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Your ALL TIME FAVE album and why

title says it all really, I wanna see what makes sputnik tick.
1Black Veil Brides
Wretched And Divine: Ultimate Edition

Black Veil Brides - "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones" (2013) I have in the past gone to great lengths discussing my all time favourite record, if you remotely care you can see here:

In Short, Andy Biersack is my favourite vocalist / lyricist / front man of all time and I love a good anthem.
Neon Ballroom

Coldheaven "It's just a fantastic album from front to back. The album is just seeping with bleakness, anxiety, depression, and mental anguish that really slaps you in the face through the music and lyrics. Keeps most of that alt 90's sound but on a whole new level, with layers of orchestral strings, improv pianos, super chunky bass, and the best guitar tone Daniel John's has ever had. It's remained my favorite album of all time since it came out, so running 21 years strong now. To me, that's some fucking staying power"

SteakByrnes "Progressive metalcore at its absolute peak and nothing has even come close to it since it came out. It's an assault of pummeling riffs and beautiful melodic leads from front to back, coupled with some of the most gorgeous synths and harp work that I've ever heard. The vocals are absolutely insane from Garrison, his ferocious mids as well as his shrieking highs and powerful lows just hit with the force of a train coming at you at mach speeds, he's by far my favorite harsh vocalist ever. Jesse's cleans are almost heavenly in a way and float over the frantic breakneck pace of the insane instrumentation underneath. The album concludes with what I consider to be the best metalcore song ever written, it's a stunning display of the band firing off their best performances. That album has resonated with me like no other, and while I'm always gonna be sad that it was the last album with that lineup, at least I never grow tired of it."
4Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

tectactoe "One of the few album I would consider pitch perfect; every note is precisely as it should be. An album that's paradoxically somehow both entrenched by and way ahead of its time. It (as well as its precursor, SPIRIT OF EDEN) are considered pioneers of a genre, yet three decades later and there's still nothing else in that genre that comes remotely close to the mood and ambiance that's attenuated here. The best part is that you don't even need to understand what Mark Hollis is saying (because you won't, unless you look up the lyrics) to love it."
5Mike Oldfield

Egarran "My deserted island album is Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn, because it's magic (and thus can't be explained with words)."
6The Drones
Gala Mill

porcupinetheater "Such a tense balance between early Drones’ noise blues, here filtered through the hot dirty lens of folk music. Kicks off with the vicious stomp of Jezebel laying down a palette of complex storytelling that weaves through history, biblical allusion, contemporary politics, and legend, borne along by Gareth and Rui throwing hammering discordant guitar lines at each other. But things take a step back into more bleak, sparse territory from there, with numerous dives into the bleak history of Australia as an Imperial carceral state. Words from the Executioner to Alexander Pearce and Sixteen Straws both highlight that, the former a haunted and eerie gallows hymn complete with Fiona’s wailing wordless chorus, the latter a percussionless take on the old Moreton Bay folk song turned harrowing and morbid with Liddiard’s vicious and hyper literate storytelling. In between you have some of the caterwauling Drones scree of the early days, monuments to mortality and beauty with
7The Drones
Gala Mill

"... layered pedal experimentation, and an atmosphere dry as a pile of sun bleached bones."
8The Gathering
How to Measure a Planet?

Trifolium "Loosely based on the theme of travelling, this album takes me places, time and time again. It is impeccably cohesive, and flows very well, which is an enormous compliment for it clocks in at over 100 minutes. Perfect drum and guitar tone, stellar production job, and the climax of Rescue Me is one of my favourite moments in music ever. Super mega dreamy, combining the best of alternative rock with some shoegaze and trip-hop elements, creating something truly unique. Oh yeah, and it has Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals. My emotional connection with this is huge too."

Asdfp277 "it gets me thru hard times"
It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright!

nightbringer "It articulates the shape of a certain kind of religious life like no other album I've heard."
Kid A

ItsTheSquirrel "I know, how original. But it genuinely has a lot of my favourite songs of all time that manage to move me every single time I listen to it. And the crazy thing is that even the lesser songs are pretty much perfect. I love how jazzy some of the songs are, while still not feeling gimmicky or like random novelty cuts. I love how they experiment with electronics but again, without feeling like they're just tacked on gimmicks. And most of all I just love Thom's voice. But yeah I don't think I really needed to tell anyone why Kid A is great."
12Million Dead
A Song to Ruin

Milliondead "Genuinely amazing UK post-hardcore. They strike a brilliant balance with energetic and moody songs. Excellent musicianship with distinct guitar, drum, and bass parts. The lyrics are wordy, and manage to be personal and political in equal measure. The songs are just so fucking catchy, melodic, and dynamic. It's one of the few albums that haven't gotten any worse to me in the last 10 years."
13Mr. Bungle

Josh D. "There's nothing like it. It's a musical journey that spans genres, time, the globe. It manages to be catchy and and well crafted while retaining the spirit of experimentation and outside-the-box creativity the band is known for. It's one of a kind and accessible."
14The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

IronGiant "the album speaks for itself"
15Coheed and Cambria
From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

WalrusTusk "This was the first album that I heard from this band and I was instantly hooked. Listening to this album is like watching a movie. The music is cinematic, and does a beautiful job of setting the atmosphere for the brutal and heartbreaking story. Every single song builds tension and momentum towards "The Willing Well" suite, one of my favorite prog songs of all time."
16The Mothers of Invention
We're Only in It for the Money

ArsMoriendi "I love psychedelic pop, I love Frank Zappa, and his satirzation of the 1960s on this album manages to be sharp and critical, but also funny, insightful, and meanginful. The melodies are incredibly catchy, but many of the tracks are also not afraid to experiment -with three even touching upon musique concrète. It's also only 39 minutes so it doesn't overstay its welcome. It encapsulates the type of mood I often praise in music: a weird mixture of melancholy and exhuberance. It's incredibly original to say the least."
17Black Sabbath

Allergist "This is one of those albums that I feel like it should be in instant 5/5. Every single song on it has become a classic of the genre in someway, and very few albums have single-handedly shaped and molded their genres like this one has. There isn’t a single song on paranoid that isn’t fantastic. In an alternate universe, Paranoid is a greatest hits compilation, yet for Sabbath it was just another LP. War Pigs, Iron Man, Paranoid, and Fairies Wear Boots are in the top 25 best metal songs ever writtena nd they all appear on this one album."
1000 Forms Of Fear

MaryBabko "As someone who isnt usually a massive fan of pop music, this took me completely by surprise. There is a really claustrophobic atmosphere to tracks like Chandelier and Cellophane, then the bombastic choruses to Dressed In Black and Hostage, and such variety to complement Sia's mesmeric voice."
Wavering Radiant

SgtShock "Like following ghosts through caves of liquid darkness. Are they leading me to an exit or taking me deeper below?"
A Farewell to Kings

CygnusX1 "Following the release of their "do or die" sci-fi epic 2112, the trio of nerdy Canadians managed to put together one of the best progressive rock albums ever. This album just has it all. The musicianship could not be any tighter- it sounds like there's at least 5 people in the band. Alex's ripping guitars, Geddy's tasty bass-lines and keys, and the GOAT Neil Peart (RIP). They managed to find a meeting place between groovy rock, strange proggy bits, and catchy poppy hooks. Each song tells it's own story and has it's own goals in mind. From relaxing and drinking the milk of paradise on Xanadu and cheering for an underdog on Cinderella Man, all the way to getting obliterated by a black hole on Cygnus X1, this album is a sonic journey in the best way. It's a little awkward, and Geddy's voice isn't for everyone, but man this album is a front-to-back masterpiece, at least IMO."
Welcome to Sky Valley

Dwap "This to me is a flawless album (assuming we can all agree to disregard Lick Doo). Every second of every song is interesting, rocking and expertly played. The production at first is a little off-putting but after a few listens you realise it is unlike anything else and works perfectly. The liner notes on the album give the instruction to "listen without distraction" - I strongly encourage anyone who loves music and hasn't heard this album, to take their advice."
22maudlin of the Well

TheSonomaDude "The brilliancy of being able to sculpt memories of nostalgia over events that never happened can only be achieved by Bath. Its ambition and cleverness exceeds all that of which I've ever heard before. It's like meeting an extremely strange yet charismatic and captivating old man at a bus stop who tells you a story that changes your life and your process of thought. Not a single song less than perfect and beautiful in its own hauntingly unique way."

Lucman "Frames is the kind of album that makes me marvel at what we humans can create. Epic in scope and majestic in its execution, Frames is the kind of masterpiece you hear once in a lifetime."
24Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech

Metalrain "This album feels like Devin laying his feelings and musical ambitions bear. After having made one of the most insane metal albums of all time(City), this feels more mellow and spacey with lots of emotional and catchy alternative/progressive rock songs. The last stretch is still the most perfect stretch a rock album has too offer."
25Sigur Ros
Agætis byrjun

Pangea "A really alien and mysterious album. It has an unique take on post-rock and has Jonsi's heavenly falsetto vocals. I love how each different each song sounds from another and how they have all have a different purpose within the album, while the album keeps the ethereal atmosphere consistent."
26Dir En Grey

Uzumaki "It’s usually difficult to put into words how one singular album is one’s favorite of all time, but then again that can be one of the best compliments you can give to said album. Enter mine. It’s been my favorite for at least 8 years, and every time I try to think of why it is, words escape me. Put the album on and listen to it though, and innately it all makes sense. This album helps me get through low periods in my life and through episodes of anger and frustration, taking my feelings onto its back and leaving me with a sense of catharsis at the end of it all, and it does this every single time without fail. So to me, I can’t say why this is my favorite album, and yet it is my favorite. It just is."
27The National

YoYoMancuso "The sounds that the musicians make are good."
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-

JohnnyoftheWell 2because it has perfect drone, great noise, fking ridiculous guitar antics and one of the most hair-raising climaxes that will ever exist, and that is an easy sales pitch"
29Ichiko Aoba

Aberf "Just a singer-songwriter with her classical guitar and pure talent. That's about it."
30Devin Townsend Project

bgillesp "This was one of the first albums I ever became obsessed with in my earlier days of musical discovery. I’ve always loved the music, but as I have learned more about Devin as an artist and his life, the autobiographical aspects that come across enhance the experience even so much more."
31Between the Buried and Me
The Parallax II: Future Sequence

TundraL5Z "Album got me into prog metal along with EP Parallax I, never got the hype for Dream theater (although I like DT now), a very visceral concept album that blew me away on first listen, and continues to blow me away 4 years later. Parts like "Jet Propulsion Disengage" and "Goodbye to Everything" are etched into my psyche until the end of time. The fact the album jumps between so many genres within just a single track and be able to make it work is astounding and inspiring."
32Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

evilford "Musically this album is excellent and I enjoy it on that level a lot. Conceptually, this is probably my favorite album. A lot of the themes regarding the struggles of daily life and mental health really strike a personal chord with me."
Close to a World Below

Funeralopolis "To me this album is the quintessential death metal experience that will never be topped. Anti-Christianity on death metal has always been a bit of a silly, tongue in cheek gimmick but Immolation is dead serious - their vocalist comes out of the gate with perfect confidence in one of the most attention grabbing, bold experiences.

The production is perfection - I've never heard anything like it. The guitars sound like fire. While on the surface the album sounds like chaos it is actually very progressive and precisely written, each song is actually quite diverse. Every member of the band works so perfectly together, while Dolan's vocals may be one note it is never a short fall because the band works around this fact creating a dynamic and ferocious soundscape."
34Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium

judgedeath2 "Admittedly, I didn't really get into this record until 10 years after it came out. I'd always enjoyed RHCP from a singles perspective (including the ones from SA) but didn't really delve into their discography much beyond that. But holy shit....Stadium Arcadium is a fucking *masterclass* in songwriting and composition. Each instrument has a carved out role on every song and is given space to breathe. "Strip My Mind" has one of my favorite guitar solos of all time even though it's not particularly fast or technical; it just has the right tone and feel for that song and at that point in the album. It's undoubtedly a daunting double LP at just over 2 1/2 hours of runtime, but that's what makes it an even more impressive feat -- 28 tracks, 0 throwaways or "B-sides", every song has something to offer."
35Judas Priest
Defenders of the Faith

rockarollacola "This record will always hold a special place in my heart. I have so many fond memories of school baseball, track meets and the long bus rides to football games. This record was basically the soundtrack for the happiest years in my life, and nothing will ever top it."
36Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

hesperus "It's a double album that runs almost 90 minutes, yet every second engages me fully. The compositions are immensely powerful in their simplicity. The arrangements are flawless; no note from any instrument is out of place. The builds are entrancing and they arrive at sublime climaxes. Even the ambient bits and spoken word samples always enhance the experience and never detract from it. If Godspeed revolutionized post-rock on F#A#, they perfected it on Skinny Fists."

Klingel0905 "Its the Culmination of everything i like about progressive music. The rythms, melodies, song structures, vocals, metaphorical lyrics, conceptual bond between the songs. Yeah its pretentious, but i love how they just tried real hard to create this passionate piece of art. The album has a mysterious layer all above it and even though its not perfect it will always feel special to me."
38Killswitch Engage
The End of Heartache

wutang4ever "I first heard this on release and didn't like it all that much. It was null. I come to find out my ex passed away from a car accident in 2012 and she was my only true love. We got into an argument about something trivial and separated. Lord do I wanna take that time back. There will never be a replacement for her. Her name wasn't Rose or Sharon, but Rose of Sharyn brings me back to the times we listened to that album off and on. This album brings me to my knees, especially Hope Is... To me this is my favorite album because of memories and listening to it gives me a sense of hope, despair, love, hate; a reminder that she is still there with me somehow. We'll meet again, Stacey. It won't be long."
Leaves Turn Inside You

Darius The Imposter "Ripping and inventive posthardcore homies leave off with their swansong at their peak with a bang by turning everyone's expectations upside down with this haunting and life affirming magnum opus

album is flawless and legendary and quite literally helped me out a good deal during suicidal/depressed times"
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

zakalwe "Prior to 1997 I’d been a ‘grunger’ an ‘indie kid’ and a mod revivalist all as a result of records that had blown my mind as I was taking my musical journey through the present and the treasures of the past by cluelessly throwing myself into what I thought represented ‘me’

1997 was the first year where I thought ‘hang on, where can we go from here? Everything has been done to death and it’s all a rehash’

Ladies and Gents on its release was not only an incredible album the whole package, the product itself was a work of art that regalavanised my passion for music and made me appreciate the creation of something with a vision.

The album itself still has some of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard and despite not listening to it regularly and actually preferring other albums to it nowadays it still enthrals me and it’s ingrained itself into me soul. Fucking love it. It’ll always be my favourite."
41The Wrens
The Meadowlands

Pheromone "The fact that despite having "only" 283 ratings, Meadowlands is probably considered the favourite album of at least 5 people on this stupid music website we frequent is telling. Not only that, the primary review for it has 63 pages of discussion, more pages than Sgt. Peppers with 4000 less ratings. Meadowlands to a select few is like an old friend who's existence always comforts. It's the most important album in my life getting closer to me each year. It's a pop (you heard me) masterpiece of melody and anticipation, supported by disgustingly crunchy (not pop) guitars and years of meticulous perfecting. When each hook digs itself into your soul you know you're experiencing something special. Honestly better than everything else on this list tbh fuck yh. Just as a little extra, I've gotten to a point with most relationships (even great ones) where I've been cautiously excited about the breakup just so this album will HIT different. That's how much I love this."

ReturntoRock "Yes, it's overplayed - but overrated? Not really.

Forget Teen Spirit - there's more to the album than its breakthrough single. In fact, it's not even the best song on the album. Nirvana were no one-hit wonder, and this album proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. There isn't a single weak cut to be found among the 'regular' tracks (the only one that arguably deserves that categorisation is tucked away at the end of the album, as a secret track) and the whole album is played with a level of passion, commitment and sincerity which has sadly gone missing from most music released since then.

The sharp, high-end production is admittedly a double-edged sword, but as much as it 'cleans up' the band's act, it also helps their sound shine through to its fullest potential; without the benefit of Butch Vig's work here, Nirvana may never have been as well-known or well-regarded as they eventually would come to be. Yes, that might arguably have been a good thing from the musicians'

... personal standpoint - but it also would have kept the music world from getting to know a really, really good rock band.

Some people will never get why others rate this band so highly, but those who do know exactly WHY they do - and 'Nevermind' is a big part of the reason why."
Peace and Love

Butkuis "Raised as a hardline, traditionalist Roman Catholic, the sheer spiritual weight of this album presses against a bruise on my soul that I seldom remember exists since leaving The Faith. Apocalyptic in both senses of the word, Peace & Love simultaneously acts as a dirge mourning the end of this world, and a fanfare for the hope of a better one. On the last day, when the few survivors stand amidst piles of rubble & the ashes of empires, waiting for the end to come, this is what their prayers will sound like."
45The Who
Who's Next

wham49 "Not the biggest Who fan, but this just slays. The perfect hard rock album, every song has a purpose, but is unique to itself. Pete Townsends songs Sung with the perfect voice with That early 70’s cock’s out attitude. Completely timeless but totally a period piece. It just never gets old"
46Dream Theater

Schuemke "I was about 13 or 14 and a beginning guitarist when someone borrowed me the cd and told me to listen to this stuff. It completely blew my socks off, I had no idea music like this even existed. Within a week I bought the album myself from my very limited pocket money and became completely obsessed with it. Within a year I'd bought all DT cd's and it was pretty much the only band I listened to for about a year and a half. Awake remains special though, I still remember the smell of the booklet (18 years later) as I shut myself in my room with the cd and just listened to it from start to finish for the first time. I don't think that experience will ever be topped."
New Model

rellik009 "I used to explain in detail why I thought this album is so good, but now it's completely redundant. It's just that I always come back to this album eventually."
48Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

dedex "I know that's cliché but I'm a basic bitch"
49Get Scared
The Dead Days

Valzentia "I wrote an entire review explaining it."
50Elliott Smith

Fogza "Life is massively unfair, but you can make it sound beautiful."
51Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

roguedevil "Aptly titled, dark and noisy this album came at the right time in my life. It had the same existential dread and articulates the frustration of realizing right and wrong are not necessarily black and white. The album asks questions it is too scared to know the answers to.

Too often I shy away from listening in full because it's still as powerful now as it was 14 years ago."
Sound Awake

LeddSledd "Probably not my all time favorite, but definitely one of the best albums I've ever listened to. It has a slow and atmospheric yet powerful character, powered by both incredibly tight and subtly complex musianship and Kenny's spacey, emotional vocals. There is so much depth and nuance to the songs on here that I notice new little details within them on relistens to this day. It was one of my first introductions to modern progressive music and still stands as one of my favorite albums."

garas "This album meant a breakthrough in my musical taste back in the days. Especially the hypnotic riffs in 'Dunkelheit' hit me like a tons of bricks, also I love the eerie, melancholic vibe of the ambient focused tracks like 'Rundgang...' too. Generally, I think this album (+ Hvis lyset tar oss) has the perfect combination of black metal and dark ambient - which technically represents my general taste in music."
54Iron Maiden
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Dewinged "I was 10 when it was released. A strange kid, didn't like sports, couldn't really get along with anyone, my dad watched hopelessly his kid jamming his own Life After Death record non stop. On my birthday, he bought me Seventh Son on tape. I was ecstatic, I was instantly transported to a world that was as frightening as thrilling to me, and whenever I need a break from reality I would resort to day dream while jamming this, finding my... safe space. Many years after, I still find it through this album."
55Poison the Well

Dolving999 "Every time I listen to this I discover a new instrument in the background I hadn't noticed... Noodly banjo, lighting-fast mandolin, wurlitzer... It sounds like Ryan Primack went to a musical instruments shop and was given free reign to play whatever he wanted. It has this unique post-apocaliptic 50's western meets opera kinda vibe that I haven't heard anywhere else. Plus they went from practically originating metalcore to giving birth to Spaghetticore. I know every single lyric by heart and find myself quoting them many times in my own life situations. I know I might discover technically or more diverse albums later in life, but this one has an eternal spot in my heart."
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