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Maidens Albums In Order Of Greatness

basically the same list as before but this time with the deions working
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Nearly a perfect album 6 5-starers and 2 4-starers. The only song that I don't really enjoy is the prophecy, but the rest are all magnificent. Best Songs: Only The Good Die Young, The Evil That Men Do, Can I Play With Madness, Title Track, Infinite Dreams, The Clairvoyant.
Brave New World

A great album, boasting some great maiden tracks. Best Songs: Out of the Silent Planet, The Wicker Man, The Thin Line, Blood Brothers, Title Track, Dream of Mirrors.
Number Of The Beast

This album is really mixed up, some absolute classics, and then some tracks that are as weak as piss. Invaders and Gangland are some of the worst songs Maiden songs ever recorded. I also don?t really enjoy total eclipse or the prisoner either. The title track is a Maiden classic, although it doesn?t do that much for me. Best tracks: Hallowed Be Thy Name, Run To The Hills, 22 Acacia Avenue, Children Of The Damned.
Fear Of The Dark

The title track is enough, but there are other great tracks on here. Fear is the Key and Chains of misery are boring, so are Childhoods End and From Here To Eternity. Best Tracks: Title Track, Judas my Guide, Wasting Love, Weekend Warrior, Afraid To Shoot Strangers.
A Matter Of Life And Death

Maidens newest offering, some good material, but not as good as others. Brighter Than A Thousands Suns, The Reincarnation..., Lord Of Light and The legacy are extremely disappointing. Best Tracks: For The Greater Good of God, The Longest Day, The Pilgrim, Out Of The Shadows, and These Colours Don?t Run.
Dance Of Death

This album has really grown on me. At first I didn?t like it, but I listen to it all the time now. The only bad tracks are the cheesy ones like Wildest Dreams and Montsegur. Age of Innocence is really cheesy, but it?s a good track. Face in the sand starts off well but then gets boring after a while. The title track is absolutely amazing. Sends chills down my spine, the music and the lyrics. Best Tracks: Title Track, Rainmaker, Journeyman, No More Lies.
No Prayer For The Dying

People are always saying about how bad this album is, but I think it?s quite good. True, it has some utter shite on it, but also some catchy tracks as well. Best Tracks: Title Tracks, Hooks in You, Tail Gunner and of course, Maiden classic Bring Your Daughter...

One of Maidens darker albums. Songs are pretty average for Maidens standards. Of course the stunning Ace High and 2 Mins... are the albums high points, but Back at the Village, Flash Of The Blade and Losfer Words are pretty boring. Rime of The Ancient Mariner, Starts off brilliantly, but then there is that horrible clean part that last for what seems like hours. Puts me off listening to it. Best Tracks: Title track, Aces High, 2 Mins.., The Duelists.
Iron Maiden

Some old school Maiden. With a debut like this, its no surprise Maiden got so big. In a very rock and Roll style. Some songs are a bit boring, Remember Tomorrow, Charlotte The Harlot and Phantom Of The Opera (this one gets boring). The production quality is also quite poor. I would love this album if the present Maiden rerecorded it, but it is still a good album. Best Tracks: Prowler, Iron Maiden, Transylvania, Sanctuary, Strange World.
Virtual XI

I?m sorry to all you Blaze haters, but I think this material is really good. When I read reviews I was expecting an album rivaling Arctic Monkeys new album or some other shite like that. It?s actually good. I haven?t even listened to all the tracks fully, but what I have listened to is good. Best Tracks (Of what I know): The Educated Fool, Futureal, The Clansman, Como Estais Amigos.
Somewhere in Time

When I first heard this album I hated it. This album does not sound like Maiden at all. It has grown me since then, but it still is quite weak for maiden. Sea of Madness and Heaven can Wait (has a great bridge, but the rest is boring) are bollocks to be perfectly honest. Best Tracks: Title Track, Stranger in a Strange Land, Alexander The Great, Wasted Tears, The Loneliness...
Piece Of Mind

Apart from the few great tracks, I cannot consciously enjoy this album. It?s more the kind of stuff I put on as background music, but I don?t actively listen to them. Die with your boots on would be good, but those 'If your gonna die' ruin the song, because they make it sound stupid. All the other songs like that (Quest For Fire, Sun and Steel, Still Life) just sound almost pop-music like. It?s hard to believe that absolutely stunning tracks like The Trooper, Flight of Icarus and Revelations are on it.
The X Factor

Listened to it a few times, nothing interesting. Pretty much just boring, that Maiden magic is just not there. Virtual XI is much better.

After a debut like Iron Maiden, how is it they produced such shite? Apart form the one stroke of absolute genius which was Wrathchild, the rest of this album sucks. It?s like a crater in Maidens string of albums. Best and only good song: Wrathchild
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