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Stuff I bought vol. 5- Birthday Edition!

Well, this time it's my birthday, so I figured that I'll treat myself a bit. First five albums were bought via internet, after some analyzing in my favorite e-store. The last two were bought on one of my trips to my super-favorite shopping trips (every now and then I just go and spontaneously buy a few records). As you can see, there is a lot of reminiscing and screwing about, as well as admitting to not listening to many obviously obligatory albums. Hope you enjoy,
1Red Fang
Red Fang

I have a liking to GOOD stoner bands. Once a colleague of mine said that if you can’t play for your life, then just play stoner rock. That’s why playing GOOD stoner rock for me is more difficult in a way than playing GOOD progressive rock. I don’t know the entire Red Fang catalogue, actually I practically don’t know it at all. One thing I do know, is that ‘Prehistoric dog’’, both the song and the video clip is bloody awesome. I have a few musical side to my character, sometimes for months I’m in the mood for the sadder and proggier, then I go back to the bluesier and stonier. I feel that this album is the shit when it comes to listening to good beer ridden, don’t-give-a-damn stoner rock.

I fell in love with Soen thanks to ‘’Lotus’’- time will tell if this is a long-term relationship, but for the moment I find them to be the future in metal. They started as a bit as a copycat of Opeth playing Tool, but now they have their own thing going. I wanted to go through the back catalogue, but I listened to ‘’Lykaia’’ twice and couldn’t get into it entirely, despite the fact that it’s very highly acclaimed in reviews. I chose the album before that, which has an awesome cover (yes, I always was and will be a bit of a cover whore), I also pre-listened to it (Soen albums are very expensive and hard to get in Poland), and I thought it might lead the way to liking ‘’Lykaia’’.
Silent Waters

I have two Amorphis albums- ‘’Under the red cloud’’ and, after some hesitation, I bought ‘’Queen of time’’. Both are awesome, but ‘’Under the red cloud’’ was in my player for a good two months before I put it away for a bit. Melodic, yet aggressive, is a good mixture, although sometimes it’s a little too ‘’smooth’’ for the likes of me. Nevertheless, buying three albums of a band is, in my standards, a very good number. Of course, I have many bands in my collection with 5, 6 or 7 albums, or the whole discography+ bootlegs and limited editions, but 3 albums means that I really respect the band and want to explore it further. The inspiration for buying this album was a few days of holiday at a swan-ridden lake, which brought this album art to my mind. I looked at the reviews and opinions, and I did what I like to do most- I bought the album without hearing a single song from the album.
4Blind Guardian
Tales from the Twilight World

My love to Blind Guardian has rekindled after 20-something years. It was a sudden impulse to buy, from pure nostalgia, ‘’Nightfall in Middle-Earth’’, an album which was one of my academic albums for learning metal at the beginning. Then I bought ‘’Somewhere Far Beyond’’, to find out more, and then I bought ‘’Imaginations From The Other Side’’. I was about to end my collecting and keep with the golden three (as I like to call a set of the three best albums I tend to buy from certain bands when I just want to have a solid representation in my collection). But then I thought, shit, I need more! It’s summer, and every time I see the sun shine through the birch trees, I think that Blind Guardian would be just awesome to listen to. And anyway, I’m rereading Lord Of The Rings, which just makes the summer of 2019 eternally linked to fantasy for me. Awesomness.
5Dream Theater
Train of Thought

I explained many a time, I never really liked Dream Theater. But I never really liked them… without really listening to them, as is often is the case with any ignorant. But I listened to their latest record and liked it very much- I think it’s a good gateway record for Dream Theater. So then I bought the classic that I heard about many tomes ‘’Images and Words’’, and liked it too. So now I decided to go forward in time again and bought, from what I understand, one of the more ‘’metal’’ albums of theirs, completing the golden three. But I think that when I get used to these three and get to now them properly, I might go on to ‘’Metropolis’’. But that would probably be the end for now, any later DT purchases wouldn’t be back catalogue.
6Bruce Dickinson
The Chemical Wedding

I mentioned I rekindled my love for Blind Guardian. Well, it so happens I also rekindled my love for Iron Maiden. I listened to Iron Maiden a bit more than Blind Guardian when I was young, one of the first records I ever bought was ‘”Somewhere In Time’’, I listened to it again, after many years, and it is bloody awesome. I bought ‘’Brave New World’’ in my last set, because I listened to that one a lot on tape, and I found it to be completely new, after 19 years! So, I guess that I would start to check out the solo careers. I read a lot of good about this album, and anyway, I remember seeing a lot of good publications when it came out in ’98. Today I saw it on sale at my local record store, a few days after reading a review about the CD… Seems very legit and can’t wait to listen to it properly, in my ‘’music room’’.
Blues for the Red Sun

As you can see in the first position- I just love GOOD stoner albums… I bought Kyuss’s ‘”Wretch’’ when I was… 16 I think. Then I had a time of listening to it when I was 20, and really liked it. So I was surprised to see that the reviews are mostly mediocre. Then I saw that certain musicians are choosing it as their record of all time, and so on… read a few reviews and see that everywhere it gets top notes. Saw it on sale (same shopping spree as Bruce Dickinson), and decided to get over Opeth’s ‘’Heritage’’ (which would be one of the final steps of completing my collection of one of the best bands in history, but one of the worst albums) or Fear Factory ‘’Obsolete’’ (figured I’ll wait and get the full discography box). Haven’t really listened to it in full yet, but I already know that I won’t regret it.
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