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DDD's 2019 picks

First 3 are 5's. 4.5 until 25, and then a sea of 4s. From 73 to 78 there's the EP's/ Splits. From 79 (included) on, there's no rank, just new/late stuff I'm listening and loving. (rates can change with the course of my life and listening XP).
Fear Inoculum

Progressive Metal

Band pulled off the perfect comeback for many Tool fans (not all) and for new ones (not everyone). With drummer Danny Carey on the lead, this is AOTY for many different reasons (personal and public).
A Pyrrhic Existence


A true tantric rejoicement.
3Cult of Luna
A Dawn to Fear

Post Metal

I just love when these bands get this classy.
4Inter Arma
Sulphur English

Blackened Sludgy Post Metal

Less bright, more chaotic, but more focused. Love this band and can't say it enough.
5Lord Mantis
Universal Death Church

Blackened Sludge

Filthiest band around with flawless songwriting this time.
Of Rot And Ruin

Progressive Death Metal

A metal hybrid, also one of the best DM releases of the year.
7Tomb Mold
Planetary Clairvoyance


Through the muddy dirt, Tom Mold goes to space this time around.
8Blood Incantation
Hidden History of the Human Race


SyFy themed OSDM outfit is becoming a thing (again?). Amazing journey this one.
I: Voice

Progressive Blackened TechDeath Thing

Divisive release that will hold in years to come. Debut of the Year.
10The Great Old Ones

Black Metal

Great year for BM and this one is top tier.
11Blut Aus Nord

Black Metal

Metal Monks are back in the game m/


Deftones and Gojira had a blackgaze child.
13Cara Neir
Part III / Part IV

Post Hardcore, Black Metal, Experimental

Convergeresque Post Blackened Skramz!!! Their most sophisticated work to date. Adding a melodic tripop track and a ton of electronics. Really unsettling piece. MUST CHECK!
Luz Devora

Post Hardcore

"Esa es la ultima vez que te escribo...adios...adios"
15Johnny Booth
Firsthand Accounts

Metalcore/ Hardcore

When I think I don't dig this genre anymore something like this comes up. Give it a go!
Reverie of the Revolving Diamond


...or...Beachcore it is. Sprinkles of foam and salt in a mathy piece.
17Spirit Adrift
Divided by Darkness

Heavy Metal, Doom Metal

This band sounds really classic and modern at the same time...coolest band and this is super hard to pull off. With members from Gatecreeper.
18Waste of Space Orchestra

Doomy, RockSpacey, Avant-Garde, Dark, Psychedelic

...I really love how "boring" this is.
19Stellar Master Elite
Hologram Temple

Black Metal, Doom, Psychedelic

What!? A BM album with a DMT explanation sample from Terence McKenna a la Shpongle? Sold...
20Fire! Orchestra

Jazz, Experimental.

Excellent beauty, vocal performance, songwriting and freedom exercise.
21Chelsea Wolfe
Birth of Violence

Gothic, Folk

Wolfe's back to roots. Perfect night driving tune.
22Bill Callahan
Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

Indie Folk

It's as sketchy as organic and sensitive. A lesson on how to nurture and raise happiness.
23Vitriol (USA)
To Bathe From the Throat of Cowardice

Blackened DM

Put it as loud as you can and get ready for an ear rape...of the best kind...the most unpleasantly good listen from 2019.

Black Metal

Mind no unknown characters on their song names. This rules.
25Nostromo (CHE)


What the fuck just happened here??? Massive jam m/
26Full of Hell
Weeping Choir


They do what they want.
In Cauda Venenum

Prog Rock

Opeth's comfortable new skin setting an adventurous quest.
28Deathspell Omega
The Furnaces of Palingenesia

Black Metal, Experimental

Drenched in controversy. Their most "earthy" (aka accessible) release to date.
29Ceremony Of Silence

Blackened Death Metal

Listening to this is like at night, with 40° celsius and 200 km/h wind...
30Downfall of Gaia
Ethic of Radical Finitude

Post Metal, Black Metal

Eerie and powerful in top form, from a band who rules its genre.
31Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket
Det Onda. Det Goda. Det Vackra. Det Fula.

Post Hardcore, Screamo

As beautiful and melancholic as it gets.
32Al Goregrind
The Temple Is Burning


Welcome to the Dark Side (really, the one from Star Wars).
The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods

Black Metal, Death Metal

Atmospheric and esoteric. Through the echo you reach the riffs and when they riff...they riff hard and pounding m/
34Teeth (USA-CA)
The Curse of Entropy

Death Metal

Content is as good and messy as the cover. Less colorful though.
35Desert Sessions
Volumes 11 and 12

Stoner/ Alt Rock

Excellent alternative if you're not into QOTSA's Villains. Homme's proofing he is still a creative creature.
36De Staat
Bubble Gum

Pop Alt-Rock

How to prog in pop. Let's party! PI PI PIKA PIKACHU...
37Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising

Indie Pop, Psychedelic

High compositional skills...beautiful and tender vocals...somewhat Beatles meeting Portishead meeting MGMT.
38Two People
First Body

Electronic, DreamPop

Dim light with your girl ;)
39Witch Vomit
Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave


"I've got a message for you, and you're not going to like it. Pray for death."


Full on HM-2 yet with a ton of different flavors. Really nice "deSSert"...
Vile Nilotic Rites

Progressive DM

Loose yourself from any nostalgia. Band remains as solid as it gets.
42Cattle Decapitation
Death Atlas


Vocalist sounds like one legged eye patched goblin, with a mockinbird on the shoulder. The identity is a bit freak but unique...its a "take or leave" kinda thing. I took it.
43Swallow the Sun
When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light


Dynamic release, filled with beautiful moments. Detailed production, instrumentation and vocals. Pure class imo.

BM, DoomSludge

T H I C K!!!!These drums are so damn dry...gotta love this. Vocals are awesome. Great mix of Doom, Sludge, BM and even Drone. Cairn to God is one beast of a track.
45Abigail Williams
Walk Beyond The Dark

Black Metal, Progressive

The melodic vocals are very well pulled for this type of BM...What a surprising good release this is.
46Fuming Mouth
The Grand Descent

Hardcore, Death Metal

Are you pissed? m/m/ HM-2 - HXC m/m/


Such an interesting release for the genre. Vocals are awesome and clean echoed. To the sludge thick slow riffing you add this synth soundscapes.
48Thom Yorke

Electronic, Experimental

Singing "Fois Gras" has never been this cool.
49State Faults

Post Hardcore, Screamo

Hard genre for me to dig...this tho...is something else.
50This Gift Is A Curse
A Throne of Ash

Black Metal, Hardcore

Evocative as hell BM with hints of HXC and Post in the mix.
51Immortal Bird
Thrive On Neglect

Black Metal, Harcore

Perfect blend of BDM, Grindcore e HXC.
52Weeping Sores
False Confession


Awesome album!!!!!!! DeathDoom with violins m/

Sludge, Blackened Post Metal

The most abrasive audio-book ever.
Damp Chill of Life

Atmospheric Black Metal

Freezing heartbreak. It's Painless to Let Go.
Spiritual Instinct


This fits me the right way. Songs are beautiful...and there's cool riffing this time.
Age of Excuse

Black Metal

I'm not gonna use excuses...this album is hitting me hard m/
Maha Kali


It's not DSO, although art is from the same artist from Paracletus...can't you tell? The riffs are awesome in here too tho m/
Disgorged From Psychotic Depths

Death Metal

OK. This album destroys!!!! m/ crusty filthy doom, with accelerations of every kind. Massive drum sound.
The Decaying Light

Death Metal

It goes brutal, hard and with one of the best productions and basslines of the year.
60Knocked Loose
A Different Shade of Blue

Metalcore HXC

They keep the HXC-Thrash crossover and add a more DM approach. Props for Keith Buckley's appearance.
The Language of Injury

Metalcore HXC

Hell yeah! These friends have an exquisite manner to achieve melody.
62Misery Index
Rituals of Power


Don't know the rest of the discog to compare (will take care of that ASAP) but this slays.
At The Walls

Thrash-Hardcore Crossover

Seems like Power Trip gave new air to these relentless Thrash Crossover bands.
The Valley


Based on true events.
65King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Infest the Rats' Nest

Thrash (yes)

Not to be taken too seriously, but this dudes from prog psych rock tried successfully riffing hard this time.

Melodic Death Metal

Though simple, formulaic, and some hardrock in the mix (several ingredients for me to dislike) there's some cool variation in each track keeping things interesting.
67Venom Prison


wait wait....this is a ch ch chiiiick...and she fuckin rules!
Ofidians manifest

Black Metal

Incredibly varied collection of songs of pagan BM m/


Nice instrumental piece of proggy mathy rock.
70Left Behind
No One Goes To Heaven

Hardcore, Sludge

Heavy as hell. Think crowbar meets Knocked Loose.
The Baneful Choir

BDM, Doom

Here's my 4! Fave tracks are Leprous Fire and Verdict of the Dead.
72Un and Coltsblood
Coltsblood / Un

DoomDeath (Split)

2 tracks. 42' minutes of music. The brilliance Sludge Doom tempered with DM, giving the perfect balance and pace. Be patient and, if its your case, get to know these two promising modern doom bands.
73Elder (USA-MA)
The Gold and Silver Sessions

ProgRock Psychedelic (EP)

Great turn for eclecticism. Band is showing true craft, going for a sort of 70's chilling vibe this time.
74Blood Spore
Fungal Warfare Upon All Life

DoomDeath (EP)

3 amazing tracks with the filthiest vocals m/ Gonna store my 4.5 for the LP.

Progressive Death Metal (EP)

Great comeback after departure of former drummer Guillermo Calero (R.I.P).
Tap Night

Mathrock Hardcore (EP)

And the show of tDEP's afilliates continues...great vibes also from Glassjaw. Give us the LP already!
77Wounds (USA-IL)
Light Eater

Deathgrind (EP)

Straight 4 to this inventive and awesome deathgrind&techdeath EP.
78Fit for an Autopsy
The Sea of Tragic Beasts


Gojiresque riffing in deathcore form, awesome end to end.
79Michael Kiwanuka

Soul, Funk

humhum OK. I'm actually doing this. This list lacks a bit of soulfunk. Give it a try. Opener will stick in your head for weeks. Album has great retro vibe.

Post metal, Shoegaze and Black Metal

Disclaimer - its not Blackgaze, its really a somewhat Radiohead'ish sounding black metal. Super original sounding. It's prob hipster stuff, but I don't mind.
81Bizu Coolective

Soul, Funk

11 member funk&jazz collective from Portugal. Brother in law is in it. Solid take (being honest here ahah)
82Patrick Watson

Psychedelic, Indie

Late discover. A somewhat of psychedelic modern Nick Drake.
83Serpent Column
Mirror In Darkness


One man project mess, of the best kind. The dude outdone himself here m/
The Siege Of Mercia

Black Metal, Folk
(live album).

The band apparently also slays live!
85Gaahls Wyrd
GastiR - Ghosts Invited

Prog BM

and 2019 was an year....!

Black Metal, Progressive Death Metal

And another fave obscure death metal band rises. These guys technique is astounding.
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