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All times greatest metal songs

This is my ultimate, but never complete, list of greatest metal songs I have learned to love since the late 70's. The order is non-hierarchical, every band and song mentioned deserves credits and attention. I hope you'll enjoy.
Blackwater Park

The Drapery Falls
A melancholy masterpiece blending subtle sections with harsh, but beautiful melodies.

Classic composition, the culmination of talents such as Ronnie James Dio and Cozy Powell. Ritchie Blackmore -my personal favourite guitar player- delivers one of his most memorable solos. EPIC in capitals.
Cowboys from Hell

Cemetery Gates
Forget the ridiculous album title and sink into one of the most emotionally overwhelming pieces of metal ever.
Deliver Us

Winter Tears
A beautiful, woeful song that almost moves me to tears. This really is a band for metal connoisseurs who can appreciate subtlety, emotion and melody.
Ride The Lightning

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Does this song need any introduction or explanation? A thrash classic.
The Unexpected Guest

The Grand Illusion
Sabbath-esque song from this strange, intriguing NWOBHM band.
7 Ostrogoth
Full Moon's Eyes (ep)

Hailing from Belgium, Ostrogoth debuted in 1983 with this astonishing ep. The title track combines strong guitar melodies with vocal agression and speed.

Narita (instrumental)
This melodious, straightforward, yet enchanting instrumental has the X-factor that lifts it above the average.
Wiped Out

To the limit, to the top
This song from the 'Crazy Chaos Trinity' Raven takes you to the limits of 80's metal. A very well structured piece of over the top blasting metal with blues and jazz ingredients.
Restless and Wild

Fast as a Shark
High speed proto-thrash from Germany. The intro is incredible, the melody unforgettable. But above all: the neo-classical catchy guitar solo is overpowering. This is one of the seminal thrash metal anthems.
Pleasure to Kill

Pleasure to Kill
A pleasure to hear, this brutal, raw assault loaded with machine gun drumming and furious vocals. It leaves you comfortably crushed.
12Praying Mantis
Forever in Time

Wasted Years
Written in the margins of the NWOBHM this ears-friendly, melodic and passionate song has it all. Noteworthy are the twin guitar arrangements.
13Judas Priest
British Steel

The most energetic and mean song on the famous 1980 album.
No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll

Kree Nakoorie
Extraordinary metal song, combining the hot-blooded voice of Graham Bonnet with the otherworldly playing style of Malmsteen. But the multilayered oriental melody 'does the trick'. This is an all time highlight.
War Of Words

Immortal Sin
Halford's throaty voice over heavy, lapidary, doomy and lazy bulldozer riffing: that's what distinguishes this song.
16Led Zeppelin
Physical Graffiti

The primordial, classic example of marriage between hard rock and oriental music.
17Yngwie Malmsteen
Magnum Opus

Malmsteen is at his best when controlled and regulated by demands like melody, structure, teamwork, functionality. Like in this awesome song.
18Atomic Rooster
Atomic Roooster

Do You know who's Looking for You
Nice hard rocking song from prog rockers Atomic Rooster.
Never, Neverland

Sixes and Sevens
Not only guitar player Jeff Waters at his best in this piece, but also a main role for the desperate vocals.

Crazy song combining death growls with Finnish folk music and even dance, but with such mastery that we can forgive.
Never Turn Your Back on a Friend

1973 progressive epic that inspired not only Metallica, but a whole generation of metal musicians. Recognizable from the first few notes.
Hvis lyset tar oss

Det Som Engang Var
The most haunting, desolate piece of music ever produced. Plaining cries, grandiose synths and creepy repetition create a malicious atmospheric masterpiece.
Gods of War

Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
The Gods of cheesiness created this immortal poem and I kneel down in admiration, for it is a superb battle song.
24Van Halen
Van Halen II

Light up the Sky
Nice, quite heavy, up tempo rocker from the sunny side of life, including a magnificent solo by Edward.
Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty

Almost 10 minutes of enthralling, saturnine Viking/Folk metal. Gorgeous melodies alternating hoarse vocals. Very very atmospheric.
Blood In Our Wells

Furrow of Gods
Creating a sorrowful and agressive ambiance with harsh vocals and twin guitar melodies, this lingering black metal composition drags you into realms of evil beauty.
27Angel Dust

Addicted to Serenity
Everything in this song is perfect. The ingredients: epic vocals, divine melodies, powerful energy, splendid song writing and a lot of X-factor.
Machine Messiah

Phantom Self
Impressive modern thrash song. Rhythmically complex, tight composition characterized by interplay of pleasingly oriental tones.
29Celtic Frost
To Mega Therion

Circle of the Tyrants
After more than 30 years still an impressive sonic attack of the Swiss masters of extreme metal. This thunderous song smells dirty, nasty and angry, supported by the indifferent vocal style of Tom Warrior.
30Mercyful Fate
Mercyful Fate

Nuns have no Fun
An early MF song drenched in an over the top vile, blasphemic atmosphere, but irresistably attractive because of great musicianship of both Diamond and Shermann.
31 Killer
Wall of Sound

The Belgian variant of Motorhead showcasing their sense of enticing songwriting in this simple, energetic and entertaining song. 'We are Killer...and we play rock 'n roll'.
Strong Arm of the Law

Heavy Metal Thunder
Although to my ears Saxon is too plain and elementary and the vocals quite monotonous...this classic NWOBHM with it's 'Black Sabbath'-intro and vigorous riff is outstanding. It defines everything the genre stands for.
Sons of Northern Darkness

One by One
Don't let the image of the band distract you: this is a relentless black metal blast, but with melody and variety
A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Kathaarian Life Code
Maybe Satyricons cover of this evil mesmerizing song is even better, but I give Darkthrone the credits for writing a song so simple, yet overmastering.
35Cattle Decapitation
Monolith of Inhumanity

A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
Very brutal, misanthropic piece of grindcore. The surprising melodious parts, the rabid vocals and technical tight playing style contribute to the greatness.

Impressive, well constructed and melodious song from the godfathers of extreme metal.
Bonded by Blood

Bonded by Blood
The primitiveity, the power, the speed, the rawness, the shrieks, the legacy.
38Machine Head
Unto the Locust

The Locust
This heavy droning song has it's moments of brutal power but is not without subtlety and melody.
The Last in Line

Last in Line
Nice guitar performance and of course very good song writing by Dio himself. The song floats between Black Sabbath and Rainbow, but still has it's own feel.
40Michael Schenker Group
The Michael Schenker Group

Into the Arena
Schenker belongs to the most gifted, and still a bit underrated, guitar players in the rock scene. This instrumental from 1980 is classic: the integration of the instruments, the beautiful composition and the appealing guitar sound (lot of wah wah) create a masterpiece.

I believe in You
Power ballad from 1981 with incredibly emotional guitars and powerful vocals, working towards unforgettable climax.
Forged in Fire

Winged Assassins
Good intentions are everywhere, but low production, husky vocals and cheesy lyrics can kill 'em all. Winged Assassins is a good song (anti war lyrics, speed, intelligent composition), but maybe Megadeth should perform and improve it!
43Marty Friedman

Valley of Eternity
the former Megadeth guitar player shows his versatility in this dreamlike, orientally spiced instrumental piece. Beautifully layered melodies and intricate song writing.
Black Metal

Black Metal
The most brutal, scary and ludicrous music one could get back in 1982. Still the piss off punk attitude, the crudeness and exorbitant satanic lyrics kick you in the face. Great Fun!
45 H-Bomb
Coup de Metal

Coup de Metal
Lesser known French band H Bomb from the early 80's released satisfying ep with the title song as a standout.
46 Sortilege
Larmes de Heros

The most famous song from a French metal band. Unintelligible lyrics don't derogate the appetite: the energetic drive, twin guitar harmonies and talented vocals are ravishing.
The Warning

In my opinion the 'distant' or 'faded' production destroyed this album and this song. Sanctuary is an intricate, ingenious, undulating prog rock classic with delicate vocals and nice harmonies that deserves a much richer, more powerful production. But the song remains...excellent.
48Sacred Reich

Surf Nicaragua
Sarcastic anti-American imperialism song with a political punky attitude, but the heavy riffs and machine gun drumming in the impressive middle section belong truly to the thrash genre.
50The 3rd and the Mortal
Tears Laid in Earth

Why so Lonely
Mournful and melancholic doom song. The singular, crystal clear voice of Kari Rueslatten is almost otherworldly.
Ceremony Of Opposites

Ceremony of Opposites
Heavy and lingering, simple yet convincing, evil and ominous track by the Swiss investigators of Black and Doom.
52Jason Becker
Perpetual Burn

Not only one of the most sympathetic guitarists around and the most unfortunately stricken, but also one of the most gifted. Mixing ultra fast shredding arpeggios and riffs with a good sense of melody, structure and composition. This instrumental track resumes his talents and genius.
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