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Masochist's Favorite Songs During 2009

Take note: this ISN'T a list of my favorite songs RELEASED during 2009--that one comes later. This list describes (in alphabetical order by artist) the most meaningful songs listened to this year, regardless of release date. All the songs here have a reason for being on here, even if it's "I had it stuck in my head for two months solid." So here you go.
1A Tribe Called Quest
Electric Relaxation

If anyone here has watched the show The Wayans Bros., you might know that this song is the theme song from the earlier seasons. I just discovered it this (and ATCQ) this year, and it was stuck in my head for a good, long while.
2The Academy Is...
Slow Down

Right...I probably have some explaining to do. In April of this year, my roommate and I took a random-ass road-trip to southern California, and this was one of the songs on the specific playlist for that trip (specifically for the line "Hollywood Hills and suburban thrills and you..."). The trip was hands-down the most exciting thing to happen to me this year, and of all the music we played (and we played A LOT), this song is one of the ones that stood out the most.
3Brand New
At The Bottom

Simple: I've had the song stuck in my head from the first time I got the album until even right now. One of the top three songs of the year for me, I five at the very least.
Never Gonna Come Back Down

According to my Zune Social profile, this song is the song I've played most since I got my Zune back in January of '08, and as I discovered it just this year, it obviously makes it my most played song of the year. I heard it on XGRA for Gamecube (along with Celldweller), and I bought the album because of this and other songs. I want 'This Binary Universe' so badly!
5The Butterfly Effect
A Slow Decent

Ever since picking this album up in October, this song has stood out. It's been on constant repeat on my Zune since then, so it ought to make the list ;-).
Don't Panic

From the "Garden State" soundtrack. What an AMAZING, uplifting song (and this year was all about positive music for me)!
Back To School (Mini-Maggot)

I've had 'White Pony' for a long time, but I had the version that had "The Boy's Republic" instead of this song. I finally got a physical copy this year, and this song's been stuck in my head ever since. I know it's not "cool" to like it (the Deftones themselves actually hate the song because it was only added to be a single), but it's seriously catchy.
8Dream Theater

After the success of 'Metro, Pt. II' and 'Images And Words' last year for me, I thought I'd go back to 'Octavarium' (the first album I had by the band)...and there I discovered this song. EASILY my favorite DT song, and also the easiest song over 12 minutes for me to listen to all the way through. I actually don't know why people hate on the album so much; it's really damn good.
Same Ol' Road

First song on the first album I got by Dredg, which I got this year. Sputnik had me so wired for 'El Cielo' that I waited until I thought I was ready to take it in to listen to it for the first time. Good thing; 'El Cielo' is easily one of the best albums I discovered this year.
10Ode To The Sun

I like 'El Cielo' more, but I think this is my favorite song by the band. Top 3, at least.
11He Is Legend

Any surprises at all? How many times this year have I complained about this song not being on people's "Best Songs of '09" lists? Definitely the best song of '09...
12Stranger Danger

...or maybe it's this one. I don't know.
Anna Molly

Another stand-out song from the SoCal road trip. You want to know something really sad? It was listening to THIS song on THAT trip that formally introduced me to the band Incubus. Oh, well...better late than never.

Went to a Chevelle/Shinedown concert earlier this year, and these guys opened. This song is the one that stuck out the most, and it's been stuck in my head for a while now.
Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone

I finally got 'Singularity' this year. Don't see where the hate comes from; it's not 'The Everglow', but it's nowhere near bad, either. Anyways...this song was a standout.
Where Did We Go Wrong?

Hahaha...I saw this song on a list unexpectedly last month. I work at Main Event, which is one of those bowling/billiards/lazer tag/mini-golf/arcade/bar/hell-hole buildings. In the arcade is a NASCAR game, and on the NASCAR game is this song. I liked it enough to download, it got stuck in my head, it ended up on the list. Nothing groundbreaking, lyrically terrible, but fun to listen and race to, and that's all that matters :-)
17Mos Def
Umi Says

Discovered Mos Def this year. This isn't my favorite song from the album, but it fits in with the "Positive Song" theme I was going for. It helped me keep my head during this summer (which was a terrible time for my self-image), and kept me thinking positively.
18Mute Math

Heard "Typical" a long while ago, but got the album just this year. This song, along with "Control," "Stare At The Sun," and "Break The Same" were all standouts, and any one of them could've made the list. This one just happens to be my ringtone, though, so...yeah.
19Paul Oakenfold
Ready Steady Go

Finally figured out what song was playing in the club scene of the movie "Collateral" (which is one of my absolute favorite movies). Then, on the SoCal trip, we played this as we drove into Las Vegas at night. I can't tell you how awesome it was!
20Phantom Planet

The theme song to our road trip. From Lubbock to Cali, starting at exactly 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 4th. This was the first song we played, and for good reason: "California...California...HERE WE COOOOOME!"
21Plain White T's

I don't know why I fell in love with this song, really. Maybe it was the fact that this was the same band who made both "Hey There, Delilah" and "1, 2, 3, 4" singing this rather dark song, or perhaps the fuzzy guitars made it right in line with my (re-)discovering Starflyer 59 and similar bands. Whatever it was, I couldn't get it out of my head for a long time.
22Porcupine Tree
Blackest Eyes

I got both 'Fear of a Blank Planet' and 'In Absentia' around the same time way early this year. I listened to both, and "Fear of a Blank Planet" (the song) was, at the time, the only thing that caught my attention, so it was mainly what I listened to...'In Absentia' ended up by the wayside. A few months later, I took a plane trip from Lubbock to Austin, TX, and on a whim decided to listen to the album again. For reasons I can't understand, "Blackest Eyes" hit wowed me. As did "Trains" and "The Sound of Muzak" (I whispered, "One of the wonders of the world is going down; it's going down, I know..." while we landed :-P). From that time on, I was hooked on PT. I've got six albums by them now, but 'In Absentia' remains my favorite, and "Blackest Eyes" remains my favorite song by them.
23Fear of a Blank Planet

It introduced me to Porcupine Tree, and was my first favorite song by them. Still a favorite, just not THE favorite (see above).
House of Flying Daggers

The best hip-hop song released this year.

I never got the hype behind Radiohead; they're good, but I must've missed that critical period when everyone discovered them and proclaimed them gods of music. Listening to this song, though...I catch glimpses of what makes them so. So far, though, it's just this song.
26Sigur Ros
Untitled 8

My goodness, this is the most beautiful song I've ever heard in popular music so far. My favorite Sigur Ros song, hands down...hell, my favorite POST ROCK song, hands down. I'm actually listening to it as I type this...the harmonies...that build up...THOSE DRUMS! It's like an orgasm converted into audio.
27Simon and Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled Water

I'd heard so much about this song, so when I finally heard it for myself after getting the album earlier this year, I expected to be disappointed. I wasn't; hence, it's on the list.
28Sleep Parade

Got the album this year. Stand out track. Stuck in my head for [insert length of time].

For no reason at all, I started digging the song earlier this year. Whilst in the period of digging, I actually saw the band live. The only other time that's ever happened was back when I saw System of a Down while digging 'Mezmerize', and that resulted in my proclaiming it my favorite album ever. Figured "September" ought to at least get a spot on this list :-P.
30Zero 7
In The Waiting Line

Another standout from the "Garden State Soundtrack." Relaxing as hell.
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