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BINGE: death/thrash

Put together a nice list of thrash and death-thrash albums to binge this month, any other essentials I should add??? I've already hit Demolition Hammer, Morbid Saint, Dark Angel, Death Angel (lol these fucking names), Kreator, and a few others. please do not rec the big four, but if you wanna talk about Slayer, that's cool too :]]]]]]

✓ 2/21/20
2Death Angel
The Ultra-Violence

✓ 6/18/19
Surprised this isn't talked about more, this is that prime 80s thrash production you want. This dude's high pitched screams are both awesome and fucking hilarious, like, I don't even know girls who can do that. This is/should be a genre staple.
The New Order

✓ 6/22/19
Looove the guitar work here. Even after only listening to this twice, the opening sweeps feel iconic to me. Good variety here for a thrash record, I can definitely see how this became a classic.
Agent Orange
Infernal Overkill

✓ 7/16/19
Pretty straight up thrash, but with weaker vocals. Just one small step below Release From Agony. Need to check their newer stuff to see if it holds up...
6Nuclear Assault
Handle With Care

✓ 6/18/19
BASS. Deep, gravelly bass. You don’t hear that too much in this genre. This is a breakneck, heavy mess. Mess in a good way, of course. Love the little hardcore touches here and there as well, especially the 32 second braincrushing Mothers’ Day, which sounds like Dead Kennedys went metal. They lost this intensity severely later in their career.
7Death Strike
Fuckin Death

Nice 'n raw 'n roots-y. Could only find a lower quality stream on YouTube. This one is aggressive and doesn't really let up. Should probably revisit to get a more full impression.
Alice in Hell

✓ 6/19/19
Some seriously fast thrashers right here. Guitarists are almost too skilled for their own good, though the guitar tone is not my favorite. If I had to pick a weak spot here it would probably be the vocalist, who sounds like a 40 year old on this. He's really not bad at all, but a little weak compared to his peers. Did I mention these guys play fast? Lord almighty do they play fucking fast.
Beyond The Unknown

✓ 7/20/19
Heavyyyyy. Solid instrumentation all around, fast, good vocals, and hard ass riffs.
Manic Impressions

✓ 8/27/19
Started veering into prog metal territory here. More clean vocals than I expected. Unfortunately the vocals were all around the weakest part here. There were few moments where the vocalist sounded like he wasn't struggling to keep up. Everything else was very solid though, and a little different from everything else I've listened to thus far.
A Shedding of Skin

✓ 7/21/19
Why is this the ONLY album of theirs that isn't streaming? Anyway, this one absolutely crushes. Probably the closest thing I've heard to Demolition Hammer. Incredible death metal vocals with thrashy riffing.
Zombie Attack

✓ 6/24/19
This was pretty fun. These guys obviously don't take themselves too seriously as beer is a recurring theme in their music. Nothing too crazy of note here. I noticed there were several songs with long riffy parts with no vocals, almost like they were too lazy to write more lyrics. Overall a good time.
Possessed by Fire

✓ 11/23/19
Pretty much just good straight up thrash. Torn between 3.5 and 4. The vocals hold it back a little. They're mostly great, but when he tries to scream higher it's almost like painful yelling. Also, that riff in Fallen Saint...every time I heard it I thought it was that Slayer song.
Shark Attack

AdolfChrist's rec

✓ 2/24/20
Fast fast fast fast. Vocals are kinda half-assed in an old school punk sort of way, definitely the weakest link. Everything is so fast and upbeat though that you can't help but be pretty impressed. Production almost sounds live. It's a fun time!

✓ 1/8/20
Not gonna lie this one surprised me...everything else here pretty much has deathy/thrashy vocals so I expected the same on this one but nope not even close. The squeaky clean vox caught me off guard when they came in. Would have probably enjoyed this more if my expectation were set right. Still impressive musically though.
Terror Squad

AdolfChrist's rec

✓ 5/13/21
Only thing not working for me here is the vocals (why do I feel like I say this about 25% of the thrash albums I listen to??) otherwise pretty good. By Inheritance is surely the better album.
Mental Vortex

✓ 8/27/19
Wow. So many things went right here. The guitar tone is perfect and keeps the guitars at the forefront. Production is actually good...not like "old and lo-fi good." Songwriting is strong and creative enough to not be generic thrash. Vocals are good but don't necessarily stand out most of the time. And that last song...eerie blues/rock/death metal? Wtf? Totally out of left field but somehow works great as the closer.

✓ 6/19/19
Riffs hard. Maybe the only Brazilian metal band I've knowingly listened to? This is one of those albums you can tell was very influential back in the day. The non-metal moments give this thing some good variety and room to breathe. Solid shit.

AdolfChrist's rec

AdolfChrist's rec

✓ 3/18/20
Good, if not somewhat unremarkable. As with a lot of thrash, the vocals leave a bit to be desired.

AdolfChrist's rec

✓ 10/15/19
More Brazilian death thrash. It's great except for the fucking snare drum which is the worst thing I've ever heard in my life and is twice as loud as any other instrument on this album. Who the fuck thought that was ok?
Executioner's Song

AdolfChrist's rec
Syzygial Miscreancy

AdolfChrist's rec

✓ 10/16/19
Sounds a lot like Death but apparently they never got much attention at all. Leans slightly more death than thrash, with some cool and weird ideas thrown around here and there. Love the name, love the album art, love Nosferatu.
24Aura Noir
Black Thrash Attack

AdolfChrist's rec
From This Day Forward

Source's rec

✓ 3/30/21
This one checks just about all of the boxes for off-kilter late 80s/early 90s thrash. Between the track names and album art, the sci-fi angle is totally there and the music itself is pretty progressive for what was present at the time. This almost feels like the music equivalent of a sci-fi horror b-movie you find on the shelves of an old Blockbuster store.

WretchedCacophony's rec
Coma of Souls

ThrashVortex's rec

✓ 7/1/19
As usual, these guys rule. This is the third album of theirs that I've heard (Pleasure to Kill & Extreme Aggression) and they're all super consistent. I'd probably rank this third, but only by a tiny hair. TERROR ZONE!

ThrashVortex's rec
Twisted into Form

ThrashVortex's rec
30Sacred Reich

ThrashVortex's rec
Winds of Creation

Pikazilla's rec

✓ 3/17/21
Their shit FINALLY went up on streaming services, so nearly 2 years later, I can actually listen to this. The hype is justified, this is fantastic. I'd say it's like 75% death and maybe 25% thrash, so pretty much straight up death metal, but it still fits. Super heavy with awesome production. And the closer is a Slayer cover, which is interesting choice, but it works well so I'm cool with it.
Power and Pain

Detritivore's rec

✓ 6/28/19
Another fun one, fairly short which works well in this case. The vocalist isn't really good enough to warrant a longer run-time. Not that he's bad or anything, but it sounds like he was struggling on some songs. Album came out in 1985, which is definitely towards the early era of heavier thrash. Considering this only has 95 ratings here, I'd say they're a bit more "below the radar" than they should be.
Power from Hell

budgie's rec
The Force

StrikeOfTheBeast's rec
35Solstice (USA-FL)

Donchivo's rec

✓ 11/11/19
Had high hopes on this one for some reason, and it was still good, but didn't stick with me like I hoped it would. Plays it a little safe. Still pretty great in general though.
36Nuclear Assault
Something Wicked

✓ 6/18/19
Added this so I wouldn't just be giving everything a 4. Also I like the album title/art reference. This was pretty middle of the road. Does very little to stand out, and the singer is nothing remarkable. Not bad by any means, but somewhat forgettable. Good enough to throw on in the background.
37Eternal Dirge
Morbus Ascendit

Grimlin's rec
38Infernal Majesty
None Shall Defy

Egarran's rec
39Nasty Savage
Penetration Point

parksungjoon's rec

✓ 2/25/20
When they get down to it, instrumentally this is really tight. But the vocals leave a bit to be desired. Side note, I accidentally started listening to their S/T for like 5 songs and that shit was kinda poo poo. At least this one was better.
40Holy Moses
Finished with the Dogs

parksungjoon's rec
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