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The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most
1Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

This album is so good I can't put it into words. It's so brilliantly constructed, so poignant, so interesting, so thrilling even during its long winding soundscapes. This is probably the best album ever made. How I love this.

This was the album that got me into Symphonic metal. This album provided me with proof that metal could be both beautiful and aggressive. The opera vocals and the orchestra blend so well with the metal. Ghost Love Score is such an epic song. It may not be my favourite Nightwish album anymore, but it still rules hard.
Master of Puppets

I don't like Metallica much anymore, but I have to give them credit for this being the album that got me into more aggressive music. Even though it is kind of stale for me I can appreciate the anger and speed and the benchmark this set at the time.
4Dream Theater
Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory

The band that got me into progressive music and showed me metal isn't all aggression, it can also be very sophisticated when it wants to. The concept is great, the musicianship is through the roof and all the times I listened to this when I felt bad... yeah. Definitely up there.
5System of a Down

I listened to this instead of KoRn or Limp Bizkit. And I have to give them credit, this album, despite its bizarre nature, is still fucking good. A modern metal classic.
6Porcupine Tree
Fear of a Blank Planet

I know this album is pretty recent, but this album is probably one of the best demonstrations of how to make styles mix without clashing. The lyrical content is fascinating, and it really feels like a soundtrack to my life.
7Iced Earth
Burnt Offerings

Introduced me to the gallop. One of the first bands to show me what heavy power metal riffing was all about.
8Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

Classic metal. I always liked Dickinson's vocals, and the guitar work is just sick. Hallowed Be Thy Name is still one of my favourite metal songs ever.
9 Katatonia
Tonight's Decision

The world isn't roses and moonshine.
10Damnation A.D.
Kingdom of Lost Souls

Pure twisted Hardcore genius. The guitars fucking chug, the album feels desolate and murky and everything is just... so oppressive here. For sure an amazingly underrated band people need to check out more.
11Bad Religion
All Ages

the band that explained to me punk could rule without looking silly. Probably the most intelligent punk band around.
12The Cranberries
No Need To Argue

One of the first rock songs I ever heard was Zombie. You gotta love this Irish band. Dolores sings like nobody else. Amazing stuff. Daffodil Lament is so haunting.
The Memory of Trees

The neo-celtic atmospheres in this are so amazing. I love the whole New Age thing about this. Brilliant record, needs a moodset for me to listen to but still.
14Alice in Chains

Grunge is more than just Nirvana. The best tale of battling drugs ever.
Reign In Blood

I used to hate Slayer so much. Then I actually bought this album and loved them. The riffs are twisted and amazing and the speed is just insane. Definitely one of my favourite more extreme metal albums.
16In Flames

Death metal can be very melodic as well. My first real taste of melody with brutality.
17Sonata Arctica
Reckoning Night

Power metal does not equal dungeons and dragons spamming. Great catchy vocals and good melodies abound, but without cheese.
18Blind Guardian
Imaginations From The Other Side

Tolkien metal, but this is the best album in that style. I love Hansi's wails, the riffs are brilliant and there is more harmony vocal tracks than you get drunken Germans at a wedding.
19Faith No More
Angel Dust

This world is twisted and sick. This album is proof. Madness, but genius at the same time.
Still Life

This is Opeth's best marriage of the brutal and the clever. I love this album, it represents their sound the best and shows how two completely asymmetrical styles can blend into a coherent whole.
Operation: Mindcrime

The best concept album of the 80s.
Rust In Peace

Friedman's guitar solos are incredible. I love the guitar work. No other Megadeth albums really communicate to me but this one hits home on every song.
23Pink Floyd
The Wall

The concept rules, the underlying metaphor for the world rules harder, and the musicianship rules the most. Waters is a lyrical genius and I doubt the world will see a better solo than the one on Comfortably Numb.
OK Computer

A best of list without Radiohead is a bad best of list. Amazing album.
25 Dead Can Dance
The Serpent's Egg

Lisa Gerrard is one hell of a vocalist, and the album's dulcet tones are so soothing to the mind. Amazing ethnic influences as well, The Host of Seraphim is a song everyone needs to have heard.
26Black Sabbath

Because they used the tritone first.
27Judas Priest

You can have speed without growling! Halford's vocals rule, the drums are amazing, the album is driving, the riffs are brilliant, and the solo work just makes you spastic.
28Fall Out Boy
Take This To Your Grave

What no-frills pop punk should sound like.
The Sham Mirrors

The album that showed me Avant-garde isn't just weird music. It can actually rule harder than most other music.
30Pain of Salvation

Daniel Gildenlow is one of the best vocalists around, and I love the concept lyrics. Plus Disco Queen is just so bizarre you've gotta love it. Versatile, intelligent, amazing.
31Dark Tranquillity

This is the album to play a song if you want someone to understand melodic death metal. Every song is a summary of melodeath. The best example of amazing songwriting.
El Cielo

Sleep paralysis is weird, but this album, despite its weirdness, still hooks me in. The Canyon Beyond Her is such a haunting song and it's amazingly consistent.
33Dream Theater
Images and Words

The other amazing classic album from DT. This album single-handedly propelled prog as a more mainstream force. It heralded the return of musicianship. It mixes everything you love about prog.
Moving Pictures

80s prog at its best. Elaborate, but less banshee wailing and more good playing. YYZ is mind-numbing.
35Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV

One of the best classic rock albums of all time.

The best modern rock album from the 2000s. Radiohead, Queen and Nirvana combined with classical music, waltz, electronica, and off-kilter jagged metal power chords? This has it all. Muse are one of my favourite new bands this decade.
The Black Halo

The best vocals in power metal, period. Actually, some of the best vocals around, period.
38Symphony X
The Divine Wings of Tragedy

Michael Romeo is a godly guitar player, Russell Allen is a godly vocalist, and this is a divine album because of them. Oh, the rest of the band is pretty good, too.
39 Deep Purple
Made In Japan

Everyone loves Deep Purple. Especially Jon Lord's hammond organ. Especially the mother of all guitar riffs called smoke on the water. Deep Purple are just the best.

I always criminally forget this album, that is why it's at 40 for some reason. Introduced me to the fact you don't need a guitar to be fucking heavy and kick the shit out of things. One of the most innovative albums ever and one of the most unique bands around.

Heh. Everyone loves them some twisted Teutonic thrashing and industrial stomp. Lindemann's vocals are bizarre, but they rule supreme. The lyrics are really twisted, though. Not for the faint-hearted!
42Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

The best depiction of suicide in music there is. This album is crazy depressing, but it's just so shocking that it's brilliant. And Hurt is just the most emotional lament ever written.
This Godless Endeavor

Slayer meets Queensryche. Pantera meets Fates Warning. Brutal guitar work, brilliant vocals and the drummer just kicks (b)ass.
Vulgar Display of Power

Because everyone needs an anger outlet course, and this is better than doing it the Columbine way.
45Machine Head
Burn My Eyes

Those riffs Flynn makes are godly.
46Sigur Ros

From loud to soft... Sigur Ros are so good at atmospheres and crescendos it's just uncanny. Brilliant stuff.
47 Helloween
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2

Because without Helloween, we would have no power metal.
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Brilliantus Doomicus Metallicus Fromicus Swedenicus
49 Omnia
Pagan Folk

because everyone loves authentic folk music. This is really cool Dutch folk music, based on Irish and Celtic shit. Bizarre, but great. Sounds like it's from the Middle Ages.

Also sounds like it's from the Middle Ages, but on a boat in the atlantic sea ready to shed some blood.
51Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

Gothic goes Metallica, and less pussy. Some songs on here are pretty fucking depressing but for all the bleakness this album rules so hard.
52My Dying Bride
Turn Loose The Swans

Doom and death metal go together. Really.
The Joshua Tree

Bono is a cunt, but his music kicks cunts back into the places where they belong.
54Strapping Young Lad

Devin Townsend is one fucked up motherfucker.

Black metal doesn't suck too much when it's got amazing clean vocal chants and cool folk parts.
In The Nightside Eclipse

Actually, black metal can also rule with a symphony backing it up.
Nordland I

Black metal also rules when it goes Viking, and doesn't have super-shitty production!
Blackfield II

It's so catchy it's bizarre. And that for a band meant to be melancholy. Very very good short downtempo pop songs that just make you cry.
59Lamb of God

These guys sound like Pantera, but more modern, with a better drummer, and they're just so damn metal! \m/
60 Pelican
The Fire In Our Throats...

Instrumental music doesn't have to be boring.
61The Mars Volta
Frances The Mute

So overblown and pretentious, it's good! Prog never was meant to be simple-minded
62Tori Amos
Little Earthquakes

She can sing, play the piano, have a personality, she just plain kicks ass. The best female singer-songwriter around.
63Depeche Mode

Alternative music and electronica never got a better mix. Enjoy The Silence, World In My Eyes and Personal Jesus are just too good.
64 David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, no?
65Simon and Garfunkel
Bridge over Troubled Water

Paul Simon is the best songwriter and lyricist on the planet. This guy is insanely musical, and the vocal harmonies are just so lovely. The Boxer just rules.

Overrated band, not so overrated album. The riffs are amazing and the drumming is out of this world. I love the bass as well, you just can't tell if it's the bass or the guitar chugging.
67A Perfect Circle
Thirteenth Step

If you're an addict like me, you will love this album.
68Ozzy Osbourne
Blizzard of Ozz

Ozzy can rot for all I care, but RIP Randy Rhaods. He was one badass guitarist.

Album is overrated, but it's just so cool to chill out to. You can always play Nirvana.
70King Crimson
In The Court of The Crimson King

Most prog bands try to play as many notes as possible. Fripp is the opposite: he tries to play as little notes as possible. Gotta love a progger who turns the rules upside down.
Close to the Edge
72Pink Floyd
Dark Side of the Moon

a best of without dark side of the moon is like life without water

Glenn Danzig is a horror-fanatic. This album sounds terrifying. But that's in a good sense.
74After Forever

Symphonic metal that doesn't sound schmaltzy. The band pulls everything off here.
75Morbid Angel
Altars of Madness

Automatic for the People

Alt-pop-rock at its best. Michael Stipe is a good songwriter.
77Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Peppers don't sound shitty anymore, they got the funk going on and they sound mature and cool. I like this more than BSSM.
78Bob Dylan
Highway 61 Revisited

Bob Dylan was one of the best hippy songwriters of the 60s. Fuck The Beatles. Fuck The Doors. Bob Dylan is best.
The Snow Goose

Because it sounds like Opeth, or better, Opeth sounds like them. One of the bands to make extremely good use of the Mellotron.
Highway to Hell

The only AC/DC album you need to hear. The rest just wants to be this good. I'm gonna party my ass off after this.
81Pink Floyd
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

i cant typ anymre im on aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid lyk siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid i'm smokin weeeeeed.

Ever had the feeling you got trapped under water. Well, that's what metal would sound like if you were.
Holy Diver

\m/ is all that needs to be said.

One Last Goodbye would make anyone bawl their eyes out. This album is riddled with emotion, and not in the crappy screamo way.
Among The Living

I AM THE LAW. Thrash metal with not totally awful vocals.
86The Cure

I'm not gothic, but this album is pretty damn sad. Pictures of You is madly depressing, but the monotony of the album just works strangely enough.
87Within Temptation
Mother Earth

I don't know, I really dig this album. I know WT suck nowadays but this has got some brilliant gems like the Never-Ending Story and Ice Queen. Love the celtic shit as well. And it doesn't sound so glossy.
88Blind Guardian
Nightfall In Middle-Earth

Tolkien metal, now with epic translation of the Tolkien book nobody can possibly get around to reading, that's how tedious it is! But fuck, Hansi's choirs rule and the melodies are fucking supreme.
A Night At The Opera

I'm in love with my car... I mean this album.
90Dire Straits
Dire Straits

Something about Mark Knopfler makes you want to have sex with a lovely lady everytime. Smooth going.
Catch Thirty-Three

The soundtrack for when the robots take over.

Next to Still Life, the most consistent Opeth album. Probably also their second best. Mikael shows his clean side, and he sounds kind of like Camel, but even on here the bleakness in Opeth music envelops you like no other.
93Pink Floyd

Any album that refers to Orwellian literature is cool in my book. Any album that makes the reference as scathing as this just stomps. Probably not the Floyd's best musically but the lyrics are just too brilliant.

This album is very manic, but also very good. There's so many things going on and battling for air.
Blackwater Park

The Drapery Falls and Bleak are plain sick and the riffs on this are crunchy like cereal. I love the sound of the acoustic guitar on this.
96 Sarah McLachlan
Fumbling for Ecstasy

I haven't heard anything but this all my childhood days. You always grow to love those albums in a way.
97Porcupine Tree
In Absentia

It's less consistent than FOABP. But it has Trains. And if you have Trains, you rule my world.
98Dream Theater
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

The second disc is just haunting. I think the message of the mentally ill is portrayed very well and I think that some of the deions are really cool. I love how poignant the reflection of this album on humanity's mental side is.

The origin of symphonic metal.
100Iron Maiden
Brave New World

I thought it would be fitting to end with a reference to one of my favourite books.
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