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Worst ways to talk about music

These are some common arguments I see about music that I feel like bitching about. Lemme know if you have your own and I'll add it unless it's stupid. Or maybe especially if it's stupid
1Playboi Carti
Whole Lotta Red

1) exclusively looking at music through genres, to the point where you begin ignoring the individual aspects that make an album unique. Especially when people say "how do you like X but not Y? they're the same genre" as if every album within the same genre is the same. Or sometimes people get into these long debates about what genre an album is. "You know that album you think is rap? Well, actually, as a matter of fact, it is pop/r&b. I heard at least one catchy melody in there it's not rap." Or people who debate which of 77 subgenres a metal album falls under. Who cares, just talk about it for what it is instead of having to place everything in these broad categories.
2Cocteau Twins
Heaven or Las Vegas

2) being reductive to seem knowledgeable. A lot of people love to say "I literally can't tell the difference between this and X, Y and Z" or "it's literally just some synth and a bassline throughout the whole album" or "it's literally just this one thing over and over, that's the whole album." And obviously there are scenarios where those criticisms are actually true and valid, but a lot of people do it disingenuously cause they think people will go "this guy is so enlightened that to him, all these different artists sound identical! wow!" but really it just makes it look like you couldn't be bothered to put together an actual argument for not liking something. My awareness of this is why I have been able to avoid falling into the same trap throughout my time on Sputnik.
3DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ

3) Assigning ulterior motives to people who don't like certain music. This is mostly a Twitter thing. If you don't like the new Fiona Apple you hate women, if you don't like the Taylor Swift you hate women, you hate on this album because you have a personal vendetta against the artist, etc. These seem like the type of arguments people would say that other people say, when in reality nobody actually says them. But they do. Perusing Twitter the day after Fantano's FTBC review or after Hugh's Evermore review made that abundantly clear.
4Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Your Funeral... My Trial

4) Equating complexity with quality. This isn't much of an issue on Sputnik cause people get laughed at and copypasta'd for it. But I see it all the time on Reddit and hear it from friends and family sometimes. Metalheads will be like "this song was made by a computer and it's just two chords and some dumb, vapid lyrics" and then those people will be like "metal is just three power chords in drop D + some growling" and then other people are all like "Taylor's new album is so basic" but then they listen to some avant garde post punk indie folk album where each song contains 4 different keys and the vocals are all in Bengali and it probably sounds like shit. Or they listen to something equally basic that they for some reason believe is infinitely complex
5Mario Judah
Whole Lotta Red (Part 1)

5) People who are overly critical of the way others discuss music, reading into things far too much instead of just letting people articulate their opinions how they want to without being a judgmental asshole
6Cocteau Twins

"sometimes i really just hate talking about music at all like just do you & enjoy your shit & then talk about non-music things in album threads" - JustJoe.
7Thomas Azier
Love, Disorderly

"any situation where one must engage with Colton" - ChoccyPhilly

"best way to talk about music: "this is the best album ever" on every thread" - el_newg
9Big Black
Songs About Fucking

"best way to talk about music: tell everybody how much you love charli xcx and how hyperpop is the future of the entire musical landscape while you blast 100 gecs on your blasted out laptop speakers" - ian b
Ultimate Success Today

"Tbf if you don't talk about music without involving buttsex then that's the worst way to talk about it." - ResidentNihilist
11Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Tender Prey

"I pull people's ear buds out on the Subway and tell 'em to Check Fugazi" - porcupinetheater
Emperor Tomato Ketchup

"You are free to hate and disrespect music and artists however you please as long as you have excellent taste. Talking about music and enjoying music are two different things you know." - BaselineOOO
13Gia Margaret
Mia Gargaret

"dunno if anyone has said this but when people say 'underrated'

that drives me insane" - peekatoad
14Frank Zappa
Hot Rats

"It would be nice on here if people said more than this rules when talking about music on this site." - ResidentNihilist
15Craig Finn
I Need a New War

"talking about the new Green Day record" - ian b
16Young Thug
Slime Season 3

"Going around Indie festivals and mentioning fake band names to get posers to pretend they know what you're talking about. Like yes it is annoying but let kids be kids they're just trying to fit in for fucks sake its not like the rest of the world is any easier on them. You going around mentioning if they have heard "cornbread chocolate dansy" and laughing when they pretend they know it isn't funny, it's you being an ass to kids who are just trying to be part of something, and who will grow out of that shit in a couple years anyways." - CaliggyJack
17Fang Island
Fang Island

"And stop asking kids with Maiden or Metallica shirts to name five songs by them inorder to prove how big of a fan they are, they’re household names it doesn’t matter" - ieatbabies795
18Soundtrack (anime)
Boogiepop Phantom

"hmmm" - JohnnyoftheWell
19Gregory Alan Isakov
This Empty Northern Hemisphere

""If it weren't for X, Y wouldn't exist, so X is better" is one way to guarantee I'll never discuss music with you again" - Jacquibim
20brian eno
Another Green World

"best way to talk about music is to call everything you dont like wack as fuck" - FabiusPictor202
21Frank Turner
Love, Ire & Song

"in sign language" - TheSpirit
22Jun Senoue
Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack

"i actually do think some people have ulterior motives with music, not maliciously but i know from personal experience and just from talking to people that its easy to write off bands due to image/reputation. plus being a metalhead i meet way too many folks who are obsessed with some sort of "purity" and it can be very limiting. its like people attach their personalities to their music taste and create this image for themselves that they cant violate, its why some indie rock kid would never check out rainbow or some self-stylized hippie will never listen to punk rock or metalheads refusing to let themselves enjoy any pop music. we've all been guilty of certain retardations, especially in adolescence id assume. i used to think electronic music was fart noises until i was like 15" - sonictheplumber
23sweet trip
Velocity : Design : Comfort

"who gives a shit" - FabiusPictor202
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