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A Sample of DinosaurJones v2.0

I did this the other day, and work is very slow with the holidays, so I have to make it stretch. Just jamming to whatever comes onto my iPod on shuffle. it's a classic that's almost full, but there's a lot of stuff on here I skip or just don't really listen to anymore. Here's a list of what comes on, and my thoughts on most of them.
1Dream Theater
Images and Words

Wait For Sleep

Boy, this just doesn't do much for me. As a whole, Dream Theater doesn't do much for me anymore. I used to be way more into them about 10 years ago, but it just seems so overblown now.
2Reel Big Fish
Monkeys for Nothin' and The Chimps...

Way Back

Hey, another band that I was super into back in High School! My first band was a ska band, and RBF was a huge influence. They're a band that really needs to hang up the boots though, IMO. They've been decent to average for a long time now, starting with this album, in fact.
3Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F♯ A♯ ∞

The Dead Flag Blues

Boy, this song sure seems topical, what with the state of the world in general right now. I also never really thought of this as a winter album, but I'm feeling it right now. What a great album.
4The Nightwatchman
One Man Revolution

Union Song

Tom Morello should really stick to things that are not this project. He doesn't have a bad voice, and he's certainly a good guitarist, but this entire album feels extremely lackluster

We Are Broken

I still really enjoy Paramore. Granted, I gave up on them after the Farro brothers left, but they had a pretty solid run before that. I do think Hayley is gorgeous, so that helps, but they really released some strong material.
6Authority Zero
Rhythm and Booze

Painted Windows

Jason DeVore is a great singer. He's got a great voice, and it really works well with Authority Zero's surf/ska/reggae feel. This isn't a band that Iw ould have expected to ever release a live album, much less an acoustic one, but this album is actually pretty great.
7Broken Social Scene
Forgiveness Rock Record

Romance to the Grave

Good band. Good song. Decent jams. Haven't listened to this one as much. Though I have to say that anytime I hear anything with Emily Haines in it, I just get distracted by how much of a babe she is.
8Five Iron Frenzy
Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo

Far, Far, Away

JESUS. This band really, really loves Jesus. But I can get over it, because they write some good music. And in all actuality, not too many of their songs are that preachy.
The Hunter


Damn, Brann Dailor is a beast. This song is great, but holy shit, those drums.
10No Doubt
Rock Steady

Hey Baby

I was a big fan of No Doubt back in the day. And then this album came out. And it all went to shit. Thanks a lot, Gwen.
11Joe Satriani
Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock


Mehhhhh.... Definitely not as into this stuff as I used to be. Satriani is a great guitar player, but this just doesn't do much for me.
12Five Iron Frenzy
The End Is Here

You Probably Shouldn't Move Here

This band somehow manages to make watch should be extremely corny somewhat funny and catchy. This song isn't amazing, but I don't hate it either.
Brand New Eyes

Looking Up

I definitely prefer Paramore's more upbeat, punchier material than their ballads. I'm unsure if I prefer this album or All We Know is Falling, but they're both great albums.
14Voices from the Fuselage
Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds

Inner Child

This is a pretty cool album. This is Ashe O'Hara's (formerly of Tesseract) first project that he went back to after Tesseract. It's kind of prog/metal, with some spacey elements. Far less wanky though, with much more of a purpose, and his voice suits it perfectly.
15A Day to Remember
For Those Who Have Heart


This band catches a lot of shit, but they're still pretty good, IMO. There are a lot worse bands out there, and Jeremy has got some pipes, which I can definitely appreciate. Plus I really do like some of their lyrics.

"Twenty bucks says you'll remember me when you see me on your TV screen
It may be the first time, but it won't be the last time."
16Red Hot Chili Peppers

Road Trippin'

This song would be beautiful if it wasn't fucking peaking all the time. Goddammit, Rick Rubin. I really have to find the vinyl rip of this. Or a remaster. Or something.
Razorblade Romance

Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

Boy, this is a band that I think most people in my generation were into thanks to Bam Margera. Honestly, they're not terrible. They're not great either. Valo has a pretty good voice though. As one of my friends once told me, it's a "panty-dropper." I can see that.
18Yasunori Mitsuda
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack

Termina - Another

This game had some great music! Not quite as good as Chrono Trigger, but still. This is not one of the better tracks. It's still decent though.
19Jarrod Alonge
Beating a Dead Horse

Bite the Curb

If someone is so good at mimicking the music they're making fun of, does that make them good at what they do or bad at it? This guy gets a lot of shit, but his parodies are spot on. Whether that's good or bad is up for debate though.
Crime Slunk Scene

Electronic Sleight of Hand


A play-by-play of Electronic Sleight of Hand by Buckethead
Fake History


This band was ruined for me because everyone was all "WHOA, THEY'RE JUST LIKE GLASSJAW" but they're not. They're pretty good, actually. But lease stop comparing them to Glassjaw.
22Panic! At the Disco
Pretty. Odd.

The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know

Brendon Urie and Brandon Flowers are like the same person, just in different genres.
23Wu-Tang Clan
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Mystery Of da Chessboxin'

Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild

Sporadic Movement

This band gets overlooked a lot. They're not extremely heavy, but they bring the riffs for sure. Underrated.
Light Grenades

Anna Molly

I used to not think this album was that great, but returning to it, it's got some pretty deep cuts. This song is awesome. A nice mix of the old and new. I love the bridge in this one.

By the way, am I the only one that thinks that Brandon Boyd looks kind of like Pauly Shore?


So this album made it onto my best of 2016 list. I adore it. This song, in particular, is my favorite. The beautiful piano mixing with the singer's voice, then busting out with the jazzy drums and bass as the song builds... it's such a satisfying song that's written very well, dynamically.
27Rx Bandits
...And the Battle Begun

On a Lonely Screen


"There's a blue eyed pretty woman saying things that she don't mean
Come on baby, don't you listen lock your doors up tight tonight
'Cause there's a million people dying and there's bound to be more
Learned its just from listening to a faithful, faithful imitation
'Cause we breathe in everything
It's in our eyes and it's in our skin speaks a holy replication
With her cheeks all sunken in, bloody nose and a plastic grin
He needs a pill just to feel her insides, she needs a crutch just to wake her up
Ghost-eyed man and the walking dead, what does feeling really feel like?
Digging up a body from a burial ground, wipe the bones off nice and clean
Mother don't breast feed your children with a plastic mouse and a crystal screen
Now there's more white people talking about a war that's make believe
Doctor spins a word like freedom we pretend to know just what it means "
28Amy Winehouse
Back to Black

He Can Only Hold Her

Oh Amy, why did you have to be such a wreck? You were such an amazing artist... I guess the two go hand in hand, sadly.
29Weird Al Yankovic
Bad Hair Day

Callin' In Sick

Weird Al is actually a goddamn genius. He's a master at parodies, but the other cool part about him is that his originals are actually extremely well written, as silly as they are.
30Goonies Never Say Die
In a Forest Without Trees

I Know, I Know, I Know

A relatively unknown post-rock album. If you like 65daysofstatic or God is an Astronaut, this should be right up your alley.
31Breaking Benjamin

The Diary of Jane (Acoustic)

These dudes are from around where I live. And they release some decent, if somewhat plain alt-rock. I'd be a bigger fan if Ben Burnley wasn't a massive dick. I understand he's got some problems, but he seems like a control freak, and awfully power-hungry at that. I know you're supposed to separate the art from the artist, but this hits close to home, being a former local band.


How is this album so groovy? So good.
33Alien Ant Farm

Sarah Wynn

These guys got such a raw deal by having their first big hit being a cover. They play an awesome brand of alt rock/metal, but were never really given a chance because everyone things of them as the "Smooth Criminal" band. This album is great, you should check it out.
Enema of the State

Don't Leave Me

Oh, classic Blink, how I miss you.
All We Know Is Falling

My Heart

Oh hey, we're hitting up all 3 Paramore albums today, I guess. This really might be my favorite Paramore album. It's a little rougher around the edges, and has a little more aggression. I think I like that little bit of raw feeling it's got.
36Bedouin Soundclash
Sounding A Mosaic

Rude Boy Don't Cry

CANADIAN WHITE BOY REGGAE. Bedouin Soundclash were doing it WAY before Magic! hit it bug with Rude.
37The Used
In Love and Death

Lunacy Fringe

The Used are a way underrated band, IMO. They wrote some amazing music. I wonder if Dean Ambrose is/was a fan of the Used... "Lunatic Fringe" "Lunacy Fringe" Hmm...

I'm sure it was just someone in creative that saddled him with that nickname anyways. I wonder if THEY'RE a fan of the Used though...

Set It Off

I still have mixed feelings about Skindred. Ragga-Metal is just... weird. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Benji Webbe is awesome though.
39Box Car Racer
Box Car Racer

The End With You

THis is a great album, and you'd be a fool if you don't think it played a role in influencing Blink's self-titled album. And that's not a bad thing.

I just wish this is the direction that AVA had gone in, rather than trying to make Arena Rock or whatever the fuck.
The Doomstar Requiem

Abigail's Lullabye

This is actually extremely well-written and beautifully sung. It's sung by Composer Bear McCreary's (The Walking Dead, the Doomstar Requiem) wife. She has a beautiful voice.
41Bruce Springsteen
Born in the U.S.A.

Glory Days

This is just a classic. I've heard this song probably thousands of times, and I still love it.
42Big D and the Kids Table
How it Goes


This album is almost a classic to me. I remember discovering this band, and then learning that they were going to play at a small local venue. It was sold out, and there were tons of people that couldn't get in (myself included), so the band said fuck it, and played an acoustic set outside. Super cool memory.
43LCD Soundsystem
Sound of Silver

Get Innocuous

Slow builds = best builds.
44Head Automatica

Kind Caesar

Beep beep boop. This is too catchy for it's own good.

45Reel Big Fish
Turn the Radio Off

I'll Never Be

It's no wonder I liked this band as a disillusioned teenager. I was the weird one and listened to music that was angsty without sounding angsty though.

Yellow Belly

As much as I do moss Thrice's post-hardcore sound, I really like the groove heavy alt-rock sound they seem to have settled into later in their career. It's interesting to listen to how much more gruff Dustin's voice has gotten though.
Bucketheadland 2

Frozen Brains Tell No Tales

In a list of what can mostly be describe as sub-par, Buckethead really does have some great tracks. This is one of them. My only gripe is that I wish the song didn't fade out on the solo, which is actually a very good one.

48Fero Lux
No Rest

No Headline

This is one I slept on from this year, but it's actually very good. Very aggressive and at times, chaotic
49Childish Gambino
"Awaken, My Love!"

Stand Tall

This made it onto my best of '16 list as well. This song is just the pinnacle of the album, which is extremely well done. I love the direction he went in, and I'm intrigued to see what comes after this.
50Coheed and Cambria
The Color Before The Sun

You Got Spirit, Kid

This album got a lot of shit, but I honestly prefer it to both of the Afterman albums. It's very honest, and something I think they needed to do to get it out of their systems. That said, they're planning to go back in a more prog direction on their next outing, and I'm definitely excited to see what comes form that.
51Blue Sky Black Death
A Heap Of Broken Images


BSBD got their start as hip-hop producers, and as such, their earlier works feature a lot of rappers. I'm all about the beats though, so the rap doesn't do much for me. Still some good stuff though.
52John Frusciante
Shadows Collide with People

23 Go Into End

Froosh. This song is very spacey.
The White Album

King of the World

Hey, more reason for Doof to disdain this list! Whatever, I love this album. This song, especially, is one of my favorites.
40 Oz. to Freedom

Date Rape

55Linkin Park


Can we get a Mr. Hahn side project or solo album or something, please?
56Tracy Chapman
New Beginning

The Promise

When one of my best friends got married, her first dance was to this song. It's a beautiful song, to be fair. Tracy Chapman is a great artist.
The Illusion Of Democracy

Thoughts Dictate Reality

58Jeff Beck
You Had It Coming

Loose Cannon

While I've said before that I'm not into the whole "virtuoso" style of music anymore, Jeff Beck is an exception. I find his take on guitar playing to be unique and quirky, as compared to a lot of the other players I would consider "virtuosos." Jeff Beck is always finding something new and interesting, while the other dudes just take a melody, and shred a bunch.
59Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 2

Theme of Laura

The first 4 (yes, 4) Silent Hill games were stone-cold classics. And part of what helped them attain that status were the soundtracks composed by Akira Yamaoka.
60The Antlers
Burst Apart

French Exit

Okay, so I'm definitely intrigued to hear Peter Silberman's solo album. I'm wondering if the man can do any wrong at this point.
61Mad Caddies
Dirty Rice

Callie's Song

This is just a solid, solid ska album. A definite improvement over 2007's "Keep it Going."
62Green Day

Stuck With Me

This is good Green Day.
63James Brown
The Godfather: The Very Best of...

Get On The Good Foot

64Box Car Racer
Box Car Racer

Watch the World

I was impressed when at the last show we played, this song came over the house speaker between sets. And then my bassist and I sang along to it, and was more impressed that we both remembered all the words.
65Neck Deep
Life's Not Out To Get You

Citizens of Earth

This is probably my least favorite track off of this good album. I didn't even like it at all at first, and it turned me off to listening to the entire thing. I stuck it out eventually though, and this is a gem of pop-punk.
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