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No Expletives! A Rec Competition Round 5

Each round I'll pick a genre and will take one song rec. The song cannot contain any profanity, curses, swears etc...
1Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

Let's have a bit of fun this round. I want 3 song recs from each of you. The 3 songs must each have a genre tag in each of the top 3 genres of your pie chart. No one can repeat a band someone else has taken (if you'd like you can claim bands first before you rec a song) . Please list the genre after each rec for my ease to make sure you followed my guidelines. Due to last round's 1 minute song rec, no recs shorter than 2 minutes.

brainmelter: 1
2The Fall of Troy

For example:
Third Eye Blind- Motorcycle Drive By would be my "Alternative Rock" rec

The Fall of Troy- Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles would be my "Post Hardcore" rec...
Define the Great Line

and lastly Underoath- A Moment Suspended in Time would be my "Metalcore" rec

(which are my top 3 genres in my pie chart)
4Modern Life Is War

I'm Not Ready
This track was like a cross between Defeater and early La Dispute. You have the more melodic hardcore edge of La Dispute with the heavy riffs of Defeater. Which are melded with vocals blend the aggression of Derek Archambault's screams with the borderline shouting deliveries that you'd hear from the likes ofJordan Dreyer. It's clear both vocalists drew inspiration from Jeffrey Eaton and It's definitely sweet to hear an earlier iteration of a sound I really enjoy. 4.3/5
5Bear vs. Shark
Right Now You're in the Best of Hands

(Post Hardcore)
The Employee Is Not Afraid
An Indie-tinged post hardcore outing that stood as a nice change from the more energetic and spastic post hardcore I typically listen to. I like that this comes off a bit more relaxed and restrained and the outbursts are short snippets that never overdo it. The melodies here were also quite enjoyable. 3.9/5
The Sanity Universal

The grind encrusted outbursts paired with the low-pitched screams of the vocalist made this immediately appealing. As the layers of this track unravel, the melodic guitar licks with high-pitched tones were a nice contrast to the deep and unrelenting metalcore chuggings and hardcore/grind oriented drum patterns. A super entertaining listening but I wish there was a bit more variety in vocals, as they seem to be the only "expected" element amongst the instrumentalism. 4.1/5

AVERAGE: 4.1/5
Above the Weeping World

(Death Metal)
Change of Heart
A transcendent progression from acoustic melodies that lead into some melodic guitar licks which contrast the deep pitch of the screamed vocals. The ways in which this track splits up the instrumental segments with acoustic and electric guitar melodies was highly satisfying and worked a lot better than I expected it would. My repetitive gripe as usual is the lack of variety in vocal delivery. I just wish the vocals were as interesting as the instrumental work here. 4.1/5
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

(Black Metal)
Funeral Fog
The drums on this are incredibly intricate and carry so much energy in this track. The mixing of the guitars in this could be a bit higher though as it's easy to miss how much melody is actually brought into play here by them. I found the vocals irritating beyond belief though and honestly would have been much more pleased with something standard rather than random, incomprehensible mumbles and grunts which add nothing of value to a track with potential that I feel was never fully realized. 3.7/5
9Ne Obliviscaris
Portal of I

(Progressive Metal)
As Icicles Fall
This started off like a fairly standard prog metal track up until the strings are introduced which really elevate this track above the standard sound within the genre. The way violins reach their peak as they lead into the massive swells in the guitar solo was mesmerizing. There's no denying the technical ability of the instrumentals here. The length and buildup did become a bit daunting however and I honestly felt like this could have achieved what it set out today in about 5 minutes rather than nearly 10. 3.8/5

10Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Creepin On Ah Come Up

Thuggish Ruggish Bone
A pretty nice hip hop track, the female vocals were also real nice here and the bass was a sweet gig. 4/5
11Jeff Buckley

(Alternative Rock)
Last Goodbye
The string accompaniment paired with Jeff's uncanny vocal control and range are the real bread and butter of this one, also you get a nice little bass groove thrown in the mix of the acoustic strums of guitar. Definitely an enjoyable one 3.9/5
12Jeff Buckley
Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk

Everybody Here Wants You
It's truly a testament to Jeff that he can croon over an R&B bass groove and also soar over an alt rock track with ease. This was a nice laid back tune to enjoy and mellow out to. 4.3/5

13Manicured Noise
Northern Stories 1978/80

Papa Universe
(Post-Punk) straight from the maester...
Vocals here sort of reminds of David Byrne, who to me is a bit acquired and though the vocals are bipolar and all over the place I'm a bit lukewarm on them. However, the jazzy horns and bass groove are so damn great who really cares? 4.2/5
14The Cleaners From Venus
Midnight Cleaners

Papa Universe
(Indie Rock)
Only a Shadow
Some more bass grooves as is to be expected from Papa, this was pretty sweet as well, the guitar tones were also pretty interesting here had a really echoing effect much like the ones used on the vocals. The repetition of "only a shadow" became a bit tiresome after awhile though and kind of grated. 3.7/5
15The Black Angels
Death Song

Papa Universe
Life Song
There's a very warbly nature to the guitar tones used here and the downtrodden bass highlight the vocals nicely but I sort of felt tired and drowned by the whole experience (but obviously this is the desired mood). I found myself a bit overtired by the length of this experience though and felt this could have done with some trimming in my opinion. 3.9/5


This took some real unexpected turns, with the introduction of some tambourine, piano, and even a bit of horns. Instrumentally it was all their but the melodramatic vocals just felt like sort of a let down with all the good instrumental stuff going on, although they are by no means bad vocals. 3.8/5
17The Stooges
Fun House

I can't tell you how long I've been meaning to check The Stooges and hot damn, this should have happened a lot sooner... The bass on this thing and just the general energy here was awesome. The guitar in the backing of the mix is also real sweet and it was sweet to have it sort of behind this wall of bass playing it just gave this track such an interesting sound. I loved pretty much all that went on here. 4.6/5
18Pharoah Sanders

You've Got to Have Freedom
Damn this was jazz lightning trapped in a bottle. This starts off with some incredible drum, horn and piano interplay and so much energy and enough technical ability to amaze anyone. The moments where the horns burst into a solo or the piano burst into streams of pure speed play or the vivacity of the drum playing that occurs show the mastery of instruments by each musician. There's obviously some killer bass too that's probably easy to miss amongst all the other juicy components at play. 4.7/5

AVERAGE: 4.36/5
19Janelle Monae
The ArchAndroid

(Alternative Rock)
Come Alive (War of the Roses)
Mmmm that bass is tasty. Janelle has so much energy and enthusiasm in her delivery and I loved the haunting choir moments as well. There were some real spastic guitar riffs and licks tossed in here as well. This just had me tapping along and bobbing my head the entire time. 4.8/5
20TV on the Radio
Return to Cookie Mountain

(Indie Rock)
Wolf Like Me
A real fuzzy atmosphere to this one with a nice lil bass groove in the mix. The vocals here were a bit bland though and could have used a bit more variation. The twinkly interlude was nice a surprise though and the choir of vocals was nice. A pretty solid track 3.7/5
21Phoebe Bridgers
Stranger In The Alps

Lush and beautiful vocal melodies over some fairly simple folk instrumentals. Sometimes, that's all a great track needs to succeed. 4/5

AVERAGE: 4.16/5
The Path of Apotheosis

(Death Metal)
Prelude to a Perilous Fate
This is ridiculous similar to Black Dahlia Murder and I really dig Black Dahlia Murder. A shit ton of energy, aggressive vocals and a really sweet instrumental interlude in the mix. Yeah this is right up my alley. 4.4/5
23Peste Noire
Phalenes et pestilence-salvatrice averse

(Black Metal)
Phalenes et pestilence-salvatrice averse
Well I was definitely caught off guard by the unabashed transition from beautiful acoustic guitars to just mayhem filled black metal. The screams here were vicious and the guitar melodies were pretty sweet. In general the acoustic guitar breakups in the middle of the track really help to break up the heaviness and brings justification to the track length. This was for the most part a pretty interesting experience I'd say. 4/5
24Hiatus Kaiyote
Tawk Tomahawk

Some real nice soulful jazzy bass here and some lovely female vocals as well. I like the twinkly moments that occur as the track progresses. Overall this was just real enjoyable. 4.1/5

AVERAGE: 4.16/5

Hybrid Earth
Some more proggy metalcore from the steak bro. The vocals (both clean and screamed) and the instrumentals here rippedddd. That guitar solo on this was so killer and I didn't find much to gripe about to be honest, but this also wasn't ground breaking. 4.1/5
26Hail the Sun
Secret Wars

(Post Hardcore)
These guys are like a more technical Circa Survive and I realllllyyyy dig this. The vocals are amazing and there's not a flaw in the instrumentals here that I can find tbh. This was just god damn perfect. 5/5
27Invent Animate

(Progressive Metal)
The opening of this was beautiful and the way it just blends effortlessly into the heavier riffage and screams was kickass. Some of it is a bit too chug oriented, but hey I don't mind the more standard metalcore chugs when there's so many wonderful guitar melodies in the mix of the track's entirety. 4/5

AVERAGE: 4.36/5 ***WINNER!!!***
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