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21 Records from 21 Lesser-Known Artists - January

January 2021 has been a jam-packed month for music, with a few releases gaining traction within the broader Internet music community. That being said, it's important not to forget the sacrifices smaller artists often make in releasing their records during the pandemic. With tiny fanbases, minimal social media footprints, and few chances to grow their supporter bases without the benefit of touring, the vast majority of small-scale projects may never get off the ground. Though not all of these may be worth your attention, I have identified a group of records released by small acts in January 2021 that could definitely be worth a listen or two. Speak up in the comments if any of these resonate with you or if you'd like to provide a BC link to another small artist you feel folks here might dig. Stepping off my soap box now. List is sorted approximately in increasing order of how much I liked the record. LTTI = Listen to this if
Venus' Flower Basket IV

Genre: Glam folk (?)

LTTI: You want to hear an ultra-raw, ultra-DIY, ultra-unique take on the guitar-based singer-songwriter trope. Or if the artist's haphazardly assembled Bandcamp appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities
2Michael Peter Olsen
Yearning Flow

Genre: Dark ambient

LTTI: You plan on investigating dark caves, meandering tunnels, abandoned mental asylums, or other spooky places alone, and could use the company of some foreboding tunes
3Quadraphonnes + Andrew Durkin
Five-Pointed Star

Genre: Saxophone

LTTI: You've been dying to hear a record with four saxophonists and no other instrumentation. In seriousness, this is a pretty gripping work for being so focused
4How to Be Dead
Lights at the Ends of Tunnels

Genre: Emo-tinged alt rock/90s worship

LTTI: You really really like Smashing Pumpkins but really really hate Billy Corgan
Opacity Field

Genre: Vaporwave

LTTI: You miss playing video games with super cool single digit-bit soundtracks but you've grown up a little
6Susie Ibarra / Claire Chase / Alex Peh
Talking Gong

Genre: Jazz-inflected chamber music

LTTI: You like that Portlandia skit where bands compete to sound as gentle as possible. The drums bang on this record tho
7Santi Debriano
Flash of the Spirit

Genre: Latin/post-bop jazz

LTTI: You've been following the above listed jazz releases and want something a bit more conventional
8Shai Maestro

Genre: Classy jazz

LTTI: You were classically trained in jazz and the other entries on this list are either too avant-garde or too by-the-books for you
9Alphabet Holds Hostage
truth in habitual

Genre: Slightly adventurous shoegaze

LTTI: You crave some spiritually enveloping, lovely shoegaze. AKA: you crave some shoegaze
10Gi Gi
Lumino Pleco

Genre: Light ambient

LTTI: You need to chill x100. Beautiful harmonies, probably would beat Susie Ibarra & crew in the Battle of the Gentle Bands
11Avon Terror Corps
Wish You Were Avon

Genre: Assorted blips and bloops

LTTI: You have an appetite for various strands of electronic music and would like your music expenditures to fund worthy causes. Proceeds from this record go towards providing food for needy folks in Bristol
12Good Willsmith
HausLive 2: Good Willsmith at Sleeping Village, 4​

Genre: Psychedelic drone

LTTI: You're tripping/getting high in any fashion and don't care much for production quality. This stuff is absorbing as hell but, even through headphones, sounds like it's playing from an iTouch amplified inside of a red solo cup
13Tom Sochas
You could hear the bird sing

Genre: Modern jazz

LTTI: You have less than 20 minutes to concentrate inordinately hard on a jazz record. Seriously, though, this is a prettily complex yet accessible morsel that hopefully predicts further solo work from maestro Sochas
14John Pope Quintet
Mixed with Glass

Genre: Boppy jazz

LTTI: You like free jazz but happen to be in a good mood, for once
15Sitka Sun
All The Way West

Genre: Record store jazz

LTTI: You only have time for one jazz record on this list and you don't want to pay $20 for Jason Moran
16Glass Kites
Glass Kites II

Genre: Artsy prog rock

LTTI: Your appetite for pleasant yet complicated music wasn't satisfied by any of the billion jazz releases on this list
Ongoing Dispute

Genre: Have you heard of this really cool indie band called Joy Division?

LTTI: You respect a band that tanks their Google searchability with a name like Yung in 2021. Or, you need a cheap alternative to Unknown Pleasures
18Helena Celle's Imaginal Designs
Copy Music

Genre: Industrial loops-lite

LTTI: You, um, appreciate industrial-focused loops? To be honest, my vocabulary is limited here. Check this out if the genre tag interests you, it's a banger through and through
19Ben Varian
One Hundred Breakfasts with the Book

Genre: Jazzy pop

LTTI: You love Steely Dan. Yes, it's good enough to warrant the comparison, and no, I am not glancing sideways, downwards, or in any other fashion to indicate that I might be pulling a fast one on you
20Jason Moran
The Sound Will Tell You

Genre: Jazzy classical

LTTI: You are willing to spend $20 to make yourself feel like a real music aficionado. Slightly joking, as this is actually gorgeous
21Demoniac (CHL)
So It Goes

Genre: Blackened thrash-death

LTTI: You can ignore some mild production concerns in order to appreciate a phenomenal thrash record. If these folks run a tight ship and don't go the way of Vektor, expect big things
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