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Song of the day:Jan 🎇

It's 2023! And the song of the day theme this month is New Year's Resolutions, involving your listening habits. This can be anything from, wanting to listen to more K-pop, or wanting to check more music from 1953. It could be wanting to listen to less albums more intimately, support more underground bands, see some live shows, or maybe release your own album. The song you pick should be an example of your New Year's Resolution. Spreadsheet:
While of Unsound Mind

January 1: SlothcoreSam

New Year's Resolution: To review more albums. I reviewed this crazy album with the help of Johnny last year, and am hoping to do a few more this year.
Bodily Functions

January 2: ArsMoriendi
"It's Only"

Hmmm, I suppose I could stand to let more people influence what albums I end up checking. This year was one of my most stubborn "I know what I like" years I suppose, but I guess that'd require someone else picking my fuck it I'll pick:
3The gathering
How to Measure a Planet?

January 3: Pangea
"Red is A Slow Colour"

So for my resolution i would like to continue more consistently with my journey to check discogs of classic bands (see this list: This was on a very slow burner in 2022 and i would like to make some progress in 2023

January 4: BitterJalapenoJr

In addition to the usual farcical proclamation of turning over a new leaf on the health side of life, I also want to work on increasing both the frequency and quality of reviews.
Modern Escapism

January 5: Shemson
"Where The Light Takes Us"

Things I want to achieve this year:
Write a story properly
Complete a marathon
Record more music and get people to actually listen to my hip hop efforts for the first time
Write a few more reviews on this site
Kaleidoscope Dream

January 6: Dedex
"Do You..."

My musical resolution would be to actually finish my 2010s backlog. I've mostly - if not only - listened to 2010s music in the past 3 years bc I'm dumb, and now I wanna finish that! woo!
Promethean Pathology

January 7: garas
"Seeing Silver in Shadow"

Idk, but I don't want to make any musical resolutions, becasue this year will be a challenge already!
You see, other than sput I write for a metal site too, and I'll work for a youtube channel too (doing podcasts and informative videos). My only wish would be to do all of these equally good and bring the usual dose of obscure and overlooked music to the table.
The Shadiest One

January 8: Drifter

I want to get back in touch with my roots and listen to more new (to me) g-funk because it's the best.
9four Tet

January 9: Fogza

Hmmmm... I'd like to start messing around with a few covers again, maybe build up a small repertoire and busk once in the summer as like a little bucket list thing. In terms of a goal appropriate for this list, maybe searching for more electronic music that I find palatable... Also wondering if modern classical is something I should spend more time with. Finally, kinda embracing more corny stuff from when I was growing up and not feeling bad about being a bit nostalgic.
10Wolves at the Gate

January 10: Minortimbo12
"The King"

This year I will try to check more NEW music, and review them. The rec is from an EP that I'm glad I actully got into an listened to.
11Static Dress
Rouge Carpet Disaster

January 11: JOhnnoftheWell

Hmmm I think my resolution this year is to waste a little less time compulsively keeping up with S-s-s-sputcore (and to a lesser degree frontpage rymcore) and to make more of an effort to platform stuff here from off-piste (or second-hand from niche user recs), partially having picked up on patterns in my yearlist, and partially because I really don't wanna be that guy who compulsively compares everything to Opeth *cough DEDEX*
12Drug Church

January 12: Minushuman24
"Piss & Quiet"

Oof I don't exactly know. Listen to more music. Just started my Big Four discog run, want to wrap up my NOFX, Beach Boys, Napalm Death ones this year. Hmm. I guess I want to just get back into the groove of listening after not listening to as much music outside of the live setting.
13Joey Beltram
Beltram Vol. 1

January 13: Ryus
"Energy Flash"

my new years resolution is to DANCE MORE
14The Eradicator
The Eradicator

January 14: SquashcoreSam
"I'm a Squashman"
15Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

January 15: Pangea
"Shit Luck"

Okay another resolution is for me to start running again more consistently (haven't ran yet in 2023, so not a great start with that, but enough time to fix that. I will go tonight)
Sun & Moon

January 16: MoM
"I Am in the Garden"
The Curtain Hits the Cast

January 17: JohnnyoftheWell

Oh shit yea I need to go back to the gym
18August Burns red
Thrill Seeker

January 18: dedex
"Speech Impediment"

imma do like Panpan, my other resolution is to work out more consistently (i just did it wooo!)

January 19: ArsMoriendi
"Pluto Shoots His Gaze into the Sun"
Infernal Love

January 20: BitterJalapenoJr
21The Tragically Hip
In Violet Light

January 21: Fogza
"It's a good life if you don't weaken"

I think everyone is going to hate this one (essentially a rock power ballad), but over the last year and a half this has taken on significant meaning for me, to the point that it almost brings me to tears. I'd like to get out of my small world syndrome, i want to be a more empathetic husband. i think i'd like to process a certain level of survivor's guilt that i'm carrying about leaving. i want to go see shows, i want to maybe make some friends, if some sort of secular grace allows that later in life. i'd like to work through the fear i've been living with for years; i'd like to feel what relative peace feels like. sometimes a song just carries a lot of weight, maybe gord downie was just one of the best lyricists ever and it fucking sucks he died early

January 22: Trifolium
"his song"
23The Murder Capital
Gigi's Recovery

January 23: SlothcoreSam

Off the new album released this week. Check it.
Night Is the New Day

January 24: Egarran
"The Longest Year"

I didn't have any resolutions, but our circlejerk in the Disillusion - Ayam thread brought up Katatonia's The Longest Year from Night is the New Day which I have heard far too little. And I shall remedy that, so together with the new one it's a Katatonia winter for me.
25The Bronx
The Bronx

January 25: BitterJalapenoJr
"History's Strangers"
26Letters to Cleo

January 26: Robertsona

January 27: Fogza
Everything U Need

January 28: dedex
"is U"
Of their debut album Good Days
29Melt Yourself Down
Pray for Me I Don't Fit In

January 29: Pangea
"Pray For Me, I Don't Fit In"

i guess another resolution is to review more. I always say this and never do, but perhaps will posting it in this thread force my hand. Uh for this album i have written something like last year may but i never finished because i'm the worst

January 30: JohnnyoftheWell

Resolution #3 is to review a little less stuff that someone else on Sputnik will inevitably cover anyway and a little more stuff that either a) needs the attention and took time and effort to unearth or b) I care about more deeply and not-so-secretly think is too good for you filthy reprobates

went to the gym this week and LIKED it wow this year is going well
31Menage A Un
Now Everybody–

January 31: CugnoBrasso
"Seven Years Have Come and Gone"

This is CugnoBrasso's band and they picked this song for us to hear.
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