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Current Favorite Albums of All Time

I know this list will probably be completely different in a year but for now, these are what I would say are my favorite albums ever made. Obviously I may forget about some albums I haven't heard in a while, so this list is basically a temporary one that explores my current major interests. Enjoy and comment.
1King Crimson

To me, King Crimson is by far the best band of the 20th century and were so ahead of their prog rock contemporaries sonically, lyrically, and conceptually. This is my favorite album by them as it combines abrasive heaviness, beautiful songwriting, and a unique prog rock style that is unlike anything Ive ever heard.
In the Flat Field

Never been into much goth besides its initial phase in music. This is by far the most original punk album I have ever heard and combines a very unique style of playing for all the instruments that still contains that aggressiveness while also being zany, dark, and straight up heavy and makes for one of the most exhilarating musical experiences Ive heard to date.
3The Velvet Underground
White Light/White Heat

I always love rooting for the underdog, and this album couldn't be more of one upon its release with almost no one buying it. This is perhaps due to its very abrasive nature, especially for a time when punk essentially hadn't been invented yet. Some of these songs are straight up jam sessions that could almost classify as metal had the production been a little more technical. "The Gift" is my favorite song of all time due to its straight up insane storytelling contrasted by a happy jam in the background. It may not sound like much on paper but goddamn, this album hit me like a freight train upon my first listen and continues to put me into a trance like state every time. Its just got that charm and unique sound few bands have.
4Miles Davis
Bitches Brew

This is the album that got me into more experimental music. I think this was due to the fact that I had always had an appreciation for well executed musicianship, and this album delivers that while also creating a sound in jazz that really few others have been able to properly contest with. This is an album I definitely need to plan to listen to ahead of time because this isn't something I can just put on and turn off midway. This album is a genuine and thrilling experience that is a must for any jazz fan.
Through Silver in Blood

What makes me look upon this album with such admiration is that it really should be in its own genre. Its not quite all sludge, its not quite all metal, and its not quite all ambient either. But with a combination of all those sonic qualities and an ability to create the most earth-shattering sounds with guitars, bass, and drums, Neurosis crafted what is perhaps the most heavy listen I've ever heard while still keeping the listener engaged with songs that really should be called acts rather than just "songs". Each song is an act and plays a particular role in the mood this album is trying to convey, and oh is it so satisfying.
6The Cure

Jesus, what a dark album. Lyrically, it seems like they've given up all hope in humanity and are going out in style with one of the best post punk albums ever made. What I love about the Cure's music is that all aspects of the music sonically is very distinct. The bass is loud, the drumming is ferocious, the guitars add to the dissonance, and Robert's powerful vocal delivery really show why these guys were so famous during their heyday. With lyrics that so many people can relate to combined with damn good instrumentation, these guys were unstoppable.

There are plenty of more experimental and genre-benging trip hop albums out there, but this album still holds the most weight for me. Beth Gibbons' innocent yet dark vocals really add a layer of dynamics that I can relate to on a personal level, and combined with Geof Barrow's masterful beat making and production, this album shocked music fans as it created something entirely new and influenced an entire sub-genre.
To Be Kind

There are a lot of Swans albums I could have picked for this spot. Filth is perhaps the defining No Wave album. Children of God combined their original post punk take with more experimental instrumentals. Soundtracks for the Blind is a sprawling record that combines all of their strengths they had acquired. But for me, Swans developed a sense of maturity and heaviness on this album hinted at from their previous effort "The Seer" and added it into their already-nailed formula of creating the most original, primal, and innovative sonics in music.
Pink Flag

Another post punk album on this list and is widely regarded as the best ever made in the genre along with Wire's next effort, Chairs Missing. While I do think In The Flat Fields and Pornography narrowly edge it out as greatest post punk album ever, I do think it is still one of the best. This sprawling album covers 21 tracks in 36 minutes with each track hitting the listener in different ways. It starts off with one of the more slower tracks, Reuters, and really only continues to build steam throughout the rest of the record. This album combines punchy and catchy tunes similar to the Ramones, although this seemed much more gritty and lyrically frightening. This is a must have for any punk fan, as it really pushed the bounds of what the genre was capable of becoming.
10Type O Negative
October Rust

There isn't much to be said about this album other than it is one of the most haunting metal albums ever with the very original and scary vocals of Peter Steele and the brooding instrumentation made up of sludgy guitars, fantastic drumming, and distinctly loud bass. Some of these tracks are straight up heavy metal songs that also contain beautiful melody, while the others are straight up epic ballads that leave the listener exhausted and satisfied. Few bands have been able to nail down a certain sound as well as Type O Negative have, and in my opinion, they did this best on October Rust.
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