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All Nightmare Long...

I often remember my dreams and nightmares. The night of Thursday, March 14, 2019 was no different.
1Dream Theater
Black Clouds and Silver Linings

"A Dream To Remember". I dreamed all night on Thursday night, one continuous nightmare.
2Queens of the Stone Age

"Head Like a Haunted House". I dreamed that I was living in a new house. A large ranch with a basement, which sat on a hill and graded down to a water body (not sure whether a lake or an ocean). I had a fenced in back yard, which sloped downward significantly and had a walking path for public access on the side of the fence. I was living in the house with my Wife, and my two oldest sons. My youngest son was not present.
3Gemini Syndrome

"Basement". I felt an intense supernatural presence emanating from the basement. When I went down into the basement, the presence was overbearing and stifling. Felt that I couldn't breathe. It wasn't there all the time, but most pronounced when I would visit the basement.

The haunting was severe. The apparition could control animals. We had a mountain lion with yellow eyes come up to our glass sliding door during a specific episode. We also had some neighbors drive over, come inside, and rapidly fall under the power of this presence.
Death Magnetic

"All Nightmare Long". With a start, I woke up at around 3:00 a.m. from the dream. I hit the restroom, returned to bed, and hoped that I would not reenter this dream when I fell back asleep. That was not to be the case...went right back into it.
Around the Fur

"Can't Even Breathe". In this segment of my dream, the haunting was becoming even more intense and on the first floor. The presence would come and go, but when it came, the pressure was overpowering and I could hardly breathe. I found that when I meditated, my bioenergy would push back the presence a bit. But it would come back, over and over. This happened multiple times during my dream and was quite taxing.
Countdown to Extinction

I imagined this presence as an old, angry man. An aged and strong spirit who did not appreciate us living in his house. This was not to be the case.
8Pearl Jam
Ten Redux

"Porch". One of the hauntings was so severe, my family and I escaped the house to the back porch. It was nighttime, and I could see beach goers hiking up the walking path to leave. The presence began to make itself known on the back porch, but in this case, it manifested itself visually. To my surprise, the apparition was a young boy, around the age of 8 years.

"Face to Face". I saw him, he saw me, and (in lieu of my anger) I calmly asked him why he was doing this to us. He didn't answer. I next informed the apparition boy that he was troubling us and asked him to stop. Told him that if he appeared to my boys and did not scare them, my boys would love to play with him.
Cowboys from Hell

"Cemetary Gates". The boy directed me to look off the side of the deck. What became apparent was an old graveyard (not generally observable).
11Black Label Society
Order Of The Black

"Shallow Grave". There were around 8 to 10 large headstones and a tomb. Next to the graves/headstones, a few older ghosts lingered. Upon deduction, this was the boys parents and extended family. I informed the family that we had just moved into the house and were happy to be here. They acknowledged this response, not verbally, and accepted our presence there.
12Team Sleep
Team Sleep

"Tomb of Liegia". I asked whether the apparitions whether any other ghosts (besides the boy) resided in the house. I was informed that an apparition had previously habitated the attic, but was an evil spirit and had been imprisoned. I saw his prison, and it was the large tomb. The evil spirit's body had been beheaded.
13Porcupine Tree
The Incident

"Bonnie the Cat". After interacting with the boy apparition and his family, the haunting ended. At least for us. The boy apparition still liked to toy around with my wife's cat (a true devil cat). I looked down on the living room, and the cat was being teleported rapidly to different locations in the room. The cat existed in several different physical forms. Being morphed from a cat into a small dog, and being turned different colors. I recall the cat was green at one time. The cat was not enjoying this at all. I had to laugh.
14Black Sabbath
The End

I then woke up.
15Ghost Machine

"The End".
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