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Analbum a Day - April 2021

It's the beginning of Q2! The year has been extremely generous so far, plenty of good music out there so go spend your well-earned cash in that vinyl you're looking at it, you deserve it. The jams go on in April, spring and all. Enjoy the weather, grab some headphones and let's ride this month once again with an album a day!
1The Antlers
Green to Gold

April 1st

This is not a joke, I love The Antlers, although I've only known Hospice from them. It's spring, first day of April, so I need something gentle to slide me into the new month. This album should be the perfect way to get started.
2Blindfolded and Led to the Woods
Nightmare Withdrawals

April 2nd

Ok, now that I got all cleansed and clean with the barn burning indie whispers of The Antlers is time to go back to torturing myself with tech death in the morning. Nocte's champions must have done smth really good for him to wear their flag around these parts so let's find out!
3Godspeed You! Black Emperor

April 3rd

Started the weekend battling a feeling. Was I waiting eagerly for a new God's pee album? Was I dreading the fact that they actually released a new album and that I had to, for some reason or another, put myself through it? A mixed bunch of feels. In the end, decided to take a "day off music", well not really, still jammed some old vinyl, but left this for the walk to the office. It payed off. It's God's pee alright.
4Dry Cleaning
New Long Leg

April 4th

First contact with this post punk outfit from London. Expect lots, LOTS of spoken voice over noisy and entrancing beats. I was surprised to see the hype behind this debut so yeah, you dragged me to check this. It was an ok jam, Walsh's spoken passages get old after a while and the music doesn't manage to lift things proper either so it barely stood.
Burn in Many Mirrors

April 5th

Heard many good things about these guys. Blackened death metal more focused into classic heavy metal than into violent, mindless assaults. A stroll through a hall of mirrors indeed, of all things metal throughout modern times. Plus it's a 20 Buck Spin and they rarely disappoint.
6Mythic Sunship

April 6th

Space rock jams that extend like wildfire indeed. Think instrumental Hawkwind with the chaotic version of Motorpsycho through a mono channel. Sunnyvale described this as a "desert landscape summer drive" in his review of the album and he's entirely correct.
7Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The LSO

April 7th

3 seconds in I already know I'm gonna love this. Make it rain Mr. Sanders.
Salt an Atlas

April 8th

Been procrastinating on this one really hard. You know, I have this bad habit of commenting "I'll check" on every single review that pops up on the front page, but you gotta know, it's a courtesy comment and not necessarily the truth. There is a big chance I'll check it, and in fact, I checked this one, and even if I don't remember anything about it apart from the fact that it was good... wait, what I was talking about?
9Haunt (USA-CA)
Beautiful Distraction

April 9th

Indeed, this was a beautiful distraction, but unfortunately not much else. When will this band release their full potential? Who the fvck knows, but like hell they are trying. 3 albums last year and a new one already out. Somehow this one is softer, more hard rock than the others, with plenty of guitar solos (not Mastodon's) if that's your thing and a few speed metal bangers too. A good time.
10Flock of Dimes
Head of Roses

April 10th

Honestly if you don't like Wye Oak, you simply don't like music. That's it, hang the hadphones, sell your record player, burn your records, you don't need them, you're deaf and beyond repair. But before you do that, and just in case, check the last one by Wye Oak's singer Jenn Wasner's solo project. It may be the hand you need to lift you up, to musical eden, here, with the rest of us.
11Kekht Arakh
Pale Swordsman

April 11th

Didn't really jam this yesterday, as I was on a migraine trip that still lingers today, but gave it a listen just a few a minutes ago. Brother garas made a swift and sweet review of the album so be sure to check it out. If you are into raw (very raw) melancholic, classic, black metal this is gonna make you feel special.
The Crimson Corridor

April 12th

I know it's hard to believe, but I've never listened to Zao before and this album is making me regret it.
13Genesis Owusu
Smiling with No Teeth

April 13th

Cheers to Milo for dragging me out of my comfort zone. This was a really enjoyable listen, with Centrefold being an absolute jam. Milo said it better on the summary of his review, but yeah all the names dropped in there are influences present on this record.

No BC but here's an official video:
Lake Drinker

April 14th

No one beats Sweden when it comes to this kind of stuff. Death'n'roll, punk ting'd melodeath with viking themes, like relaly, say no more. Can't say they worry too much about variation but the album sounds BIG and it's a lot of fun.
15London Grammar
Californian Soil

April 15th

They've come a a long way from those 3 young shivering musicians that captivated me through a wonderful KEXP performance of "Hey Now". I love Hanna Reid's vocals so much. In this album they try different things, pop bangers, darker stuff, atmosphere heavy compositions. Some are more succesful than others but it's already a better album than the last one.
16The Armed

April 16th

Had a lot of dishes to wash so plugged the pods and let Ultrapop fuel me through the whole endeavour. It's not the revolution I thought it would be. In fact, there's nothing new. no "ultrapop", no reinventing the wheel. Distortion abuse, which makes some of the tracks hardly enjoyable, and chaotic structures (which have been covered during the 2010s abundantly). It's charming, not gonna lie, but I was expecting to have my head blown off and it just didn't happen.
Kingdom of Oblivion

April 17th

They are showing off at this point. It's just incredible how they can keep up with quality at this pace. They are dangerously close to saturate me though. I found myself enjoying this one but slightly less than the last one, which was already slightly less than the last last one, and so on. Still, best band out there, but jesus, calm down.

No BC so head to Stickman for more info.
18Spectral Wound
A Diabolic Thirst

April 18th

Not to confuse with Spectral Lore, which is coming out this week (I did confuse them). But the confusion led me to this hyper-caustic, second wave inspired swarm of black metal lunacy that is as trve as the hungovered lad in the cover art. Really good stuff for fans of Sargeist and the like.

April 19th

I recovered this one from March since I watched their incredible performance at Roadburn Redux this weekend, one of the most impressive shows of the long list of impressive shows of the event. If you were able to watch it good for you, if not... repent! Cause the evnt is over and it seems it's all gone forever. Wolvennest is a majestic and ritualistic explosion of pagan doom that goes over an hour, so be prepared.
Norwegian Gothic

April 20th

Arabrot is such a strange band. I doubt that the alt rock tag defines them properly, but it's the closest I can think of. Vocals are an acquired taste, that's fo sure, and their record stretches to so many variations of the genre that it's somehow dificult to say if I really enjoyed it. For an hour long albu,, let's say it does a decent engaging job.
21Cannibal Corpse
Violence Unimagined

April 21

Have this one aligned next, haven't heard it yet. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of CC or of their brand of gory death meta, I prefer the catacomb(ian) type, but I feel is one of those albums/bands you gotta give a listen out of respect for how long they have been around.

Edit: It's Cannibal Corpse, ye alright,
22Alfa Mist
Bring Backs

April 22nd

A little step back from the last one, but still a very chill, easy to listen jazz fusion album. As always, the tracks with vocals are the highlights, while the instrumentals indulge a bit too much in elevator music territory.
23Big Brave

April 23rd

Catching up cause I haven't, and this is a strange occurrence, jammed any music for like 3 days, mostly due to being exposed to youtube kids content for an eggregious amount of time and for being just generally exhausted from... "living", if that makes sense. So I'm getting on this one today, the single is already better than anything they put in "A Gaze...". Emma RR & Thou vibes, Esben and the Witch, Subrosa, That sort of stuff. Southern Lord in all its glory.

April 24th

Los vascos are back with a new album as brutal as the last one. First half runs rather quick, even with a 7 minute mammoth in between, but the real trial of passage is the 21 minute closer, which is approaching, and I'm scared, and I don't know if I'll make it to the other side. Welp!
25Sasha and the Valentines
So You Think You Found Love?

April 25th

I haven't got into much dream pop this year so thankfully, yesterday, budg provided me with a few albums to check out. After the relentless hammering of Altarage this was a blessing. Check it out.
26The Spirit Of The Beehive
Entertainment, Death

April 26th

Slowly catching up with your recs. This was... interesting. It kinda flew by being very weird but strangely consistent. Like they would switch styles ina minute and then come back doing something completely different. Nothing really stayed on first listen but I'll be sure to revisit, cause the overall impression was confusingly good.
27Hail the Sun
New Age Filth

April 27th

There goes my rare swancore jam of the year I guess. Never heard of these guys before and certainly comparisons with DGD don't make a case but I gave it a shot and was surprisingly solid, really fun album. Getting Coheed and Cambria vibes more than those Mars Volta inlfuences you guys have posted on the sound off page. Pretty good.
28Non Serviam (FRA)
Le Cœur Bat

April 28th

I pity the fool that dares to check this. I did, as per rec'd, while I did the dishes one mild morning a couple of weeks ago and the whole thing turned into a battle of flying dishes, soap and blood and a whirlwind of furniture and viscera in my living room.

April 29th

I had low expectations going into this and that is exactly how it went. Groove metal is always fun, not gonna lie, but something tells me I'm pretty much burnt out of this brand of metal, everything feels so artificial, heartless and mechanical that I just can't click with it. Sepultura also did the whole tribal metal thing better with Roots. A theme like this coming from the French felt a bit ridiculous, even if the cause and effort put into it are admirable.

No album link cause big metal labels don't like bandcamp but here's a vid:
30Manchester Orchestra
The Million Masks of God

April 30th

And closing the month it's one of the albums I was hyped about this month. The continuation of "A Black Mile..." is a worthy sucessor. Can't shake off the Silversun Pickups comparison at times, although it's something I definitely enjoy. I've only heard it once so can't really compare or place it in the band's discography but it'll surely be on my AOTY list by the end of the year.
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