'When Doves Cry' & 'Purple Rain' also exist, as Prince crosses pop, rock & soul seamlessly to somehow make the eccentric accessible.
The Bends

Predictable, huh? Screw the perfection of 'Ok Computer' & the forward-thinking 'Kid A', and give me 'The Bends' any day. It's all about (here comes that word again) balance & 'The Bends' has it. Of course, it also helps that this is probably both Radiohead's rockiest & poppiest album rolled into one. There's some genuinely tremendous songs on here, most of which get overlooked for the progression which was still to come.
32Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine

Despite its numerous cynics, nu-metal was always onto something... It just needed a band to properly channel its genre-bending. Enter Rage Against the Machine, which combined innovative guitar-work, captivating vocals & a rock-solid rhythm section (just like all the classic rock bands) to form a formidable outfit. Add a rallying cry like "F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me" & the perfection was complete.
33Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik

I've always maintained that when performed right, funk will win practically anyone over... And this LP is a great example. It doesn't matter if we're talking about sucking someone's kiss or giving it away over & over & over again... If it's funky, we will be intrigued by it. Of course, it always helps when a momentous single such as 'Under The Bridge' exists to broaden our horizons regarding a genuinely talented outfit.
34Rx Bandits
...And the Battle Begun

Speaking of talented outfits, RX Bandits ooze talent. If ever a band deserved more success than what they ultimately achieved, then this is it. In particular, this LP was their greatest all-around showcase, with each member shining through. The group's SKA roots were meticulously combined with progressive tendencies to result in both an accessible & innovative release. I'm so glad I saw them live before they disbanded.

I'm unsure about this one... It may be more a combination of 'Neon Ballroom' & 'Diorama' that deserves a place here, but even still, this is a high quality LP. Breaking free from their grungy roots, the orchestral flourishes entwined into the pop-rock here was definitely a breakthrough. Even the band's detractors had to admit there was genuine depth & song-writing genius behind Silverchair when this album was released.
36Skid Row
Skid Row

If I may be lazy and copy & paste from 'Slippery When Wet': "10 tracks of hard-rock sing-alongs with absolutely no filler & a trio of classics. What more can one ask for"! Except there are 11 tracks here... & maybe only a duo of classics. I don't buy into the common critical opinion that their follow-up is superior either.
37Taking Back Sunday
Louder Now

As much as I enjoyed the debut LP from Taking Back Sunday, I still think it's a touch over-rated in many circles. Their follow-up was a step in the right direction & then it all came together on 'Louder Now'. A brilliantly anthemic album with some real production punch, even the silly moments here are there for a reason: To sing along to & play whatever form of air instrument you prefer.
38The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

I like pop... Sputnik tells me this album influenced the future of pop... I will believe Sputnik until I get a chance to plot the progression points of The Beach Boys. I just hope I can do so without continuously thinking of 'Kokomo'. "Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya..." Arghhhhhhh!
39 The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

It's pretty tough choosing just 1 album by these iconic & influential Brits, but if I had to, I'd probably go with Sgt. Peppers. Why? I dunno... Maybe it's the diversity or the tongue-in-cheek nature of a few of the tracks... Maybe it's the dual vocal harmonies or the playful instrumental arrangements. Who knows. I may end up rating 'Abbey Road' or 'Revolver' higher, but hey, I had to pick just one for the time being.
40The Doors
The Doors

You know that interview question that asks "If you could choose one band to see live in any era, who & when would it be"? My answer would be The Doors in the late 60s. Sure, you would have to hope that Jim Morrison was coherent on the night, but that would be a risk worth taking. What a debut their self-titled was! 'Break on Through', 'Light My Fire' & one of my favorite songs ever; 'The End'. Enough said really.
41The Offspring

They may have gone downhill fairly fast & their new single is totally awful, but rewind 18 years & The Offspring released a bonafide punk classic in 'Smash'. Blending aggression, catchiness & a wicked sense of humor, there was sing-along fun to be had by all with this LP. Whether it was the road rage of 'Bad Habit', the drunk reality of 'Self Esteem' or the superb title track, it was just too difficult not to get sucked in.
42The Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

I can't say that I've ever fully immersed myself into The Smashing Pumpkins, since their alty, shoegazey noise was a little too over-bearing for me. Yet, while still containing some filler, I think releasing a 28 track double LP is exactly what they needed. It gave the band the freedom to diversify, resulting in quality songs such as 'Tonight Tonight', 'Bullet...', 'Zero' & '1979'. Probably a tough one to rate in all honesty.
43 The Who
Who's Next

Talk about influential... Has there even been a more covered band than The Who? Has there been a more cohesive musical outfit than The Who? Who knows, but 'Who's Next' is a truly awesome listen. It's mid-section may mean this doesn't quite reach a 5 rating, but the beginning & end are just sublime. 'Baba O'Riley' & 'Won't Get Fooled Again' simply must be heard by any true rock fan.
44Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

How I've yet to hear this album in full is a mystery that even I cannot answer... I already know that I will like it a lot by hearing the singles. Safer rock LPs don't bother me as much as the more critical among us, while I keep reading how this has no filler (which is also an important factor for me). Maybe I do need to start using a diary, so I can block out an hour to finally sit down & go "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo".

The sheer brutality of Thrice's earlier LPs preclude them from super-high ratings, but 'Vheissu' is a totally different beast that I struggle to compare to any other LP or band. In amongst the punky hard-rock of the opener & the metal traits of other tracks, there is genuine beauty to be found here (best exhibited by 'For Miles' & 'Red Sky'). No wonder they felt the need to get even more ambitious on their follow-up release(s).
4612 Stones
12 Stones

I know, I know... And it's not going to be a 5. But since I have already rated TRUSTCompany's debut (a 4.5), then I felt the need to include 12 Stones' debut also. It's probably got something to do with WWE brainwashing Lil' Davey. Don't make me feel bad, or "I'll hate the way I feellllll tonighttttttt".
The Joshua Tree

Like many around here, I'm not the hugest U2 fan... & if anything, I prefer to listen to their 'Greatest Hits' compilation. But it's difficult to deny the greatness of 'The Joshua Tree' as a studio LP. Whether it's the amazing 3 singles that kick-start the album, The Edge's shimmering guitar-work or the deceptively haunting nature of the LP as a whole, this is undoubtedly a special piece of work.
The Blue Album

I have absolutely no clue when I'll be in the mood to fully appreciate 'Pinkerton', so for the time being it will be 'The Blue Album' which gets the nod on behalf of Weezer here. The dorky pop-rockers display deceptive diversity on their catchy debut, which can probably best be described in one word: Charming.
49Wu-Tang Clan
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Gangsta rap, multiple vocalists & crude lyrics aren't exactly my thing, but what the Wu-Tang Clan achieved with their debut LP was something truly special & innovative. This should have been the biggest clusterf*ck ever, yet they somehow pull off the combination of raw honesty & witty humor, which is backed by fascinating production techniques. If only the cavalcade of pretenders had not tried to follow in their footsteps.
50Young MC

It's me... I had to finish with a guilty pleasure. Well, this isn't exactly a guilty pleasure, so much as a pick for personal reasons. After an under-rated debut (which included 'Bust A Move'), Young MC boldly (read: foolishly) tried to reinvent hip-hop by going all educational on us (EG: He has a 7 minute song describing the various parts of the brain). It ruined his career, but there was at least 1 person listening Mr Young.
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