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Anal Buma Day - May 2021

Yes, we're still doing this, and nope I'm not dead, although there were times these past two weeks I surely wish I did. Slowly creepingly catching up on them new releases so stay tuned and drop me the good stuff if you have it.
1Paysage d'Hiver

May 1st

Starting the month with what i thought was a sure win, but either I lost my touch or this one actually really feels very differently from his past works. Loving the punkthrone bits but lost me more than once with stuff that felt like he was recycling the same riff over and over again. Still rips though.
Hidden Stories

May 2nd

I know they haven't been on their prime since YEARS, so I had very low expectations going into this but you know, there's always the possibility of a late-in career revelation for an artist like this, but hell no, this was such a slog to go through. They have lost every single bit of that one thing that made them special. No more Vinegar & Salt, now it's all just shit.

Not even gonna link it, to protect you all, my children.
3Violet Cold
Empire of Love

May 3rd

The absolute madman. Look at that fucking cover. A little bit of a step back compared to Noir Kid in my opinion, same approach but less catchy songs. Still, really fun listen, really good blackgaze with dance vocals mashed up amidst the post rock maelstrom. Only this dude can get away with stuff like this.
4Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

May 4th

The album was released on March (after some seemingly failed attempts at releasing in 2019/20). Lisa Gerrard, mostly known as 4AD's goddess in chief and the glorious voice of Dead Can Dance, teams up with DCD's third member in the shadows to produce a stunning showcase of her vocal capabilities. Fans of DCD shouldn't let this one pass.

Here's a taste:
5Bruno Pernadas
Private Reasons

May 5th

Portugal is honestly killing this year. There has been several incredible releases with Beautify Junkyards' Cosmorama being my favorite. Pernadas' latest is nothing to scuff at either. It clocks at 1 hour and 14 minutes so go take a pee break before diving in. I'd be surprised if his brand of psychedelic dream pop with strong regional influences had never crossed paths with the aforementioned band. You can thank Ars for this one! Brought to you (me, us) by ArsMoriendi.
6Shusaku Uchiyama
Resident Evil Village Original Soundtrack

May 6th

There's gonna be a little dance of dates here and there due to me catching up. This was released on May 12th but I'm still filling up days on my quest to get this updated so bear with me. I worked on this game for about a year, as a Spanish localizer, so I have the soundtrack carved in my brain due to the amount of times I have "played" it during the past year. Might be a case of Stockholm syndrome but I grew up to love it. It's a Resident Evil soundtrack through and through. It brings back the tradition of amazing save room themes, boss themes are heart pounding and the ambient building tracks fit the atmosphere of the game beautifully.

No link, just play the damn game if you haven't yet.

May 7th

I've been vibing these past two days to this stoner tinged punk blasting debut (on Century Media) of this Spanish drum and guitar duo. It's short, it's sweet, and it's just pure energy. If you're in the mood for some uplifting, explosive rock, this may satisfy that itch.

They're on Century Media now so no more bandcamp for the girls. Here's a vid:

Myth found link(s)!
8Mystic Storm
From the Ancient Chaos

May 8th

Wonder Woman riding a flying cart ready to punish some demons? Speed metal that sounds like the good old days with a cursed banshee on vocals? From Russia? Check, check, check, this comes home.
Super What?

May 9th

I'm not the biggest hip hop conosseur so I'm basically traverse through albums like these enjoying the bases and the few verses I'm able my non-native english speaker tiny brain is able to catch and process. Following the tragic loss of MF DOOM not long ago I think this is a mandatory jam. Cheers butt for the rec!

Full album is on youtube:
10Acid's Trip
Strings of Soul

May 10th

Aaah occult rock with a lady on vocals, that's my weakness, right there.Don't know much about this band, but the little I've heard caught my interest. It has that vintage rock feel of bands like Hallas, so there we go, jamming this as I type.

Their bandcamp will melt your eyes so beware:
11Sons of Kemet
Black to the Future

May 11th

We're lacking hard on jazz bops these days so may this fix that.

Couldn't find a link to the album, it's up on streaming sources though.

There was a YT link but I think it was fulminated:
With Joy And Ardour Through...

May 12th

Well this wasn't as atmospheric as I remembered when I just skimmed over it, but it's still a solid slab of cavernous death metal by two crazy Italians who had the time and imagination to come up with some truly admirable song titles. It has enough technicality, variations and tricks to keep you hooked for the entire run, but I'll let the experts on the genre to make their judgement. I thought it was pretty good.
Blackest Blue

May 13th

New Morcheeba is a mandatory jam. I am probably among the few that enjoyed Skye's solo albums so it's a privilege to hear her singing again and even better under the name that brought her to fame. As an update, this is another league compared to their last one, with the duo tracking back to their roots as much as they possibly can without giving up their modern sound. There are some really good tunes in here and Skye sounds phenomenal. Definitely better than Hooverphonic's attempt of a comeback.
14Inferno (CZ)
PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)

May 14th

If it's a Debemur Morti release it means it has 99'99% of possibilities of being among the best things you've heard this year. Experimental black metal ala Blut Aus Nord I've read somewhere at their BC page. Actually, the cavernous vibe I wrote before was for this album, not Hadit, I got confused. This ireally sounds like some sort of death and black metal hybrid played at the bottom of the catacombs. Wonderful.
15The Midnight
Horror Show

May 15th

A friend gave me a heads up about this one recently. I didn't give much more than half a shit for this band, but an instrumental version of this album!? Count me in for some quality synthwave the way it should be!

Edit: Well, stripping them off the vocals didn't do them much good because these tracks were not supposed to be voiceless, so I guess that's why they feel so dragged and unnecessarely long. There's cool stuff to be found, if you're on a synthwave kick, but the genre has much better things on offer elsewhere.
16St. Vincent
Daddy's Home

May 16th


Ok actually Johnny didn't squash this, in fact his review translates my feelings towards this pretty accurately. I don't think I will be returning to this many times throughout the rest of the year but it was nice background music for a cooking session during the weekend.

Can't believe this is actually on bandcamp:
Feminazgul/Awenden Split

May 17th

I only know of Feminazgul which are amazing, and what I heard of Awenden sounds great so going into this with high hopes. (4 days later) Yeah this rips.
Day and Age

May 18th

Almost 2 hours of modern prog hot damn, I don't know if I'll be able to swallow everything in one sit but the singles were pretty good. EDIT: Yeah I had the instrumental tracks too (which I'm not gonna even try). Album is 54 minutes long and alright. The good moments are really good but there's quite a lot of modern prog fluff that has been made before and better.

Don't have a link to the full album but here's a vid:
19Sloe Noon
Embassy Court

May 19th

Really solid budg-core, from a one-woman dream pop project based in Germany (she's British). The album is short and sweet and you should all check it out.

May 20th

"I'm a dog", ok, ok. Sowing hype was overwhelming as always so felt indirectly, forcefully, invited/dragged to check this. First round was an epic fail, partly because of a migraine, partly because the goddamn thing is dark, heavy and long, very long. Will report when/if I make it to the other side.
.​.​.​And Again into the Light

May 21st

Absolutely hated the production on this one. Way too much reverb on everything so it all sounds washed out and wrapped up in air. It's a shame because obviously this beautiful bastard knows his trade as he has shown with every album, and I love the way he incorporates the folk elements on this one. I just can't get past how tediously spacious it sounds.
22Black Midi

May 22nd

Unsurprisingly getting kicked over and despised on here because of whatever background these kids have or in relation to subjective and doubtful musical resemblances with X band or Y band that makes this or used to make this but better. Whatever side of the argument you pick to be on, I tried to simplify it while I was about to get on it. "John L" is a massive opener, in the same way "953" was for "Schlagenheim". These dudes can PLAY, with special mention to Morgan who just keeps getting better and better. A damn good time of record.
Luminous Rot

May 23rd

I always liked Nadja's droned fuzz rite of passage, testing my patience with every album and always feeling rewarded after a first listen, in most cases. This was not the case. Luminous Rot doesn't bring anything to the table that you haven't experimented yet from the duo. It's excruciating at this point. Pass.
Lustful Sacraments

May 24th

The man's back, reiventing his sound and introducing his project into the realm of darkwave and goth with such a seamless feel that it's like he had been doing this shit all along or he had it very carefully planned. Fans of Drab Majesty, VR Sex, and generally electronic infused darkwave with chorus tinged guitars chiming in and out of the pumping beats will feel at home with this one.
25Sweet Trip
A Tiny House, In Secret Speeches, Polar Equals

May 25th

Sweet trip indeed, marred by a few rather sour sections. First experience with the duo so obviously my judgement has the weight of a fly's wing, but I thoroughly enjoyed traversing this one, and looking forward to revisit. I actually love the glitched voices (despite the complaints I've seen around them).
Always Something

May 26th

Tremendous let down, I actually enjoyed the last one a lot but this one seemed to me very uninspired. Got rid of it as soon as I finished the first listen. If you still wanna give it a shot:
Under the Burning Eclipse

May 27th

Killer album. Warfare themed black metal, extremely fast and unrelenting. However I felt taht an hour plus at this pace was more than I could handle, even if the interludes help to decompress a bit. Still, highly recommended, for the strong at heart:

May 28th

As all things Portal-esque, can't say I enjoyed listening to this one the first time. My health was not at its best, and this is probably the last thing you need during a migraine episode, but I have kept it in a dark, secret corner of my mind, to come back to face it when the time is right. Cause, you know, Portal.
29The Datsuns
Eye to Eye

May 29th

Either I got the dates wrong, or they have just released a single on streaming services and thrown the rest on Bandcamp (which seems to be the case). I don't get the strategy but well, the album is good rock, stoner, fun, so don't sleep on it.
30Silver Talon
Decadence and Decay

May 30th

Loved the cover for some reason and the fact that Andy LaRoque was credited on the production made me really curious to check this. It's really solid heavy metal, almost climbing to melodeath heights at times, which is the aspect of the album I really didn't connect with.
31Ghastly (FIN)
Mercurial Passages

May 31st

I'll take anything 20 Buck Spin releases, and Ghastly (the ones from Finland) are no exception. Really heavy, raw and doomy death metal, very hypnotic and with some surprising bursts of speed.
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