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REC ROULETTE ROUND 5 -- Butcher Brace

losin' steam faster than a harlot's kettle..
1Mark Lanegan

The theme for this are DUETS. I'd like you to rec me three.
Waiting for the Moon

When I say duets, I mean vocal interplay, not two musicians who came together to arrange, though if they happen to do that while singing together, all the better! One of your recs can be male-male, but I would prefer male-female dynamics. Examples are Stuart Staple with Lhasa de Sela on Sometimes It Hurts off this album, or the duet Lanegan does with PJ Harvey on Bubblegum above. Have at it. Stipulating questions not allowed.
3David Byrne and St. Vincent
Love This Giant

Unique 1


Unique, I know you adore St. Vincent, and I like quite a bit of her music, even if she is more or less a perfectly molded piece of 21st century hipster twaddle. That being said, I liked this song, I think she and Byrne are a good match, if only in the sense that they both behave like perfumed asexual tapeworms. Song had plenty of that old Talking Heads white man funk. I grant thee 3.5/5
4Get Well Soon
Schulz & Böhmermann (The Original Soundtrack)

Unique 2

When You're Near Me

This was fucking lovely. Equal parts Bond theme lushness and Gainsbourg-esque zex. Love that schmaltzy orchestral arrangement. And the voices blended well, like beet juice and Russian tears. Have a 4.5/5
5Andrew Bird
Are You Serious

Unique 3

Left Handed Kisses

Fiona Apple is damn great. I've never heard of Andrew Bird before, and he sounds pretty well like every other half-decent indie act from the mid-2000's (whom I all hate). However, the otherwise banal skeletal structure of the song was improved by little quirky noise add-ons and some other kinks that elevated it past simple indie radio fare. I liked the song enough, but will probably never listen to it again. Her voice is much better and more individualized that his. If this was a duet of Andrew Bird and Emily Haines, it would have gotten a 0.5/5. As it is Fiona Apple, this gets 3/5

Unique's score -- 3.66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666667

also known as the WINNER..
6Fleetwood Mac

bgill 1

Go Your Own Way

I know nothing at all about Fleetwood Mac's music, so I've only vaguely heard the hook to this song on classic radio skips, old pubs etc. The drums in this are fucking stellar. The song is cheese. Good cheese, even great cheese, but at the moment, I'm feeling intolerant of lactose, so I'm banishing this cheese back into the starter vat of a cheese factory, to be curdle, then remove the bacteria so it turns back to milk, and then shove that milk back into the cow's udder it came from. Have a 3/5
7Typhoon (USA-OR)
White Lighter

bgill 2

Morton's Fork

Despite the fact that Morton's Fork sounds like a Dr. Seuss book about a serial rapist, the brass and strings on this tune were goddamn gorgeous. Not crazy about his voice, but that the interplay with the girl on the chorus was very sweet. For that, you get 3.5/5
8Devin Townsend
Ziltoid Live at the Royal Albert Hall

bgill 3

Universal Flame

I mean this song's name speaks for itself. A grand concept that comes with an equally grandiose sound. It has that shaking vast atmosphere of possibility and rallying a crowd. This sort of music isn't really my thing, but if you take it for what it is, it's good. However, I feel like the female vocals here were backing more than they were collaborating, unlike the Typhoon song where she felt like an integral part of the aesthetic moment. Also, since Universal Flame is a concept I have a hard time imagining (do people argue about their flames?), I have to give this one a 3/5

bgill's score -- 3.1666666666666666666666666666666666666666667 (sorry, dude, this batch didn't do much for me..)
9Gentle Giant

Fripp 1


Hmmm. Maybe it's the nautical album art, or the theatrical aspects of the music itself, but this sounds like something that Captain Hook has his men sing on the ship while they scrub the masts and tar the cormorant and other ocean shite. The duet part of this was a stretch. Also, where are the cojones? 3/5
10Kate Bush
The Dreaming

Fripp 2

Get Out of My House

Not everything she does is a stroke of genius. Though the jerky, intermittently dense arrangement gave me a noise/no wave half-hard-on. I hated the song until she went hee-haw, then I realized that the song is about a donkey who won't leave her house. I want to leave her house. Fripp, your idea of a duet is very different from mine. Also, where are the cojones? 2.5/5
Dots and Loops

Fripp 3


Oxford Dictionary defines a Parsec as a unit of astronomical length based on the distance from Earth at which stellar parallax is one second of arc and equal to 3.258 light-years, 3.086 × 1013 kilometers, or 1.918 × 1013 miles. That distance is also exactly the amount of cojones Fripp has to suggest a song that is not a duet for a duet competition. Decent song though. 3/5

Fripp's score -- 2.833333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
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