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Doof's Songs of 2018

Just a top 60, writing descriptions as I go for adrenaline.
1Eleanor Friedberger

'My Jesus Phase'

Like Dan Bejar penning a song for Christine McVie which is then handed over to Angelo Badalamenti to provide the atmospheric undercurrent. This song has an uncanny natural flow as all parts blend and there a chorus? this a verse?...did someone drug my drink? Eleanor should have been the house act for the last season of Twin Peaks, this song would have been perfect every single episode. St. Vincent? Who she? Pffff

Scrobbles: 56 plays
2Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

'Someone in the Doorway'

All about the subtle build with this one, the strings eventually entering to swell up that emotion. Where Howard found this featherlight, incredibly subtle touch from I don't know.

Scrobbles: 23 plays
3Paddy Hanna
Frankly, I Mutate

'Bad Boys'

This sounds like it was beamed in from some other era entirely...or perhaps an old TV show we've collectively forgotten? This swings, Elvis goofs and all.

Scrobbles: 55 plays


Anyone see this one coming? Probably my favourite r n' b pop song since Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home'. First time I listened to this I thought 'catchy, something off...' but I couldn't stop listening and - you're hooked. This is what pop music should do, shouldn't all be instant baby.

Scrobbles: 32 plays
5Yves Tumor
Safe in the Hands of Love


I'm not sure what this reminds me of exactly - there's some TV on the Radio and Bloc Party but backed by DJ Shadow drums and at least two layers of electronic wash...and then the piano comes in...and then the strings. The impassioned vocals are so good you have to hope this song more than any other on the album points the way forward for YT.

Scrobbles: 16 plays
6Advance Base
Animal Companionship


It's a Doof list, you knew a weepy was coming. This has a Grandaddy feel...but oh man, even Grandaddy never sounded this destroyed. 'and you'd had a baby...maybe by now you've had ten' {sob}

Scrobbles: 27 plays
7Sufjan Stevens
Mystery of Love

'Visions of Gideon'

My boy Sufjan is on a roll, this is EXACTLY the sort of music he should be recording. Someone steal the angel suit and stop him returning to something as clunky/hit and miss as 'Age of Adz' ever again.

Scrobbles: 10 plays
8Thom Yorke


It's a spellbinding (heh) ballad that's (whisper it) a better standalone track than anything from 'A Moon Shaped Pool'. Bosh.

Scrobbles: 10 plays
9Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

'You Let My Tyres Down'

Still sound as grizzled as The Drones but there's some added guitar spunk to TFS...and this song sets out their stall in perfect style.

Scrobbles: 15 plays
10Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

'The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra'

Scary Mary'isms in excelsis, she always had this in her. Let it out....woooooooooAHH

Scrobbles: 10 plays
11John Prine
The Tree Of Forgiveness

'Summer's End'

A song to make 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash sound sprightly. The sound of sucking soup through a straw forever, so amazing.

Scrobbles: 38 plays
12Devon Welsh
Dream Songs

'Summer's End'

You wait for one great song called 'Summer's End' to come along and guess what yada yada. I think this more straightforward and pure approach from Dev works wonders, and nowhere more so than on this string drenched ballad.

Scrobbles: 5 plays
13Jessica Pratt
Quiet Signs

'This Time Around'

Great folk with an atmosphere all its own. Bodes well for next year's album.

Scrobbles: 5 plays
You Won't Get What You Want

'The Reason They Hate Me'

Sounds like a pile up in a robot factory, spasmodic is the word, and the 'pitbull with wasp in mouth' kiss off lyrics cause a laughing with/laughing at dichotomy I find, uh, superfun.

Scrobbles: 13 plays
Joy as an Act of Resistance

'Never Fight a Man with a Perm'

One of my mates got a perm recently, and he's balding - I'd take him.

Scrobbles: 5 plays

'The Rover'

An endangered species - an indie rock banger in 2018. Never realised the lead singer sounded like Ozzy, can't stop imagining the Prince of Darkness singing over this one.

Scrobbles: 15 plays
17Exit North
Book of Romance and Dust

'Bested Bones'

Thomas Feiner, he of the deep croon, returns and tears it up on this creaky slow motion jazz inflected ballard.

Scrobbles: 22 plays
Luxury Mass

'Wednesday's Child'

A vocal masterclass all leading up to a show stopping finale.

Scrobbles: 12 plays
19Evil Blizzard
The Worst Show on Earth

'Tell Me'

A breakneck n 'bouncy punk anthem from everyone's favourite middle aged men dressed in clown suits.

Scrobbles: 34 plays
20Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet

'Nothing Left but Their Names'

This planet is going down the shitter so make sure you listen to this 10 minutes of spoken word navel gazing delivered by one of Peter Jackson's ents.

Scrobbles: 27 plays
21A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

'This Old House is All I Have'

First off I dismissed this as mere it's clearly the heart of the whole project. Love the apocalyptic thunder fuzz.

Scrobbles: 38 plays
22City Calm Down
Echoes In Blue


Who allowed these smelly goths to record the second best National song of the last two years?

Scrobbles: 22 plays
23Astronauts, etc.
Living In Symbol

'The Room'

Some lovely airy retro pop to look wistful to.

Scrobbles: 19 plays
24Damien Jurado
The Horizon Just Laughed

'The Last Great Washington State'

Damo has an impressive soul voice and this gentle unfold'er is the 'hold your breath' moment on the parent album.

Scrobbles: 14 plays
25No Age
Snares Like A Haircut

'Stuck in the Changer'

A '90s throwback rocker worthy of comparison with the best of 'back n the day'.

Scrobbles: 17 plays
26Death Grips
Year of the Snitch


These dudes have a knack of putting at least one great rocker on their four or five most recent albums.

Scrobbles: 12 scrobbles
27Cloud Nothings
Last Building Burning

'Leave Him Now'

They're back. Fast, catchy and pummelling.

Scrobbles: 8 plays
Double Negative


The first 'stops you dead in your tracks' moment on 'Double Negative'.

Srobbles: 8 plays
29Beach House

'Drunk in LA'

'7' was Beach house's 'big artist' 'rock record' and this was the song that most revelled in that billing.

Scrobbles: 14 plays

'Rausch 5'

More uncomfortable ambience from Mr Gas.
31Gavin Clark
Beautiful Skeletons

Michael Clark

'Something to Be Won'

Yes, Gavin Clark's son - dropping a tune that reminds me a little bit of 'Give Up the Ghost' by Radiohead. He's got the voice, it seems to have a similar charisma...fingers crossed he keeps this up.
32Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Sparkle Hard

'Solid Silk'

A little funny hearing the king of lo fi singing over such an embellished musical backdrop but it sounds real good. Believe it.
The Lost Record

'Nothing Personal'

Deconstructed punk with fuzzed up guitar and popping electronic FX. So very deadpan.
34Matt Maltese
Bad Contestant

'Like a Fish'

Humorous self effacement is the order of the day on this Bacharach'ian beauty.

Scrobbles: 14 plays
35Shakey Graves
Can't Wake Up

'Dining Alone'

Woozy country 'woe is me' shucks sad sacks fun.

Scrobbles: 14 plays
36Stuart A. Staples

'Step Into the Grey'

Business as usual Tindersticks style goodness with a skeletal jazz breakdown closing things with a typical flourish of class from one of the greats.
37Denzel Curry


A very hummable tune but the subject matter is pitch dark, Denzel should try and drop two or three songs along the lines of this one on all new releases.
The Drink

'Schweppes Bitter Lemon'

Very strange stuff, this wasn't strictly recorded in 2018 but it was officially released this year - breaks into a post-punk ditty concerning, well, the pros and cons of purchasing cans of Schweppes Bitter Lemon.
The First Requisite Is Life

'Sunday's Cool'

Starts like some barely rehearsed jazzy jam...but gives way to reveal the best coda Grizzly Bear never recorded.
40Avantdale Bowling Club
Avantdale Bowling Club

'Years Gone By'

A really tasty mix of jazz and hip hop storytelling, has an addictive live feel to the recording - like you've stumbled into an open mic set in a jazz club.
41Oneohtrix Point Never
Age Of


An eighties ballad churned through the Oneohtrix Point Never mixer - it works so well you can't quite process it at first.
Time and Space


Turnstile channel Nirvana and produce highly addictive results, dumb fun.

Scrobbles: 21 plays
43Kurt Vile
Bottle It In


Another so laid back he's horizontal lengthy rambler chock full of cute lines from our Kurt.
Ghost Box

'Big Sky'

Some picture paintin' n' expansive 'country meets ambient'. Not a lot else out there that sounds quite like this as far as I know :/
Something Left Behind


Has a suitably 'creeping through the house in the dark of night' feel.
46Elvis Costello
Look Now

'Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter'

Elvis C channeling some 'Station to Station' Bowie on this one.
47Toby Driver
They Are the Shield

'470 Nanometers'

Orchestral flourishes abound on this breathy sonic fantasia from Tobes.
48S. Carey
Hundred Acres


With Tillman and Vernon both up to no good musically this cat stepped into the vacuum and plugged up that sucker with purdy purdy pastoral fluff.

Scrobbles: 24 plays
49Richard Swift
The Hex


If you're missing 'Yellow House' era Grizzly Bear then get a load of this. A haunting final track from the late Swift.
50Richmond Fontaine
Don’t Skip Out on Me

'Dream of the City and the City Itself'

I've read Vlautin's novel now and that just makes this 'tale of two halves' instrumental resonate even deeper.
51David Byrne
American Utopia

'Gasoline and Dirty Sheets'

Scrobbles: 28 plays
52Dogwood Tales
Too Hard to Tell

'Spiritless Machines'
53Jennifer Castle
Angels of Death

'Crying Shame'
54Protus Opus
Screaming Eagle

'Comfort Zone'

Welcome to the uncomfortable zone.
55Okkervil River
In The Rainbow Rain

'External Actor'

Hated the new album, really loved this one tune.
56Nils Frahm
All Melody

'My Friend the Forest'

'Each Time We Pass'

One of the best Animal Collective songs of recent memory.

Scrobbles: 16 plays
58Brigid Mae Power
The Two Worlds

'I'm Grateful'

Otherworldly stunner from Brig.
Nearer My God

'Grand Paradise'

One of the best TV on the Radio songs of recent memory.
60The Voidz


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