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Dewi's 2018 Highlights Pt.1

Just a few albums I've enjoyed so far in 2018's first half. Top 10 for every month, in order. Gotta update my ratings on a bunch of these.
Sangue Cassia

January // 4.4
Label: Season of Mist
Try: Vento Sul

One of the earliest drops of the year. The Portuguese have refined their fado + doom formula spicing it up with a bit of trip hop. The result is something unique and beautiful.
2The Go! Team

January // 4.3
Label: Memphis Industries
Try: She Got Guns

A crazy welshman in a flight to Detroit. One idea in mind: A funk album sang by high school students. Add a two drummer set and his former gang of groovadours and BAM! A neck breaking album. Just like that.
3Tonight Alive

January // 4.0
Label: UNFD
Try: Temple

Now that Paramore has transcended into bubblegum land, the Aussies are my fix of blasting, ambitious and uplifting pop punk. Yes, I would have gone without the last 2 ballads and the Corey Taylor feature but fortunately, they are a tail easy to cut off.
Down Below

January // 4.0
Label: Century Media
Try: The Lament

Down Below is another graveyard rock gem that continues and refines the sound of Children of the Night. It goes very well with my morning blood bath and my neighbour, Miss Bathory, seems to dig it too.

January // 4.0
Label: Tapete
Try: Slow and Tiny

I am happy for the German trio to finally get to debut their shoegaze infused indie rock on a label like Tapete. It was one of the first reviews I did this year and it was a fucking mess. But the album’s great.
6Typhoon (USA-OR)

January // 3.9
Label: Roll Call
Try: Empiricist

Deep into January this album exploded in my face (thanks to bgillesp btw). At first the voice put me off, then I got into the lyrics, the concept of the album and it started to sink in like a cold fever. Months after (it may be this stupid summer though) and it has started to wear off a little.
7Hollie Cook
Vessel of Love

January // 3.8
Label: Merge
Try: Vessel of Love

I wouldn’t have thought I would like this as much as I do. The daughter of Sex Pistols drummer making ragga pop! What a world we live in…

January // 3.8
Label: Stickman Records
Try: Liquid Sky

Another early review I got down a few days into the new year. Oh silly me who thought I could put out one every week. Good psychedelic stoner with a decent amount of Pink Floyd.
Somewhere Else

January // 3.6
Label: Wharf Cat
Try: Enlist

Not many electronic digs so far this year, but I am an absolute inept in regards to the genre so no surprises. This one though, I love the bleak atmosphere and the vocal variety it has.
Trident Wolf Eclipse

January // 3.5
Label: Century Media
Try: Nuclear Alchemy

Mcdonalds Black Metal. No, really, I love these folks, I don’t know why. To be completely honest, I hadn’t listened to much Black Metal when the year started, it was after hearing this when I decided to start the binge.
11Johanna Warren
Gemini II

February // 4.8
Label: Self Released
Try: Hopelessness has done nothing for me

The quasi-perfect singer songwriter for me and one of my candidates for album of the year. There is a strange kind of magic encapsulated in this album and it has made it grow around my innards like a vine.
Great Big Blue

February // 4.5
Label: PIAS / Adventures
Try: Sunday

One of my favourite dream pop album this year, and there has been quite a few at this point. For an album that screams summer it’s strange this dropped when the world was still freezing… well, maybe not in Australia.

February // 4.2
Label: Sub Pop
Try: Joy

Joy is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard, not only in 2018, but in a long while. The album looks for a turbulent balance between indie folk and electronic pop. It struggles to find it but it comes pretty close to achieve it.
14Paper Dollhouse
The Sky looks Different Here

February // 4.0
Label: MoonDome Records
Try: Haze

Ethereal voices playing alone some kind of soft tecno. Quite the soundscape if you ask me.
15Polica / s t a r g a z e
Music For The Long Emergency

February // 4.0
Label: Transgressive Records
Try: Marrow

The band has come a long way from their autotune era, teaming up with the (also transgressive) classical ensemble s t a r g a z e (yep, like that, spaces and all). This is Donald Trump’s favourite pop record of the year.
16Brigid Mae Power
The Two Worlds

February // 3.9
Label: Tompkins Square
Try: I’m Grateful

Droned folk, very melancholic. I love the raw production in this and the bewitching way in that Brigid howls her tunes.
Time and Space

February // 3.9
Label: Roadrunner
Try: Big Smile

The most Snapcase album I’ve heard since those guys vanished in the 00s.
18Christina Rosenvinge
Un Hombre Rubio

February // 3.8
Label: El Segell del Primavera
Try: La Flor Entre la Via

I lost track of what is going in my homeland lately (Spain) since I moved out of there but I sometimes explore the panorama to see if there is anything worth checking. Rosenvinge has been doing albums in what it feels like forever. I didn’t expect that, after so many of them, she still had something like this in her.
19Palm (PA)
Rock Island

February // 3.6
Label: Carpark Records
Try: Pearly

I think it was Verdant who helped me to discover these guys. Their meticulous and mathematical indie rock is as amazing as confusing. I still don’t know if I really enjoy this album or it’s just an aural illusion.

February // 3.5
Label: Season of Mist
Try: Atraja

I remember this being a complete banger when it dropped. Marskid hyped it to hell and back and Nocte did a superb write up on it. Then I completely forgot about until today. Still an amazing debut for a promising post metal band from Lithuania.
21Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

March // 5.0
Label: City Slang
Try: Ugly & Vengeful

A classic at this point. I was already fairly hyped before this was released and when it did it just devoured my soul. Floored from start to finish, nothing has impressed me as much as this so far. Still AOTY candidate.
22Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

March // 4.8
Label: Holy Roar
Try: Aftermath (and then let it punch your face with Rituals)

The stuff of legends. The album that united Sputnikmusic in 2018. Mandatory listen around these parts and another strong candidate to AOTY along with the spooky lady above.
23Black Moth
Anatomical Venus

March // 4.5
Label: Candlelight Records
Try: Istra

Now, this is more a personal thing, since I tried to taunt a lot of people here with this one and it just didn’t click with anyone. The female fronted stoner occult rock thing is quickly becoming a cliché, but one I personally love to jam.
The Free Life

March // 4.2
Label: Silva Screen Records
Try: Domino

They finally got their sound down and managed to craft a hell of a rock album, with plenty of infectious chorus and awesome guitar work.
25Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

March // 4.2
Label: Paper Bag Records
Try: Someplace

What a strange and enigmatic record. I was completely puzzled on first listen. It could have been produced a bit better but I would strongly suggest to keep an eye on these guys. I thought about reviewing this once too, the summary was going to be smth like “Black S(Abba)th”, to give you an idea.
Esoteric Malacology

March // 4.1
Label: Willowtip
Try: The Spectral Burrows

All hail the mollusca! Unless you haven’t visited the site in the last 6 months, you already know fair and wide about this one.
27Wendy Rae Fowler

March // 3.9
Label: Round Trip Records
Try: This is not a Love Song

Wouldn’t be fair to present her as Mark Lanegan’s ex-wife (which I just did) but she is also an extensive collaborator of bands like Queens of the Stone Age. To me, she sounds like a less gothic, sharper version of Chelsea Wolfe.
28Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and Slomatics

March // 3.8
Label: Black Bow Records
Try: Eagduru (MWWB) and Ancient Architects (Slomatics)

I can’t wait for their respective records after hearing what both bands have done in this split. MWWB mix angelic female vocals with a massive slab of sludge while Slomatics does the same but with no angels to help them.
29Beautify Junkyards
The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards

March // 3.6
Label: Ghost Box
Try: Cabeça-Flor

Wonderful dream folk and psychedelic record. I don’t know what’s going on in Portugal this year but hot damn they are producing amazing material lately down there.
They Often See Dreams About The Spring

March // 3.5
Label: Self Released
Try: Накрите небо бурим дахом (The opener, that is)

I was introduced to Drudkh through the Black Metal Odyssey list I did, can’t remember who rec’d it to me but I am grateful I came to know them. It’s Drudkh, it’s amazing, but I kind of prefer the old stuff just yet.
31Wye Oak
The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs

April // 4.5
Label: Merge
Try: The Instrument

It seems their fanbase don’t approve where the band has gone with this new release. I personally love the way they are evolving and incorporating new elements into their music. And they still craft songs like no other.
32Night Flowers
Wild Notion

April // 4.5
Label: Dirty Bingo Records
Try: Hey Love

Another superb dream pop album dropped in spring. This is a delicacy.
Alba - Les Hombres Errantes

April // 4.2
Label: Pelagic
Try: Los Heraldos Negros

The French post metal troopers have blown my head with a full acoustic album that is also a soundtrack to the film of the same name.
The Sciences

April // 4.2
Label: Third Man
Try: Sonic Titan

I honestly thought these guys were DONE. But not only they released one of their best albums up to date, they also brought Neurosis very own Jason Rhodes on drums to do it. This is a blessing.
Killer Machine

April // 4.0
Label: Crusher / Universal
Try: Dead or Alive

Plain and simple vintage rock’n’ roll. I really have a soft spot for this stuff.
36Many Rooms
There is a Presence Here

Many Rooms

April // 4.0
Label: Other People Records
Try: Dear Heart

Sadgirl core cranked to the max. One step below this there is nothing but death and emptiness.

April // 3.9
Label: Holy Roar
Try: Vakuum

The new blackgaze blood is coming strong, specially after the divisive opinions caused by the genre’s saviour grace, Deafheaven. This is far more agressive if that is what you are looking for.
38City Calm Down
Echoes In Blue

April // 3.7
Label: I OH YOU
Try: Blood

Honestly, you will be listening to the first minute of Blood and you will think what is this crooning shit all over my indie rock, and then the track just… just… just hear it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Grid of Points

April // 3.6
Label: cranky
Try: Driving

Just Grouper, doing Grouper things, which she won’t probably remember the day after.
Feast for Water

April // 3.5
Label: Aural Music
Try: White Stains

The Italians are really close to strike gold with their jazzy doom metal brew. Not there yet, but really, really close.
Queen of Time


May // 4.5
Label: Ward Records
Try: Amongst Stars (Cause Anneke)

All good things metal. Hell, one of the most solid metal albums of the year so far.

May // 4.3
Label: Robotic Empire
Try: Fallow State

The second of the trilogy of EPs (and an acoustic one in that) that these motherfuckers have spawned in advance of a FOURTH (!!!) full length release coming soon. Fucking legends.
43La Luz
Floating Features

May // 4.3
Label: Hardly Art
Try: Cicada

Tarantino needs to hire these girls for his next movie and he doesn’t even know it yet. Mariachi dream pop?
44Thy Catafalque

May // 4.1
Label: Self released
Try: Hajnali Csillag

One of my favourite albums of May comes from a band I basically don’t know anything about and from an album that I only heard once. I feel like if I jam it a second time it will lose some of the surprise factor it had on first listen. Can’t really explain what this is.
45The Body
I have fought against it, But I can’t any longer

May // 4.0
Label: Thrill Jockey
Try: The Last Form of Loving (And then let the shrieks consume you muahahaha)

Your favourite noise tormentors are back with probably one of the best things they have ever done. More cinematic than ever, harsh and challenging as always.
46Idris Ackamoor and The Pyramids
An Angel Fell

May // 4.0
Label: Strut
Try: Tinoge

I’ll take cosmic jazz any time, in any place.
47Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

May // 4.0
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings
Try: The Future of History

One of the more fresh (I don’t even dare to call this indie rock) and mind-fuzzing albums of 2018’s first half. The guitar work on this thing deserves some serious contemplation.
48Beach House

May // 3.8
Label: Sub Pop
Try: Dive

I have no right to talk about the band cause I am very new to them but this is lovely, dreamy, fluffy and life affirming.
49Carla Bozulich

May // 3.7
Label: Constellation
Try: Let it Roll (and prepare 8 minutes+ for that)

If you are familiar with the record label you know more or less what to expect. Intense atmosphere in avant-garde territory.
50Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir

May // 3.5
Label: Ward Records / Nuclear Blast
Try: I Am Sovereign

I had to have my slice of symphonic black metal. It’s not mind blowing and Behemoth is probably gonna roll over them but still, pretty decent.
51Ghost (SWE)

June // 5.0
Label: Loma Vista
Try: Rats

Second 5 I have given this year and a candidate for AOTY. Now, now, before you shit on me you have to know that my opinion of Prequelle is strictly personal. Objectively this is an album with many flaws, but in practice, this shit has me, my wife and my cat dancing naked through the night almost daily.
52Field Division
Dark Matter Dreams

June // 4.7
Label: Bella Union
Try : River in Reverse

This one is a very recent surprise. The perfect mix between Americana and Dream Pop with some Fleetwood Mac thrown into the mix in good measure. I reviewed this in hopes of giving it more exposure around here but it didn’t do very well (shrug).
53Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

June // 4.3
Label: Island Records
Try: Nica Libres At Dusk

Personally, Ben Howard has been a really strong influence in my own music, the man is a genius and I am pretty sure history will put him where he deserves. This is his most mature album which comes at the price of distancing himself from everything he has done before.
54Death Grips
Year of the Snitch

June // 4.3
Label: Third Worlds / Harvest
Try: Death Grips is Online

Pretty Pretty 9 motherfuckaaaaah!
55Zeal and Ardor
Stranger Fruit

June // 4.3
Label: Radicals Music
Try: Don’t You Dare

To that guy that said this sounds like Imagine Dragons, you ruined my LIFE dude. No really, you won’t be able to unhear it now, but the album is lit anyway. I am really happy to see Manuel bringing this further and stronger. Would love to see them live.
56Night Verses
From the Gallery of Sleep

June // 4.2
Label: Equal Vision
Try: Vice Wave

I doubt we get a better instrumental album this year. This thing is immense and I don’t want to imagine what they could do at this stage with the proper vocalist.
Our Raw Heart

June // 4.2
Label: Relapse Records
Try: Ablaze

Massive album, and all I expected from a band like them. His vocals are better than ever.
58Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage

June // 4.1
Label: Fat Possum
Try: Breathe In, Breathe Out

Nothing ever has been so pink in my whole life. Thanks to Conmaniac for unearthing this.
59Jaye Jayle
No Trail and Other Unholy Paths

June // 4.0
Label: Sargent House
Try: Marry Us

If you can’t wait for Emma Ruth Rundle’s new album, know she sings here too. Not only Jaye Jayle functions as her support band during tour, this is an underrated, dark and gritty album, channeling Nick Cave with perplexing swiftness.

June // 3.8
Label: Self released
Try: Haudoille

Credit to Zaruyache for repping’ this on a Myrkur thread. Pretty similar but it feels somehow moooore… authentic?
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