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In anticipation of "Artificial Selection" being released in less than a week, I decided to finally make my own ranking of DGD. While I know this band gets ranked a lot, the ranking lists I've seen have looked super lazy and boring. Also, while I know this band gets discussed a lot and there are quite a few fanboys on here, I don't really give a shit because it's a music discussion site. Lastly, let me get all of my unpopular opinions out of the way really fast: Tilian shouldn't even try to sing Jonny and Kurt songs, Tree City Sessions is NOT that good at all, Tilian should go back to Tides Of Man, DGD should get a new vocalist to continue their evolution, and I really really really wish Will Swan would just fucking stop rapping. Let's begin! EDIT: Updated for Artificial Selection ;]
10Dance Gavin Dance
Summertime Gladness / Pussy Vultures

Non-Album Tracks:

1. Summertime Gladness
2. Perfect
3. People You Knew
4. Pussy Vultures
5. That's What I Like


1. Kurt Travis
2. Jonny Craig
3. Jon Mess (DBM 2 - Present)
4. Tilian Pearson
5. Jon Mess (WISIRO - S/T)
6. Will Swan (Screams)
7. Will Swan (Rapping)
9Dance Gavin Dance
Acceptance Speech

I was a sad dude when Tilian left Tides Of Man, so one could only assume my excitement when a few years later when I had learned he joined DGD. So I got SUPER stoked, and then the album came out...aaaaaand I stopped listening to DGD for years up until Mothership came out. I was sure they had peaked, not ashamed at all to say it, I was highly disappointed with that release, and it's still my least favorite to this day. I know it's an unpopular opinion with a lot of DGD fans here, but fuck it, I'm one of the "old-school" fans, fucking sue me.

1. Death of the Robot with Human Hair
2. Strawberry Swisher pt. 3
3. Turn Off the Lights. I’m Watching Back to the Future pt. II
4. Jesus H. Macy
5. The Robot with Human Hair pt. 4
6. Demo Team
7. Carve
8. The Jiggler
9. Doom & Gloom
10. Acceptance Speech
11. Honey Revenge
8Dance Gavin Dance
Instant Gratification

I completely disregarded this album because of my reaction to Acceptance Speech, and I only came back around to it because of how much I like Mothership. But honestly, I'm glad I did. While, in my opinion, this album has a lot of filler, it has a lot of really gnarly songs also. And if I wouldn't have ever listened to this album, I wouldn't have one of my favorite DGD songs of all time, which is "Stroke God, Millionaire". I could literally destroy a pit with the bouncy part in the middle of the song.

1. Stroke God, Millionaire
2. On The Run
3. Death Of A Strawberry
4. The Cuddler
5. Awkward
6. We Own The Night
7. Variation
8. Eagles Vs. Crows
9. Shark Dad
10. Legend
11. Lost
12. Something New
7Dance Gavin Dance

This is where I finally came around to the Tilian-era DGD after years of disregarding it. "Young Robot" popped up on my YouTube one day, and I was like "fuck it" and checked it out...but then I was like "oh FUCK, holy shit". This is my favorite Tilian album so far, and because of Mothership, I revisted the previous two Tilian albums, and...ehhhhhhh, I guess I could say it was better than my initial reaction? Yeah, something like that.

1. Young Robot
2. Petting Zoo Justice
3. Chocolate Jackalope
4. Betrayed By The Game
5. Inspire The Liars
6. Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise
7. Philosopher King
8. Flossie Dickey Bounce
9. Man Of The Year
10. Frozen One
11. Exposed
12. Deception
13. Here Comes The Winner
6Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain II

I remember when I first heard this album, I was initially disappointed. Having Jonny come back sorta made me think it was going to sound just like DBM. But I had to break through my own expectations, and eventually I did, and it became one of my favorites. This album is just super quirky and weird, not to mention, it was fantastic to have Jon Mess back in the fold. Especially here is when he really started to change the way he did his screams, not that I didn't like his previous work, it was just nice to see that dude evolve. But shit man, this album is in a ballpark of it's own.

1. Blue Dream
2. Purple Reign
3. Heat Seeking Ghost Of Sex
4. Thug City
5. Need Money
6. Privilously Poncheezied
7. Pounce Bounce
8. The Robot with Human Hair Pt.2 1/2
9. Elder Goose
10. Swan Soup
11. Spooks
5Dance Gavin Dance
Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean

I'm one of the very small handful of people who love this EP. Over the years, I see all the hate it gets and how it's compared to other work by DGD. But, seriously, it's the bands first EP, what the shit do you expect? Plus, duhhhhh, the Robot saga was started right here. Nonetheless, this was the very first DGD I ever heard (borrowed from that girl), and as soon as "The Importance Of Cocaine" came on, I was instantly hooked. This EP will always hold a special place in my heart.

1. The Importance Of Cocaine
2. The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 2
3. The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 1
4. Burning Down The Nicotine Armoire
5. The Robot Vs. Heroin Battle Of Vietnam
6. Tidal Waves: Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner
7. Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean
4Dance Gavin Dance
Artificial Selection

It's 06/08/18, the release of the new DGD album. I've digested it since 5:00 A.M. this morning and it is now currently 11:00 A.M., and I have to say, it completely blew away my expectations. Admittingly, I had these expectations pretty low since Tilian-era DGD isn't so much my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I still like it, but it took me until Mothership to appreciate it. But goddamn did this album not disappoint, and I'll probably be playing it on repeat for weeks to come. I've actually surprised myself with how high I've ranked it, I mean, it's above Jonny Craig stuff for Christ's sake (and no Swan rapping). Anyways, while there's speculation that this could be their final album, it would be a fantastic swan song (no pun intended) to go out on.

1. Evaporate
2. Count Bassy
3. Midnight Crusade
4. Bloodsucker
5. The Rattler
6. Shelf Life
7. Care
8. Gospel Burnout
9. Flash
10. Slouch
11. Story Of My Bros
12. Son Of Robot
13. Hair Song
14. Suspended In This Disaster
3Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

Back in 2007, a girl I was talking to at the time let me borrow this and WISIRO to check out. I listened to the EP first, but I'll get to that. DBM took where WISIRO left off and fucking blew me away. Even though Jonny Craig is and has been a real piece of shit, I can't deny that his DGD work is flawless. After I got these from that girl, I instantly became a fan and couldn't stop listening.

1. Open Your Eyes And Look North
2. Lemon Meringue Tie
3. The Backwards Pumpkin Song
4. And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman
5. Antlion
6. Strawberry Andre
7. Turn Off The Lights I'm Watching Back To The Future
8. It's Safe To Say You Dig The Backseat
9. Surprise! I'm From Cuba, Everyone Has One Brain
10. 12 Hours, 630 Miles
11. Untitled
2Dance Gavin Dance

This album and the S/T album always go back and forth for the top place in my heart. What was once an underdog of an album, has now become somewhat of a cult classic. I've always liked Kurt Travis the best out of all the DGD vocalists, and this is the album where he really shines. If only there were more songs...

1. Carl Barker
2. Power To The People
3. Self-Trepanation
4. Tree Village
5. Strawberry Swisher Pt. 2
7. Don't Tell Dave
8. Happiness
9. I'm Down With Brown Town
10. Strawberry Swisher Pt. 1
1Dance Gavin Dance
Dance Gavin Dance

I've listened to this the most, and it's hard to rank solely because the entire thing is flawless. This album got me through some really rough times back in 2008, when I was homeless and couch-hopping, and all I cared about was partying and doing drugs to forget about how fucking sad I was. That's also why I included the bonus track in this ranking. Also, I cringe when this album is referred to as "Hot Topic-core". Ugh.

1. Hot Water On Wool/HWOW Reprise
2. Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most
3. Caviar
4. Rock Solid
5. Alex English
6. Skyhook
7. Buffalo!
8. The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 3
9. Burning Down the Nicotine Armoire Pt. 2
10. (Bonus Track)
11. Reprogramming Mental Preprogramming
12. Me And Zoloft Get Along Just Fine
13. People You Know
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