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Rec Your No. 1 Album

Let’s share our most favourite incredibly beloved all time all-star albums! Pick one of your favourite albums ever, write a paragraph of 60 words max, provide a genre tag (so we can check out new stuff easily!) and I’ll add it to the list. One album per user, first come, first serve!
1The Gathering
How to Measure a Planet?

Progressive Rock / Trip-hop elements

Loosely based on the theme of travelling, this album takes me places, time and time again. It is impeccably cohesive, and flows very well, which is an enormous compliment for it clocks in at over 100 minutes. Perfect drum and guitar tone, the climax of Rescue Me is one of my favourite moments in music ever. Plus it has Anneke.
Departure Songs

Ambient / Post rock

if the purpose of music is to evoke a magical soundscape hammock is the reigning champion. this album makes me feel like i'm walking under an overcast sky in a verdant field somewhere in france
3Good Ghost Bill

Spoken word / folktronica

A stunningly gorgeous and emotional odyssey written and performed by an award-winning slam poet. The focus is largely on his words, but the musical component totally succeeds too- a seamless combination of gritty acoustic guitars, buzzing analog synths and warm, nostalgic sample-based ambience.
4FBG Dutchie

Trap rap / Drill

the tape that makes everything you thought you knew about modern rap irrelevant
5The Wrens
The Meadowlands

Indie rock / Emo

In the relatively short time I've been a music lover I don't believe I have ever heard a record that has moved me as profoundly as the Meadowlands has. What began as a promising but somewhat unassuming listening experience soon became the richest, most enthralling, and emotionally gripping album I have ever heard. And it's still growing....
Draft 7.30

IDM/glitch hop

the soundtrack to taking ayahuasca and climbing aboard the advanced alien spacecraft that crashed in the nearby field, only to find the aliens are still there and they capture you for their strange experiments
7Regina Spektor
Soviet Kitsch

Chamber Pop/Piano

The score to the best Broadway musical never performed. Regina's vocals glide effortlessly from angelic to sultry, from feisty to bittersweet. Every lyric has meaning and every note has purpose, telling stories that are exciting yet down to earth, yet always filled with intricacies that reveal themselves to the animated listener. The depth of both sound and subject matter, and emotional dichotomy, render it worth every second of its runtime.
8The Peep Tempel

Garage punk/post punk

So this album, that you might not of heard, but need to check, is one of my all time classics. It has outstanding story telling, with songs written with a unique 80s Aussie twang, for example the you-beaut hit Carol.
"And I dont think Trevor is good for you
I dont want to be a fucking Christmas ham
9Dir En Grey

Progressive metal

Melding disparate tones, moods and textures into a 70+ minute monolith of an album, Dir En Grey’s effort here manages to evoke different emotional responses from me every single time I listen to it, and yet provides an emotional sense of catharsis to me after every single time I finish it. A stunning achievement in every sense of the word.
10The Stooges
Fun House

Punk / blues

1,000 years from now this still gun be as raunchy, raw and ground-breaking as it was 50 years ago. The stars of the show are Ron's guitar solos and Scott's drumming, which are the best on any rock and roll record EVER. Yes, ever, don't @ me.
11DJ Sprinkles
Midtown 120 Blues

Deep House

Gorgeous melancholy to cocoon yourself in. Simmering with rage at injustice but ultimately serving as an analgesic, this is house music for persisting in an unforgiving world. A masterclass in what makes the genre so great.
Art In Motion

Progressive Metal

A uniquely uplifting and compelling entry in this genre by a band that time has shown to be criminally overlooked.
Hymn to the Immortal Wind


A true emotional journey from start to finish.
14Unknown Error
The Yearning / Midnight Special

Drum 'n bass

A modern dnb 12" classic with back to back gorgeous rollers. Both tracks are masterfully crafted; 'The Yearning' is just hauntingly beautiful in its delivery, while 'Midnight Special', although just as morose, is a more uplifting offering thanks to the rolling bassline and shimmering synths which gel perfectly to create a picture-perfect liquid roller of the highest order.
15The Brave Little Abacus
Just Got Back from the Discomfort...


the spirit of juvenescence poured into intricate compositions that are both raw and ambitious. the energy constantly flowing from the music is both intimate and extroverted, with new layers to be uncovered both sonically and lyrically with each listen.

Progressive Rock

One perfect song for a perfect album. This is most certainly a piece that takes a few listens to to really appreciate and get into but it's worth. There seems to be a general anger and malaise permeating throughout the album, creating a dark and moody musical journey. The only drawback is the short duration of the song but it's not a bad thing perse, 49 minutes are enough to make this album one the best i've listened to. Progrock can't be better than this.
17David Sylvian

Free Improvisation / Reductionism / Singer-Songwriter

Sometimes it's a singular sound which can resonate most, rather than a meticulous composition. Manafon provides an achingly beautiful atmosphere, provided by rich baritone and vibrant variety of sounds; yet its rather formless musical structure and unexpected unsettling moments result in an undercurrent of haunting dread throughout. Even one pluck of a guitar string can resonate deeply due to the perfectly clear and sharp production, complimenting the minimalist style the album. When alone, particularly among nature or in the dark, it's an gratifying experience no other album has given me.
18Elliott Smith

Indie Pop / Indie Folk

Compromise. Unfairness. Resignation. The difficulty in maintaining friendships and love. The dangers of crutches and patterns. Melody in every shift. Detached but aching in every line. It sounds like you’re there, in that room, listening and grieving for how things are. It’s so impossibly light and grave, so indecisive. It’s so small and beautiful. It’s all here.
19Dream Theater
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

Progressive rock

Not because it's necessarily the best album ever, but it just means a lot to me. Dream Theater is one of my favourite bands and that record just does everything right. It has emotion, great songwriting and technical moments that actually feel justified.
20Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

Progressive rock

Oh you know why.
1000 Forms Of Fear

Pop / Indie

Even Sias queefs are perfection
Blood Mountain

Progressive metal

A prolific mindbending experience. A prog metal essential.
23Shiina Ringo
Shouso Strip

Rock / Pop

Sounds like someone taking the blueprint for the ideal pop album and setting it on fire. Shouso Strip rocks like an avalanche, with some of the loudest guitars you'll hear in any genre overscoring innovative writing, incredible melodies and a vocal performance to die for. The perfection of its sequencing is practically icing on the cake.
24Amia Venera Landscape
The Long Procession

Post metal / Progressive metal
25The God Machine
Scenes from the Second Storey

Alternative rock / Doom metal

Imagine if Janes Addiction and Daylight Dies had a baby, it would be The God Machine. They mix bass guitar driven alternative similar to Janes Addiction with streamlined doom similar to Daylight Dies, but with a vibe more in line with the darker side of Alice in Chains. A hidden nineties gem.

Progressive metal

A Jaw-dropping concept album of epic proportions, this journey through Greek mythology combines all the most satisfying elements of prog, black and death metal. Bringing together both light and darkness and excelling at these contrasts - it is melodic, yet noticeably heavy, the beautiful symphonic elements are often blown away by devastating riffs. There a vicious BM-style screams and also delicate female cleans.
Catch For Us the Foxes


mewithoutYou- Catch For Us The Foxes
Post hardcore / Alternative rock

An album that changed my life forever. A vastly dark record with metaphors and imagery of self-doubt, self-deprecation, struggles with faith, and the fine lines of being morally sound and the the spiritual guidance it invokes. From the heart-wrenching powerhouse of the instrumentation to the abstract pictures that Aaron Weiss paints with only his words, this is album I’ll forever recommend to anyone.
Beyond Blue

Drum 'n bass

If the music grooves and has slick style, I can jump to what its putting down, almost always. Beyond Blue by Nookie is an album I can turn on to in any mood, and it will make me smile. And its a beautiful, oceanic listening experience. That's really all I ever want from music. Something genuine and full of life, and this has it!
29Lucinda Williams
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

Country / Folk

An absolute masterpiece of American roots music. Lucinda Williams seamlessly blends country, folk, rock, and a bit of blues to create a beautiful paean to love and home and desire. The stories she tells convey real emotion, and you can tell she is feeling every moment, from the palpable longing of "Right In Time" to the gorgeous escapist journey of "Jackson". Even if you're not from the South, this album can make you feel like you've lived there forever. It's that powerful.
People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People

Punk / Folk

sad white guy music
31The orb
Orbus Terrarum

Techno / Experimental

An album that is so detailed that every listen is like exploring a new territory. I could listen to this forever and never get tired of it's strangeness and spacious sound and still find something new. It's not very danceable music like their previous albums but it is a work of art in how every track creates its own world both beyond and grounded in reality.
32The Men
Open Your Heart

Indie rock

No record has summed up the last 35 years of guitar based indie rock like this one.
33Guns N' Roses
Appetite for Destruction

Hard rock / Heavy metal

Absolutely the greatest album ever made.
34American Football
American Football

Midwest emo

Might not be my absolute favorite album every single day of the week (though I'm not sure I could truly name just one that I cherish over all others), but I found it at precisely the right time in my life and it's been with me ever since.
35The Mothers of Invention
We're Only in It for the Money

Psychedelic rock / Experimental

As a satire of the 1960s, this album criticizes hippies, their parents, the cops, and the government in their approach to a changing American culture. Styles such as psychedelic rock and musique concrète are prevalent, comical, colorful, and occasionally dark in theme. Make sure you don't listen to the 1980s remaster, it's terrible in comparison to most other masterings.
36Green Day
1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

Pop Punk

While the typical pick for the best Green Day album belongs to nearly anything between Dookie and American Idiot, it is their 1990 debut + their first two EPs that gets the title from me. There is no other album I know of that I can relate to harder than this for the tales of love and having to deal with growing up and all that comes with it. In addition to the lyrics, I think the guitar tone and the musical and vocal melodies are the best ever made. Easily my favorite album of all time.
37From Indian Lakes
Able Bodies

Indie rock / Post hardcore

A cohesive collection of songs that teleport me to the middle of the Michigan wilderness while evoking a wide array of emotions through an organic brand of indie rock, complemented with the occasional post hardcore riff or shouted vocals.
My Arms, Your Hearse

Extreme Prog Metal with touches of folk?

This album right here has been on my top 5 for the past 12 years or so. Ever since the first time I heard it, I have yet to find a metal album that evokes as much emotion and beauty as this one. From the melancholic acoustic passages to it's aggressive peaks, everything about this sounds perfect.
39Jesus Piece
Jesus Piece

Beatdown hardcore

jesus piece you fake ass motherfucker
40Jesus Piece
Jesus Piece

Beatdown hardcore

jesus piece you fake ass motherfucker
41The Butterfly Effect
Final Conversation of Kings

Progressive rock / Alternative rock
42Our Lady Peace

Alternative rock
43Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
I Have Made My Bed in Darkness

Shoegaze / Mathcore

Band semi-quietly released 2 of the greatest hardcore albums of all time before dropping off the face of the Earth. Their debut IHMMBID was about a decade ahead of it's time conceptually and mixed an engaging blend of mathy hardcore and ethereal, wobbling passages creating a nice bleak atmosphere. It's the type of record only these four dudes could have made and luckily they found each other (two were brothers which was nice).
Storm of the Light's Bane

Black metal
Ridin' Dirty

Hip hop / Funk

Country rap tunes
Leaves Turn Inside You


Such a beautiful album from start to finish. Melodic, heavy at times, soft at others, very emotional. One of my favorites and I've just found it a year ago!
Instalações Noturnas

Pop / Experimental

the brazilian bjork, but better.
Darker Than Darkness (Style 93)

Post-punk / Gothic

Never gets boring, even after the countless times I've listened to it. This is Buck-Tick at perhaps their most experimental, and its awesome.

Experimental / Electronic

A young, tiny girl from Iceland once conquered the world with broken words, gorgeous melodies and dizzying electronic beats (courtesy of British producer Mark Bell). Bury me with my vinyl copy, please.

Sludge metal / Stoner rock

The perfect mix of early 90s Nawlins sludge ala Crowbar/Acid Bath/Eyehategod, stoner metal in the vein of Kyuss and Sleep, and southern rock, this is the perfect representation of 90s metal. It's raw and aggressive, but also drug-fueled and just loose enough to emphasize the chaos it was born from, NOLA is also surprisingly catchy for most of the record.

Black metal / Ambient

I never listened to an album as much as this one. The guitar tone, the hypnotizing and simple riffs, the synths, song lengths...perfection. "LIFE HAS NEW MEANING"
Dimension Hatröss

Thrash Metal

One of those records I can always go back too no matter what. Each song is memorable with so many weird but amazing riffs. Vocals tell the story in such a convincing manner. Drums and bass are always audible with so many great rhythm sections. It's kinda hard to get into if you're not into this weird blend of dissonance and scifi concepts, but it's worth it.
53Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Alternative rock
Fake Train


An audacious early 90s post-hxc romp that effortlessly and dynamically fuses early hxc influences with ingredients of groove and noise rock that makes for an infectiously catchy and energetic listen from start to finish. Every track offers something new and not a single moment feels wasted. I love Justin Trosper's vocal versatility and also Dragnalus is the single biggest musical earworm I have ever heard and is my favourite album opener of all time.
55Charles Mingus
The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

56The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

Metalcore / Hardcore
57Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

Avant-garde metal

This first time I'd really heard an Avant-Garde, experimental metal record. The most beautifully complexed, layered album that still stands up against anything today. French horns, Violins, Trombones and Cellos. Post rock, Black metal, Acoustics and Jazz. Falsettos,growls and Screams. The perfect cocktail. Utter, utter perfection and beauty.
58The Cure

Goth / Alt Rock

A brilliant magnum opus that pertains everything they've done well from the past in a complete package that celebrates human emotion and Smith's most personal and heart-felt lyrics to date. Undeniable classic without even talking about how smooth this sounds despite its cacophony of dreamlike rhythms meshing with sometimes tortured overboding soundscapes.
Operation: Mindcrime

Progressive metal

A mesmerizing, ever-expanding force in my life. I love it more every time I listen, and cherish every time I get to introduce someone. The bedrock of progressive metal, and a true titan of metal that stands above nearly everything.
Everything Is Fire

Death metal

First death metal album to actually warrant the "apocalyptic" descriptor; it took an aesthetic honed to near perfection by Deathspell Omega and channelled it into a death metal context. "Disso-death" has gone into full-swing in the ten years since its release, but nothing - not even the band's subsequent albums - has nailed the "end-is-nigh" atmosphere quite like this.
61The National

Alternative / Indie

An album that just exudes emotion. It details coming of age, the anxiety of adulthood, and unrequited feelings better than just about any album out there. My favorite National release.
In the Nightside Eclipse

Black metal

Hands down the best black metal album ever for me. Atmosphere is unmatched to this day and is the perfect example of mixing symphonics with some of the most evil sounding black metal you’ll hear. Perfect for walking through the forest during a blizzard. m/
63Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan
Song Of The Second Moon

Musique Concrète

This comp of recordings from 1958 to 1961 perfectly embodies the phrase 'ahead of it's time'. I've yet to hear any modern electronic music that approaches this level of innovation. This still sounds like it's from a distant future alien civilization to this day.
The Moon Is a Dead World


Drums so good they can replace melody. To also paraphrase a random dude on the internet this album could be renamed "In the Court of the Crimson Screams"
65Jeff Wayne
The War of the Worlds

Orchestral Prog Rock

First album I ever listened to and my favourite of all time. It features some of the most famous people of the time such as David Essex, Richard Burton and Justin Hayward. It's stuck with me from such a young age and it's just perfect IMO.
66Ichiko Aoba

Folk / Experimental

There is something within Ichiko Aoba's voice that hits me deeply. This is an example that music doesn't need complex instrumentation to be amazing and fulfilling. With only a classical guitar and her vocal, Ichiko has created something that words can't describe for me. Her music resonates within my subconsciousness. When I'm not listening to music, I find myself to be humming the melody out of this album. It's just that good.
New Model

Electronic / Industrial

New Model by Perturbator is one of the closest I have to a "no. 1" album, in my very subjective opinion. New Model is so fucking epic, and you can almost live the grand cyberpunk narrative of it. It's complex, dense, groovy, dynamically diverse, bleak, somber, depressive, colourfully dark/grey, conceptually intricate, and the list goes on. In one word, this album is the result of a masterful craft.
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