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They're all staring at you!!

feel their shame..
1The Cure
Staring at the Sea

The old man stares at you because old obese goths think these sort of pictures are art..
2The Stooges
The Stooges

The Stooges stare because they want to find out where you get your hair cut..
3Patti Smith
Dream of Life

Patti Smith stares because it's a primal form of performance art..
4Iggy Pop
Avenue B

Iggy Pop wants to know where all the good years have gone..
5PJ Harvey
Uh Huh Her

PJ Harvey is not impressed with you..
The Marble Index

Nico stares at you frigidly, the only way Germans can..
7Marianne Faithfull
Dreamin' My Dreams

Marianne Faithfull stares at you from that pensioner home placement ad..
8Lou Reed
The Bells

Lou Reed took a minute from admiring what a handsome genius he was thirty years ago to stare at you..
9Leonard Cohen
Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979

Leonard Cohen wants to borrow a comb and a bottle of absinthe from you..
10Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan stares at you from the cover of Canadian Snowshoe Weekly catalogue..
11Bruce Springsteen
The River

Bruce Springsteen stares because he wants you to understand how close he is to the common man..

The kid with the busted lip stares at you because he'll grow up to be a parking valet in Belfast..
13Theo Parrish
American Intelligence

Theo Parrish stares at you because you don't give a fuck who he is either..

Doom wants to borrow your comic books and never give them back..
15Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
The Spotlight Kid

Captain Beefheart stares at you because he thinks you're groovy..
16Frank Zappa
Joe’s Garage

Frank Zappa has wowee in one eye and zowee in the other..
17Chet Baker

Chet Baker took the time away from letting this woman rub her face on his sugarless piss-coloured sweater to stare at you..

Prince wants you to touch the artist formerly known as cock..
19Phil Collins
Both Sides

Phil Collins wants to creep into your house and steal your Rogaine..

courtesy of SandwichBubble - all is right in the world. I can rest easy now
All Eyez on Me

Tupac's dyslexia gets him barred from the Star Trek convention,.
21Kevin Rowland
My Beauty

courtesy of Divaman, and in requirement of no captions.. just stare back at him..
22St. Vincent
Marry Me

Annie Clark stares at you from the large intestine of the American Apparel empire..

courtesy of UniqueUniverse - a high school teacher who gets weirdly intimate with her students
23Cass McCombs
Mangy Love

Cass McCombs stares at you the way widowers stare at wedding cakes..

courtesy of Doofus - "I'm sorry I wasn't around much when you were a kid..."

Bjork as seen through the eyes of a Smurf..

courtesy of Azertherion - Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
25Josh Rouse
The Happiness Waltz

Josh Rouse stares at you from Wispiest Beard 2013 Finals promo poster..

courtesy of Doof - "Ok, passport photo checklist...good lighting, look straight at the camera, don't smile...got it. Oh, it says no hats."
The Miracle

twice as good as Siamese Dream

courtesy of Azertherion - did not provide caption!!

Sampha stares at the back of his eyelids for RnB crib sheet..

courtesy of Unique - He stares at you psychically
Angels With Dirty Faces

stares angrily because he knows one man is not enough for massive attacks..

courtesy of Doof - "I've made an album to straight up fuck with y'all"

stares back in mild panic while streaming the Godfather III

courtesy of Unique - You're a parent and you just walked in on your son Wiley doing...ehm..well...just cleaning the room, mum, nothing else.
30Brian Eno

how many Enos does it take to change a lightbulb? I'd tell you but Dead Finks Don't Talk

courtesy of Unique who wanted to take into unwholesome stalker territories..

Niechec stares at you from the set of Poland's version of The Shining, Lśnienie..

courtesy of Dylan620
32The Weeknd

weave 101 - before
Do What Thou Wilt.

weave 101 - after

courtesy of Unique, with a fantastic matchup
34Andrew W.K.
I Get Wet

Andrew W.K. stares up at you after doing the world's longest line of coke..

courtesy of RogueNine and dreamgauze

Sade stares at you as if to say "Tar Baby was actually about a really hot asphalt worker"

courtesy of dreamgauze -
Whatever Makes U Happy

JMSN gets both t-shirts and turtlenecks wrong, stares regardless..
37Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell stares back into the cold 'hard' face of erectile dysfunction.. A la Blamo!

courtesy of theBoneyKing
38Porcupine Tree
Fear of a Blank Planet

stares up at Father Francis..

courtesy of Green Baron

stares at Gene Simmons and tentatively asks "Daddy?"

courtesy of TheGreatQ
See You on the Other Side

Vladimir Putin in his kindergarten days..

also courtesy of TheGreatQ

Slint seek refuge in the only place safe from spiders..

courtesy of dreamgauze
42Devin Townsend

stares at evolution charts and whispers 'Nope' to himself..

courtesy of bgillesp - Devin stares at your eyes to make sure you don't look down
43Lord Finesse
Return Of The Funky Man

Lord Finesse stares with disdain at the deplorable port-a-potty situation at Coachella..

courtesy of pbateman
44Today Is the Day

stares at Andy Warhol and mutters: "Pop Art, more like Pop Tart."

courtesy of JohnnyOnTheSpot, kindly overlord..
45The Shaggs
Philosophy of the World

The Shaggs stare in the mirror at the worst sister-wives this side of Salt Lake City..

courtesy of mumbleTRAPPER
46A Tribe Called Quest
The Lost Tribes

stare on, as hipster California wappers steal their shit, and when they don't do that, stare down gentrification in Queens

courtesy of Rowan5215 - Phife stands on a box to be the same height as the other two, while Tip and Ali judge you for eating meat

stares at you from a packet of Meshuggah-brand aspartame..

courtesy of RikRoach7, the seventh of the noble RikRoach clan
48Sigur Ros

stares at the Lonely Planet Reykjavik guide, at a loss of non fish-related things to do..

courtesy of Dylan620
49Marilyn Manson
Mechanical Animals

Marilyn Manson misses the mark on his Victoria's Secret audition..

courtesy of Ocean of Noise
50X Japan
Art of Life

stares at you from between W Japan and Y Japan..

courtesy of RikRoach7
51Kate Bush
The Sensual World

Kate Bush stares at you from her Wal-mart employee of the month plague...

courtesy of RikRoach7

stares sadly because Sweden's burgeoning Neo-Nazi movement is not Progressive at all, is it?

courtesy of RikRoach7
53Crazy Frog
Crazy Frog Presents More Crazy Hits

courtesy of UniqueUniverse
The king of chaos and the God of death, he who takes lives and annihilates worlds for his own amusement; the beast, the vicious creature, the villainous mastermind and the keeper of our fates. He alone, the celestial deity, is and always has been and for all the times and ages to come will be the one, the past, present and the future as for he is the creator of all life and it is up to him to taketh it as well. Born of a light, yearning for blood with lust for all life to take and make one with himself. No gods or kings are to his knees even worthy, o' the supreme judge of all life and all the deed in place that is and that is to come as well, for he decides that too. He maketh you his toy for him to then make you ash. He bows to no space, nor time, nor laws of life as it is set by him for the man to be forever bound by the burden of his own existence. O' the beast, o' the magnificent that entity, the master of our lives, the king of chaos, the God of death.
Waiting for the Moon

Tindersticks stare at you from the Olive Garden 'barred for life' list. For dining, dashing, vaping and generally glooming everyone out..
Straight Outta Compton

NWA stare down a manhole at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as if to say: 'You lost, motherfucker?'

courtesy of UniqueUniverse - When you tell your friends you like pineapple on pizza and they're like "you're dead to us"
Bobby Tarantino

stares at you from a 1988 "Don't Do Drugs Or You'll Die Of AIDS Immediately!" public service announcement..

courtesy of UniqueUniverse - The coolest photo you took of yourself when you were 15.
His Young Heart

stares at you through the eyes of an elementary school arsonist..

courtesy of NorthernSkylark
58Motionless in White
Graveyard Shift

Jeff Goldblum if The Fly was actually The Raccoon..
59Slaughter To Prevail
Misery Sermon

Zooey Deschanel readies for a night out..

courtesy of UniqueUniverse - Ghost's Nameless Ghoul in his primal form...and gets diagnosed with schizophrenia
60The Fall
The Light User Syndrome

the Prestwich volunteer firemen stare at you from an Abbeystead mineshaft..

courtesy of Unique
61Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

Louis CK goes on the tapeworm and methamphetamine diet..

courtesy of RikRoach7
62Julien Baker
Sprained Ankle

stares at Wes Anderson movies like they're documentaries..
63Moor Mother
Fetish Bones

stares into the eyes of a JFK security agent with a big 'Random Spot Check' sign on the forehead..

the next forever ones are courtesy of UniqueUniverse, that bugger..

starez at Damon Albarn and thinks: 'Shouldn't the pasty tax have taken care of this fucker?'
65Iggy Pop
Post Pop Depression

stare at you from the steps of Bloomingdale's on 59th Street, men's leather jackets now 25% off..
Over There That Way

stares at you either from a bombsite in East Germany, or a postcard in a gluten-free free-range organic conflict-free fair trade hypoallergenic bakery in Brooklyn..

Spawn on casual Friday..
The Catastrophist

stares at Napoleon Dynamite and thinks of broken condoms..

stares at you from Van Gogh's lost masterpiece 'Zappa at rest..'
70Jenny Hval
Blood Bitch

Now introducing Tampax' Ebon Black Tampons - Do not be pigeon-holed by the floral pink woman paradigm of American marketing..
71Prism Tats
Prism Tats

lets pinkeye go untreated for years, because I don't like things touching my eyes, okay?!!?!?!?
Trans-Europe Express

stare away from the front page of a headline 'Kidnapped boys found roaming the Autobahn thirty years later.'
73Kero Kero Bonito
Bonito Generation

Graduating summa cum laude from the Hello Kitty air conditioner repair school..
Sweet Sexy Savage

stares at lotus flowers, vapes, then somehow extracts all of life's meaning..
The Machine Stops

If you count the Tin-Man from Wizard of Oz, I gather Frank Baum has invented both steampunk and cyberpunk..
76Kevin Abstract
American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story

perpetually on the hunt for his arch-nemesis Kevin Representational..
Brand New Day

stares at the gestapo officer who's just yelled 'Achtung Imker!!'
78Allen Toussaint
American Tunes

has his hands locked in that contemplative Penrose stairs contraption that Baby Boomers do when they stand at grave-sites..
79Electric Citizen
Higher Time

stare at you from the show poster of Led Zeppelin tribute band, Plumbum Blimp..
80Conrad Tao

stares from a performance art piece called 'Squares ruin everything.'

courtesy of SoccerRiot
81Aphex Twin

stares in existential confusion, as he knows he really belongs on a blink-182 album cover..

courtesy of SoccerRiot
82Phil Collins
No Jacket Required

stares back in anguish at the doctor who's just told him 'You're the first Brit to get skin cancer..'

courtesy of zakalwe
83Basia Bulat
Good Advice

that unlikely culprit who brings a knife to a mosh pit..

courtesy of UniqueUniverse for miles and miles..
84Gregory Porter
Take Me To The Alley

album title is number 3 on list of things you should never say to a pedophile..
Leave Me Alone

stare at a homeless man and think 'that T-shirt is sooooo thrift store cool!'
86Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

stares from the adult section of DisneyWorld, Minnie Mouse handjobs only $65..
87Vic Mensa
There's Alot Going On

how rappers stand when someone yells Atten-Ho!
88Vince Staples
Prima Donna

stares unimpressed after googling 'Spoon new music,' and getting 'IRISH SPOON PLAYER JOHNNY BONGOS HORGAN..'
Blisters in the Pit of My Heart

stares as if to say 'Hearts don't have pits, they are not peaches, hence poetry..'
Alone Together

Jesus, before and after watching Sons of Anarchy..
91Ocean Jet

stares at Ed Sheeran..
Silver Eye

stares at you through failed DIY sunglasses..
93Full of Hell
Trumpeting Ecstasy

stares into the face of a chain-smoking Frenchman, otherwise known as a Frenchman..
Fire Within

stares with soft condescension as she explains your creative differences..
95Tegan and Sara
Love You to Death

Tegan or Sara stares at you from behind Tegan or Sara, quietly whispering ''I don't give a fuck which one of us is which either..'
96Jeff Rosenstock

crashing bar mitzvahs since 1998..
97Marching Church
Coming Down: Sessions In April

stares at prospective parents in vain from the steps of a Copenhagen orphanage
Decision Day

on medical forms, puts Sodom under Sex..
99Night Verses
Into the Vanishing Light

Audrey Hepburn takes LSD at Tiffany's..
100Church of Misery
Thy Kingdom Scum

stares at King Buzzo from the Melvins and thinks 'Susan Boyle is looking better..'
101Eric Clapton
I Still Do

stares hesitantly for a while, then finally comes out and asks 'You got a baby and a hotel window I could borrow?'
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