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The Girls I Grew Up To

My favorite gals since I can remember. All of these artists/bands have made a huge impact on me when I was growing up. I still love listening to these albums today and I wouldn't want it any other way. GIRL POWWWWER!
Bad Animals

Alone. It is what it is. Pop rock at its finest. If I had a nickel for every time I heard this song not under my control I would be a billionaire. If I had a penny for every time I listened to this song deliberately, I would be able to buy the Milky Way Galaxy...and still have spare change. You will never hear anything like this again. Some say it's cheesy, I say it's awesome. My call.
2The Bangles
Different Light

Not only was Walk Like An Egyptian played on the radio to the point of puking, the song still kicks ass and these girls rule!

I had my first walkman around the time this came out and I will never forget turning the volume up when this came on the radio. I was 9.
Parallel Lines

Heart Of Glass is probably the best song in the genre from the late 70's. Deborah was smoking hot, had a unique voice and she wrote all of her own music. Can't say that about most artists today!
5Pat Benatar
Precious Time

Fire And Ice. Oh Lord... is it bad that I can lip sync this entire album without missing a beat? Love it.
6Shania Twain
The Woman in Me

I remember when this gal hit the charts and my heart at the same time. Combo wombo! I didn't like country at the time this was released albeit I loved every split second of it and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Shania didn't ruin country, she enhanced it.
7Cyndi Lauper
Shes So Unusual

Goonies! Yeah I had to. Cyndi is a different kettle of fish, by that I mean she was and still is a very unique individual and her voice was one of a kind when she was in the studio. She was just having fun (pardon the pun) and didn't give two shits about her gain afterwards, or as far as I can tell anyways. Zero ego, all fun and talented. Great musician.
8Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston

How Will I Know is still one of the best pop songs ever. The video even makes it better. Whitney was on fire at this stage of her life and I loved listening to it no matter how many times it was played on the radio. I even blare this today on my pioneer/kicker combo speakers. Yes, it sounds funtastic.
9Belinda Carlisle
Heaven on Earth

You all know the drill. Heaven is a place on Earth. It's a place when this was played on the radio. The entire album rocks and everyone should listen to this. If it's not your thing than I understand completely.
10Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

This would be what I consider the gold of the era in female vocalists. Mariah could and probably still can hit the highest notes without making her voice sound like a motorboat in a blender on puree in the process. She has feel and soul, great artist, one of a kind voice and smmmmmmokin'!
11PJ Harvey
To Bring You My Love

Oh man...I will never forget the first time I saw the video Down By The Water. I was like 17 and I thought Cinemax stepped it up a notch. Excellent video, great album and amazing artist. She is a beautiful mind and a great musician.
12Tori Amos
Little Earthquakes

This opening track paved the way for thousands of artists to come... for real! The video is also pretty goddamn spectacular, if I might add. I love Tori and everything she is about.
13Alannah Myles
Alannah Myles

I will never forget the time I was in Maurices in the mall in my hometown. It was just about 1990, or maybe it was I can't remember. All I know is the girl a grade ahead of me was in the store at the time Black Velvet was playing on the overhead speakers and I had a massive crush on her. Her name is Holly. I also believe she was the first girl to start wearing massive black eyeliner and sported it like it was her own thing. I would give anything to talk to her about this moment. Good song.

What can I say about Bjork that already hasn't been said via googol √? I can say that Human Behaviour was the first song I heard by her and once I saw the video on MTV I realized, "she's out of her mind! ...I fucking love it." The video also gave me nightmares for a few weeks. Good stuff!
15Debbie Gibson
Electric Youth

She's hot. She can sing. She wrote all of her material. Altruistic fact: She is 7 years older than me and looks divine. But image =/= talent, she has a beautiful voice and I love her style. Yuuh!
16Drain STH
Freaks Of Nature

I think the leader of this band is married to Tony Iommi...not sure and I'm not googling it. All I know is this was the first all girl rock band I have ever heard and it still kicks ass today. It aged well and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of 90's mid-transition alt/rock hybrid female music...if that makes sense.
17Faith Hill

I love Faith's presence. She is provides an outstanding live performance and she is the real deal. You get what you get with Faith.
Pieces of You

The first time I watched Who Will Save Your Soul on MTV, I was fixated on the video. I just remember never seeing glowing lips until that point, but aesthetics aside, she is a great musician, writes all of her material, plays guitar in several tunings (even DADGAD!) uses a capo when needed and she straight up gets shit done. She also has a great personality and is all about comedy. I love Jewel and she deserves everything she has.
19Kylie Minogue
Impossible Princess

Has she aged since? Still looks the same, sings the same and has a great sense of maintaining her sound for several years ongoing. What a feat!
20Paula Abdul
Forever Your Girl

The cartoon video, I know what you're thinking. What! It was awesome! Still kicks ass too. Paula Abdul was one of the golden keys that opened many many doors for female artists alike. I love her attitude, her voice and man she has a rockin' bod! Is it bad I know all the lyrics?
21The Go-Go's
Beauty and the Beat

The production on this is deliberately trying to relive the 50's sound but a little more hip, if that makes sense. Good vibes here with a great idea.
22Joan Jett
The Hit List

Joan Jett buys a Marshall...she kicks ass. The end.
23Martina McBride
Wild Angels

Not only does Martina deliver flawlessly with her voice, lyrics and stature, she also had some great help with video production. Wild Angels is one of those songs where you just always remember the video, well in my case that is! Yes I love it, got a problem with that?

This band had potential. They kind of faded away with one hit song holding on to it. I've seen this band live and they ruled. Good band and I will shout that from the rooftop!
25Taylor Dayne
Can't Fight Fate

This was one of those artists where when people asked if you liked Taylor Dane you would agree based on her name. You gotta admit it has a ring to it. Taylor Dane wasn't remarkable, witty, or even remotely close to what one would consider inventive, but she managed to to sing her heart out and it was pretty impressive at the time of this release. It's one of those albums where you revisit and get lost in the moment. Here's the deal, she just didn't care and it ruled.

I don't care who knows I like this (outside of sput, you all understand) but the people I am surrounded by on a daily basis don't really understand how fun this is! I mean, to me anyways. It kicks ass and I am nowhere near ashamed to admit it. Great pop with excellent production for the time it was released.
27Guano Apes
Proud Like A God

I was a little older at the time this came out, and goddamnit anyway it had a gigantic impact on my taste in music. The entire album is solid gold (not a 5) but it still holds a special place in my heart today. I know I know, cliché, but sometimes redundancy is truth and ya just have to admit it.
28Lisa Loeb

Glasses. I know I shouldn't judge an artist by their appearance, that's a "no no" in music in general, but is it? When I first saw the video to Stay I felt uncomfortable, in the sense I didn't want anyone to know that I loved the heck out of it. She really didn't do anything special after this album but it was something I grew up to and I loved ger style.
29Wilson Phillips
Wilson Phillips

The Beach! Not the Leonardo DiCaprio film (hot as fek) but these girls on the beach. I couldn't stand this when it was aired, in fact I didn't like it to the point to where I told myself "you love it, don't let them take that away from you". Solid vocals and these girls just plain wanna sing. I love it. Judge me later.
30Fiona Apple

For 1996 this was waaay ahead of its time. The production is top notch and Fiona delivers like a drone on crack from Amazon. Fiona is my age, she's literally 3 months older than me and I relate to everything she writes/records. One of the best female musicians of all time. Period.
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