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Willie's Essentials

These might not be the essential albums of any genre or whatever, but they're my personal essential albums and there's plenty that should appeal to other people too.
1Acumen Nation
The 5ifth Column

Excellent Industrial metal. It's a perfect blend of electronics, rhythmic beats and metal.
The Enemy

Easily the darkest, most dense and disturbing electro-industrial album that I've ever heard. Anyone wanting to just jump into the deep end of this genre should start right here. Just ignore tracks 2 and 3, they're crap.
Manic Impressions

Cold technical thrash. The vocalist can go from clean singing to screams to growls at the drop of a hat. It's also really catchy.

Slow, melodic and heavy as fuck doom. The only good doom album the band ever did, but they definitely got it right.
Persistence of Time

Ok, so they lost some of their humor on this album but they more than made up for it with unrelenting aggression. This thrash album probably has some of my favorite riffs of all time.
6Bad Astronaut
Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem

Features members of Lagwagon, but the comparisons stop there. This is a unique blend of alt. rock, pop punk, and something else. Kind of depressing... I wish I could explain it better. For fans of Brand New.
7Bad Religion
Against the Grain

They have so many great albums that it's hard to pick just one, but this just barely pushes past Suffer as the best Bad Religion album. Fast, melodic, catchy and some of Greg Graffin's best lyrics.
8The Birthday Massacre

The perfect blend of industrial, metal, and goth. Chibi's vocals make this album.

All of these people debating melodic death metal need to hear this album before they make any final judgements. This is the album that all others should be compared to.
10Celine Dion
Falling into You

I know the stigma attached to her albums is overpowering, but this album is an exception. Ignoring the single and a terrible pop song near the middle and you have an excellent album full of mellow ballads that are full of emotion and feature some great pop music.
Wings of Joy

Imagine a post metal album without any guitars and the dead girl from The Ring doing vocals. Seriously dark and disturbing.
12The Cure

Very few albums are totally flawless, but this one is. This is The Cure's pinnacle album blending pop sensibilities without going overboard with slow, lush goth atmospherics.
13Damn the Machine
Damn the Machine

Features the ex-guitar player for Megadeth, Chris Poland. It's an no-frills prog metal album that is jazzy and classy.
14Devin Townsend

Of everything Devin has ever released this is probably his peak. The album flows like a concept album without the self-indulgences, and features lush musical interludes, heavy riffs, and everything in between.
No Angel

Forget about her later albums (which are good, btw) and come back to her debut. Yes it's poppy, but it's a bit dark and has some great electronic influences that make this much more than mere pop.
Hold on to the Hollow

Powerful industrial metal with an emphasis on the metal. The vocalist for this band is probably one of the best screamers ever and the music is just a huge wall of sound most of the time.
Room Noises

Sugary sweet indie pop. Any album that inspires the review posted on sputnikmusic has got to be fucking awesome.
18Fair to Midland
Fables From a Mayfly

what are they? Proggy alt. metal is as good of a description as any, but they're more than that. They have pretty unique vocalist and the vocal melodies/lyrics boarder on folk (but in a good way).
19Faith No More
Angel Dust

Faith No More's most experiental album... this album was dominated by lush keyboards, funky bass and Mike Patton's flawless vocal performance. Oh yeah, Jim Martin still plays guitar but his contribution is much less than on the previous album.
20Fates Warning
Awaken the Guardian

This album will be hard for the average current metal fan to get into because of the vocals, but they should still give it a chance. This is powerful progressive metal with layered vocal melodies and excellent riffs.
Say Hello to Sunshine

There was nothing wrong with Finch's debut, but this album makes it feel like there was. It's like a cross of Faith No More, old Incubus and Glassjaw (generically speaking).
22Flotsam and Jetsam

No frills metal, but the songs are all solid and catchy. Find the song "Never to Reveal" to hear what I'm talking aboutt.

I guess they have better albums out there (according to some people), but this is where it's at. Great vocals and excellent bass playing.
24Further Seems Forever
Hide Nothing

3 albums and 3 vocalists, but this is the one where they got it right. They're not so much a post hardcore band anymore. They're just a really solid alt. rock band that released an album that blows away most of what it could be compared to.
25The God Machine
Scenes From the Second Storey

Can you make an alt. metal album that feels more like a doom band? Yes, and this is that album. Depressing as fuck.
26I Am Spoonbender
Buy Hidden Persuaders

Tons of twitchy electronics and excellent live percussion. Features members of Thought Industry, Cub and Neurosis. Is there such a thing as technical electronic music or progressive electro (I'm sure Deviant knows)... if there wasn't, there is now.
27In Every Breath

Very moody alt. metal with a prog leaning. Kind of like a cross between the Used and Fair to Midland. The vocalist and drummer push this band to another level.
28In Flames
The Jester Race

Yes, the layers of guitars border on rediculous and the melodies do start to make the songs sound like they're based on the same formula... who cares? Great melodic death metal from a band that went downhill fast.

One of the best punk albums available. Sarcastic and well played punk from a band that turned out to have a lot of demons.
30Lene Marlin
Another Day

Slow, depressing acoustic pop with a subtle electro undercurrent. Lene Marlin's voice is simply perfect.

Perfect blend of trip-hop and pop. Jael is the reason that this band succeeds.
The Disease

Excellent moderately paced black metal. Cold, evil atmospheres and excellent playing that kind of reminds of mid-era Enslaved -- an album of "As Fire Swept Clean the Earth" (or whatever it's called)
Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony

post rock with a metal edge. The samples, keyboards and guitar melodies are just excellent.
34Mr. Bungle
Mr Bungle

Weird fuckin' schizophrenic alt. circus rock featuring Mike Patton.
35Murder Inc.
Murder Inc

Post punk band whose lineup is made entirely of Killing Joke members with a different vocalist. The vocals are deep and chill. He sounds like a stoned lounge singer over rhythmic post-punk with industrial nuances.
36My Dying Bride
Turn Loose the Swans

The perfect doom album. Nobody has ever topped this... ever.
Souls at Zero

Neurosis' transitional album. Post metal that still retained a bit of the hardcore roots. Excellent samples and a wide array of different instrumentation. The band's last easily digestable album.
White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean

Great Punk album... it has "Bob" and "Please Play this song on the Radio" so how could it be bad???
Wasted Sky

Dark industrial with bouts of white noise. Very atmospheric with a versatile vocalist.
40The Orb
Orbs Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld

For this kind of ambient/dance/electronic music, you don't get any better than this album. Try the US version and the Uk version because even songs with the same names are a bit different.
41Paradise Lost

If someone was looking for a gateway doom album this is it. Excellent vocals and even better music that never delves too far into plodding territory.
About Time

Punk with a groove and a great rhythmic vocal delivery.
43Project Pitchfork

Sci-fi meets fantasy in an industrial album. Great beats and unique electronics.
44Public Enemy
Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black

I love this album. A bit more aggressive than older releases and some of the bomb squad's most dense music.
Rage for Order

Everyone always points to Operation Mindcrime, but this is actually the better album. It's the band's most experimental album. Kind of a gothy, progressive metal meets technophobia kind of vibe.
46Sarah Fimm
White Birds

it's just an EP, but it's an excellent and diverse collection of songs that go from mellow acoustic to lush trip hop.
47Sick of it All
Just Look Around

The hardcore album to own.
48Skinny Puppy
Too Dark Park

Dark and dense industrial that sill manages to get stuck in your head. Features one of Oghr's best vocal performances.

If you've decided that you only have room for one shoegaze album or you're looking to get into the genre, this is the album.
50Strapping Young Lad

Near-flawless tounge-in-cheek industrial metal feat. Devin Townsend... duh.

This band went way before their time, but this album has aged beautifully.
200 km/H In The Wrong Lane

Just try to get "All the Things She Said" out of your head. I fuckin' dare you. Russian dance pop that features a very prominent electronic edge.
53Thought Industry
Mods Carve the Pig

Converge meets primus with occasional flashes of Cynic (especially on the intrumental). My most reccomended album for people into metal looking for something totally different.
War All the Time

There's just something about this post hardcore album that has grabbed me and never let me go. The music is kind of a bit more complicated than what might be expected and it gives it a unique feel.

They call it trip hop, but it's more than that. The rhythms are excellent and the dual vocals of (the dude and chick whose names I can't remember) is awesome.
Define the Great Line

Excellent chaotic post hardcore that starts off noisy and abrasive and soon evolves into something more than that.
57Vicious Rumors
Welcome to the Ball

This is 80s metal-inspired power metal, but there's just something about it.
Dimension Hatross

Technical thrash that has influenced a generation of metal bands with its crazy atonal riffs and tendancy to take off at a moment's notice.
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