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Turning-point Songs

Sometimes, your entire musical taste can be shifted by one song that hits you like a brick wall. Usually it only works if you're really shallow like me. Each of these songs have pointed me in a new direction musically.
New Sensation

1995-1996: My mom worships INXS. She used to blast Kick in our tape player all the time, and I hated it with a passion for as long as I could remember. Until one day, I just saw it in a whole different light, and immediately the seed of rock was planted in the bowels of my bowels. The song had such a simple riff, yet it somehow clung to my 7-year-old mind.
2 Smash Mouth
Walkin' on the Sun

1998: Smash Mouth has made a cameo in my writings as the song that thrust me into the world of rock music. I couldn't get enough of the interesting and catchy tune. Prompted me to start going to Media Play and getting a listen to some more mainstream rock (that drek that they used to blast over the radios.) Unfortunately, that was all I had access to until...
3Green Day
American Idiot

2003: ...this. Flashback to 2003; sitting in my friend's house, preparing to weasel my way out of band practice (at that time I only said I could play bass.) Suddenly the CD rack spits out this then-gem of an album. We popped it into the boombox, and I was forever changed. The fast rhythm, simple guitars and *ahem* interesting lyrics forever burn in my brain, as the exact moment I found punk music.
4 Rancid
As Wicked

Early 2004: Up until now, I had been a completely hopeless Green Day fanboy. I had scoured the 'net dry, searching for any and all music pertaining to them. Sometime before Christmas, my buddy Damon gave me "...And Out Come the Wolves" and told me, "if you like GD, you'll love this." I popped it in and skipped to the coolest looking name for a track (Hey, I was twelve people,) and this poured from the speakers. Driving bass lines (from one of my now-fave bassist Matt Freeman,) a great anthem chorus and riffs that made Dookie look like Enema of the State. From then on, I knew I had to get outside the GD world and find myself some real punk.
5 Muse
Citizen Erased

2004: My punk cells were beginning to run dry, due to my total lack of money. I decided to run out to the local FYE and pick up a few bargain CDs. Anything that even remotely looked like it could be punk. By a wonderful twist of fate, my tiny mind saw Origin of Symmetry and immediately said "Punk!" I still don't know why. As soon as this baby went in, I was weirded out. "That's not punk...but it's so good..." I couldn't shut it off. Finally Citizen Erased started. I must admit that those seven minutes were the greatest of my musical life: it showed me the world of alt rock, which I had since shunned off as a mock style for hippies. Call me a hippie, then, this song is perfect. Powerful yet oddly calm, amazing guitar work and lyrics from Plato himself.
6 Rise Against
Blood to Bleed

Early 2005: As my Muse musings continued, I began to lose touch with my punk tastes. Enter another friend of mine, Jason. At my mention of teh fact that punk is getting boring to me, he thtrew SSOTCC at me and said, "LISTEN." If not for him, I would've never found my favorite band. Blood to Bleed came on, and opened with a beautiful bass lick, firmly supporting the song the entire way through. The great style, Tim's awesome voice and such perfection of hard punk extinguished any doubt I had in my taste.
7 Dead Kennedys
California Uber Alles

Christmas 2005: I was in punk heaven. Rise Against had reformed my love for the genre, I was checking out bands I hasn't even heard of and finding new stuff everywhere, and yet it all seemed monotonous to me. Yet another of my friends (most of you know him as the local MO,) sent me a song by some weird-sounding band called the Dead Kennedys. I reluctantly played the song over my speakers, and fell in love. California Uber Alles' breakdown intro rapidly pulled me into a world long since past, the 60's. Surf guitar plus quick bassing proved to be a winning combo, adn has since given me the key to the past.
8 Reel Big Fish
Thank You For Not Moshing

Early May: As my punk overload began to turn into withdrawl, I desperately neede to find something new to check out. I had been hearing some noise about some thing called "ska" for a long time now, and decided to find out what all the hubbub was about. Looking back on it now, I really can't imagine my life without this song. Reel Big Fish's gem "Thank You For Not Moshing" opened the floodgates of horns, vocal harmony and upbeat, hilarious songs to my world.
9 The Specials

Mid-June: As my ska binge barreled on, I began to realize that until this point all I had been listening to was 3rd-wave/revival ska. I began wondering what first and second-wave ska was like. As some class suggestions on Sputnik directed me, I found The Specials and their S/T. At first, all I noticed were the characteristic tin-can recordings. A few more spins of the LP found me feeling like a ring-a-ding-dinger in an old 60's lounge. The cool, slower sound mixed well with the superior vocal harmonies, despite the usual lack of horns in favor for a keyboard (which only enhanced the cool feel of the music.)
10 Circle Takes the Square
Crow Quill

Mid-July: "Emo music is for screaming pussies." Such a blind sentiment from my slightly less traveled self. From all the hype it got from on Sputnik, "As the Roots Undo" earned a listen from me just to se if it lived up to its rep. I went in expecting chaos, screaming and maniac drumming/guitar work. I came out getting just that, but for some reason it felt right. The chaotic drumming and frantic guitar work fell right in place with the screeching yet deep vocals, and afterwards I had a whole new look on "emo" music.
11 DragonForce
Through the Fire and Flames

Early August: Thank God for listening parties. Britain's own DragonForce showed me that my evil stetreotype of power metal as a "mock genre, just fast metal," was undershot by a mile. The lighting guitars and perfectly placed keyboard sent me on a power trip I'll not soon forget. Even the vocals, which barely ever get good reception in metal, were stunning. Currently DragonForce is dominating my ipod.
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