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lordworm00's 2018 Best Albums

Only 1th position is in order; Album of the year: Low - Double Negative
Double Negative


'Double Negative is, indeed, a record perfectly and painfully suited for our time. Loud and contentious and commanding, Low fights for the world by fighting against it. It begins in pure bedlam, with a beat built from a loop of ruptured noise waging war against the paired voices of Sparhawk and Parker the moment they begin to sing during the massive “Quorum.”' (from their bandcamp)
Across Deaths


'Malthusian broke into your house, snorted it, and recorded Across Deaths there while you were at work. This album will give you an asthma attack and reduce your children’s IQ by ten points.' (from https://www.angrymetalguy.com/mathusian-across-deaths-review/)
Fragmented Lives


'...His music is a catalyzer, that turns his feelings into sounds, which lead us to “Fragmented Lives”. Apart from all the politics and society themes, that provoked Phil Gardelis to write this album, it is a masterpiece in his discography.' (from http://midirarecords.com/md-40-zenjungle-fragmented-lives/#)


'The Australian band delivers a jarring, dissonant record of non-linear death metal filtered through a necro black-metal screen, with a crisp high end that brings out every jagged turn.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/portal-ion/)
5Porno Teo Kolossal
Monrovia MMXVII


An underground project from Turin, Italy.
Italian artist Massimo Divenuto conceives of music as a soundtrack for his paintings and exhibitions.' (from discogs site)


'The new album Daemmerlicht finds the Bavarian musician exploring novel territory combining Recondite´s love of instrumental hip hop and downbeat with ambient and classical music.The result is his most focused meditative work yet.' (from http://plangent-records.com/discographie/daemmerlicht/)
7Giulio Aldinucci
Disappearing In A Mirror


'...“Disappearing In A Mirror” raises the very personal question of identity. In the words of ALDINUCCI himself:
“ ‘Disappearing In A Mirror’ focuses on the fluidity of the identity concept, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of contradictory elements and the transitional features that characterize every transformation. It is a reflection on the current situation of change and disruption and at the same time it is a gaze into the human timeless soul and its inner soundscapes.”' (from his bandcamp)
Feast for Water


'Messa play evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist. Deliciously haunting female vocals, rhodes piano and 70’s fuzz guitars combine to conjure a sound that is all of their own.' (from their bandcamp)
The Sciences


'The iconic stoner metal band’s first studio album in almost two decades is a twin ode to volume and weed. It makes everything that was originally great about Sleep even better.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/sleep-the-sciences/)
10Jon Hassell
Listening to Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)


' Forty years since its creation, Jon Hassell's Fourth World aesthetic remains a powerful influence on modern electronic music. Continuing his lifelong exploration of the possibilities of recombination and musical gene-splicing, fragments of performance are sampled, looped, overdubbed and re-arranged into beguiling unexpected shapes. Hassell applies the painterly technique of ‘pentimento’ to the arrangements, teasing out texture by the overlaying of sound upon sound, or a carefully timed reveal of the delicate bones pinning the frame of a track together.' (from his bandcamp)
11Rune Bagge
Pink Dreams


'...Copenhagen's Rune Bagge delivers a debut album of capricious rhythms set against the thrilling glare of an icy daybreak. There are some remarkably magnetic moments to be found in the ambient pieces on 'Pink Dreams,' though the friction burns from 'Five Elements' and the rest of the club numbers will demand urgent attention.' (from his bandcamp)
12Our Place of Worship is Silence
With Inexorable Suffering


'hrough its all-too-brief length, you are bombarded with enough twists and turns to feel absolutely uncomfortable as to where the song is going. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve felt that in an album, and Our Place of Worship is Silence captured that unease with alarming frequency.' (from https://www.angrymetalguy.com/our-place-of-worship-is-silence-with-inexorable-suffering-review/)
13Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror)


'Will Toledo’s re-recorded version of an album originally released in 2011 speaks to his greatest gifts as a songwriter: wit, cynicism, and an eye for detail that captures teenaged desire and heartache.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/car-seat-headrest-twin-fantasy/)
The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness


'Minnesota-based musician Austin Lunn splits his love of black metal and Appalachian folk into two distinct halves on this double LP.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/panopticon-the-scars-of-man-on-the-once-nameless-wilderness-i-and-ii/)
15Bonnacons of Doom
Bonnacons of Doom


'... this recorded incarnation of Bonnacons’ arcane conjury operates stubbornly free of genre, sashaying alongside psychrock, repetitive drone and electronic experimentation whilst consumed by a devotional intensity that’s multiplied by the transcendental echolalia of vocalist Kate. The result is a formidable cosmic continuum that joins the dots in constellations spanning the jam-based magick of Amon Düül II, the wild abandon of ecstatic jazz and the revolutionary spirit of acid house to produce a mighty alchemical charge. ' (from their bandcamp)
16Reutoff & Deutsch Nepal
Eating the Dust


'The Bubblegum Industrial Revolution continues at Entartete Musikk with a co-operational album featuring the legendary Reutoff
and Deutsch Nepal. The music have been under construction for 10 years so expect a real longtime refined product with a taste
of methanol. The sound spectrum spans from Electronic Orgone Accumulation in the deep underworld, over softly cuddeling ambientpieces' (from his bandcamp)
17Funeral Mist


'The album kicks off with some standard nasty, affected noise and misery but then the first track, “In Nomine Domini” explodes and the album takes off at a hundred miles an hour. And it’s exceptionally good. The riffs are full of ideas (that small guitar squeak that is a feature of the track will be buried in your mind forever).' (from https://thisisblackmetal.com/review-funeral-mist-hekatomb/)
18Alex Zhang Hungtai
Divine Weight


'The conception of Divine Weight derives from Zhang’s “failed” attempts of saxophone compositions and recordings accumulated over the last 3 years, from there it became the actual stem tracks that were heavily digitally disfigured until it no longer resembled the sound of saxophones. Like dreams, visions often come to us without us having the capability to measure or understand fully what they mean.' (from his bandcamp)
19The Black Delta Movement


'...A lot of it has been done before, but the joyous abandon with which they do it, the sheer confidence, consistency of their songwriting, and their sheer bloody-mindedness to not bow to the demands to include a token ballad/gentle number anywhere on this record are all massive points in their favour as far as I'm concerned' (from http://drownedinsound.com/releases/20400/reviews/4151946)
20Matt Baber
Suite For Piano and Electronics


'Overall the album is relaxing and peaceful but still an engaging listen. As the album plays I am aware of the care put towards both the music and the production. There’s clear sound and the placement of the instrumentation is balanced.' (from https://progressivemusicplanet.com/2018/07/16/matt-baber-suite-for-piano-and-electronics/)
21Demdike Stare


'Following 2016’s archival dives into early electronic music, the UK duo marries eerie abstraction to the club-ready rhythms of their Testpressing series with newfound fury.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/demdike-stare-passion/
22Theologian & The Vomit Arsonist
The Icy Bleakness of Things


'The Icy Bleakness Of Things features two 30 minute long track, with each spanning a side of the pro-duplicated tape. As might be suggested by the release title, the pacing is deathly slow, while the mood encapsulating a claustrophobic wintery melancholia. A maudlin minor keyed synth melody of the title track is soon relegated to the background with the introduction of a series of throbbing industrial pulses and muted electronic static, before settling down into thick cyclic bass driven drones and sub-orchestral loops' (from https://noisereceptor.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/theologian-the-vomit-arsonist-%E2%80%8E-the-icy-bleakness-of-things/)
23Iron Sight
To You Who Broke My Heart


'This record, as the title suggests focuses on the trauma of a broken heart, bodies longed for are dissected and reconstructed, the minimal composition of the tracks allows cinematic spaces to unfold, constructing the scaffolding for a descent into obsession, mania and the annihilation of memory.' (from his bandcamp)
Joy as an Act of Resistance


'The riffs come hard, fuzzy, and fast on the Bristol punks’ deeply passionate second album—and the platitudes follow close behind.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/idles-joy-as-an-act-of-resistance/)
25Mournful Congregation
The Incubus of Karma


'ournful Congregation persist in refining and perfecting their immortal art on ‘The Incubus Of Karma’. Reaching innovative new heights, within the bounds they have created for themselves, the bounds in which a multitude of newer bands now draw from like a wellspring, Mournful Congregation cast a giant shadow, steadfastly towering over the landscape like a monolithic obelisk.' (from their bandcamp)


'The Philadelphia band’s seventh album draws from fiction, the history of international warfare, and their own internal rosary of images to create a dense, literary tangle of post-hardcore.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/mewithoutyou-untitled/)
27Attilio Novellino
A Conscious Effort


'The album features a variation of guest musicians like Tim Barnes, Alex Vatagin, Daniel Mackenzie (Ekca Liena), Witxes and more, who contributed their instrumental parts to a soundcosmos that takes you on a journey through shallow soundclouds but also through very band-like structures moving from ambient, electronic, drone and noise to doom-like tracks.' (from his bandcamp)
Torn in Two


'Torn In Two includes a series of accompanying films that magnify the project’s themes, with effigies that absorb and reflect the human condition. They burn, they bleed, they hold their young, they get swallowed by the waves. Humans are absent. The world independent of us, without us. Humanity at a crossroads.' (from his bandcamp)
29Posh Isolation
I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You


'“I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You” is a new compilation from Posh Isolation. Expressed in 24 ways, and to be taken in many more, the manifold of faces and identities are familiar yet changed. Some have been here before; look again, they are like new in a way.' (from their bandcamp)
The Inextricable Wandering


'As the album title suggests, Ultha play a tangled, cryptic black metal which treads many a well-worn path. What it seeks to release forth from its befuddled loins is a sense of emotional strife and confusion, a feeling many bands in this progressive black metal quagmire seek to explore. This German five-piece are no strangers to the depressive end of the black metal spectrum either.' (from https://www.angrymetalguy.com/ultha-the-inextricable-wandering-review/)
The Deep End


'Though composed instead of improvised, the music seems to progress intuitively. The LP's sense of drift is often in keeping with its aquatic themes. The bright melodies of "Revolver" could be sunlight dappling the water's surface as fuzzier tones bubble below. "Barcarolle" rocks as gently as the gondolas that inspired the title. Sutton has produced remarkably evocative music from a stripped-back set-up, making The Deep End a revitalising listen wherever you experience it.' (from https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/23191)
You Won't Get What You Want


'These hardcore miscreants never seemed like a band suited for reunions, so their first album in eight years reimagines their prior intensity with blown-out, abstracted menace.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/daughters-you-wont-get-what-you-want/)
33Julia Holter


'...It’s a scenario that sounds straight out of a horror movie, but it’s also a pretty good metaphor for life in 2018, with its endless onslaught of political scandals, freakish natural disasters, and voices shouting their desires and resentments into the void' (from her bandcamp)
34JK Flesh
New Horizon


'...JK Flesh’s 8-track double disk album for Electric Deluxe continues his assault on the failings and folly of humanity with a bludgeoning tour of dub influenced techno. A study in resolution, timber and distortion, the album’s tracks are diverse in mood and groove, but are united by the dark, porous and undulating surface texture of rippling analog treatment....' (from his bandcamp)


'...Drawing inspiration from both personal and national crises, 'Idol's' music is a methodical and unapologetic take on dynamic, progressive death metal. The highly anticipated new album sees HORRENDOUS at the highest echelon of their musical creativity to date.' (from their bancamp)
Queen of Golden Dogs


'Influenced by a range of writers, the painter Remedios Varo, and a new love, the album is a marked departure from Vessel’s previous work. The world of QoGD is saturated with colour; oscillating between grief, bombast and fierce joy, this is music shot through with both sincerity and irreverence.' (from his bandcamp)
37Chapel of Disease
...and as We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced


' Chapel of Disease have now re-painted the death metal machine with tones straight from the 70s. Once a rigid, sharp and vicious vehicle – no frills, no forgiveness – Chapel now float at a listener with a lucid, fluid and wavering touch, decorating their tank with psychedelic patterns and peace symbols.' (from https://www.angrymetalguy.com/chapel-of-disease-and-as-we-have-seen-the-storm-we-have-embraced-the-eye-review/)
NTS Sessions 1-4


'Autechre’s eight-hour NTS Sessions adds another level of the British duo’s legacy. Though it’s created by a computer, it will bring you to another plane of human existence if you let it.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/autechre-nts-sessions-1-4)
39Imperial Triumphant
Vile Luxury


''Vile Luxury' combines the various musical elements that follow well within the tradition of music in New York, a monolith of the Western world, of constant experimentation and appropriation of all things that enter it, never leaving the same as it came.' (from their bandcamp)
40Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic


'The organ is a strange and compelling instrument, its pedal board capable of moving the secular and religious alike. We hear it played in celebration, when new life begins and vows are made, and also at the end, in requiem for the dead. Little wonder, then, that gothic composers such as Sweden’s Anna von Hausswolff find themselves drawn to its power.' (from https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/feb/23/anna-von-hausswolff-dead-magic-review)
41Mid-Air Thief


'... It is, much like its spiritual predecessor, alternately chillaxed and maximalist, calming and rousing.' (from https://www.tinymixtapes.com/chocolate-grinder/listen-gongjungdodug-mid-air-thief-muneojigi)
42Sarah Davachi
Gave In Rest


' Gave In Rest is a modern reading of early music, reforming sacred and secular sentiments to fit her purview and provide an exciting new way to hear the sounds that exist around us.' (from her bandcamp)
43Blood Orange
Negro Swan


'My newest album is an exploration into my own and many types of black depression, an honest look at the corners of black existence, and the ongoing anxieties of queer/people of color. A reach back into childhood and modern traumas, and the things we do to get through it all. The underlying thread through each piece on the album is the idea of HOPE, and the lights we can try to turn on within ourselves with a hopefully positive outcome of helping others out of their darkness' (from his bandcamp)
44Aperture (IT)


'Threads is an exploration of aural intimacy, with domestic sound sources forming a vital element of the album’s musical bedrock. Rhythms built from footfalls and table-tapping sit comfortably alongside lush synthesizers, wistful pianos, and ambient washes, all backing up Elisabetta’s penetrating spoken words. The musical and verbal halves of Aperture play with free association and improvisation alike.' (from their bandcamp)
45Aisha Devi
DNA Feelings


'No one on this planet sounds like Aïsha Devi. Her voice is her most powerful tool in a repertoire that includes thumping beats and rave stabs, seraphic and guttural throat singing, mystical linguistics and corporeal sonics. Her music is spiritual and her live shows are transcendent experiences. She is a rebel and a radical alchemist who is breaking down barriers and traversing dimensions with her art.' (from her bandcamp)
46Luca Sigurtà


'Goddess' is an homage to the actresses of old silent movies, assembled from tangles of homemade tape loops and washed with analog synths' (from his bandcamp)
47Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt
Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World


' Repping Cologne and Berlin is Niklas Wandt, Germany’s funkiest drummer and a mixed musical artist as adept in experimental jazz as demented Eurodance. Standing toe to toe in a no holds barred, no drum unstruck groove contest, these two titans will make you swing your pants like a Crash Bandicoot victory dance... so stretch out and step into ‚Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World‘.' (from their bandcamp)
48Current 93
The Light is Leaving Us All


'The latest from experimental musician David Tibet is an arduous but rewarding album, the feeling of listening to a preacher behind the pulpit, or a doomsayer on the soapbox.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/current-93-the-light-is-leaving-us-all/)
49DJ Healer
Nothing 2 Loose


'The electronic artist of many pseudonyms returns with two complimentary records twinning house and techno within new, broadly ranging, self-contained worlds.' (from https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/dj-healer-prime-minister-of-doom-dj-healer-nothing-2-loose-prime-minister-of-doom-mudshadow-propaganda/)
50Shame (UK)
Songs of Praise


'Utilising both the grit and sincerity of that musical background, shame carved out a niche in the South London music scene and then barrelled fearlessly into the angular, thrashing post-punk that would go on to make up Songs of Praise, their Dead Oceans debut. From “Gold Hole,” a tongue-in-cheek take-down of rock narcissism, to lead single “Concrete” detailing the overwhelming moment of realising a relationship is doomed, to the frustrated “Tasteless” taking aim at the monotony of people droning through their day-to-day, Songs of Praise never pauses to catch its breath.' (from their bandcamp)
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