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An Album a Day - March 2021

Congratulations if you have made it this far. I know I have and 2021 has been dripping quality for days now! We approach the end of Q1 with 30 or so new releases. The months start with February releases bleeding into this month, since the last week of February albums was on the 26th, so let's get this thing started, shall we!?
1King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
L. W.

March 1st

In what looks like a futile attempt to keep up with this band's release schedule and frenetic pace, I will be checking this new (well, today might be already old for them) album, which farmerobama already sponsored saying it's pretty good. Here we go, Lizards.
2Lost Horizons
In Quiet Moments

March 2nd

Really stoked to have found this one. Lost Horizons is the project of Simon Raymonde (ex-Cocteau Twins) and Richie Thomas (ex-Dif Juz) with a whole array of singers, mostly all pertaining to the Bella Union record label, which is ran by Raymonde himself. If you ever appreciated the magic behind a project like This Mortal Coil, you HAVE to check this. I'll be reviewing it sooner than later.
3Five The Hierophant
Through Aureate Void

March 3rd

A strange album for today. Five the Hierophant are a British drone jazz doom mammoth performing sonic rituals since 2015. This is their second full length and it's as bleak and entrancing as the genre tag suggests.
Über den Sternen

March 4th

After a short session of jazz drone doom yesterday I spent the rest of the day jamming Lost Horizons while writing a review for it so today I craved something heavier. manosg's review of Empyrium convinced me to give it a shot today. The baritone vocals need some time to sink in but once they click it becomes clear they really help to makie this album something of its own. Fans of My Dying Bride should check this one.

March 5th

I was supposed to have a (nice?) commute walk through the park down the morning rain listening to Nick Cave's "Carnage" but instead the day turned into a work from home nightmare of diapers, screams, milk and... Epica! Turns out the waifu is a fan now so the Dutch stormed my homestead all. day. long.

No BC, obvs, but here's a video for "Abyss of Time"!
6Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

March 6th

And finally the next day I had time to pin my headphones to my ears and let Cave's beautifully aging voice walk me through 2020 like a drunk news anchor turned to close confident. Don't miss on Johnnyofthe(goddamn)well review for this, cause it's one for the books!

No BC, no video, no nothing so here, have your favorite Nickthony Carnigiano rambling about the album (with Dopesmoker on the background) m/
7Kings of Leon
When You See Yourself

March 7th

"Use Somebody" was shamefully one of my break up songs and this day it's my ex's birthday, coincidence? Yes, absolutely, and also irrelevant cause no one cares about the other anymore. I'm preparing a review for this, but before I have to do a crash course on cryptocurrency. Not going very well, truth be told.

Here's a video for "The Bandit", good luck trying to find a stream link.
8Jane Weaver

March 8th

There's a bunch of albums I still want to check from February but I also wanna get on March releases already so here's another one. Apparently I 3'd her last album (2019) while the rest of her discography has very few votes or none at all. Honestly this new one is pretty interesting so far, so chose it for today's album. There's a blend of electronica, psychedelia and dream pop that really works here. Check it out.

March 9th

I was gonna say Mork have crafted the perfect Darkthrone tribute, but the album actually FEATURES members of Darkthrone. Kampfar and Skepticism (don't know the last two tbh). It does seem like the best thing they've ever done and it doesn't get more BM than this so let's give it a shot.
Chaos Remains

March 10th

Pretty fitting album for a sad anniversary. Can't believe it's been 10 years already but I still remember like it was yesterday. Few times I've been more scared. I will never forget the ground moving like asphalt waves and the general chaos on the streets. It was a then and after in Japan. About the album, it fits because Kurushimi means "Suffering" which was a word that I learned the hard way during that time and because nothing like experimental avantgarde grindcore jazz to conmemorate such tragic events. Credit and thanks to Nocte for the rec.
11Arab Strap
As Days Get Dark

March 11th

Anatelier's fantastic review of this album got me hyped af, plus it has "Dark" on the title which is usually a sign that the record is gonna be good, unless it's metalcore, in that case avoid it like the plague. Well, let's see what this is about!
12Pupil Slicer

March 12th

Prosthetic records has been absolutely flooded my Twitter feed with this release and somehow I managed to forget to add it to the weekly releases blog post. They refer to it as "the future of metal", so I guess... we should check it out, am I right?
13White Void (NO)

March 13th

The master volume on this thing is extremely low for some reason but the album itself is really interesting. Ghost vibes for sure, as I read on a review on Kerrang, with some more prog influences, and hard rock maybe. Cool stuff.
Clarity Before the Crash

March 14th

Well, well, well, I'm all caught up. The last find and today's (official) album is this indie pop meets trip hop band from Switzerland who, 2 tracks in, seems like a good chill time. Definitely a good album to finish the day with a nighty night walk after a few drinks. Here, it's all yours.
At Night We Prey

March 15th

Too bad that the gothic influence is gone in favor of a melodeath approach, but the Greek still got it in them. Fans of Rotting Christ and Septicflesh would feel at home with this. I still gotta find out where this is gonna fall but about to do it right now. Also, rad cover art.
Demonic Wealth

March 16th

Pretty impressive for drums recorded with a phone, a bass simply... recorded and the rest recorded in a car or whatever, yes I believe it all. Those synths probably fell on the album during the last meteor rain, and the voice is a cacophony from the black box of an UFO found on the drummer's backyard, I believe it all.
17Lunar Shadow
Wish to Leave

March 17th

Never heard of this band before but the singles dragged me in like quicksand. Vintage heavy metal with gothic post punk leanings and high pitch screams? Say no more.
18A.A. Williams
Songs from Isolation

March 18th

This is an album of covers featuring Williams' remarkable voice talents with the sole companion of a piano, a guitar and strings. Deftones' "Be Quiet and Drive" and The Cure's "Lovesong" covers are the clear highlights for me.
19Crypts (DE)
Coven Of The Dead

March 19th

Not to confuse with the electronic noise band. German Crypts debut with a solid slab of crispy death metal ala Entombed that won't surprise veteran listeners of the genre but it's a good fix when the time is right.
20Gazelle Twin and NYX
Deep England

March 20th

Noise queen teams up with choral drone choir NYX and the result is a stunning record very in line with GT's "Pastoral" album. Brought Anna Von Hausswolff's latest and Diamanda Galas to mind, to give you an idea. I have yet to explore this in depth but first listen was LOVE.
21Hedvig Mollestad Trio
Ding Dong. You're Dead.

March 21st

Renowned Norwegian guitar valkyrie Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen in her trio form. Echoes of Motorpsycho, instrumental jazz rock, stoner and weed driven jams to traverse the galaxy.

This is a Rune Grammophone release so no bandcamp link. Buy or die. (It's on streaming platforms though).

March 22nd

Long awaited? Saor's very own Andy Marshall full on atmospheric black metal cake is finally here. It's also monday, so a bit of BM always helps to get into the mood for the rest of the week.

Also, black metal is always cool enough to have a BC link, not like those jazzy potheads:
Etemen Ænka

March 23rd

I knew this was gonna be good. After "Asheran" there was a very tiny, very slim, almost inexistent chance of the Scots fucking this up and holy crap, they have come back in FULL FORCE. I find hard to believe any other post metal/sludge/cosmic prog outfit can outpower them this year, but you never know. Preparing an express review for this atm.

March 24th

A few days ago Nocte invited me to take a peek into this chaotic, filthy mess of an album by one Florida based madman that goes by the name of Estuarine. I finally ahd that the time today, which is a bit hyperbolic, cause the whole thing is like 9 minutes and could have jammed it days ago during a sit on the throne but completely forgot about it. Today's the day though, but as soon as it came it was done and gone. Interesting.
25Kayoko Yoshizawa
Akahoshi Aoboshi

March 25th

Last release of the week before we enter the maremagnum that is the week of the 26th, there's gonna be a lot to check in there. Decided to give this spot to Johnny, since he's reppin' this hard and I'm on the mood for some contemporary Japanese city pop (if this is anything close to that). Sayonara!

Here's a trailer (I believe):
26Ben Howard
Collections from the Whiteout

March 26th

Release day put Ben Howard's latest on priority number 1. He's one of my favorite singer songwriters of all time, but the singles leading up to this got me cold, not gonna lie. Gave it a full listen on Friday and left me cold. It was sort of a background listen so I wanna go back and give it the treatment it deserves though.

No BC cause Island hates those. It's on streaming services though.
27Genghis Tron
Dream Weapon

March 27th

And priority number 2 was this one. Never been too familiar with the band so I wasn't that shocked with the change of direction. It's a damn good album, sort of shoegaze meets crazy drumming and post whatever it is? I have no idea. Don't let it pass you by.
Tonic Immobility

March 28th

I was supposed to jam this yesterday but huge migraine day, so got cancelled for the whole day. The headache still remains but I'm more or less functional (and heavily drugged) so spinning this for the first time. I'm 3 tracks in right now and... it's Tomahawk.

Not on streaming services but u can stream it on BC.
29Mare Cognitum
Solar Paroxysm

March 29th

Before I go on with the 26th releases I wanted to get on this one. I also wanted to jam the new Midnight Odyssey but not on streaming services so pass for now, reviews are not giving it much praise either, which is a shame.
30Xiu Xiu

March 30th

The month sings its last notes! I was never a fan of these guys but porcupinetheater's opinion is one I regard in high praise so it only took for him to say the magic words "AOTY" to make me want to check this. The roster of collaborators is definitely another factor to take on account: Sharon Van Etten, Drab Majesty, Chelsea Wolfe, Liz Harris (Grouper), Shearwater... This is gonna be fun.
Bionic Swarm

March 31st

And we close the month with one more entry on the trash metal surge that's overtaking 2021. Honestly, it's beena while I haven't seen a metal album of this caliber on the Best New Music section so it's a certified jam. And while I write this "Decypher" has just blasted my ears and goddamn, this is gonna be a trip. See you on the April list tomorrow and see you Q1! It's been fun!

No BC but they released a new video for Death Technology 3 weeks ago, check it out:
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