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DDD's 2018 picks

Here are my 50 main listens from 2018 (plus 2 Honorable mentions). Though its not a precise rank, I shamelessly 5'd the first 4. 5th to 19th are the ones I've 4,5'd. After that you get all kinds of strong 4's X) enjoy and check all the recd tracks here: https://www.deezer.com/pt/playlist/5298789482
Esoteric Malacology

Genre: Sluguish Prog BDM
Region: Slimeridden Kingdoms
Goal: Worship the Lord Gastropod, dismantle Human hierarchy and defeat them.

Recd Track - Crop Killer; Salt Thrower
2Hooded Menace
Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

Amazing and solid af modern death/doom band. Fell in love with the band, their discog, and this album is no exception.

Recd Tracks - In Eerie Deliverance; Charnel Reflections

This was indeed the "Summer of Thou". Get prepared for doom sludge with a grunge flair. This massive wall of sound, did sure took its time on me, but came out as one of the top releases of the year. Entering Thou was one of the most rewarding musical efforts I've had. Just take a full dive.

Recd Track - Changeling Prince; In the Kingdom of Meaning
Heavy Yoke

Ex mathcore tDEP's bassist + prog thrash Ex Extol's drummer and guitarist + former indie-pop female vocalist = Genre bending gold. And to think this only a debut...well it became one the most addictive listens from 2018... Special thanks to Dewinged.

Recd Tracks - Heart of Stone; Fine Lines
Empty Black

ETID worshiping mixed with a little more emotion and melody. What's not to love?

Recd Tracks - Blemish; Day Is Gone
6Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

This quality really sticks (despite my initial reservations)...how gentle and soft it starts, then it gets really darker and heavier...the post aspects are really unique here and just give them an own identity. Adding to that is the way everything flows because everything is brilliantly connected. PostHC mathcore band on their prime effort here - a beast of its own.

Recd Tracks - The Hollow Hour; Alma Mater
7High on Fire
Electric Messiah

The late review kept this piece of relentless and heavy stoner gem on Sput's shadow for too long. Its about time to put an end to that.

Recd Tracks: Sanctioned Annihilation; Freebooter

Best OSDM of the year (contending with Obliteration and Ulthar's debut). It's really nice how this band can go from really abusive DM to really prog and melodic (even in some rawesome vocals - whether melodic or that desperate raw mid-tone scream) all at once.

Recd Tracks - Soothsayer; Devotion (Blood for Ink)

Thought I was going for a "normal grind band" but this is so far from it in a delicious manner. Its amazing DeathGrind and they deliver the full package here, from the cover (you really feel the cover lol) to the concept, to the actual music. Sput can disregard this one but not me. m/

Recd Tracks - T/T; Vespertine Decay; The Final Absolution
10Imperial Triumphant
Vile Luxury

Straight 4.5 for the most scary, intriguing and brilliant musical experiences I had this year. Deathspell "Omeguish" sound with lots brilliant jazz inputs.

Recd Tracks: Chernobyl Blues; Cosmopolis

The satisfying predictability of Doom, done with grace and style. Brilliant atmosphere, heavy and thick, but it can get you really chill. 2 first tracks are 5's, the other 2 may drag just a bit more - but hey - it's funeral Doom, its supposed to drag.

Recd Tracks - In its Absence; Pools Of Reflection
12Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

Look at the name's band. Look at the cover. Crazy (obviously) yet brilliant postpunk band, with one of the most moving openers of 2018. I put this among some postpunk masterpieces from the last years such as Relatives in Descent (Protomartyr). Worth the check!

Recd Track - You let my tires down; Soft Power
13The Armed
Only Love

Despite the first half of this is full on "what da fuck is this" mode, it is as special as the previous one. One of best Post punkhardcore releases of the year no doubt. Chris Pennie and who knows who else have done it again X)

Recd Track - Fortune's Daughter; Luxury Themes

Listen to this feast guys and wait for the sax...happy blues metal for you X)
"Zapruder is an open invitation to metalcore’s rave of the year—the only requirement is to remember to rock out and not give a damn." TKS MarsKid.

Recd Track: Dracula Love Hotel; I lost My Apendix in NYC
15Noise Trail Immersion
Symbology of Shelter

On their second release, this black metalcore outfit, impress even more. This time around they fully embrace the chaotic Deathspell Omeguish sound, as raw as you can get. Deep atmosphere demanding a full listen experience.

Recd Tracks - Mirroring; Repulsion and Escapism II; Symbology of Shelter
16Conjurer (UK)

Sludge BDM
I don't know why this fell of this list...some error perhaps...here it is...sludge debut of the year.

Crusty punk psychedelic OSDM debut? Fuck yeah! Feel free to rec me things like this.

Recd Tracks - Entropy-Atrophy; Dunwich Whore
Cenotaph Obscure

I love their discog. Every album brings something new to the table. Every one with a different concept. This time they leave a bit their "slow doomy" side and went full Old School Death Metal in a Black Metal concept album. Its recent but its getting better on each listen which is a very good feeling.

Recd Tracks - Eldritch Summoning; Detestation Rite
19KEN mode

Noise Rock and post Hardcore. Sick would be the term for this. Sick cover, sick atmosphere, sick guitars, sick (delayed?!) drums...and even sicker sax. Though the mood may be kind of stiff, there's a really "grungy bleach" appeal for me.

Recd Tracks - This is a Love Test; No gentle art
In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind

In the grunge department, I really think this tops Alice In Chains release (don't need to mention Smashing Pumpkins) - the main reason is because this is actually new music. Futuristic as always, the apocalyptic grunge here is blended with Radiohead's post and 60's Beatles. A hidden gem for you to get.

Recd Tracks - No One Left; Heavy and Blind
21The Atlas Moth
Coma Noir

Great release from this sludge band, digging and progressing through many other genres this time, almost with a metalcore approach at times, but managing to keep it original and fresh, and for me reaching their most complete work to date.

Recd Tracks - The Streets of Bombay; Smiling Knife
22Ghost (SWE)

This time around the swedish Ghost, and the new entity Cardinal Copia, flirt a little further wih hardrock in a more friendly&uplifting mood. Though potentially was not meant to be, this talented 80's revivalism/ reinterpretation in the shape of a new pop(e) star became one of my jams of the year.

Recd Tracks - Rats; Faith
23A Perfect Circle
Eat the Elephant

Controversial and destined to Sput's fury in advance, I feel the site never gave this a fair chance. I honestly think this is still APC, with its brilliance and emotional worthy moments...the rest is just "talk talk".

Recd tracks: Doomed and Talk Talk
Joy as an Act of Resistance

punkPostpunk band (though they don't see as such). They approach the new wave issues such as feminism, male vulnerability, immigration etc. in a really funny (and sometimes badass) way.

Recd tracks: love song; Samaritans; Television.
25Rivers of Nihil
Where Owls Know My Name

Who says DeathMetal can't be relaxing? Classy and smooth release from Rivers of Nihil, going really "proggy sax&pink floydish" on this one. If you check their t/T videoclip you see them ironically dressed up as 70's psychedelic hipsters, which gave me a cool twist of "funny fellas", but also their wide-broad influences.

Recd Tracks - The Silent Life; A Home
Our Raw Heart

Another great 2018's SludgeDoom release and yet very personal for both the band and vocalist, which brings us closer to them.

Recd Tracks - Original Face; Beauty in Falling Leaves

Pallbearer's DoomSludge, adding riffing a thin bit harder with cool high pitch growls here and there? With a certain heavymetal encrusted (buuuh)? Somehow all tracks remained way above the waters of excellency.

Recd Tracks - Bloodlleting; The Seer
Devouring Radiant Light

Disguised as classic Blackened Thrash, this goes beyond that. Always giving this melodic and epic/ folk sentiment to the songs, but at the same time showing us somewhat of a punk/ hardcore attitude to the riffs. Oldschool and modern meet again.

Recd Tracks - Temple of the Sun; Canarium Eternal
29Cult Leader
A Patient Man

The contrast between the soft tracks and the heavier ones is a bit too much, but I think its only because the heavy ones are indeed heavy as fuck and will smash you completely m/

Recd Tracks - Heal Me; A Patient Man
30Pig Destroyer
Head Cage

Great PD comeback (yeah now with bass) full of groove and longer tracks. Way better than Book Burner. Enjoy the groove for yourself, always considering this ain't no classic and they are different from what they used to. This is hardcore now m/

Recd Tracks - Army of Cops; Terminal Itch.
Existential Void Guardian

If you want original vocals on DoomSludge genre, this is your jam. Conan also provide us some faster tracks and sections with brilliant faster drumming. Don't expect solos nor technical guitar-work on this though but perfect riffs and thick distortion for the genre.

Recd Tracks: Prosper The Path; Volt Thrower; Vexxagon
32Genocide Pact
Order Of Torment

A muscular piece of grindy deathdoom. Fun as Hell. Just make sure you're in the mood for it m/

Recd Tracks - Ascendancy Absolved; Structural Dissolution; Authoritarian Impulse
33The Antichrist Imperium
Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan

Satan! This should have a little bump or hype or whatever. Unlike Voice's Frightened, anyone who digs Akercocke should dig this. Mean, Fast, Brutal and Brilliant as fuck me twice, with space for amazing atmosphere, acoustic guitars and piano drives. It has members from Akercocke as well. Go for it.

Recd Track: Death Ritual; Ceremonial Suicide Rites; Golgothian Hieros Gamos
The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn

More Satan! Let me start this way. I'm gonna be a father next year and this cover gives the creeps! Though the risk of falling into blandness is constant, you can go from start to finish and always find awesome deathgroove, cool riffs and crazy flawless solos, all in one constant single noise doomy mix (HM-2). Don't match Nightmares Made Flesh but meets high improvement from the 2 previous releases.

Recd Track: Fleischmann
I Loved You at Your Darkest

aaaand more Satan...This Polish dudes new BM oriented aesthetic really suits them well. Strong release, that makes me realize how special The Satanist is.

Recd Track - Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica

A debut album from an angry sludge/hardcore Lithuanian band with Lithuanian lyrics is waiting for your 4 plus rating m/

Recd Tracks: Vaitojimas; Prievarta
37Four Stroke Baron
Planet Silver Screen

If The Cure's vocalist were in a metal/ alt rock band from nowadays. This still sounded refreshing and cool, with some delightful tracks (Planet Silver Screen; A Matter Of Seconds; 7th of July).
Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

This dude has been around for ages in my life with some of the most memorable and sweet tracks. Never touched his full albums listens t'ill this one. Really loving all the vibes you can get from this. Refined and Apocalyptic Moby in here, some say its his best work in years.

Recd Tracks - Motherless Child; The Ceremony of innocence (this one will specially touch you if you like Trainspotting)
39A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

Me also like this. Funky club-housing retrospective/ compendium from Nicolas Jaar, recorded during the time of the name of the album X) far from "just a collection of tracks" though. Up-lifting yet deep, layered and complete.

Recd Tracks - This Old House is all I have; Cityfade; Now U Got Me Hooked
40Yves Tumor
Safe in the Hands of Love

Experimental stuff going hip/tripop, noise and latent punk feel. Personal stuff, weird character such as the music. Besides all the originality there's also 3 magical tracks on this - Noid; Licking An Orchid; Life Time.
41Portrayal of Guilt
Let Pain Be Your Guide

The 4 I'm giving to this 3.5 album is because I don't want to forget this band and its amazing potential. The 3 singles (Among Friends, A Burden and Your War) and the closer Until we're dust are indeed groundbreaking, as they circle between Noise, Punk, BM and Hardcore genres (and other you may find) in tracks sometimes below 2 minutes.
Exile Amongst the Ruins

Primordial goes BlackRock. AVG is incorrect. Simple yet blissful. Progressive yet masterfully written.

Recd Tracks - Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed; Stolen Years

Bluesy(?), eclectic, progressive and thus original DeathMetal. Really well produced and technically flawless. While I was considering to put this one on year's list found out the vocalist passed away recently. RIP - Stephen Pearson.
"Breathing Black, Living Black, Seeing Black...Black Glass"

Recd Tracks - In Book Without Pages; Ships of Black Glass
44Toby Driver
They Are the Shield

Don't remember the last time I dug an album (non classical) where the violin(s) was the main attraction - suddenly I remembered Vanessa Mae from my infancy do you? (lol) - well this is really different from that. An intimate postrock&folk, experimental release with brilliant compositions from his first solo work.

Recd Tracks - Glyph; 470 Nanometers; Scaffold of Digital Snow
Cruel Magic

Being a "not Heavy Metal" person, I honestly wasn't expecting having this much fun. Their kind of "one chord riffing" is relentless and pretty unique.

Recd Tracks - Cruel Magic, Death Knell for a King; Mortality.
The Wake

A progressive thrash metal that is more of a psychedelic opera. Welcome back.

Recd Tracks - Obsolete Beings; Inconspiracy; Sonic Mycelium
47The Crown
Cobra Speed Venom

Balls out, testosteronic, straightforward...call it what you want. This is a modern class on classic thrash songwriting, with fast riffs. Someone review this please.

Recd Tracks - Cobra Speed Venom; World War Machine

So...maybe Nu-Metal isn't at all dead. Check this glitch! The mood is set on the first track, with Slipknot's Eyeless and its well known drum&base sample immediately coming to mind . New wave of glitchy "code orangeresque" metal and this worth the listen.

Recd Tracks - Virus://Vibrance; Doomtech
Unsettling Whispers

Honorable mention
Gaerea crawl and claw their way through doom, death metal, sludge, and all manner of malevolent metal-ings towards the light. Who would've thought my 1000 RATE would be Portuguese (my country) BlackDeathDoom?

Recd Tracks - Absent; Extension to Nothing; Cycle of Deacy
Damnatio Memoriae

Honorable Mention
It was the first black metal I inserted and tried to hype it on the site. A bit unsuccessfully but hey...there's 14 votes yaay. Lebanese originated band. This one has members from Marduk and Obscura featuring.

Recd tracks - The Will; Light of Compassion

Post 2018 mention
DO and Ulcerate type of BDM really amazing and dynamic for the genre. Impressive sense of melody here and there (again for the genre).

Recd tracks - Were; Strewn/Adrift
52Tomb Mold
Manor of Infinite Forms

An heavy af osDM....a riff fest...a badass one...gore vocals...impressive songwriting...year's lists (rollingstone aswell) were right.

Recd Tracks - Abysswalker; Gored Embrace
53Sulphur Aeon
The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos

BlackDeath a la Behemoth. Beautiful esoteric vibe and some war&summon anthems VS some kind of misery attached, throughout all album. Immense variety of vocals and great ambiance. Great Replay value as well.

Recd Tracks - The Summoning of Nyarlathotep; Sinister Sea Sabbath; The Oneironaut
54Outer Heaven
Realms Of Eternal Decay

Godamn this rips m/ 2018: Ulthar; Tomb Mold; Genocide Pact...these guys joined late to my party, but here they are now m/
55Voices (UK)

I love this one. It has members from Akercocke. It's not very recognizable though and, for that matter, please check the previous album I've fived - London (because its a masterpiece). Back on this one it's kind of weird, experimental, but accessible, black metal with a cool postpunk vibe stand out - a bold move.

Recd Track: Dead Feelings; IWSYA
Down Below

Gothic DM
This album has grown 3-4 for me. Recently I've become more sensitive to this sound and this one is pure filth&class.
57Emma Ruth Rundle
On Dark Horses

Gothic Indie Folk
Sweet late discovery of mine.

Excellent post...kinda Russian Circles meeting Toby Driver's violins. Was able to acknowledge these from their colab with Conjurer. Very good chilling music.
59Black Peaks
All That Divides

PostHardcore AltRock
Embracing more the ever-present Post vibe. Still super solid release for a sophomore.
60Relations (GER)
From Birth to Death

Metallic Hardcore
Props for this debut LP. A playthrough on several metal genres (doom, death metal...) Keeping it as fierce, hooked and bad ass as HXC can gets.
61Thy Catafalque

Experimental BM

Eclecticism personified.
62Linda Martini
Linda Martini

Post Rock, Math Rock

One of the best Portuguese acts from these days. Check this if you re into ATDI/ The Mars Volta f.e.
63Power Trip
Opening Fire: 2008-2014


This band simply has some endless energy to give! Slick compil from early days, as strong as the LP's m/
The Hallowing of Heirdom

Folk Acoustic

Beautiful full folk turn from this BM band.
65The Ocean
Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic

Prog/post metal

Death Metal
67Sangre de Muerdago

Galician Folk

one of the best contemporary folk acts.
68Of Feather and Bone
Bestial Hymns of Perversion

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