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Dewinged's 2010 AOTY

In preparation for a those Decade best lists that we are all gonna flood the site with, I decided at the beginning of the year to go on a jamathon for every year starting with 2010. Since I joined the site in 2016, let's just say my daily routine included much less music that nowadays for several reasons. It took me around 5 months to get this together. I compiled it for myself but you are more than welcome to flame, praise, ignore, shit on and bookmark this, cause in the end folks, it's all about the music.
100Ozzy Osbourne

Release: June 15th
Label: Epic
Genre: Grandpa metal

Ozzy, the teddybear of heavy metal. The album kinda sucks but I just want to hug him.
99The Souljazz Orchestra
Rising Sun

Release: February 16th
Label: Strut
Genre: Afro-jazz

Jammed this twice and I was always in a bad mood. I'm sure it's better than I think its.
98In This Moment
A Star-Crossed Wasteland

Release: July 9th
Label: Century Media
Genre: Metalcore

I love their first 2 albums but this started the beginning of the end. Western themed metalcore? Ugh.
The Night Before

Release: November 26th
Label: Columbia
Genre: Pop

Hard to believe these are the guys that released "The Magnificent Tree" 10 years before. It's not terrible but...
96The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?

Release: February 23rd
Label: A
Genre: Pychedelic Rock

Nice lo-fi production tricks but fluffy songwriting.
95The Flight of Sleipnir

Release: March 29th
Label: No Colours
Genre: Doom Metal

Only heard a couple of albums from them and they don't disappoint but they don't stand out neither.
94Rose Elinor Dougall
Without Why

Release: August 30th
Label: Scarlett
Genre: Indie Pop

Big fan of Stellular here, so I was excited to check this but it was just... alright.
93An Autumn For Crippled Children

Release: Sometime in April
Label: A Sad Sadness Song
Genre: Black Metal

A band that sounds exactly as their name.
92Skunk Anansie

Release: September 13th
Label: V2
Genre: Alt rock

How can one not love Skin? A solid comeback but one that would sadly never be the same again. Time doesn't forgive.
91Year of No Light

Release: April 26th
Label: Music Fear Satan
Genre: Atmospheric Post metal

France's idea of spring.

Release: February 23rd
Label: Western Vinyl
Genre: Modern Classical

Love to hear this at high volume on headphones but it puts me to sleep almost instantly.
Majesty and Decay

Release: March 9th
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Death metal

Production sucks a sock but otherwise, good.
88The Chemical Brothers

Release: June 7th
Label: Virgin
Genre: House

Seven and counting. Impressive.

Release: September 22nd
Label: Temporary Residence
Genre: Screamo / Post Rock

Love the post rock direction they took but the vocals get very repetitive.
86Fear Factory

Release: February 9th
Label: AFM
Genre: Industrial metal

Decent output but far from the glory days.
85A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Autumn, Again

Release: October 18th
Label: N/A
Genre: Dream Pop

Some interesting parts here and there but falls flat sometimes.
84Norma Jean

Release: July 13th
Label: Razor and Tie
Genre: Metalcore

Not too fond of the genre but these guys are on top of it.
83Emily Jane White
Ode to Sentience

Release: November 8th
Label: Talitres
Genre: Singer Songwriter

Not as good as her last one, but there is enough to salvage.
We're Here Because We're Here

Release: May 31st
Label: Kscope
Genre: Art Rock

Inhale, exhale and never inhale again. You'll understand.
Valley of Smoke

Release: October 12th
Label: Century Media
Genre: Post metal

I remember nothing about this album. But I remember it being good.
80The Contortionist

Release: August 31st
Label: Good Fight
Genre: Prog metal / deathcore

It's a grower but I don't have the time.
The Threshing Floor

Release: June 22nd
Label: Glitterhouse / Sounds Familyre
Genre: Psychedelic Folk

I have this on vinyl and it's beautiful.
The World Is Yours

Release: December 14th
Label: UDR
Genre: Beer belly

Or do like Lemmy, whiskey cola for breakfast. After all, he made it to his 80s.
77Massive Attack

Release: February 8th
Label: Virgin
Genre: Trip Hop

Great album for trip hop, not as good in the MA scale.
76Dark Tranquillity
We Are the Void

Release: February 24th
Label: Century Media
Genre: Melodeath

Devoid, actually.
Unsilent Death

Release: September 27th
Label: Southern Lord
Genre: Grindcore / Crust Punk

Brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb on a nun's tits.
The Panic Broadcast

Release: July 2nd
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Melodeath

Seems I didn't miss much after all.
73Yawning Man
Nomadic Pursuits

Release: June 22nd
Label: Cobraside
Genre: Stoner

Nothing new and still great.

Release: June 22nd
Label: Anticon
Genre: Glitch pop

The feeling when your bedroom debut goes straight to Pitchfork.
71The New Pornographers

Release: May 4th
Label: Matador / Last gang
Genre: Indie Pop

I'm gonna burn for this, but they are better off without Destroyer and Destroyer is better off without them.
70In Vain

Release: January 11th
Label: Indie Recordings
Genre: Progressive Death

Black Sands

Release: March 29th
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Downtempo

And thanks to this I discovered Andreya Triana, whose album is down below.
68Coheed and Cambria
Year of the Black Rainbow

Release: April 13th
Label: Columbia / Roadrunner
Genre: Prog Rock

Turns out, there was a world for tomorrow, and the day after, and the month after and...
Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up

Release: September 6th
Label: Superball
Genre: Prog Rock [2]

Another great band lost after 2010.
Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts

Release: May 18th
Label: Self
Genre: Ambient / Post Rock

Better not be in a hurry for this.
65Four Tet
There is Love in You

Release: January 25th
Label: Domino
Genre: IDM

"Where's the cab? I called that fucker nearly thirty minutes ago and I'm going tohave melted ice cream by the time I get into my apartment. Even if I do plan to soften it in the microwave, I'd prefer to do that on my own terms."

Read this wonderful review by user Vito_James here:
64Kings of Leon
Come Around Sundown

Release: October 19th
Label: RCA
Genre: Indie Rock

Surprisingly solid follow up to "Only By the Night", even if Caleb sings the same song for 40 minutes.

Release: October 5th
Label: Arbutus / Lo
Genre: Dream Pop / Witch House

A room floating in space.
Satan Worshipping Doom

Release: August 13th
Label: Great Barrier
Genre: Sludge Doom

Overweighted Jesus drinking mezcal in some bar in Tijuana.
61The Dillinger Escape Plan
Option Paralysis

Release: March 23
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Mathcore

Numbers are not my strength, but I can keep up with this.
60Esperanza Spalding
Chamber Music Society

Release: August 17th
Label: Heads Up
Genre: Jazz

The afro the world never deserved.

Release: April 5th
Label: Parlophone / XL
Genre: Art pop

Sigur Ros in summer, on the beach, playing beach volley.
Circle the Wagons

Release: June 22nd
Label: Peaceville
Genre: Crusty blackened punk

"Fuck black metal" said Fenriz once.
57The Roots
How I Got Over

Release: June 22nd
Label: Def Jam
Genre: Hip Hop

Of laying back and taking it all in.

Release: June 10th
Label: Robotic Empire
Genre: Sludge

First metal band of the world, according to a tiny desk.
Marrow of the Spirit

Release: January 25th
Label: Profound Lore / Viva Hate
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Back to the village for some mead and wenches.
54Jaga Jazzist
One-Armed Bandit

Release: January 25th
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Jazz fusion

53Amia Venera Landscape
The Long Procession

Release: December 4th
Label: N/A
Genre: Post hardcore at double speed

R.I.P. (Riquesta in Pacce)
A Badly Broken Code

Release: January 19th
Label: Doomtree
Genre: Hip Hop / Soul

The vixen of the wolfpack they say. Solid debut.

Release: September 10th
Label: Record Makers
Genre: Synthwave

Stalker material, and yes I know it's a single.
50Chelsea Wolfe
The Grime And The Glow

Release: December 28th
Label: Sargent House
Genre: In this case? Lo-fi Dark folk

Back when the queen was princess and recorded everything on the phone.

Release: June 21st
Label: Indie Recordings
Genre: Black'n'roll

Or hardcore punk? Or Andrew WK with face painting and spiked shoulder-pads?

Release: January 26th
Label: Candlelight Records
Genre: Prog metal

The emperor without the empire.
47Everything Everything
Man Alive

Release: August 30
Label: Geffen
Genre: Art Pop

Blame the fox, we are all the same. Good, but the same.
46Tame Impala

Release: May 21st
Label: Modular Recordings
Genre: Psychedelic

Back when drugs were strong and cheap.
45High on Fire
Snakes For The Divine

Release: February 23rd
Label: eOne Music
Genre: Sludge

Your wife will grow a beard and hair chest jamming this.
Pyramid of the Sun

Release: November 10th
Label: Blues interactions
Genre: Krautrock

Praise the sun, indeed.
43Deathspell Omega

Release: November 10th
Label: NoEvDia
Genre: Black prog metal?

Only God knows what or how these guys do what they do. HP Lovecraft is masturbating in his grave.
42Alter Bridge

Release: October 8th
Label: Roadrunner
Genre: Alt rock

It was released on my birthday and I'm a huge fan of their second album. Love the opening passage too.
Adelante Bonaparte

Release: March 7th
Label: Buena Suerte / Sony
Genre: Spanish version of mewithoutyou

For your Spanish lessons.
40Iron Maiden
The Final Frontier

Release: April 6th
Label: Parlophone / Warner
Genre: Heavy Metal (yeah no shit dewi)

Not even in the top 10 albums from them, but being one of my favorite bands and basically the band I grew up with I'll take whatever from them.
39Julie Christmas
The Bad Wife

Release: November 9th
Label: Rising Pulse
Genre: It's Julie!

Not happy with fronting bands like Made Out of Babies, Battle of Mice and recently collaborating with Cult of Luna, she also had time to put out amazing music by herself.
38The Sword
Warp Riders

Release: March 23rd
Label: Blues interactions
Genre: Stoner

Definitely a peak in their career and one of the best bands in their game (once upon a time).
37Sea Oleena
Sea Oleena

Release: March 23rd
Label: p*dis
Genre: Ambient folk

Oh, her voice... Fairly unknown artist but fans of Grouper, Many Rooms, may enjoy this.

Release: January 15th
Label: Rosso Corsa
Genre: Synthwave

Nothing like receiving the new year with some synthwave 80s nostalgia, even if it was this year and not back then.
35Jenn Champion
I'm Not As Good At It As You

Release: April 8th
Label: Own records
Genre: Singer Songwriter / Sad Pop

Sad indeed to see her doing whatever she's doing now cause this and Carissa's Weird (yes, it's probably misspelled) are works of someone extremely talented.
34Sun Kil Moon
Admiral Fell Promises

Release: July 13th
Label: Caldo verde
Genre: Singer Songwriter

I missed the times when he used to be sober and able to sing songs. What am I saying? He was probably drunk at that time too.
33Andreya Triana
Lost Where I Belong

Release: August 4th
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Soul

Take the opener and the closer of this album as one of the best things Ninja Tune has ever released, and God knows they have released a lot of amazing stuff.
The Golden Archipelago

Release: February 23rd
Label: Matador
Genre: Indie Rock

Black Eyes is a HELL of a tune.

Release: August 3rd
Label: Supernatural Cat
Genre: Sludge / Post metal

The Italians know how to sludge.
30A Swarm of the Sun

Release: August 3rd
Label: Version Studio
Genre: Post Rock

Post Rock with vocals is best post rock.

Release: June 11th
Label: Lupus Lounge
Genre: Blackgaze

Anyone trying to get you into Lantlos will speak to you at some point about "These nights we re ours". They'll speak to you like the world is ending, like you need to listen to that song as soon as possible. Well, you know what, they are not lying.
28Shining (NOR)

Release: January 25th
Label: Indie Recordings
Genre: er... blackjazz?

Which is something like noise rock meets jazz, meets avant garde, meets your parents and leaves the house through the window on a flying carpet.
Into the Crypts of Blasphemy

Release: August 2nd
Label: Pulverised / Cyclone Empire
Genre: OS Death

I like my death metal as cavernous and dusty as possible. Not much into the other gore shenanigans.
26The Ocean

Release: November 19th
Label: Pelagic / Metal Blade
Genre: Post metal

Their last album went straight into my top 10 this year. Neither this one or "Heliocentric" reached that status but both a re solid release. This one way ahead the latter.

Release: November 8th
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Tech Death

Probably not the best album to start with Atheist, but so I did. Really surprised how much I enjoyed this. The drummer is insane. Love the bay area thrash metal kind of vocals too.

Release: May 24th
Label: Warner
Genre: Drum'n'bass

"Crush" SOTY. That's it, that's all I have to say. What an incredible, uplifting, enjoyable tune. I basically skip all the instrumentals of this album.
23The National
High Violet

The National - High Violet

Release: May 11th
Label: 4AD
Genre: 40s Crisis Indie Rock / Depressive Post Punk without the punk

THE NATIONAL SO LOW. Well, it turns out I wasn't familiar with them until very recently. And still, I think I haven't "got" them as the majority does. They are good, like, really fucking good, but I need more time with them.
Let The Devil In

Release: November 9th
Label: Misantropic Art / W.T.C. / Moribund
Genre: Black Metal

I haven't delved much into black or death metal released this year but the few entries I've found where all really good. This was probably my favorite black metal release of the year. It may be a bit standard for the conosseur but I find it amazing.
Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place

Release: September 7th
Label: Universal
Genre: Pie Chart Shameful Alt Rock

I can't believe I've listened to "New Surrender" so fucking much in 2009 but then forgot about them the year after. It's definitely weaker but still has some amazing tracks. "Closer" being one of them, that chorus is bliss.
The Years

Release: January 5th
Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Dream Pop in all its glory

If I don't include this budgie will haunt my dreams for the rest of my days, but for real, this is such a beautiful, short and sweet burst of dream pop that I often wish it had double the tracks.
19Laura Veirs
July Flame

Release: January 12th
Label: Bella Union / Raven Marching Band
Genre: Sadgirlcore Celebration

With almost a 20 year career span by now, "July Flame" falls somewhat in the middle, years before that wonderful collaboration that resulted in 2016's Case / Lang / Veirs. It has a few lows but some real highs. Starting with "Wide-Eyed, Legless", if something as captivating as that tune doesn't get to you, then don't bother with the rest.
18The Body
All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To...

Release: July 27th
Label: At A Loss
Genre: Choral Drone of Doom

Two records out and already crushing the drone scene at the time. Chip's shrieks doesn't sound as high and irritating as latest releases and some choral passages are really mind blowing. Same goes for some strings arrangements in songs like the closer "Lathspell I Name You", definitely one of the highlights of this album.
Axioma Ethica Odini

Release: September 27th
Label: Indie Recordings/Nuclear Blast
Genre: Third Eye Opening Black Metal

Honestly, I knew this was gonna be good, since I have a friend who is absolutely crazy with this record. The clean voice sections are probably one of the best I've heard in the genre.
16Agnes Obel

Release: October 4th
Label: PIAS
Genre: Chamber Folk

Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel is simply one of the most impressive songwriters and performers of the last 10 years. This, her debut, is almost dominated by her proficiency as a pianist and incredible voice but you only have to listen to Aventine and Citizen of Glass to know how amazing her development as a musician and composer has been.
The Fool

Release: October 26th
Label: Rough Trade
Genre: Psychedelic dream pop

Everything about this album is beautiful. They are beautiful, the songs are beautiful, the production is beautiful, the lead singer's voice is beautiful, the cover is beautiful, the package is beautiful.
14Les Discrets
Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées

Release: March 29th
Label: Prophecy Productions
Genre: Postgaze Darkfolk

Some might say the band led by Fursy Teyssier has always existed at the shadow of Neige's Alcest. The similarities are obvious, and they have collaborated at some point or the other which means they drank the waters of the same fountain. Nevertheless, any fan of Alcest or Lantlos should give these guys a good listen, and specially this album.
Spiral Shadow

Release: October 25th
Label: Season of Mist / Relapse Records
Genre: Georgian Sludgegaze

The later in time I get in Kylesa's discography the more I like what i hear. Laura Pleasants taking control of vocals in later releases takes the band in a new fresh direction, imbuing their sound with layers of shoegaze and melody. I also love the punk/grunge feel of this album. The guitar tone is brutal, perfect, and the beats just pound you without mercy. Great band and one more solid entry in their catalog.
12Susanne Sundfor
The Brothel

Release: March 15th
Label: EMI
Genre: Art Pop

Even if all the follow-ups to this have been amazing, I don't think she'll ever top this. Puts to shame anything Flo and the Machine has done in the last 5 years. And I'm being kind here. "It's All Gone Tomorrow" is such a pop anthem.
11The Bamboos

Release: March 22nd
Label: Tru Thoughts
Genre: F.U.N.K.

Another one of the few albums that I listened to on release back in 2010. At the time, I had been living in Japan for 9 months and met my now wife just one month before The Bamboos released this. We used to hang out in a funk club in Shibuya and they would play "Tears in the Rain" relentlessly. Soon, it became a household classic.
10Crippled Black Phoenix
I, Vigilante

Release: September 6th
Label: Invada/Kscope
Genre: Post Rock Blues

This was the year I discovered this band. I was greatly surprised the first time I heard this album cause it was something completely new for me. Like, post rock with vocals, with folk elements and a dark, bluesy mood. They have created many great albums after this, specially the last two.
Diamond Eyes

Release: May 4th
Label: Reprise Records
Genre: Deftonicore

One of the sharpest and heaviest outputs of their already robust discography. Some of the riffs on this thing are just absolute smashers plus Chino is in remarkable shape (considering this is 10 years after a peak moment in White Pony). Fun and effective, this is an album that they should be proud of.
Where Did The Night Fall

Release: May 10th
Label: Surrender All Records
Genre: Trip and hit your head against a rock

I'm one of the few humans on the planet that think DJ Shadow leaving the band was the best thing that could ever happen to Labrie and co. They've always had a great set of collaborators to give life to their
songs but in this one they hit a really sweet spot. Sleepy Sun, Black Angels, Autolux, Big in Japan, Gavin Clark and Mark Lanegan are some of the names that you'll find here. Apart from 2 or 3 fillers, this stands as one of Unkle's most solid efforts.

Release: March 9th
Label: Hydrahead
Genre: Noise Rock Dementia

Torturing instruments and bebop dancing on top of the corpses of their live attending fanbase since 2002. The prodigal sons of chaos rock did something incredible on this self titled but 3rd full length. The thunder of their live shows, encapsulated here in 28 immortal minutes for home consumption.
Foreign Tapes

Release: April 23rd
Label: Dot Dash
Genre: Post Rocked Art Pop

My goodness, where the hell did these guys come from? (Australia, actually.) Like a poppier version of Anathema or a heavier version of Radiohead, this twin vocal wonder caught me by total surprise. Go listen to "Lung Full of Light" and tell me that it's not one of the most beautiful things you've ever heard, hyperbole and all.
Heavy Metal Fruit

Release: January 15th
Label: Stickman Records
Genre: Soul Searching Cosmic Stoner

What's left to say about these gentlemen? Forever exploring and expanding the confines of the Stoniverse. "Heavy Metal Fruit" is one of their more balanced albums though, 6 tracks where the fiery jam sessions that seem out of control at times consolidate in long and epic compositions. It's the case of tracks like "W.B.A.T." and the monolithic "Gullible's Travails (pt. I-IV)", which clocks at some 20 minutes while including one of the best moments of that the band has ever recorded. That grand finale.
4Dead Letter Circus
This Is The Warning

Release: May 14th
Label: Warner / Sumerian
Genre: Progressive Handsome Rock

Once every hundred moons and a half you get to find a band that explodes out of nowhere with a debut that sounds like they have been doing their shit for years. Such is the case of DLC when I first heard this album. The execution, production and emotion put on this record is just incredible. It's not without its flaws, obviously, but for a first album, this is fairly impressive.
3Ghost (SWE)
Opus Eponymous

Release: March 29th
Label: Rise Above Records
Genre: Spooky Doomy Halloween Metal

Another band that has become one of my favorite acts of all time (they actually reign my scrobbles). It's crazy to see how far they have come in 9 years. From the home made black robes made by their mums to the full US arena tour they are doing now in only 4 albums. Who would have thought these once Candlemass fanboys would climb the charts and sell millions of albums nowadays while preaching Lucifer's word?
2Pure Reason Revolution
Hammer & Anvil

Release: October 18th
Label: Superball
Genre: Moog Worship Prog Rock

This British electro rock squad has been one of my favorite bands for a very long time. In their third and last album before they split-up they managed to blend the prog rock of their incredible debut "The Dark Third" with the heavy electronica of its follow-up "Amor Vincit Omnia". The result was a dream made true for long time fans but unfortunately, it failed to impress new listeners.
Écailles De Lune


Release: March 29th
Label: Prophecy Productions
Genre: Treehugging, life-affirming blackgaze

"Ecailles de Lune" is a breath-taking voyage through the wonderful mind of that impossible genius that is Neige. It's an album that has to be heard regardless of your taste in music. It's radiant beauty, elf-metal in all its glory.
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