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Best non-LPs of 2021

Compendium of mostly garascore entries that noone would look for, despite they are REALLY GOOD!
An Unexpected Reality

[EP] death metal / grind / death doom
Super fun mini album, and again: this band NEVER disappoints. Basically 7 short deathgrind song and one long doom riff fest (yes, it's pretty much doom). A perfect album to start a day with.
Live at Freak Valley

[Live] battle doom
A perfectly executed live-album: sharp and huge sound.
3Taake / Helheim

[Split] black metal
I really like how this turned out. Both sides showed what are they all about, and especially the Helheim side meant some surprises. Cool stuff, but due to the short runtime, I can't give more than 3.5.
4Gnipahalan / Evilfeast

[Split] raw black / atmoblack
Raw atmoblack 2021 edition. Previously, I never heard about Gnipahalan eariler, but in this split I think I have a good reason to find out more. Evilfeast presented another fantastic and majestic piece with strong riffs and splendid atmosphere. (Please release a new LP already!)
5Cirith Ungol
Half Past Human

[EP] hard rock / heavy metal
Good to see Cirith Ungol still kickin', and this EP was a very pleasant and fun listen. I don't care if it is "just" a re-recording session because I had great fun. The riffs in "Shelob's Lair" really kick ass!
6Criptadel / Toadlickers

[Split] dungeon synth
Finally, one of my favourite dungeon synth acts is back! Exactly those vibes I really hoped for, the same satisfying "underground" music with goblins and trolls! 5/5 barf at the end of the title track. But man, this was too short!

[Compliation] black metal / dark folk
Hoest has released this and pretty much nobody noticed it... but they should! I don't mind compilation albums if they are [this] good. I was especially sold by the fantastic acoustic version of "Nattestid ser porten vid I" which was gorgeous like any song from Ulver's Kveldssanger (minus the vocals). The cover songs were pretty damn solid as well, just as Hoest's own songs.
One of the best entries on the list.
Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando

[EP] black metal / punk / hardcore punk
It was pretty fun. The first part was a pretty logical continuation of Daemon, and the punk side brought more speed into the whole thing. It was gret to hear Maniac and Billy again, both of them sounded great!
Your Soul is Mine / Towards the Duskportals

[EP] spooky atmoblack
Whenever I see Béla Lugosi on the cover = instant like.
Urionhsol (Seven Demons)

[EP] avant-garde / blackened death metal
I don't know if these are "leftover" songs or what, but this little EP slaps. Like the most concise version of the band's overall sound, Urionhsol is a very straightforward riff storm, with the typical otherworldy atmosphere. My personal favourite is "Zi Dynh Gtir", which is the most synth-driven Esoctrilihum song so far.
11King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Live In Milwaukee ’19

[Live] garage rock / psychedelic rock
Very fun live recording! Great setlist, and the extra crispier sound of certain songs had a really good impact on the listening experience. Honestly, these guys sound actually better live. The thrash songs in the end were killerrrr, and generally all their older material became better in time.
Kuu Erkylän Yllä

[EP] black metal
The old and new unites. "Kuu Erkylän Yllä" pretty much showed the entired Havukruunu's spectrum as in it they presented the band's earlier sound with additional elements which were introduced in ""Uinuos Syömein Sota"". Enjoyable release, but due to the possibly high expectations (yeah, ""Uinuos Syömein Sota"" was something really special) this might feel "a bit out of breath". However, this EP also contains some typical fiery Havukruunu riffs, so there is no reason to complain.

[EP] goregrind
That "Heartwork"-alike riff and guitar tone in the beginning... awesome! Fun little EP, but that's pretty much everything I could say about this. Now, make an LP too!
Scary Muzak

[Compilation] electronic (soundtrack remix) / dance / synth pop
The Norwegian Wolves reimagined and modernized John Carpenter's iconic spookscapes from the '78 classic, moreover they've sprinkled some Ulver-esque studio magic onto the whole thing and dropped some of their own compositions as well into the cauldron. "Scary Muzak" perfectly blends the mysterious and pumpkin-spiced spook with their smooth and dancey synth-pop.

[Live] experimental ulvercore (electronic / drone)
Here it is ATGCLVLSSCAP 2.0. These "live" albums from Ulver are the real treat. Very relaxing, yet still very dinamic and easy flowing release, with surprisingly tight production. A real pleasure for the ears, seriously.
16Sunn O)))
Metta, Benevolence BBC 6Music...

[Live] drone metal / experimental
The best Sunn O))) release since Monoliths and Dimensions, which is a really big thing. The album behind the terrible title is a truly gigantic slow-motion catharsis. Lots of experimentation, great guests (Anna von Hauswold should tour with them more often, and please invite Attila Csihar too). Prepare for a deep relax, and the usual high-volume brain-massage through the walls of drones and distortion.
17Public Announcement

Here they come: your recommendations!
18Cult Of Luna
The Raging River

[EP] post-sludge
submitted by: dedex
19Knocked Loose
A Tear in the Fabric of Life

[EP] hardcore / metalcore
submitted by: dedex
20Samurai Breaks

[EP] breaks / electronics
submitted by: dedex
21Wasted Space

[EP] emo / pop punk
submitted by: dedex + shoutout for mikey!
22Against the Current

[EP] pop rock / alt rock
submitted by Get Low
Temporal Bliss Surrealms

[EP] death metal
submitted by: Gnocchi
24Gates (USA-NJ)
Here and Now

[EP] post rock / emo
submitted by: Nbehre11
To Hell With It

[EP] R&B
submitted by: dedex
26Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou
The Helm of Sorrow

[EP] post-sludge
submitted by dedex & Dewinged

[EP] atmoblack
submitted by: Dewinged
28Lamp of Murmuur
Punishment and Devotion

submitted by: Dewinged
29Benjamin Epps
Fantôme avec chauffeur

[EP] hip-hop (boom bap)
submitted by: dedex
30Psychonaut & Saver

[Split] post-metal / progressive
submitted by: Ectier
31Thy Darkened Shade/Amestigon/Inconcessus/Lux Lucis/Shaarimot
SamaeLilith: A Conjunction Of The Fireborn

[Split] black metal / death metal
submitted by: Egarran
32Kishi Bashi

[EP] americana
submitted by: Egarran
33Neptunian Maximalism
Solar Drone Ceremony

[Live] drone / psychedelic / jazz / dark ambient
submitted by: arf
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