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Adventures in death metal

Unique, Brain, Sitruk, and I rec'ing each other death metal, listening to it, rating it and briefly commenting on it. This list will be updated as we go on.
Dark Recollections

Recommended to Unique by Marehelm.

This album is not friendly, or inviting, or indeed even closel resembling anything hospitable. It shreds and tears, blasts and crushes. It seems to exist not to create an obscure world of its own, but rather to darken and diminish this one. Its dictature of underproduced vocal outbursts and instrumental menaces are nothing short of conniving. The demonic atmosphere layered all throughout the record keeps you hooked, even though the music itself usually only reaches from samey to lacking enough finesse to execute a truly engrossing sound, eventually leaving a lot of the material just sort of flat and middle-of-the-road. Nevertheless, I can hardly say anything else bad about it. It's just a damn solid record done in the best traditions of oldschool Death Metal.

Unique's rating: 3.4
2Ad Nauseam
Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est

Recommended to Marehelm by Brain

I guess you could continue discussing this album to the point of nausea. The intricate details, the fantastic production, the songwriting, the orchestral surprises throughout. It’s all there. This isn’t just another Gorguts or Ulcerate clone. These guys are their own, they have their own agenda.

That agenda includes melting you face and riff for several days.

The only negative is the simple fact that I’m sure that I’ve grasped even a fraction of what’s going on. I’m going to need more time. For now, this a strong 4.

Marehelm's rating: 4.0


Unique's take on the album:
A pretty standard, fast, beatdown metal record that may not wow with its instrumentation or songwriting, but is still solid enough to entertain, together with nicely put together production. 3.5
3Rivers of Nihil

Recommended to Brain by Unique

Ive been meaning to check this because I have listened to their previous lp and thought it was coo. I still dont really like the guitar tone that much but its not detrimental to the music. Writing wise its better than the previous in about every way. drumming is great and I dig the guitar playing on Terrestria II: Thrive a lot. on paper I should like this a lot more than I do, but it aint bad by any stretch. solid 3.6/5

Brainmelter's rating: 3.6
The Order of the False Eye

Recommended to Unique by Brainmelter.

Yeah, this is more my speed and style. It's a rapidfire, extravagant, obscure adventure into your deepest, darkest and most twisted nightmares, just as Death Metal should be. It's a brutally hard-hitting, maniacally consistent release taht doesn't stop or slow-down for a minute, just keeps going with its utterly mind-bending psychotic oddity. It does overstay its welcome evenutally, but that in no way affects the greatness of it all.

Unique's rating: 4.3/5
5Dead Congregation
Promulgation of the Fall

Recommended to Marehelm by SitruK.

Dead Congregation has created a little gem here. It riffs, the production is great, and it’s doesn’t overstay its welcome: it leaves you wanting more. It's faster paced than I expected, at times almost impatient. I do think it could benefit by adding more slow parts, like the one in the title track.

This isn’t a groundbreaking album, this is no reinvention of the genre – but, it riffs, it bangs, it smashes. And isn't that pretty much all you could ask of most death metal albums?

Marehelm's rating: 4.0/5


Unique's take on the album: Pretty much just the same as I said of Ad Nauseam, but with worse, more chaotic and dismal production. 3.5

Recommended to Sitruk by Unique

Not the kind of DM i normally listen. Went blindly into this album without checking out genre tags, ratings or anything like that. Overall it wasn't a bad experience, however this album definitely has flaws. It's technical yes, but that alone doesn't have me sold on any album. The clean singing helps the album a lot imo but it doesn't save the album for being kind of boring at times. I just felt like i've heard it all before (which isn't necessarily bad when done really good) and that it lacks in the amount of hard hitting moments. Thats not to say that this album is filled with bad parts or songs, not at all. The thing is nothing here sticks out enough to where i would return to this instead of other similar acts (Beyond Creation to name one).

it's worth mentioning that i was sure this was gonna be a 3.0/5 when i was at the 4th track (Sum) but the 5th track (Elpis) and 7th track (Samsara) made me rate this a 3.4.

SitruK's rating: 3.4/5
To the Depths... In Degradation

Recommended to Brainmelter by Marehelm.

damn man this album melts face, this is something I've always seen floating around and I'm like 'I'll check it eventually'. but thankfully it was brought to my full attention. pretty satisfying in multiple regards. It's filthy and sounds like pure evil. I get a lot of suffo vibes from this, so that's neat. the vox are a stand out, which is funny because a lot of deathcore/beatdown vocals sound like this now but this was before all that. the production allows the drums and vox to sound raw while keeping a brutal death aesthetic. the drum playing is constantly enthralling, probably the best part about this for me. song lengths avg around 5 min, cool composition and you can tell these guys were passionate about their music. Some of the longer tracks lose me, but that's just my attention span. unfortunate this was their only outing, but that makes it even more of a gem. fav track is: 'Excoriation Killz the Bliss'

Brainmelter's rating: 4.2/5
Stone's Reach

Recommended to Marehelm by Unique.

You know how an album can come to define a period in your life? Such it is with Stone's Reach. I've been busy, my time fragmented to tinier and tinier pieces - and, with that, Stone's Reach has felt fragmented.

And that's not Be'lakor's fault, it's mine: I've listened to single songs here and there and only few times from the beginning to the end.

What I've gathered so far is the monotone and mixed-too-high vocals, the guitar tone's lack of punch, and a sense of masterful songwriting and intricate melodies lying beneath the surface, not yet revealed to me.

Be'lakor has not failed, I have, for the time of being, failed Be'lakor.

Marehelm's rating: Not available, will be updated.
The Sleep of Morbid Dreams

Recommended to Brainmelter by SitruK.

Very dark and visceral. these guys have definitely jammed incantation more than a couple times haha but still it is its own beast. now that I think about it, im quite picky when it comes to my doomy metal. and I tend to get bored of it quicker than almost any sub breed of the genre. the vox are really awesome and it's duration is perfect, doesn't overstay it's welcome. but imo I don't see myself coming back to this one much. But I got to put respeck where respeck is warranted.

Brainmelter's rating: 3.4/5


Unique's take on the album: Murderous, invigorating, annihilating, vicious shredding album, whose only downside are the growly vocals, but that's just my taste. Never really liked growls all that much. 3.7

Recommended to Unique by Marehelm.

This took me by surprise, honestly. It starts off like an honest to god post-punk album. The bass, sharp and repeating drumline to even the synth sounds on the background (more of a New Wave thingie there), then the first two minutes pass and the disharmonic, chaotic guitars kick in, then they go too and acoustic guitar starts its blissful round. That's pretty much how the entire album went. It's an utterly odd, no-two-minutes-same kind of obscurity. I am convinced that this is an art punk or a post punk album with some death metal influences, not the other way around. It just jumps all over the place, and in spite of its utter inconsistency, it is still a heck of a ride with some absolutely weird and hilarious vocal performances and shotty instrumentation. The hell is this really?

Unique's rating: 3.6
11Intestine Baalism
Ultimate Instinct

Recommended to Sitruk by Brainmelter.

Intestine Baalism is a band from Tokyo, Japan's capital city.

'Ultimate instinct' is the band's 3rd album. Coming into this i was a bit worried i wouldn't like it due to it being labeled as melodic dm. Man was i wrong about all of that.

The album is varied, you got songs that have a brutal edge to them (e.g. opening track 'agony in the stone chamber') and than you have your melodic songs (e.g. title track 'ultimate instinct'), it's worth mentioning that i hear some bm elements in small bits and pieces of this album. the album doesn't overstay, being just 36 minutes puts it at the perfect length and makes it easier to digest.

I can definitely see myself coming back to this album.

Sitruk's rating: 4.0/5
12Spectral Voice
Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

Recommended to Unique by SitruK.

Well... I am a little lost on words, to be honest. This album did pretty much absolutely nothing for me. For starters it is almost unbearably uneventful. The music just drags on with little interesting sound to it whatsoever. Talking about the sound, the production on here is hands down atrocious. Not only is it a muddled blob of overcompressed drumming that is barely intelligible, it also makes already hard-to-get-into growling vocals sound even more off-putting. It just goes on for a long-ass time and barely engages at any moment at all. Disappointment is real with this one.

Unique's rating: 2.2
Under a Stone With No Inscription

Recommended to Marehelm by Brainmelter.

Well, this is my kind of technical death metal: It's frantic, but there's no wank, no pretense. I feel like I could say this every damn time I listen to a death metal album I like: It riffs. But, more importantly in technical death metal, the riffs have a purpose, they are allowed to breathe and bring dynamics to the overall experience.

Again, if you need more convincing: It riffs. Check it out.

Marehelm's rating: 4.2/5
Stone's Reach

I tried again, I really did. All my initial impressions have held up, and, most of all, the production drags this down. There are gorgeous passages (like the end of Sun's Delusion), but it's just glimpses of potential to me. It isn't bad by any means, but it feels like it could have been so much more. Sorry, Be'lakor.

Marehelm's rating: 3.5/5
Above the Weeping World

Recommended to Marehelm by Unique.

So, this is everything I wanted Be'lakor to be. Epic, melodic without sacrificing any ferocity. This could be a future 5.

Marehelm's rating: 4.5/5
Converging Conspiracies

Recommended to Uni by Marehelm.

Old-school, ugly and hellish offering that is just as heavy as it is dismal. Strangely enough, in spite of its seemingly one-dimensional approach, it never does become samey or repetative. The band manages to keep things fresh and the album keeps on going with dissonance and demonic magitude. It's a literal hell of an experience.

Uni's rating: 4.2/5
Inside the Unreal

Recommended to Brain by Marehelm.

The riffage makes this pretty groovy actually. this is yet another damn thing I've seen floating around for ages but I'm just checking it out now.(thanks mar) This is some yummy tech death that probably paved the way for a lot of bands to follow in the years after. Tight playing by all these beautiful Italians. the guitar solos remind of slayer for some reason and the drum tone feels reminiscent of Suffocation. While the drum playing is nothing super special, they definitely more than get the job done. Favorite track is probably Behind the Truth, never fails to get my head boppin. The albums is short but (this is an average time for the era and genre) it's good to put on during a work out or while cleaning da house

Brain's rating: 3.9/5
The Supreme Force of Eternity

Recommended to Uni by Marehelm.

I feel a great deal of opinional dissonance about this record. On one hand, the sameness and the cruel, vocally growling unpleasantness of it does push me away from it; on the other, its constant hellish atmosphere draws me near. I don't know how to feel, but after several attempts at finding out I have to say that I cannot endure any more.

Uni's rating: 3.5/5
Cool Mortification

Recommended to Brain by Father Universe.

I've listened to this probably three times now and its been hard trying to put my feelings into words for this. Not in a, 'oh my god, I'm blown away and speechless and don't know where to start' way, but in a very indifferent way. When I first listened to the lp I felt it was good osdm , perhaps a bit derivative but nothing offensive. As I listened on I really dug the weird little synths and keyboards that were spliced in sparingly and the head boppin' grooves found throughout. The songwriting on more than a handful of songs are excellent(Evil Corners of Mind, Without The Following Dawn) but something just isn't grabbing me. The production is surprisingly good with a beautiful bass presence. Every time I listen it gets better, but only very gradually.
Choice cuts: The Loop and Faces Under The Ice

Brain's rating: 3.5/5
20The Chasm
Procreation of the Inner Temple

Recommended to Uni by Brain.

The Chasm - Procreation of the Inner Temple:

brainmelter managed to rec me one of the few Chasm albums I have not heard. And the reason I have skipped this one was for the fear of it being merely an underproduced first attempt at becoming what they would later indeed turn into. And my fears have moderately come true, but the album still has its merit. The off-putting production does bring out a lot of devilish aspects of the band's music and the instrumentation is rock solid. Still the layering, mixing and the production do kill it in the end. Sorry.

Uni's rating: 2.7/5
21Baphomet (NY)
The Dead Shall Inherit

Recommended to Brain by Marehelm.

good osdm that came into fruition around the same time and place(NY) Immolation did. filled with powerful riffs and some grooves sprinkled here and there. though it isn't really memorable or doesn't really try to do anything else but what the first couple tracks establish. even through the context of its time period, 1992. it's overshadowed and it makes sense. solid but forgettable

Brain's rating: 3.1/5
Back to Times of Splendor

Recommended to Marehelm by Uni.

So, this is nice. This album exemplifies what I crave in metal (unless I just need riffs and headbangs): Variation and contrast. And for that reason, it is all the more blasphemous that I haven't taken this journey before.

This progressive piece of work has melodies and chaos, harsh and clean, fast and slow. Spring is coming and with it, and repeated listens, this could easily be a 4.5 or 5. My only gripe is (as I see I am not alone with) and what is holding this back from a 4.5, is the sometimes Serj Tankian-ish clean vocals.

Nice one, Pops.

Marehelm's rating: 4/5
Khaooohs And Kon-Fus-Ion

Recommended to Uni by Marehelm.

For an old underground tape this is surprisingly well-produced, while not losing its oldschool grainy essence, what with those gratuitously growly vocals and often cliché heavy metal guitar riffs. The album does swing by in no time and is fun to come back to, but I will say that the instrumental arrangement (or production, not sure) sometimes is questionable (those things that sound like an 8-bit computer bleep-blooping).

Uni's rating: 3.9
24Dark Heresy
Abstract Principles Taken to Their Logical Extreme

Recommended to Brain by Uni.

man what a find this is, osdm that has some really awesome writing. nice production and a myriad of instruments can be found on this besides the usual guitar, bass, and drum formula. this band uses a lot of acoustic guitars, keys, and even organs. there are excellent moments throughout the whole lp but The Ceremony really blew me away. the part at 3:03 with that prominent bass melody and then.. the guitar riff at 3:23 just brings a tear to my eye. wonderful stuff. A dense and realized album that has a lot to offer the listener, and it's surprisingly obscure for all the talent that is on display here.. a great hidden gem.

Brain's rating: 4.3/5
Below the Hengiform

Recommended to Uni by Brain.

Well damn. This was some ghastly ghoulish deeply doom-inspired death metal that often played with black metal influences. It was crushing and it was invigorating. Perhaps I am glad it only encompassed 3 tracks, for I don't think I could stomach more of this pure hell. Uuuugh. As solid as they come.

Uni's rating: 3.5
On the Seventh Day God Created.... Master

Recommended to Brain by Uni.

nice guitar work and the vocals are fun(probably my favorite thing about this). definitely on the thrash-y side of metal but without a doubt, osdm. I don't like how the drums are produced, and the drummer himself is not lacking necessarily, but he isn't anything special imo, he just gets the job done. and that sucks because better drumming could have really elevated this for me. as a whole, it kicks ass, and I really enjoyed the wicked guitar solos.

Brain's rating: 3.4/5
In the Court of Nyarlathotep

Recommended to Marehelm by Brain.

So, this is a little treat. It feels inherently old school despite its young age - this is a good thing. I have for a long time been a guy made up of few words, so I've always appreciated brevity: The ability to restrain and constrain, to be concise. Garroted delivers and packs enough punch to make the short length work. They do, at times, sound like each instrument wants to overpower the others and that may be my only gripe.

Marehelm's rating: 3.5/5

Recommended to Uni by Brain.

Well, this was just the most diabolical experience. Everything, from the gnarly vocals, demonic instrumentation, to the utmost vicious production that practically turns this into absolute despondent mess. But bloody damn hell, that mess is all the charm. The utter, gutteral, annihilating crudeness and atrocity. Love it!

Uni's rating: 4.4/5
Where Death Will Increase 1991-1994

Recommended to Brain by Marehelm.

A really solid compilation album of the bands best work, I pretty sure it's a combination of their three demos. the first 4 tracks contrast in production compared to the next 5 or so. The last 3 songs are my favorite of the bunch. Tight playing and groovy riffs all over the place, not super extreme dm, but sufficiently evil osdm with obvious thrash influences. I fuck with the drumming a lot, their drummer has a good ear for adding to the music in the best possible ways. the riffs on this make your head want to bop and that always had me coming back. maybe an 'easy listen' isn't what I should call this per se, but it's a great casual listen and hits all the right spots. oh and I can't forget to mention that the vocalist is really, really great. it has balls and it has charm, I'm a happy guy

Brain's rating: 4.0/5
Sonoran Depravation

Recommended to Marehelm by Uni.

So, how good can an average modern death metal album be?

Pretty fucking good it turns out. You just need a nasty guitar tone, some bangers, and knowing how not to overstay your welcome. This might be a bit front-loaded, but the short run-time makes up for it. This is probably one of my most spun 3.0's ever. It's really "Good": Fun, short, awesome-sounding, and (on several occasions) induces banging of the head.

Marehelm's rating: 3.0/5
Theurgia Goetia Summa

Recommended to Marehelm by Brain.

In theory, I love these kinds of old-school forgotten-underrated-band compilation. Timeghoul being an example. But there's a but: When the production value differs so vastly between the compiled EPs/demos, I get problems. You barely get used or into a sound before it drastically changes to another sound. Yes, everything on here is death metal, but the production may seriously affect whether I feel like listening to it at a given time. Here, the change in production value messes me up. And it's really a shame as this is some quality death metal. Oh, well...

Marehelm's rating: 3.2/5
Congregating the Sick

Recommended to Brain by Uni.

the album art makes me giggle every time I look at it for some reason hehe. A nice little dm album that doesn't overstay its welcome. and there is nothing particularly special going on here but that doesn't matter, the instrumentation is content in melting face. Some of solos are actually quite spunky. There is an emphasis on writing catchy tunes though. The vocal cadences are some of the catchiest parts too, it sounds like there is two vocalists at times but i'm not too sure about that. Some of the songs sound same-y but I don't think it hinders this release as a whole.

Brain's rating: 3.3/5

Recommended to Uni by Marehelm.

Among words I overuse when describing death metal are: brutal, hellish, diabolical and dizzying. However, it just so happens that all the best and proper death metal is supposed to, other than also technical and memorability qualitites, have all those aspects encompassed. It is then another great challenge to manage to have all of those vibes in you and not end up too by-the-numbers, or at least play the by-the-numbers shtick as best as you can, so that nobody has complaints. Adramelech is doing exactly the latter. They aren't pretending like this is something larger-than-life and they are barely experimentators. They are comfortably dwelling in death metal clichés, but with enthusiasm and dizzying diabolically hellish brutality a proper death metal project should project.

Tl;dr: it's decent, but samey

Uni's rating: 3.7
The Ending Quest

Recommended to Uni by Brain.

There is something about this old-school way of recording death metal that is just oh so appealing and pleasant to listen to. It's the kind that is incredibly chaotic, but you can hear every instrument and every vibration of the cymbals perfectly. It's that kind of tasty antiquated, but charming style that now only doom metal bands are trying to reevoke.

Uni's rating: 3.9
The Core

Recommended to Mare by Uni.

Those interludes. This is a fine album and all: good musicianship, interesting songwriting, impressive bass playing. This might've been an 4.0 or 4.5 EP if all the interludes where cut. With the interludes, this is nothing but a 3.0. Flow is nonexistent as there is situated an interlude between each of the songs. I hate that kind of stuff. With that said, the actual songs are awesome, so check it out if you're more forgiving about interludes.

Marehelm's rating: 3.0/5
36Glacial Tomb
Glacial Tomb

Recommended to Brain by Uni.

decent blackened death metal with a modern edge. but honestly I wasn't really feeling this one. I felt like I was waiting for something to grab me or for one of the songs to take an interesting turn but nah. its not bad per se, there are cool grooves and enough head boppin' moments but it just sounds too derivative for me. the second listen through began to feel like a chore. like I said, again, not bad at all just not my cup o tea, the production is kind of a bore and the vocals are a tad lame.

Brain's rating: 2.9/5

Recommended to Uni by Marehelm.

This album was all over the place, but in a good and oddly enticing way. It went from cosmic, gutteral hellish, folky to pagan and even a little black metal-like. The cornerstone of the whole albu, however, the music itself was continually despondent and punishing with fantastic riffs and that charming old-school amateurishness in production. A lot of heart and a lot of heaviness. Just the way it's supposed to be.

Uni's rating: 4.5/5
Occult Medicine

Recommended to Brain by Marehelm.

I was very pleased by how in your face this was but I dunno, maybe I've become desensitized in a way. Because on paper I should fuck with this super hard but there is something about the songwriting that is very, how do I say it, uninteresting? Its heavy, its fast, and it has a lot going on and I'm definitely not saying its bad by any means, but I've spun this twice now and it really isn't resonating with me as well as I thought it would have, given how I felt when I heard that initial intro. the guitar riffs are cool, especially the tremz and I like the waaah solos that are on almost every track. something about this reminds of lykathea aflame. I know that doesn't make sense but it sounds like the early 2000s without a doubt. i'm sure it will grow on me but for now

Brain's rating: 3.6/5
39Tomb Mold
Manor of Infinite Forms

Recommended to Mare by Brain.

Sometimes, it's difficult to approach these new death metal albums. Like, how many of the new releases would be classics if they were released 25-30 years ago? Probably quite a few. This is one of them. It has all you want: Riffs, atmosphere, awesome vocals, and riffs. It makes your head bang. Oh, and the songwriting is phenomenal, and there's so many small, great moments (for example the first 10 seconds of "Chambers.."

Mare's rating: 4/5
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