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Exploring avant-rock/punk

Similar to my 'exploring weird folk' list - gimme a rec that meets this sort of qualification, i'll give it a listen + write up. 1 rec per person (p.s. - the less 'proggy' (i.e. wanky) the better)
1Glenn Branca
The Ascension

Rec'd by me
2This Heat

Rec'd by me
An Evil Heat

Rec'd by me
Startin this list off with a doozy.

This is the third album I've heard by Oxbow and it's an easy favorite for me in their discography. It's everything I wanted the band to be when I first heard their music. It's the heaviest I've heard Oxbow sound, but still retains all the qualities I love the band for - specifically, Eugene's all-over-the-place vocal performances. It's a testament to how good this album is that I was still engaged during its 32 minute closer.

Children of God

Rec'd by me
5The Pop Group

Rec'd by me
Hell Songs

Rec'd by Spluger

Ah, short and sweet(?).

This was a really cool listen. The 'drunken uncle at a wedding' vocals contrast deliciously with the bristling chaos going underneath. The riffs are so furious and intricate and pummeling and just plain nuts that I can already tell I'm gonna be spending a lot of time unpacking this album. The 6 minute 'Cheers, Pricks' devolves into a droney outro, proving the band's dynamic capacity and ceaseless experimentation. It's one hell of a fuckin ride, that's for sure.


7maudlin of the Well

Rec'd by dbiz (sure what the hell i'll throw it on here)

Bath's greatest strength lies in its ability to seamlessly blend a variety of influences and/or styles throughout its runtime. It's a trick that works surprisingly well, as the band keeps finding new ways to tinker with these various sounds. Only problem is that sometimes the tracks blend together, with some obvious standouts and a little bit of filler mixed in. Great vocal performances and production, etc etc.

8Various Artists
No New York

Rec'd by StallionMang
9Sonic Youth
NYC Ghosts & Flowers

Rec'd by sandwich
10The United States of America
The United States of America

Rec'd by Ars
11Les Rallizes Denudes
'77 Live

Rec'd by Ov

more like les rallizes desnoozes amirite


Anyway, this was kinda neat. I love how much these guys venture into weird, distorted psychedelic journeys of guitar feedback. It did get a little grating at times, and the lo-fi recording (yes yes I know this was a live recording done in 1977 and it can't be helped but still) on the vocals didn't really sway me into loving it. Sometimes this album feels transcendent, sometimes it just feels plain ol' boring, and I'm not sure I'll ever listen to it all the way through ever again. Maybe it'll grow, though.

12Butthole Surfers
Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac

Rec'd by Bloon

The grooves on this album are to die for - roiling, unstoppable basslines that go hand in hand with spasmodic guitar freak-outs. Butthole Surfers manage the clever balance between absurdity and actually being good, and I respect the hell out of 'em for walking that tightrope.

13Extra Life
Secular Works

Rec'd by cylinder
14Giant Squid
The Ichthyologist

Rec'd by dedes

this is just atmo sludge / 5
15Thinking Fellers Local 282

Rec'd by Nero
16Naked City
Naked City

Rec'd by TVC
Aratame Hajime Mashite Midori Desu

Rec'd by Sint

Well, this was a thing. I liked the mix of jazz / punk that the band goes for but it sometimes feels a bit too gimmicky or overwrought for my tastes (esp with the 'cutesy' vocals that suddenly turn to screams). The vocals are good, and there's some solid tunes to come back to, so that's nice I suppose.

18Richard Hell and The Voidoids
Blank Generation

Rec'd by butch
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