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Rec me LITERALLY anything.

I need Moore music to listen to...give me anything to fucking listen to. Good, bad, favorites, all time classics, shitbags, personal projects, give it to me. Also feel free to ask me questions bout anything boi
Tha Hall Of Game


Very unique hip hop album. He doesn't really sound like he's rapping, but more talking extremely fast. I also like how fun and carefree the lyrics are. I will say that I the album is fucking LONG and I'm not used to a rap album being 72 minutes long. 4/5
2Demolition Hammer
Epidemic Of Violence


What in the world? Somebody injected this album with crack! The drummer is double bassing at 100mph the entire album. Actually, this album is insanely good and the riffs are fucking amazing, heavy, and catchy as hell. Possibly one of the best thrash metal albums I've ever heard, 4.5/5
Casting Shadows

Summer Death


The first song is amazing and then it sorta falls off the map for me. None of it is bad or even not good, but its just not as good as the first song. Regardless I still loved the lyrics on the album and the players are very good for this genre. EDIT: second listen nvm I like the last song alot too. 4/5
5Anal Cunt
Picnic of Love

some asshole with a great sense of humor

This is my first time listening to Anal Cunt and it is very lovely. I'll give it a 4/5 because it managed to make me laugh several times :)
6The newfound interest in Connecticut
Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home


I like the emo post rock blend. Its like droning emo and that is pretty cool. I actually didn't realize how long some of these songs were but i really dug the aesthetic. In the end I liked the post rock stuff more than the emo stuff but I could see this becoming a personal favorite given some time. 4/5
7Huerco S
Colonial Patterns


Some of the finest minimal music I've come across recently. Good shit but there really isnt much to say. 4/5
8Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians
'Twas the Night Before Christmas


This definitely brings the Christmas aesthetic but fuck I hate holiday music hahaha...sad to say that I actually hated this most of the time..the one time I could remember diggin this was at 3:32 on the title track. 2/5
Socially Inept


This album was weird for me. I loved some of the songs but didn't feel the other half at all. When it comes to this ambient minimal stuff I really don't know what to say about it other than "I felt it" or "I didn't feel it". 3.5/5


Holy riffs! This is an excellent thrash metal album It starts off very strong but looses some steam as it goes on, especially in that middle section. Its still very heavy and some of the riffs are very catchy. Those first 3 songs are legit tight. 4/5
11Extra Life
Made Flesh


This sounds like Tool but on a shit ton of drugs...but I kinda like it. This is probably the most bizarre album I've listened too so far. The vocalist sounds like that guy from the B-52's. The drummer is also really fucking nuts and I dont know how I would ever keep tempo with this kinda shit. 4/5
Le Dernier Crépuscule


bad quality brutal death metal but really not that interesting. It occasionally has good doomy chuggy riffs but most of it is just really boring. Like there are several moments that feel like they're about to be awesome but they don't go anywhere. 2.5/5
13Emma Ruth Rundle
Marked For Death

14Townes Van Zandt
Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas

Sabra Net Wore

I couldn't list to ALL of this becuz it is so fucking long, but I listened to over an hour of it and I liked it alot. Never heard of Townes Van Zandt but he seems like a really cool guy, like a good ol' southern guy who just wants to play music. His stories and the crowd responses are all amazing. The recording quality is crystal clear for 1973 and I really enjoyed the songs he played. I swear some of them nearly made me cry. From what I've heard, it may be the best live album I've ever heard. 5/5
15Black Veil Brides
Set the World on Fire


Admittedly this isn't TERRIBLE but yuh. This is the first time I've listened to BVB and I thought they would be screaming synth metalcore shit but this is like a legit metal album. Lots of shredding solos, decent riffs, and talents musicians. However, it really isn't that good. I wasn't cringing and the full album listen wasnt that bad, but this is just a really mediocre and bland. 3/5
Wild Life


I couldn't find this album anywhere but I just listened to an assortment of Hedley songs. I kinda like him. :)
17Viktor Vaughn
Vaudeville Villain


I've listened to this album before yep it's fuckin dope 4.5/5


Fuck yeah bringing on some jazzy death metal riffs. I love how loud and slappy the bass is, you don't hear that too often in death metal. The riffs are genuinely original and creative yet still catchy and heavy. I love the raw scratchy vocals too. The only issue is that some songs are weaker than others. 4/5
12 Golden Country Greats


The best country album ever and isn't even by a country band? The most I know about Ween is the OCEAN MAN meme song and that certainly isn't this. This is classic country/southern rock the same way they used to do it back in the 70's and so many of these songs are great. Piss Up A Rope makes me want to start a bar fight. Thanks Evokaphile. 4.5/5
20German Army

21Decimated Humans
To Provoke Genocide


Ugh...this would be alot better with better vocals. I hate those garbage disposal pig squeels, especially when they are like 90% of the vocals on this album. Some of the riffs are nice but it sounds like they only wrote 10 riffs and recycled for the entire album. This has a 4.6 on the site how the fuck...2/5
22David Sylvian



One of the best albums I've listened to on this recommended so far. This album is so chill yet so fun at the same time. The only trip-hop I've been familiar with so far is Gorillaz and this is alot different from Gorillaz. Every song sounds like a really good "Chill study music comp" but with only the absolute best songs. Beth Gibbon's vocals are incredible too. 4.5/5
24Remo Drive
Greatest Hits


Good ol' Minnesota emo, and although I enjoyed it, it's really nothing too special or unique. It is pretty good tho, and it captures the spirit of what midwest emo punk was all about. Some of the songs are fun and enjoyable, and I also like how the band definitely doesn't take themselves too seriously. I liked it, but there are a few others bands in the genre I'd listen too first before returning to this one. 3.5/5
25Fiona Apple
When the Pawn...


This was very interesting and unique. It was like a strange jazz album, indie jazz? Is that a genre? It's pretty cool but man I'm in love with Fiona's voice. On The Bound is the best song on the album, tho. I liked this album about as much as I humanly possibly could. 4/5
26pole younger
Be Where In The Moment Of Grace


Is this all improv? This was pretty fuckin bad, and what few moments of percussion there are sound off tempo. There are occasional nice moments where it's kinda nice, but then it becomes shit. I would not classify this as post rock and certainly not emo. It's just bad jam rock in bad quality that makes it lo fi. 1.5/5
27The Sisters of Mercy
First and Last and Always


Pure 80's glory. I'm not too familiar with post punk but this is one of the best post punk albums I've ever heard. I can imagine listening to this while driving around in my car at night...and the day I get a car will be the day I do that! 4/5
28Red House Painters
Red House Painters

Soulless Machine

African death metal, you say? This album is fucking NUTS. Riffs everywhere that are legit catchy and even proggy, great vocals, amazing dm songs. There are countless badass moments that made me wanna fucking mosh like a motherfucker. It is legit one of the best death metal albums of this century. The only downside is that a few of the songs took multiple listens too before they hooked, but they def hook now. 4.5/5
30Dead Prez
Let's Get Free

31Killing The Dream

32MetaL BrotherS
Thunders - Demo


I'm on that side of the internet did I just listen to? Fucking 10 year olds strumming guitars poorly? This is shit but can you really blame them? Hahaha what 1.5/5 cuz I'm nice
33Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible

Relentless Mutation

35Dixie Chicks


37Kuroki Nagisa
Kuroki Nagisa

38Florist (NY)
If Blue Could Be Happiness

39Big Pun
Capital Punishment


41Judas Priest
Defenders of the Faith

42Count to Altek
She Will Fly With You Forever

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