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My Top 20 Guitarist

It's my personal list don't get angry.
1 Eric Clapton
Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, Solo

He can play anyway asked the driving psychedelic blues of Cream, to Blind Faiths semi gospel infused
sound, to Blues Breakers raw blues, to his own version of the blues Clapton is simply the most
complete master of his instrument. He has the speed but its the feels and way he is able to get simple
notes to whisper and cry to the listener, his emotions are always fully realized, even if the songs are
poor the guitar playing is superb. Slowhands takes blues, rock, country, gospel, and folk and plays
them all with equal refined passion, he can go into moments of abousolute freedom where his playing
is simply uncontained, or he can play the refined melodic blues. Whichever he picks Slow Hands is able
to convey the most emotion of any guitarist ever.
2 Duane Allman
Session man, Derek and The Dominos, The Allman Brothers

Immensely talented, his slide had a heavenly tinge to it, almost floating along like Coltrane on sax
before him, Skydog had a dreamy quality to his mix of old time Southern Music, Blues and Good Time
Rock and Roll. He is the greatest slide guitar player ever, I'd recommend listening to "Hey Jude" by
Wilson Pickett for a sample of his greatness.
3 Jimi Hendrix
The Experience, Band of Gypsys

The Showman and the quasi orchestra into himself, I'm not a huge fan but I do understand the impact
that Jimi had. His technial wizardry was parts Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and some of
simply his own brilliant stuff. He is forever identified as the epitome of the 60s guitarist one who can
take Keith Richards sounds and expand them into and encyclopedia of knowledge.
4 Keith Richards
The Rolling Stones

Any Stones lick drips with sweat, drugs, pain, sorrows, hardships, basically its just Rock and Roll. For
that Keith can't be ignored his guitar is the epitome of "rock" music, the primitive and visceral twang,
rolling along with the hillbilly and blues fused rhythm cemented the sound of Rock and Roll for ever.
5 Jeff Beck
Yardbirds, Jeff Beck group,Solo

A guitarist is a lot like a painter who uses his guitar to paint a "picture" through the sounds on his
guitar, Jeff Beck would be Picasso. Alternate tunings, wah pedals, and other tricks who always in his
repartee but is was his funked up rock/blues fusion sounding music that put him truly apart.
6Brian May

The "Red Special" represents everything about Brian May homebuilt and engineered the axe could only
handle his talent not contain it. A master in feedback and his famous phasing guitar solos, May litterally
rewrote the language that Jimi Hendrix had expanded, by forgetting the blues as his core, May helped
the guitar evolve into a feat of not only talent but technical mastery.
7 Albert King

Albert King need but one string, that's all. The absolute bending master, his feel is unequalled, his
sound as well. His guitar sounds hot as fire and his notes singe from his axe into your mind. In bend
Albert explains everything from his pain, his happiness, and the rest of his life.
8 Mark Knopfler
Dire Straits, Solo

"My idea of heaven is where the Thyames meets the Delta". Mark Knopfler literally sat at this imaginary
destination strumming away for most of his career. Blessed with incredible technical aspects to his
playing he fused Chet Atkins, B.B. King. and Robby Robertson into one consummate guitars, who can
either completely control the song, or pick his spots and leave a devastating lick for the listeners ears.
9 Buddy Guy

The "Gap" guitarist, he was the bridge that connected Muddy Waters to Jimi Hendrix, Buddy brought
new definition to the blues, a new harder rocking blues that inspired Cream to the Experience. He also,
compounded onto of just his sound, his eclectic solos and his showmanship.
10 Steve Cropper
Booker T. and The MG's

Often times forgotten amongst the stalwart type of guitarist, Steve Cropper cut his own incredible slice
of a career through standing behind the scences. He dominated on many of the classic soul tracks and
found his niche as a wonderful rhythm and lead guitarist.
11 Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin

Jimmy had an old man's soul and a young man's energy, he played avery blues infused style of hard
rock mixed with a very mystical approach.
12 B.B. King

Often lauded more because of his stature in the industry and his ability to survive for so long, he
happens to be one of the most control oriented players ever. A silky smooth feel and incredible
musicianship within his bands have allowed for him to attain a level of greatness almost unparalleled.
13 Chuck Berry

Practically invented the idea of Rock, Keef's idol, and a very competent player he lands here because of
his immense influence on culture and music.
14 David Gilmour
Pink Floyd, Solo

A mystical, tripped out sort of style, he had a talent to bend to where the string nearly breaks cause for
and infusion of a firey screech to even the most downtrodden songs, he'll be remembered for his
thoughtful phrasing and beautiful melodies.
15 Robert Johnson

"Robert Johnson" didn't exist in real life, the man is a legend purported by the great Son House.
However, there was a man playing on those records one whose fearfulness of death and talent reached
unparalleled levels on his incredibly influential recordings. HIs slide technique and blues phrasing have
influenced generations all over the world.
16 Stevie Ray Vaughn
Solo with Double Trouble

Coming as a revival artist is never easy, especially to the blues, but Stevie was accepted after everyone
heard him play. Part Jimmy Hendrix hammer on and pull off technique, mixed with Albert King's fire, he
was the next answer in blues who died too young.
17Eddie Van Halen
Van Halen

Practically a Pagani on the instrument Van Halen let the masses hear tapping and speed that were both
innovative and popular.
18Dave Davies
The Kinks

As many people love the "punk rock" movement they never seem to acknowledge those who influenced
it. Dave is the godfather of punk guitar, as his slashed up amp and loud riffs proved, he slashed and
ripped through some of the 60s and 70s best songs.
19 Pete Townsend
The Who, Solo

The guitar may never have sounded as big as Pete made it, with his Link Wray style licks Pete captured
the essence of the rock and roll demographic, the young male. His heart pounding licks and sweeping
solos give him a place among the legends.
20 Ry Cooder
Sessionman, Solo

Ry is the most eclectic guitarist in the world, he can play the blues, rock, jazz, soul, funk, Indian,
Classical, Spanish,etc. His amazing slide guitar and unquie sounds qualify him as the 20th greatest
guitarist ever.
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