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Megadeth vs. Metallica

It's a hard comparison - as Megadeth has a much more consistent and extensive discography (16 studio albums), versus eleven studio albums by Metallica. Also - there are some date range differences between the two bands. But here goes...
Kill 'Em All

Kill 'Em All (1983) versus Killing is My Business...and Business is Good (1985). Neither of these are my favorite albums by the bands - I see them as fledgling releases. Both albums are relatively raw, with a strong foothold in thrash metal. I tend to prefer the production of Kill 'Em All. And there is Cliff Burton's instrumental "(Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth", which is an absolute treasure of a track. But I do prefer Mechanix over the Four Horsemen, as that is the most original version of the song. Also, always loved how Jason Newsted made Seek & Destroy a level greater with his backup vocals. Have to pick Kill 'Em All.
Ride the Lightning

Ride the Lightning (1984) versus Pease Sells...but Who's Buying? (1986). The second releases by both bands, although 2 years inbetween. This was is a shoe-in for me - Ride the Lightning wins. Ride the Lightning was the first album by either band I had - and I will always hold these tracks high. Funny though - For Whom the Bell Tolls and Creeping Death were not my favorites - these were Ride the Lightning, Trapped Under Ice, Escape, and Fade to Black. Also another great instrumental in The Call of Ktulu. This is not to say that I don't enjoy Peace Sells - the A side of the album is front-loaded with classics.
Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets (1986) versus So Fr, So Good...So What (1988). The third releases by both bands, although 2 years inbetween. Getting a bit tougher - as Megadeth "gets their wings". Master of Puppets has stone-cold classics on it - Battery, Master of Puppets, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), and Orion. So Far, So Good is back-loaded with live favorites In My Darkest Hour and Hook In Mouth. Ultimately, Master of Puppets wins here.
Rust in Peace

...And Justice for All (1988) versus Rust In Peace (1990). One (the video version) is one of my favorite Metallica tracks of all times - and several of the songs on Justice are classics. But I am a "Justice for Jason" proponent. Also, Rust in Peace is simply a tour-de-force in thrash metal. Even though Holy Wars and Hangar 18 are likely the best tracks - the whole album just slays. Sorry folks - its Rust in Peace for me.
Countdown to Extinction

The Black Album (1991) versus Countdown to Extinction (1992). This is a hard one for me - I have to look at it from both back then and now. The Black Album was huge and formative for me - and one of my favorite albums of all time. My favorite track will always be Wherever I May Roam, but the whole album was studded. Just the riff in Sad But True is to die for. Comparatively, Countdown to Extinction was a darker album and included some of my favorite Megadeth songs of all times - Symphony of Destruction, Skin o' My Teeth, Breakpoint, and Go to Hell. The last two tracks, in the Japanese edition, are two of my all time favorites by Megadeth. Conflicted - have to give each band a point here.

Load (1996) versus Cryptic Writings (1997). Both are awkward and sellout albums - Metallica aping Corrosion of Conformity and Megadeth lightening up. Its a toss up - but would likely to listen to Load here.

Reload (1997) versus Risk (1999). Goddamn, both these albums suck. Each has one decent song - Fuel and Crush 'Em. I'll give it to Megadeth for not putting damn semen on their album cover.
The System Has Failed

St. Anger (2003) versus The System Has Failed (2004). These albums find both bands attempting to return to their former glories. Megadeth really started to up their game in 2001 with The World Needs a Hero - returning to their thrash metal roots. This culminated in The System Has Failed, one of my personal favorites in the Megadeth discography. Bringing back in Chris Poland for lead guitar added a punch. Need I say anything about St. Anger - no solos, the pedestrian musicianship, the abysmal drumming. Megadeth easily claims this one.
United Abominations

Death Magnetic (2008) versus United Abominations (2007). Metallica finally returns with something listenable, but only in spurts (due to loudness issues). I thought a lot of the songs here were great - but rendered headache inducing by the mix. On United Abominations, Megadeth firmly establishes themselves again as thrash metal gods with a strong political bent. Also bringing in Christina Scabbia (from Lacuna Coil) on a remake of A Tout le Monde was a great choice. United Abominations all the way!

Beyond Magnetic (2011) versus Endgame (2009). The mix is fixed on the Metallica EP - making these B-sides from Death Magnetic a strong listen. But Megadeth (with the addition of Chris Broderick) is running on all cylinders around this time - and easily leave Metallica in their wake.

Lulu (2011) versus Th1rt3en (2011). Th1rt3en here. Even Megadeth's panned follow-up, Super Collider (2013), would easily destroy Lulu.
12 Metallica
Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

Hardwired...to Self Destruct (2016) versus Dystopia (2016). The release of Dystopia finally finds Megadeth getting the respect they deserve - as they stuck to their guns for years. But I am a bit partial to Hardwired. Really liked the videos released for each track. The 2-album model is more easily digested and listened to. The cover of Hardwired is a total rip-off, but the album holds up well. Also, the third CD with Lords of Summer, covers, and live songs was a great addition.
The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead!

72 Seasons (2023) versus The Sick, the Dying...and the Dead! (2022). I like Lux Aeterna so far; but The Sick is loaded with great tracks. Similar to Hardwired, Megadeth has released sequential videos for several songs on the album that has strengthened this album. The Sick will be hard to beat - we'll see in 2023.

As noted above - Megadeth has more output (16 albums) in comparison to Metallica (11 albums, 1 EP). Giving Megadeth an extra point here for albums not included above: Youthanasia; The World Needs a Hero, and Super Collider.
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