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Halo Maps Ranked: 65-56

Let's get ready for Halo 4. All selections were rmade mostly with high level play in mind. I judge ron map design and how that map design relates to rthe game mechanics of whichever Halo game it came rfrom; I do not take into consideration the rmechanics on their own merit. PC maps and forged rmaps are not present. Feel free to post how much rbetter your favorite shooter is than Halo.

#56: Large / Halo: Reach / Admittedly, I haven't played many games on
Breakpoint, but it doesn't have much of anything memorable about it. The
slope in the middle of the map adds an interesting element to the map, but
it only serves as a minor distraction. For such a prominent point on a map,
controlling it doesn't have much of an effect on the results of the game.
One strength, however, is that nearly every portion of the map is utilized in
some fashion.
2Boarding Action

#57: Large / Halo: CE / One can only imagine that this map was consciously
built to be ?too big.? Halo: Combat Evolved is a game that's best played
with a smaller pool of players, this truth is only exaggerated by this
behemoth of a map. Like Chiron, it has novel value, but won't be used to
test anyone's mettle.

#58: Large / Halo 3 / For the most part, Sandtrap is just too vast and too
open for even 16-player games. The only time it holds any worth is when
there are full-on team vehicular battles, and those never last long with so
many ways provided to destroy vehicles. With the Elephant vehicle,
Sandtrap added a new dimension to Halo multiplayer, but it was a failed
experiment; causing games to become predictable and monotonous.
Sandtrap earns points for giving us some wonderful community games such
as Pirates vs. Sharks and the matchmaking staple Rocket Race.
4Chiron TL-34

#59: Small / Halo: CE / Anyone can figure out why this is so low. While
some prefer the chaotic gameplay offered by Chiron, it just became too
confusing for most players to even bother playing it more than just for
comedic value. Also, at a high level, it became quite tiring with all the portal
trapping. Lastly, it did not conduce team work at all, and favored
individualist wandering. Good for novel value, bad for lasting appeal.

#60: Small / Halo 3 / By my low placements of Beta maps, you might be
able to tell I didn?t contain much prospect for Halo 3 when its release was
approaching. Nonetheless, Snowbound favored incredibly frantic and
feckless playstyles. Strategic thinking was neither required nor suggested,
as most players simply hid inside the bases and underground with close-
range weapons; opting to play games with bubble shields and shield doors.
It also featured completely useless vehicle play and simply looked

#61: Large / Halo: Reach / Spire suffers from a similar fate as Boneyard, but
at least contains a cool concept and something unseen in other Halo maps.
For that, it receives the tiniest of a placement bump. The concept I am
referring to is the actual spire itself. It?s fun to ride up, but almost
completely useless as a vantage point. Again, Spire is just a lazy, messy
map with very little fun factor unless you really enjoy piloting the Hornet.

#62: Large /Halo: Reach / Boneyard is a mess. It suffers from the same fate
that many large maps are prone to: There are just way too many
untrodden areas on the map. Halfway through Reach?s life cycle, 343 even
altered the spawn system of the map, ignoring the underutilized sections.
It is obvious that this map was built with the Invasion gametype in mind.
Due to a lack of versatility, though, that is the only gametype that works on
this map; and even then, it?s usually a miserable experience.

#63: Large / Halo 3 / Valhalla is, by far, the worst permutation of the
?canyon series? of maps initiated by Blood Gulch. The mechanics of Halo 3
just did not favor this map. Even with a Battle Rifle start, Valhalla became
almost entirely one-sided once either (competent) team attained control of
the middle. The bullet spread made long range shooting with the Battle
Rifle a futile effort, so there was little a disadvantaged team could do to
even the odds.

#64: Small* / Halo 3 / Foundry kick-started what I consider Bungie?s lazy
phase, where they put it on the community to create maps in their stead.
The only problem is, the Halo community does not make great maps.
Foundry was later made obsolete by the also trivial Sandbox. Let?s not
forget the color scheme was just ugly. The default permutation of this map
was barely factored into the rating.

#65: Small / Halo 3 / Blackout was an insult to fans of the Halo series. It
took one of the most appreciated Halo maps and divested it of everything
that made it great. All of the random little fences on practically every edge
of the map made it almost impossible to shoot anywhere other than three
feet in front of you consistently. The worst remake of all-time, and the
worst map in the Halo franchise.
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