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Best Of 2008 (finally)

I listened to a total of 48 albums spanning many genres (excluded were doom/sludge/dark metal and country because I just don't have the ear for those). Gotta say I enjoyed last year's releases and can't wait to start on this year!

I don't know what was more surprising: the fact Portishead re-invent another classic, yet feeling entirely different then Dummy or the infectious moody atmosphere that still reigns supreme after all these years with the band. -----4.5/5
2The Dodos

The album may lack enveloping vocals, but it doesn't matter because it's just so laid-back and carefree. ----4/5
3Black Milk

Curtis Cross may be a bit of a downer lyrically, but it doesn't matter one bit when you have fantastic production and unfaltering beats like this album brings out. With time he'll progress. ----4/5
White Fields and Open Devices

I really hesitate to label this as post-rock because this British band likes to expand throughout this album adding vocals and electronic vocals, but somehow it just melds into one excellent album. ----4/5
5Local H
12 Angry Months

I really feel disgusted when I listen to hate anthems on the radio that really have 0 emotion or 0 believability. Bitterness, depression, and most importantly anger seep through 12 Angry Months for Scott Lucas allowing his best work in their long, bitter, unhappy career. ----4/5
6Colour Haze

I've become the mascot for this band whenever stoner rock recommendations are asked for and I won't stop stressing it - Colour Haze is a must listen. Despite hailing from Germany with vocals distinct to America and the U.K. you'd think they would have a hard time find the words, they simply don't. [i]All[/i] doesn't disappoint one bit. ---4/5
When Life Gives You Lemons, You...

Atmosphere's most consistent work in his entire discography. ---4/5
The Alchemy Index Vols. III and IV...

I really enjoy Thrice. They aren't afraid to take risks and manage to always look better and unscathed by their decisions. I'm not fond of post-hardcore nowadays, but even Thrice's early discography hasn't kept me away, neither does this fantastic album which shows them treading to a new direction. -----4/5
9Lights Out Asia
Eyes Like Brontide

Ah, good 'ol post-rock: neither boring or overly dramatic. ---4/5
Viva la Vida

I must say this album caught me by a huge surprise. I started to drift away from Coldplay and didn't really see anything exemplary in their work other than Parachutes this changed that of course. From the first track to the closer Viva la Vida is worth your time. ----4/5
11Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight

Much like my statement for Thrice, the same could be said for folk. The Dodos and Frightened Rabbit changed this because they all released fantastic albums. ---4/5
12Venetian Snares

I've developed a theory: Aaron Funk maybe a robot whose main mission is to release an album every single year without hesitation and without faltering quality. ---4/5
13Flying Lotus
Los Angeles

1983 was a complete and utter borefest. Los Angeles is the complete opposite and achieves great heights in instrumental hip-hop. ---4/5
14Chris Clark
Turning Dragon

I'm unfamiliar with most of Mr. Clark's discography, but I soon shall envelope a beautiful relationship with open arms! ---4/5
Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

So utterly lush, yet sounding so drawn and forsaken ---Grouper's Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hillis fascinating as it is suffocating. ---4/5
Lagrange Points

In mother Russia Mooncake's Lagrange Points is the classic post-rock seen by Explosions In The Sky! or Vessels, only it feels more genuine in a way. It must be their unknown status - yea, that's it! ---4/5
17Polar Bear
Polar Bear

Hailed as one of the best nu-jazz/experimental bands in the present time there is no shortage of that in their latest offering. [i]Held On The Tips of Finger[/i] may be a more subtle jazz album, but [i]Polar Bear[/i] is clearly and experimental piece. Excellent as it may be they still are fairly young and full of other ideas. ---4/5
18The Roots
Rising Down

Clearly The Roots know oppression by now. The guest artists are spot-on and help elevate the album. ---4/5
19 Sigur Ros
me? su? ? eyrum vi? spilum endalaust

This may be a slight step down from their previous work, but that doesn't even mean its average - it's clearly great. The biggest surprise is the entry of English! Amazing! ---3.5/5
20The Verve

The Verve's comeback album shows exactly what they were and still are. Fantastic British psychedelic artists who don't know when to quit - recording that is. The filler on this album hampers it a bit. Still for a comeback album it is great! Ashcroft we want more! ---3.5/5
Modern Guilt

Seems Beck has a lot of things to pour out. He is extremely depressed and feels guilty about something. Maybe he's just maturing as an artist, it isn't a bad move, and this isn't either. ----3.5/5
22 Grails
Doomsdayer's Holiday

Grails is extremely hit or miss in more ways then one. Their quick rapid-fire post-rock/metal instrumental dealings are part of it, but it is what makes them quite interesting. ---3.5/5
23 Guns N' Roses
Chinese Democracy

I don't think we have a timer on the individual releases a group or artist has, so why should we make an exception for this? Axl Rose may be an asshole and he may be annoying, but [i]Chinese Democracy[/i] really isn't bad, it's simply fun. The different approaches in the album may seem wacky, but that is what makes it so great. Is it worth the countless millions of dollars and delays? No, not really. But should we just call it a major failure, no we shouldn't. ---3.5/5
24Odd Nosdam
Pretty Swell Explode

The man (Nosdam) finally reaches out of the bowl of medoicre for once in his short career that has spanned 5 years and brings me something not to turn off after the first 4 tracks. ---3.5/5

Tons of recommendations to listen to this. Finally did. It wasn't mind-blowing or amazing, it was just extremely refreshing. Mixing indie aesthetics with hip-hop styling it actually performs well. ---3.5/5

M83's last album may seem to be a bit of a disappoint, but that was bound to happen. The best tracks are scattered throughout this album, which is why it probably stands up well. ---3.5/5
27A Silver Mount Zion
13 Blues For Thirteen Moons

I can handle the incoherent and screechy voice that accompanies some of the former GY!BE group that is now part of A Silver Mt. Zion. After all this is partly great, even if the vocals due distract us for the worst on this album. ---3.5/5
28The Cancer Conspiracy

The last offering from progressive and unknown The Cancer Conspiracy. Their last was surely their best and I hope you check this one out. ---3.5/5
Knowle West Boy

Back when I reviewed this (one of my first reviews mind you) I rated it as a 3.5. I now come to the conclusion that Tricky's sound is too varied. He needs to stay in one place, despite that recommendation it works for the majority of the time, even if it is cramped with guest spots. ---3/5
30Nine Inch Nails
The Slip

Think Broken EP with more noise and obstruction and less real emotion. That's how I feel The Slip is. Sure Reznor you're angry, but its only interesting if you harness it and stop adding convulsed massive drones and electronic sparks everywhere! Mind you there are some gems on this freebie, don't hesitate to check it out despite of my qualms. ---3/5
The Lucky Ones

Seattle's most under appreciated artists to never make it big (next to of course Screaming Trees, L7, TAD, etc). The Lucky Ones show they still have it in one way or another. --3/5
32 Roots Manuva
Slime & Reason

Manuva Manuva stop preaching and stick to something I loved. At least in previous albums you'd stick towards an atmosphere in Slime and Reason you jump to your heart's content and it doesn't necessarily work. ---3/5
Take Refuge In Clean Living

Shows some promise that would later branch out on Doomsdayer's Holiday, but this album seems a tad to bland for my taste. ---3/5
34Son Lux
At War With Walls and Mazes

As dry as a hot sweltering summer day. It just doesn't grab me or interest me as it should have. Son Lux's last effort garnered lots of praise, I just don't understand why. ---3/5
35Russian Circles

What happened with this record? Russian Circles isn't as powerful as I remember. Instead they come off boring on [i]Station[/i] something they did lack on [i]Enter[/i]. ---3/5
36Nine Inch Nails
Ghosts I-IV

Some of this is salvageable. Reznor had his heart in the right place, but he just couldn't stop and it becomes repetitive upon further listens. Ambient music was great in some instances for his other work, but a whole album comes of uninspiring and unsubstantial. ---3/5
Last Night

Disco-happy and free livin'. Last Night isn't meant to be a memorable album, just something for you to dance to and that's fine by me (I guess). ----3/5
38Gnarls Barkley
The Odd Couple

I didn't think they could replicate their successful debut album and I was right. Still there are a few songs here and there that are worthy of your time. The rest is average. ----3/5
3910 Years

Is anyone else tired of them? I enjoyed The Autumn Effect, but Division makes no attempt to stem or progress on this one bit. Instead it feels uninspired and sadly over-produced radio friendly. ---3/5
40Common Market
Tobacco Road

Their debut was sensational, but Tobacco Road sees these hip-hop preachers slowing down significantly. ----3/5
Just A Souvenir

I enjoy the acid tones and jazzy style that Squarepusher brings to his blend of IDM, but Just A Souvenir is a different take entirely. It doesn't work for the most part and he should stop this immediately! ----2.5/5
42Del The Funky Homosapien
Eleventh Hour

It's just too bad he made me all hopeful with the "Raw Sewage" because he murdered me with mediocrity the rest of the way. ----2.5/5
43Collections of Colonies of Bees

Birds is supposed to be a post-rock album from Collection of Colonies of Bees and instead washes me softly asleep at night. ---2.5/5
44 Quantic
(Death of a Revolution

I really, really, really had high hopes for this album since I loved the style Quantic produced. Just the warm, jazz, electronic tingling atmosphere, but [i]Flowering Inferno[/i] destroys everything I loved and isn't worthy of a listen. Its too cold, obscure, and unwarranted for this artist's discography. ---2.5/5

You really like pissing me off with that bullshit keyboard don't you? Just cut it out and I'll stop being angry. ---2/5

47 EP

Sawtooth EP

If you enjoy female vocals and trip-hop in general then don't hesitate to check this out. I hope they decide to regroup since they just split up (2 members got back to their previous band while the other left to work as a producer, shame really). ---3.5/5
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