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Round 2:Season 3: Continental Rec Tournament

Ok Solid first round. Makes me optimistic for the future. Next let’s head to Asia which was where last season’s final round was held. Truth be told it was a little disappointing last year lol.

Literally just found out about this band but I’m loving what I’m hearing so that’s your hint I guess.
2Say Sue Me
We've Sobered Up

Rec’d by budgie

South Korea 🇰🇷

Nice little breezy record that has somewhat grown on me the past couple days. It’s self-aware and awkwardly charismatic at times. The band is a little average though and never really go past much other than nerdy indie rock type shit or whatever easy listening this stuff is. The guitarists are really interesting full of hella cool lines with intelligent little weaves around each other in really dope ways. The band and the singer just drag it down too much though especially the singer as she is pretty below average. It has its moments and there are parts of this record that almost saved it but the competition was a bit too stacked bud.


3Isao Tomita
Snowflakes Are Dancing

Rec’d by Divaman

Japan 🇯🇵

I wish I could find this somewhere besides YouTube because the commercials really ruin the atmosphere and wild haziness this thing has. Is it ambient? It’s a little too happenin’ for that right? It’s not pop or anything like that for sure. No matter what it’s pretty beautiful and you can really get lost in the mood and everything. Got its own thing going on that I definitely can’t pinpoint. A little zany, a little meek, a little thing that packs a lot even if subtly so.

4About Tess
Song of the Bird

Rec’d by Slothcoresam

Japan 🇯🇵

So much here to enjoy and so much variety to take in. You get funky shit, post-punk type shit, heavy rock and roll stuff. Primus-lite. All sorts of genres are touched on pretty seamlessly and the songs bleed into each other. You can just let it spread jam all over your ear bread. The only real minor complaints I do have is the production is a bit strange and the length obviously. Those aren’t big complaints and more of a personal gripe with my tastes rather than an objective flaw really. It flows so well song to song. Not much of a chore somehow. Whew boy I think we got a winner.



Rec’d by someone

Japan 🇯🇵

Where to start with this one? Well it’s squawking and annoying and all over the place. Sort of like a seagull. Jazzy and seriously happenin’. Busy stuff here. Like a swarm of seagulls shitting all over you from different angles and approaches. It’s really heavy but not in a metal way or a “deep” lyrical way or whatever. Like many other records this round it’s got a lot of ground covered. Somehow stands out in a round saturated to fuck full of variety. Goddamn this piece of shit is a hoot though.

6Mid-Air Thief

Rec’d by arsmoriendi

South Korea 🇰🇷

Pretty enjoyable record that is as quiet and gentle as it is odd and unconventional. It’s still sort of poppy and psychedelic and even folksy at times with a nice touch of warmness covering the production. The vocals are nice and have hella harmonies and overlapping lines and things and it all sounds very nice and interesting. It sounds a lot like the band Grizzly Bear both on paper and in actual legit sound of the record. Fortunately for you I dig a fair amount of Grizzly Bear. Unfortunately for you this round was stacked with great albums.



Rec’d by sniff

Japan 🇯🇵

Awwww yeah. I mean what’s not to like here? It sounds vast but with a somehow vibrant homogeneous sound. Like seeing every single shade of red all at once or something. Jazzy with flow out the ass and a drummer that can play with precision but not without a lot of character and own touch. This type of stuff can be a little hit or miss for me but I guess this one was a hit. Keyboard player is awesome. The band sounds really tight and together which is a rarity is music like this sometimes. Some of the melodies and chords progressions are lame sounding but it’s easily overlooked amongst all the other pros.

8Wang Wen
Invisible City

Rec’d by bloodshy

China 🇨🇳

Somehow this ended up sticking way the fuck out of everything here. And not only that but probably pretty unique in the genre no? I’ve not heard much post-rock but this sticks out to me. The atmosphere. The keyboards, the dark nature of the record. It’s slow and a little boring but the generic crescendo epic thing that plagues this sort of stuff is for the most part left out. The record is more interested in creating interesting soundscapes and things like that than knuckle-dragging their way to some overly serious ending that’s as played out as it is uninteresting. You can easily fall into the hypnotic trance these songs have. This band is good at creating an idea and making it move.
(+.1 for last round)

9Boom Boom Satellites
To The Loveless

Rec’d by Uzumaki

Japan 🇯🇵

This had to win me over big time. I was pretty disappointed with this in a lot of ways still sort of am. I can’t be too bummed though when it’s just so dancy and BIG. Some of these chorus are just like goddamn dude. Yuge. This album has a bunch of moments that could be plucked out of it and inserted into all sorts of media like commercials or video games or movies or whatever the fuck have you. I don’t love it but it’s got enough character and unabashed confidence that I’m basically just like alright man it’s pretty good.

10Fushitsusha and Peter Brotzmann
Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything

Rec’d by botulist

Germany 🇩🇪 japan 🇯🇵

Fuck your dude. Probably like at least an hour of like I don’t know scraping sounds? It sounds made up on the spot like 70-80 percent of the time. The musicians are just like making sounds and noises and shit instead of actually playing anything. Not really much here resembles a song at all. Maybe a part here and there and then more wasteland drifting in some industrialized desert dystopia full of mechanical objects that are tweaked and tinkered with. They no longer work like they did and everything is wired to chaos and void of any real function. And it lasts a really long time.

4.i don’t fucking know. On a bad day this coulda been a 1 but it’s eternally etched in my mind as an adventurous record with no qualms with just doin the thing. Making no bones about it and not giving a fuck about marketability or sales or anything like that. I’ll always remember this record that way because I sure as shit ain’t listening to it again.
11DJ Krush

Rec’d by trifolium

Japan 🇯🇵

This is one of those records that just sounds super cool. Very much a get hella high and drive around at night album. The few guest spots are fantastic and add another layer to the already dense sound. Succeeds somehow at sounding unique and original but familiar and easy to grasp. New and exciting but classy and elegant all the same. Good ass pick my guy.

Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Rec’d by dedex

Japan 🇯🇵

Same with Divas rec where I wish I didn’t listen to this on YouTube and ruin the vibe and flow this record has. I’ll be all up in there deep in the beats and whatnot just doing my thing and then like “Here’s what we want everyone to do, count all the hugs you haven’t given...” But nonetheless it’s a great little record guy thing. Stands out but not in an in your face way or anything. Chill and mostly instrumental which works really well because when you do get vocals it’s a nice change of pace and keep things moving. Not a whole lot of complaints here just a solid record. Perfect for studying or cleaning or anything really that can require background music or foreground music. Whatever the hell that means.

Heavy Rocks

Rec’d by minushman24

Japan 🇯🇵

I’ve heard a lot of Boris before. I’ve probably heard this album at some point but I don’t remember. They’ve always been a band people played and I always really dug it but never delved too deep personally on my own time for for some reason. Anyways it’s good! It’s a Boris album! It shreds and it’s loud and heavy and does a lot of the things that Boris does really well. Not a lot of metal which is great. I’m a little biased I guess here and it’s a super safe pick but hey playing smart never hurt.

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