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ZTD's Rec Me Classics (Songs Edition)

Inspired by AsleepInTheBack, I wanted to do a song rec list but not a competition for once. So I thought hey, why not try a different spin from what Asleep did? So send me a song rec that could be deemed classic in its genre respectively and I'll do 2-3 sentence writeups on each and give a rating as well. I will let you know if' I've heard it or not.
1Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

FINAL USER AVERAGES: (thanks to Papa Universe)
1) AsleepInTheBack (4 recs) 4,73
2) Dewinged (1 rec) 4,6
3) BlackwaterPork (2 recs) 4,5
4) DinosaurJones (14 recs) 4,39‎
5) neekafat (13 recs) 4‎,34‎
6) Sinternet (9 recs) 4,31
7) bgillesp (3 recs) 4,27
8) Papa Universe (12 recs) 4,18
9) SteakByrnes (11 recs) 4,15
10) Dctarga (4 recs) 4,05
11) Frivolous (2 recs) 4
12) kingdedethefifth (1 rec) 4
13) Drifter (13 recs) 3,96
14) Spluger (2 recs) 3,9
15) CalculatingInfinity (1 rec) 3,6
16) DikkoZinner (1 rec) 3,5
17) coldheaven (4 recs) 3,45‎
18) oisincoleman64 (1 rec) 3,4‎‎
19) Metalrain (1 rec) 3,3
20) CaimanJesus (1 rec) 3,2
21) ExecutiveExecuterexe‎ (2 recs) 2,35‎
23X Krazy
Stackin' Chips

Keep It On The Real
A nice mellow start to this list, 3X Krazy breezes through this rather simplistic bass beat with a pretty standard metronome and some lovely backing vocals. Agerman starts the track with a flow that keeps a brisk pace and fairly deep voice which melds to the instrumental pretty nicely. Keak Da Sneak also has a fairly similar flow, it almost is hard to differentiate the two vocals here honestly. Until B.A. comes in with his verse which in contrast two the other two rappers he's a bit higher in tone and is a little less speedy with his delivery. Overall a fairly enjoyable G-Funk track. 4/5
In A Major Way

Dusted n' Disgusted
There's a reason E-40 is pretty well known among the G-funk rappers and its because he has excellent flow and delivery. The twangy and rather odd instrumental bits that back the track here are sort of charming and strange and I kinda dig 'em despite the sort of cheesy sound I think it sort of balances the darkness of the situations being discussed (drug dealing and fights between gangs). The guest rappers here also give a nice variety to the track as each have their own unique method to their deliveries. Overall this is definitely a pretty classic sounding posse cut. I just wish the beat changed up a bit more as it would add to the background of the trakc. 3.7/5

Some really punchy bass on this here rec but I can't help but feel its a bit lackluster as it not a real impressive riff and it doesn't really vary enough to hook me. I do like the other elements that are brought into play in the background as far as the sorta spacey keyboard bits, the guitar plucking and some pleasant piano bits which all help to give some of the variety this needed. The raps here are pretty solid but there just these moments in the track I feel that just drag on without really doing anything astounding. I enjoyed this just wasn't impressed by it unfortunately. 3.6/5

Progressive metalcore
Love the distortion on this guitar intro here and honestly I feel like the first like 10 seconds of a track are real important to me in terms of grabbing my attention. This track not only does that but honestly only continues to dig its claws into my ears and surprise me with some highly enjoyable cleans, fucking heavy screams, technical instrumentals and I just really like the way this track flows. That breakup moment at 3:15 where everything drops only to be pummeled with furious guitar riffs seconds after that just escalate to monumental heights just blew me the fuck away. There's even another nice atmospheric interlude from about 4:30 to 5:30 that leads into this soaring solo that honestly tops the track off magnificently. FUCK what a pleasant surprise. 4.8/5

Edge of the Earth
This has some massive and chunky production that give this a huge sound. It's nice to see metalcore/ prog metal that sorts of transcends it's heavy elements for more melodic approaches. This does just that and really helps to keep this from sounding generic and stand out among so much other metalcore I've heard. That isn't to say there weren't some sort of generic and chuggy bits but I do really dig those clean vocals and there were some wonderful surprise elements. 3.9/5
7Crystal Lake

This track kicks off with massive and booming production that kicks with one hell of a wallop. From the moment the guitar riffs, drumming and bass initiate you are pummeled with technicality, precision and just brute force. The track eventually breaks and opens up to some lovely clean vocals which are unexpected and unique in delivery. I overall wish there was more vocal variety in the scream but I was still thrilled as hell by this track as a whole. 4/5
8Tides of Man

Post Hardcore / Alt Rock/ Prog Rock
Not My Love 2
As a fan of Tillian's vocals as of the past two Dance Gavin Dance albums I could see why you would say this is Tillian at the top of his game cause it truly is. Aside from the obvious merit of Tillian's vocals here this track has pretty massive production and the bass really jumps out here in the mix which give this track a huge punch. The progressive guitar leanings here are also quite pleasurable and answers the questions of what Tillian would sound like over a track with more Rock leanings. I was not disappointed this was a pretty damn solid track but I feel that solo at the end was a little overshadowed by the bass mixing. Overall though, I found myself digging this a fair bit. 3.8/5
9Ghost Atlas
Gold Soul Coma

Post Hardcore / Alt Rock
This opens up with some emotional piano melodies and even some of the most crisp and lovely vocals I've heard in the genre. I even really enjoy as he reaches the higher pitches here and I found this highly enjoyable. There's some wonderful songwriting here and could definitely see coming back. 4/5

Surrogate Lover
I'm glad I got both sides of this bands spectrum cause this was really cool to hear these vocals over post hardcore instrumentals. The noodly guitar riffs here blend really with the vocals and this just has a real catchy yet sort of laid back vibe to it. I could definitely see the appeal of these guys in general and I'll check more for sure! 4/5
10Rx Bandits
...And the Battle Begun

...And the Battle Begun
This is just instrumentally brilliant, so many sweets twist and turns and everything serves its purpose marvelously, from the guitars, bass, drums and even the horn and other jazzy bits nothing feels out of place. There's just a marvelous cohesion of genres here. 4.3/5
11Explosions in the Sky
The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

Your Hand in Mine
There's just a certain beauty in the guitar tone and melodies presented here. A marvelous, cascading and wondrous building in it's structure as it ebbs and flows onward. The pitter patter of the drums throughout the track give a nice balance to the long, droning and sweeping guitar licks that layer over one another in a harmonious fashion. There's such lush and crisp production here and I'm bewildered by this song's undeniable beauty. 4.8/5
12Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III
"Why don't you just shut your fucking mouth for once and listen." Probably captures my feeling towards this track and lies within it's grandiose length of 17 minutes 45 seconds. The track begins with this interview of Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, who proves to be an intelligent and mind-probing individual as both the interview and the instrumentals progress and challenge the listener. The anti-establishment message about corruption in the government and the inevitable social decay it's fitting especially with how things are in society and with Trump in presidency, it seems the urgency of the message is more prevalent than ever. The orchestration overall is something quite special and everything serves its purpose marvelously. This is the definition of a classic track. 5/5
13Coheed and Cambria
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

Progressive Rock
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Really enjoyed this one and the 8 minute length didn't feel arduous at all. The soaring vocals melodies, technical instrumentation and storytelling of the lyricism kept the track consistently entertaining. I also appreciated the instrumental break ups. I find they really helped to change things up before anything ever got repetitive. 4/5

Gilgamesh (R-Texas)
Jazz / Progressive
This was the perfect pick me up I needed after hearing 'Street Spirit'. The piano hear is marvelous and there's so much instrumental momentum here. Everything melds together with such ease and flow that is undeniably enjoyable. I feel myself just overcoming by the jazzy elements that are presented with speed and precision in a way that is highly inventive. Honestly, everything here just works. I never lost interest for a second. Just when something feels as if its going to keep up there's another pleasant changeup that presents itself. 5/5
15Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

Alt Rock
I Appear Missing
Damn had no idea Josh Homme was in a coma and hadn't heard about the whole dying during surgery debacle but that's intense. This song had some very heartfelt storytelling aspects and terribly sad lyricism. Instrumentally this was also really enjoyable and his vocals are really great here. I loved the way this all closed off too with that solo which was really unique for an Alt Rock song. There's sort of this falling and descending quality to the riffs it sort of repeats and carries on in a away that mirrors the emotions portrayed here. I really dug this one. 4.3/5
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Far different from the well known track that is Midnight City, this track begins with some lovely acoustic strumming, smooth and encompassing vocals that provide a beautiful atmosphere as they surround the track as they build in pitch and deliveries. There's a real dreamy vibe as the track progresses and eventually comes to swelling ending with some driving yet underlying bass and a blend of electronics, drums, and guitars that just closes with brilliance. This was actually a ton better than Midnight City and I was very pleasantly surprised, could see this being highly regarded and its very much deserved. 5/5
17Regina Spektor
Soviet Kitsch

Indie Pop/ Indie Folk
Regina's one of those female vocalists I've been meaning to check for sometime cause she has that sort of spunk that Fiona Apple has (I love Fiona Apple's music). So as you could expect, this one was lovely in my eyes. The upbeat piano and fast paced strings paired with Regina's lovely voice which goes from soulful crooning to manic and odd deliveries filled with a vast range of emotions. The whole presentation is wonderful. 4.6/5
18Peter Gabriel

Art Rock
Solsbury Hill
Opening up with some lovely acoustics and little bit of egg shaker I'm guessing which give this a nice chill vibe. Vocals have sort of remind me of dad rock (in a sense this seems like something my father would really enjoy). This also further reminds me of when growing up my dad used to play Neil Young on his acoustic guitar in the basement and I could remember listening in and smiling. This sorta has that warming feeling only home can give you and kinda makes me want to take a trip home frankly. 4.2/5
19TV on the Radio
Dear Science

Art Rock
The broody and dark atmosphere as soon as the tracks ensnares itself around your ears adds a lot of a appeal here for me. The deep and droning bass and drums that sound both forward and distant at once with vocals that sort of cut through and are given primary limelight. There's just something sinister about the overall vibe here and lyrics like "it's curling up slowly and finding a throat to choke" and "the long winded blues of the never" perfectly captures the feeling this track gives off while delivering a pessimistic view of the world today. I loved this one simply put. ALSO how the fuck did I miss this on Breaking Bad? I should have looked this up after I heard this... 4.7/5

Blind (from Young Liars)
20Motion City Soundtrack
Commit This to Memory

Time Turned Fragile
I heard this album awhile back but forgot about it and I'm not sure why. The frenzied keyboard that kicks off that track bleed into some of the most infectious pop-punk vocals I've ever heard and the booming bass and overall energetic songwriting show why MCS were always one of the top bands in the genre. I fucking love when pop punk tracks have those breakout moments where the vocals isolate to pronounce on some of the best lyrics. That minute long interlude that breaks up the track with a jam out session is lovely and the drumming is top notch. 4.5/5
White Pony

Nu metal
Digital Bath
SO trying Deftones here again and trying to understand the true grip and adoration for these guys. I think I'm finally starting to see why the vocals would be a huge appeal as they are emotionally stirring and Chino does a great job switching between a rather haunting melancholic vocal to an almost shouted and exasperated singing. I do still feel a sense of boredom in the rather lethargic guitar riffs and overall droning atmosphere presented here though. I don't feel real impressed by the overall instrumentals presented here. I will admit the drumming was pretty damn enjoyable though. Maybe I need more time for Deftones to grow on me but this still wasn't as good as this gets hyped to be. 3.5/5
22Protest the Hero

Progressive Metalcore
Blindfolds Aside
I've always really enjoyed a fair bit of what I've heard by Protest the Hero but have not gotten around to hearing Kezia. Rody's vocals are actually fairly controlled and less over-the-top here compared to other tracks I've heard by them in the past. He's always had a really nice range and I do like his voice and all its eccentricities despite how crazy they are. Instrumentally this track even brought some nice surpises compared to what I've heard by them in the past. The acoustic segments was really a welcomed segment of the song that is introduced in a lovely fashion with some harmonizing from a female guest vocal that blends well with Rody's. Overall a highly entertaining and enjoyable listen and I expected no less really from these guys. 4.5/5
23Animals As Leaders
The Joy of Motion

Djent / Jazz Fusion / Progressive Metal
Physical Education
If you know AAL at all this track won't exactly change your perception. It's an instrumentally proggy track with jazz tendencies and attempts to take you on a little bit of journey. This is pretty standard for them as far as how the song progresses, impressive guitar work and some real technical aspects but suprisingly the energy in some parts of this feels sort of lackluster for these guys. I'm used tracks like CAFO which are loaded with energy right from the get go and this just didn't have the charge that tracks on their self-titled did. That's not to say I dislike the track in fact quite the opposite but this definitely didn't meet my expectations either. The drumming just feels lazy throughout the whole beginning of the track and I guess its supposed to "progress" but in a sense I feel the drums fills could have been more creative as the guitar passages were fairly creative. Still solid though. 3.7/5
24MF Doom
MM.. Food

Fuckkkk that opening is unexpected in the best way possible. The stop/start nature of the drum beat paired with dj scratching and there's this underlying bass beat which is quick and repetitive yet enticing. The multiple instrumentation here in general has loads of appeal with the twangy guitar playing and acoustic elements that blend all together in a vicious blend. Count Bass D starts off with a deep melodic flow that has just the right amount of edge to it. Then comes the more drawling yet unique flow of MF Doom which goes really well with the rather manic nature of the instrumentals here as they sorta of fade into the mix without distracting from all of interesting elements here. 4.7/5
25Viktor Vaughn
Vaudeville Villain

Can I watch?
The classical piano that accompanies the background in this track gives this such a classy vibe with its light and beautiful trills, it brings a lot of emotion to the lyrics presented. The other elements drone and take the back burner as far as instrumentals aside from the occassional guitar riff that fades out. I can't help but see how well Viktor's deep and mellow flow blends with this and Apani B also presents some good verses here as well. I love the conversational nature of this, the back and forth works really well here. 4.3/5
Cold Fact

Sugar Man
Eh this had some interesting bits. The vocals were fine but didnt vary enough and I wish there were more of the psych elements used because those bits were much more fascinating that the rather straightforward folk elements. This had much more potential to be better. 3.5/5
27Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus

Post Punk / Gothic
There She Goes, My Beautiful World
This has a real catchy post punk bass riff which gives a ton of drive to the song and despite its somewhat repetitive nature there's just enough variation to keep the track progressing with a bit of funk. The piano and Nick Cave's vocals give this a soulful tinge which is refreshing and highly enjoyable. I get a continued soulful feeling as the backing choir vocals aid a real chanty/gospel feel to it. The guitar sort of adds a backing layer of interest as well with its random inputs throughout the song. This track could easily be considered a classic. 4.4/5
28Scott Joplin
The Entertainer (Fine Tune Gold Collection)

Classical / Jazz
The Entertainer (Piano Version)
Ah here we have a track I have heard but was not aware the name of it or the original artist. This was always really enjoyable. They used this in a fair bit of the classic video games I played. I used to have a pong game on my computer where this song would play and I remember just sitting there playing pong bouncing along to an electronic version of this and it would always put me in a pleasant mood. This has nostalgia enjoyment written all over it and definitely stands as another classic track. 4.4/5
29Joy Division

Post Punk / Gothic
So I tried to listen to this a few times and each time it got more boring to be blunt. This is a calm and mellow listen but I also felt it was drab and the deep vocals here kinda made me nod off the first time I heard it (it's notable that I was pretty tired that day). Regardless I get that this is supposed to be "atmospheric" but there just wasn't enough interesting elements to hold my attention. 2.5/5
30Julio Iglesias
En El Olympia

Pop / Classical
La Mer
I had no clue " Under the Sea" was originally a french song and not only that, the original blows the covers I've heard of it 'out of the water' he he he. In all seriousness though there's some magnificent vocals, bass work that is truly stellar and impressive, lovely strings, some horns for good measure. It's just an overall bombastic track both instrumentally and vocally. I also really enjoyed the sorta funky vibe that this has in its undertone. I could easily see spinning this for years to come, this is one of those classic tracks that surpasses generational biases. 5/5
31Abominable Putridity
The Anomalies of Artificial Origin

Death Metal
A Burial For The Abandoned
I'll be honest the pig squeals on this one got older super fast and its unfortunately they last the wholeeee time... Aside from that the drums on this were pretty damn impressive and had some nice little changes here and there. The guitar work here has some absolutely insane wankery which was pretty enjoyable but in general I feel like this is a pretty "expected" sounding, as nothing really stood out and grabbed me as unique for the genre. Just those pig squeals man.... 3.2/5
EDIT: why did I rate this so generously? 2.2/5

I was happy to discovery that although this is djent it wasn't filled with some expected deep screamed vocals but rather vocals melodies that glide and cut through the technical instrumentals at work. The extended notes of the vocals lay smooth and lushly over the vast varieties of guitar riffs, melodies and soundscapes presented. The moments where the screams do come into play are also given more intensity by only being introduced at points in which the instrumentals pull back a bit to make room for them. Overall a nice surprise. 4.1/5
33Skid Row
Slave to the Grind

Heavy Metal/ Sludge Metal/ Hard Rock
Wasted Time
Wow these vocals are pretty damn impressive, they reach some dazzling high pitches here. Instrumentally this track also dazzling with some lovely electric guitar riffs and a fantastic solo. Theres a just overall catchiness to this that latches on and sets itself apart from typical songs in the heavy metal genre, though admittedly this sounds like a slower cut from an otherwise heavier record. My main appeal to this one though like I said are the vocals which, were really stellar. 4.2/5
34Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

Hardcore/ Emo
This is a Hostage Situation
From the moment drums kick in this track just takes off both instrumentally and vocally. The layered screams and discordant guitar riffs layered over the manic drum patterns is wild to say the least. As the track progresses there were some surprising sections that feature some lovely emo guitar passages that noodle and meander until the track comes back to kick you full force in the teeth with more jarring screams and edgy guitar riffs with an almost grungy edge to them. Overall this was quite an energetic track my only real complaint is that the production is kind of hazy and muddled which works in some places but grates a bit in other parts. 4/5
35Joyce Manor
Joyce Manor

Punk / Pop Punk / Emo
Constant Headache
This has a real sort of vintage vibe to it, the production is just a bit muddled in a way that give it an almost grunge tinge which sorta adds to the rather angsty vocals and sorts rough guitar riffs. Songwriting here is top notch and catchy as it gets. The vocal melodies are memorable and the bass is at the perfect mixing here which is always nice in a pop punk oriented track. The track ends off on a nice little solo as well which ends off on feedback. This is definitely my top of track right here, but I wasn't blown away. 3.8/5
36Thin Lizzy
Black Rose: A Rock Legend

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Róisín Dubh
Thin Lizzy definitely pops up in the back of my head when I think of classic Hard Rock or Metal and this track doesn't disappoint with a chugging bass rhythm and some chunky riffs that lead into some incredible guitar solo work. Aside from that the vocals are fairly enjoyable, not my favorite from the time period but definitely above average. This nearly fills my sweet spot for Hard Rock and definitely has loads of merit, just not something I can see myself coming back to all that often. 3.5/5

Indie Pop / Electronic / Dream Pop
Pleasant enough and most definitely dream poppy though I gotta admit the dreamy stuff sometimes is dull to me. This beat felt a bit repetitive and though I didn't mind the vocals here they also didn't thrill me. I was kinda hoping for a bit more variation here on both the vocal and instrumental front. 3.4/5
38Iron Maiden
Piece of Mind

Heavy Metal
The Trooper
One thing about Maiden I can always admit right at the start is that Bruce Dickinson can really sing. His vocal strength here really rips through the tracks as the track "runs you through" with its impressive bass work and soaring guitar leads. Everything about this track in general is built to just pummel you on every front, it fits perfectly with the overarching concept of the tracks lyricism. The bass almost makes you feel like you're riding the horse as it chugs along through battle, you almost feel like you're there for the frenzy. The solo here is also up there with some of the best I've heard Maiden do. This track proves I need to actually give these albums an in depth listen. 4.6/5
39Ornette Coleman
The Shape of Jazz to Come

Lonely Woman
Well bgillesp you caught me on a real good day for a jazz rec as I just watched La La Land again yesterday and this continues to make me want to delve into the genre further. This is just straight soulful jazz with a lot of emotional depth. The pitter pattering of the drums is technically precise beyond belief and that sax is straight lush. Honestly you can't go wrong with some classic jazz my only real complaint is there a bit of a repetiveness to this at times but I loved it regardless. 4.5/5
40Harvey milk
A Small Turn of Human Kindness

Doom Metal / Sludge Metal
I Just Want to Go Home
Vocals here were pretty interesting and there was a real dark and brooding vibe to this one which was cool for around 2 minutes but after that I sort of felt tired and bored of it. I dunno I'm not much of a sludge/doom metal guy keep in mind. 3.2/5
41The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

Lo Fi / Indie Folk
I Want the Wind to Blow
The sort of off kilter guitar passages on this give an interesting rhythm, acting as replacement for drums which helps this track to stand out. The creaking in the background reminds me of a rocking chair sitting on a porch on cold windy night which pairs perfectly with the metaphorical references to a storm passing in the lyrics. The track picks up and shows its true folk leanings as the acoustic guitar starts to really kick in around the 2:30 mark and what I assume be some harmonica playing continues along with some percussive shaking and a bumping drum beat that leads into these crashing cymbals that close the track. I think the whole instrumental bit sort of reinstates the story being told with its clamoring of drums and cymbals which represent the storm and thunder because as the track comes to a close the thunder (drums and cymbals) sort of dissipate and fade away. Phil also vocally retells it all beautifully. 5/5
42Deep Purple
Deep Purple In Rock

Hard Rock/ Progressive Rock
Child In Time
Oh I know Deep Purple they're that band that plays smoke on the water right? If you're that guy in the room who says that phrase you deserve a swift jab to the throat for Deep Purple are so much more than that. Child In Time is a testament as to why Deep Purple are so glamorized by fans of Rock and Classic Rock alike. Moody synth lines, incredible guitar solos, epic vocal melodies and overall just talented musicianship. I had the ability to see these guys not to long ago and you would not believe how well they still deliver despite their age. Do yourself a favor, check out more of this band! 4.6/5
OK Computer

Alternative Rock
Paranoid Android
Finally, a Radiohead song that clicked on first listen. I gotta say there's lot to divulge here both from an instrumental and lyrical standpoint. Yorke discusses grandiose issues like societal greed, being forgotten without leaving a lasting impression on the world and the inevitable downfall of mankind. This is all done cleverly and metaphorically mind you as Yorke possesses clear songwriting prowess. The track forays into societal flaws in the eyes of a highly intelligent robot (apparently alluding to Marvin from The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy series) who basically reaches a point at which it believes suicide is the escape. Although there is obviously a purposeful openness to the interpretation here. Regardless, the track impresses not only lyrically but with some spacey guitar riffs, percussive sounds, brooding bass lines, and some really solid drum beats that build up and explode when necessary. All in all its perfect. 5/5
The Bends

Alternative Rock
Street Spirit
This one covers some dark and existential territory that sort of haunts and pull you in with Yorke's sort of torturous labored singing. You can feel the pain and disdain his presentation gives here and there's just a feeling of hopelessness which is paired with these lovely guitar melodies and a metronome drum beat that sort of does well to "fade" out as the depressing lyrics sort of wash over you as you're carried along. These are the sort of feelings and thoughts that creep back for me especially when I'm having a rough day, I can't help but feel this speaks to my inner demons that I grapple with as well. 4.3/5
The Kraanialepsy Split

Death Metal
Razor Wire Sodomy + Split Her Head In Half
Well the pig squeals on these ones are a little less annoying but I'm still not thrilled by them. The drums here are super tight but the guitar riffs are super generic and fail to hold my attention at all really. I just felt there wasn't much variation, nothing stood out for me at all. I also really don't see myself ever re listening to this. 2.5/5
46Depeche Mode
Enjoy the Silence

Electronic / Post Punk
Enjoy The Silence
I know this is widely acclaimed as one of their biggest hits so maybe my expectations were a little too high here? I enjoyed this and there's a lot of intricacies in its craft theirs no doubt but I found the synth to get a little grating and borderline cheesy at moments. Keep in mind that the 80's sounding synth lines don't do a heck of a lot for me so I am quite biased. I also gotta say the vocals don't really jive with me too much. 3.2/5
47Sweet Trip
Velocity : Design : Comfort

Shoegaze/ IDM /Glitch
Fruitcake and Cookies
Keeping just enough trick's up their sleeves Sweet Trip live up to their name as this was a pretty "sweet trip". I could definitely drifting awar with my eyes closed and just absorbing all the oddities and eccentricities that lie within its confides. Although I do like these characteristics I wouldn't say this is something I'd come back to regularly however. 3.7/5
48Lil Ugly Mane
Uneven Compromise

Experimental / Hip-Hop
Uneven Compromise
This starts off fucking creepy, reminds me of the nursery part in Dead Space 2 but I dig it cause I love creepy shit. The overall atmosphere of this track is just haunting and I really like how successful it is at creating this disturbing vibe. I gotta say though, I'm not super thrilled with the vocal delivery. He's a bit too deep for my liking which is odd as I usually dig deep-voiced rappers. In part 2 though the vibe changed and became a bit more R&B oriented which is quite enjoyable and the whole labels labels part was sort of unexpected and fascinating. When the track hit part 3 though this thing becomes a banger, the vocal delivery is at its best, as it's no longer too deep in pitch, the beat changes and becomes more entertaining and I never expected what direction this track was going to take as the track progressed. My only complaints are just that initial delivery and god I hate when tracks end with obnoxious noise. 4.3/5
49Pink Floyd

Progressive Rock / Psychedelic
I could really see myself just mellowing out to this one and winding down the night. This has a more psych vibe than other Pink Floyd stuff I've heard in the past, which is probably what gives it such a calming effect (nearly drifted off at work haha). The loose and plodding bass line that carries the track along with some occasional rock oriented guitar outbursts. The song also has some moments of dreamy synth that sort escape the realm of the track itself. The vocals here didn't really do a heck of lot for me here though I gotta say (but the lyrics do make up for this). I mean I liked this one don't get me wrong but this doesn't touch the more energetic rock oriented cuts from Dark Side of the Moon in my opinion, plus the length does get to be a bit much frankly and I didn't really draw many memorable moments. 3.6/5
You'd Prefer an Astronaut

Alternative Rock/ Shoegaze / Post Hardcore
This definitely leans mostly towards Alt Rock I don't see much shoegazey elements here and only a slight bit of post hardcore edge to this. As far as my enjoyment of the track I felt sort of luke warm. The vocal presentation here just feels lackluster and didn't really grip me. I enjoyed the instrumentals but nothing here really stood out, there's a sorta solemn tone which fits the lyrics here but the vocalist sorta just tells me the lyrics rather than really selling me with his conviction to the story. I don't know maybe its just me but this felt kinda bland. 3.2/5
51The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

Alternative Rock / Brit Pop / Indie Rock
I Wanna Be Adored
The way this track sorta comes hurdling into earshot is pretty fascinating and I love how the bass comes creeping into play. This sort of swells and become more massive as the track progresses with its rather deep and atmospheric production. As the vocals come into play they stay at this high pitch most the time but the fact they don't vary in pitch actually works well here as they create another layer over the rather deep instrumentals presented here. Though I gotta say I wish it just came to a head and blew it out of the park and I never fully felt that "punch". 3.8/5
Screams and Whispers

Thrash Metal / Progressive Metal
Thrash with some melodic tinge to it, I can definitely get behind this. My main problem here is the same problem I usually have with thrash the screamed vocals are just dull and lame as shit. I don't feel pissed off with them I feel pissed off by them and thats my main gripe here. Some of the other elements were interesting though but those chuggy riffs are kinda bland as well. Eh this was just a bit above average. 3.3/5
53The Alex Jones Prison Planet
Cursed To Hell EP

Death Metal
Cursed to Hell
More like curse this track to hell, seriously... what? This is literally just ranting, terrible growls, and some really terrible guitar chugging. I can't even take this remotely seriously.... do I really need to rate this? 1/5
54David Sylvian
Gone to Earth

Art Pop / Ambient Pop
Before the Bullfight
Another long track but there were some really lovely melodies in here, this is sort of a lay back and drift away kind of song. The vocals are quite calming and the droning that occurs throughout the length of the track gives it a hazy and melancholic feeling. The instrumentals vary enough to keep the right amount of interest I'd need to get through a track of this length. The guitar melodies come in sparsely but are used wisely and the jazzy horns are a nice surprise as the track progresses. Overall a pretty mellow listen that I had no real qualms with but also wasn't thoroughly impressed with. 3.6/5
55Cult of Luna

Post Metal/ Sludge Metal
I: The Weapon
This was so immediately enjoyable for me holy shit. There's just a driving force behind this track that despite it's length I never lost interest for a minute. There's just layers of elements here that work so well to hold your attention, the screams, the soaring guitar riffs and melodies and the pummeling bass playing. I have to say this is one of the first times a post metal track has actually maintained a grip on me in such a fast manner. Honestly this is just top tier and most definitely has earned it way to not only the top 10 but it's earned a top priority as a band and album I need to hear more of. 4.6/5
56Los Campesinos!
No Blues

Avocado Baby
Indie Rock/ Indie Pop/ Alternative Rock
This was a sweet and tasty little listen, the bass groove and guitar riffs were pretty jammy and fun. The vocals were also interesting and the shouting bits were a nice surprise. This just has a nice upbeat feel to it in general and had a real "feel good" quality to it. 3.8/5
57Ampere/Funeral Diner

Emo/ Post Rock/ Hardcore
I Was the Sword
I can see myself loving this so much more if the mixing and production were crisper and punchier cause the instrumentals layered together here are pleasant and the atmospheric potential is there for sure. However, this lacks enough kick in the way that it's mixed to really grab me with all the good stuff that's going on here. Frankly, this just kind of disappoints me for that reason. I will say though the drums are pretty fucking awesome here, there's this technicality and yet off-beat nature to their rhythm that really help carry this track in a spastic and entertaining manner. I'm conflicted here cause I liked the vocals and majority of what was going on here. I just feel this would be so much more enjoyable if it weren't so garage-sounding (that's my best descriptor take it or leave it) then I'd rate this higher. 3.8/5
58Daz Dillinger
Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back

This is my concern with literally with all hip hop, can excellent flows make up for a lackluster instrumental? In this case, I'm afraid it doesn't. The bass line is fine enough but it never changes up or surprises me. This wouldn't necessarily be an issue if there were other instrumentals to keep me hooked but I get bored about a minute into this cause nothing grabs and holds me. 2.5/5
59Snoop Dogg
Tha Doggfather

I'd be hard pressed to say I didn't enjoy this one. This was just plain fun with a sweet lil' g-funk bass beat paired with some trilling synth lines that sprinkle throughout the track. The feature from Nate Dogg is actually really sweet and it makes me wanna hear more of his stuff. Snoops raps here are also top notch. Overall this was just what I look for in g-funk, bouncy and entertaining beat and atmosphere paired with some talented rap flows. 4.1/5
60Shawn Colvin
A Few Small Repairs

Folk/ Country/ Pop
When I saw Shawn Colvin I wrongly assumed this would be a male vocalist and I gotta say I'm happily surprised. The twinkly acoustic guitar melodies here are extremely enjoyable paired with Shawn's vocals which flutter along like a butterfly in the wind on a cool autumn day. The rather passive nature of the lyricism is matched perfectly with how the track sort of breezes by. The track is representative of its sentiments, love is challenging and life is difficult but continues on for better or for worse. 4.7/5

Thrash Metal/ Heavy Metal
The Outlaw Torn
This was unexpected coming from Metallica I gotta admit. Sounds almost nothing like other stuff I've heard from them but honestly I really think that's a good thing in this case. That deep bass line is sooo damn good. I also really like how James' vocals sound here, they've got a creativeness to them that sometimes I feel their tracks tend to lack. The sort of laid back and chug-a-long nature of this track was refreshing. This honestly makes me curious now to check more Metallica because I honestly didn't think they were capable of much diversity until hearing this track. This is just some killer bass work honestly with some actually creative riffs and vocal work for a band that often sounds "samey" to me. Honestly not surprised Metallica fans would bash an album like this if other tracks from the album sound like this cause it's definitely atypical for them. 4.1/5
62The Smashing Pumpkins
Rarities & B-Sides

Alternative Rock
Set the Ray to Jerry
The distant sounding guitar melodies that blend into the deep bass riff that doesn't punch but rather looms as Billy Corgan's melancholic yet high pitched vocal approach comes into play in a way that I found much more tolerable than I normally find his voice. However, I feel the more I hear him the more I get used to his vocals. Overall this was just a chill track with a nice overall atmosphere and melody to it. 3.9/5
Her 12 Faces

Indie Pop
There's sort of an entrancing and deep atmosphere with the how high up in the mix that bass is but its balanced here with graceful and airy vocals, light guitar melodies, some hazy backing synth and even some lovely string arrangements. There's a lot to love here and it seems every time a track of yours gets bumped off the list Dino another is quickly there to take it's place. This time sadly you sorta just knocked your own off haha 4.5/5

Progressive Rock/ Math Rock/ Jazz Fuzion
Another fun as hell track from CHON and I'd expect nothing less. This just grooves and jams hard and the soundscapes created here are lovely and so enjoyable. At times I feel this is a bit too crisp in production, seems a bit too smoothed over for lack of a better description. It lacks a rawness in portions of this. I did still really dig it nonetheless. 4/5
The Artist in the Ambulance

Post Hardcore/ Alternative Rock/ Indie Rock
Honestly had higher expectations for this but those screams feel really weak to me sound like he can barely achieve them to be honest, he's barely projecting. The singing is pleasant though I honestly think it would be better if he just stuck to clean vocals. Instrumentals were pretty solid though but nothing too out of the ordinary that I haven't heard before and honestly done better by other contemporaries. The best part here is honestly the bass that kicks in around the 1:40 mark and thats my favorite part of this whole thing. 3.7/5
Black Chapel Sun

Raw Messiahs
Swarms create an encompassing electronic track which flows over you like a wave and drowns you in it's entrancing and tempestuous soundscapes. The purposeful voids of empty space that the atmosphere creates are left open to be filled by vocal samples that drone and layer over one another as the crisp and sleekly produced beats float in the background. It's a song which carries you away but not without slowly pushing you back to shore with its lush synth lines which fade graciously away as it all comes to a close. 4.3/5
67The Wonder Years
No Closer to Heaven

Pop Punk/ Emo
Stained Glass Ceilings
This has some nice melodic guitar playing that strikes me a lot more than previous wonder year tracks I've heard in the past. The vocals also sound a lot better here than what I've heard in the past I much prefer the parts where he strains a bit it gives the emotional grip I was hoping for in something that is this emotionally charged. The lyrics are really embellished upon with the variations in vocal deliveries and Jason Butler was a real nice surprise to hear in here! Always dig his vocal work. 4.3/5
All Eyez on Me

Picture Me Rollin'
The guitar and bass melodies here were super chill and lovely here, there was just enough punch to the bass rhythm to entice me and I didn't mind its repetition for that reason. Plus the rap verses and bars were really stellar here. I also really loved the clean vocals that scatter in the background of the track helps to fill up the overall sound. The moments where they cut through the rap verses were really refreshing and I dug the real soulful vibe. 4.2/5
To Live & Die In L.A.
Another mellow and more funky beat to this one and I were to choose which beat I enjoy more I'd pick this one. The guitar melodies here in the background gave this more bite and depth which I appreciated. The rapping here is so fucking good too and the female vocals were a nice touch. This is the kind of G-funk I can really get behind. 4.5/5

The Root of All Evil
This one kicks off with a cool little electronic bit that is peppered throughout the track and is layered over this real mellow beat and some deep melancholic rap flows. I really appreciate Paris' vocal pitch its a tone that tends to appeal to me when listening to hip-hop. There's some real depressing lyricism weaved into this one speaking of the day to day struggles of street life and how the desire and lust for money only leads to murders and violence. The hook is top notch on this and give this a ton of power paired with Paris' technically proficient deliveries on his verses. 4.2/5
Outta My Life
This track kicks off with this nice little bass lick that caught my attention immediately with its punch yet jazzy vibe. Verses here are still pretty solid however I didn't really care for the chorus on this one. The vocal delivery seemed a bit forced and his singing voice isn't as good as his rap flow. I will say I dug the riffs and the sax though. 3.8/5
70Various Artists (Hip Hop)
Murder Was The Case

What Would U Do?
This shit was dopeeee. The bass beat here is so damn punchy and energetic and there's this sort of darkness to it which I really loved. There's a downtrodden vibe but just enough synthy bits to keep some interest and eeriness. The verses and flows here are fucking ace too. I could definitely see my self jamming this on the regular. 4.3/5
71Big Syke
Be Yo' Self

Good Timez
That piano that opens this track up is a choice way to catch my attention. Big Syke has a real deep pitch to his rapping which I found reminded me a lot of Biggie. The female vox in the mix also help to break up his deep pitch and sort of keep the track fresh as it grooves along. The way the guitar licks come in and out of the track also help to keep my interest and overall this track is exactly what it claims to be, a good time. 4.2/5
72Sammy Davis Jr.
Starring Sammy Davis Jr.

Papa Universe
Jazz/ Pop
I Gotta Be Me
I never really heard any Sammy Davis Jr. but this had sort of an orchestral nature to it with some real uplifting melodies that although a bit over dramatic and bit cheesy at times. I mean hey, for a song from 60's this is pretty damn massive in its sound...and the vocals are lovely 3.8/5
73Echo and the Bunnymen
Songs to Learn and Sing

Papa Universe
Post Punk/ Psychedelic/ Alternative Rock
The Killing Moon
I definitely feel the psych vibes and the sort of offbeat mixing and production work to its advantage in this case. The way the vocals are so high in the mix with this sort of reverb with the deep basslines and acoustic guitar gives it this sort of off kilter balance to all the deep instrumentals and the sort of moaning vocal approach presented. There's this sort of energy and momentum through it all that is really fascinating, you almost don't catch how much is going on because of the way the mixing is sort of distorted. I dunno but I really liked it. 4.4/5
74And Also the Trees
(Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man

Papa Universe
Post Punk/ Gothic/ Folk
Rive Droite
The rather clandestine beat that opens this track as the twinkly backing guitar melodies make their entrance paired with this gloomy and disheartening vocal delivery make for a rather stark yet somewhat frantic song. This was a beguiling listen filled with some really eclectic textures that mix, post punk, folk and even create a sort of jazzy/ bluesy melody. 4/5
75Positive Noise
Heart of Darkness

Papa Universe
Post Punk
No More Blood and Soil
Slick bass line with a sort of odd edge to it which i found pretty enjoyable honestly and the wavering vocal delivery carried a lot of energy here. There's a real frantic and sort of haunting vibe to this until it breaks away into its synth bits that sort of clear the sort of surreal atmosphere of the deep moody bassline and the sort of odd and spastic guitar riffs. Overall this was just a lot of fun and entertaining as hell. 4.2/5
76Dinah Washington

Papa Universe
This Bitter Earth (Max Richter version)
Just flat out beautiful orchestration with some lovely vocals how can you go wrong? 4.8/5
77Dream On Dreamer

Metalcore/Post Hardcore
Don't Lose Your Heart
I dug the production of this and how there was some restraint to the metalcore elements which gave breathe to reveal post hardcore leanings that brought in some soulful elements. By soulful, I mean these sort of melodic guitar passages paired with some moments of piano and some tender vocal deliveries. The hook on this was also really great and gave this song a lot of catchiness while never becoming too pop oriented. 4/5
78Misery Signals

Parallels and Coma
This honestly rips so hard and I love that in spite of the fact that these two tracks tore me a new one I was also graced with some segments of instrumental interludes that boasted fantastic melodic guitar passages. The overall instrumental approach here was highly enjoyable and although the vocals stayed for the most part deep and one tone I think it works due the complexity of everything else the these two tracks bring. The ending of Coma was just marvelous and wraps these two tracks to a perfect close. 4.5/5
In Rainbows

Alternative Rock
The clamoring cymbals paired with a simple drum beat, a shaker of some sort and a repetitive yet entrancing guitar melody help to set this track up nicely for success. I liked the vocal delivery here at first but it doesn't really change and sorta loses me after awhile. I will say thought the atmospheric breakups and overall instrumentals here were quite enjoyable. 3.8/5
80Damien Rice
My Favourite Faded Fantasy

It Takes a Lot to Know a Man
Well Damien Rice, it also takes a lot to get through a track this long and unless I'm thoroughly entertained. When the song reaches around the 5:30 mark my mind tends to wonder, did this really need to be a 9:30 track? Yes it is pleasant, yes the lyrics are good and yes I liked this song but I feel there was some real unnecessary gaps of space and moments that just seems a bit pointless (no offense neeka). I just feel like the latter half of this sounds more like a second track or interlude to a new track rather than a necessity to be a part of this song. Cut this down to like 5 minutes and you'd have a 4.1/5 track but as it stands I can't help but rate this a 3.4/5
81Trespassers William

Shoegaze/ Dream Pop/ Indie Rock
Immediately I'm drawn in by the lush production on this track. The bass line that sort of takes the forefront of this track sort of lulls me as the dangling guitar melodies that surround the impassioned female vocals carry this song in a marvelous fashion. Honestly, I'm a sucker for these talented female vocalists already so if you put some pleasant melodies and impressive musicianship into the mix I'm sold. 4.5/5
82Tom Waits
Mule Variations

Blues/ Experimental/ Jazz
Take it With Me
There's a place somewhere in the country, it's raining, there's a sky dreary as the eyes of a listener who's welling up with tears as they await for the return of a loved one once held close and dear. It's there, a place I'm sure many have been and for those who haven't yet met this unfortunate circumstance, if you ever need, lend an ear for this song. I'm sure it will tug at all the heart strings near and dear to your heart. 5/5
83Johnny Foreigner
Waited Up 'til It Was Light

Indie Pop/ Pop Punk/ Alternative Rock
Salt, Peppa and Spindarella
I always appreciate bands that have two vocalists and I really like the switch up between a male and female vocalist here, the change is pleasant. The upbeat simple buzzing background that eventually breakouts out to twangy guitar melodies and eventually becomes an immersive and infectious full band sound during the last minute or so was a ton of fun. Overall a really fun and enjoyable listen. 3.8/5
Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

Alternative Rock
This had a real nice beat and rhythm to it that I found myself bobbing along to quite a bit. I wish the vocals here had a little more energy at points I feel that would have escalated this a bit higher for me. However, the piano melodies in the background and the guitar riffs were pretty damn solid. 3.7/5
85Fleetwood Mac

Soft Rock
Beautiful Child
Emotionally stirring from the moment the piano trills and Stevie Nick's vocals first grace the song. The brevity of the lyrics are given strength with her marvelous vocal inflections which speak a million words of both pain and love. The backing vocals provide even more depth as the simple backing bass rhythm pairs perfectly and in harmony to the piano and the distant strums of the acoustic guitar. Every moment of this track deliveries the sentiments felt in an at times painstaking yet always beautiful fashion. 5/5
86Dixie Chicks

Top of the World
Not what I was expecting at all, but in the best way possible. Natalie's vocals shine with tremendous reserve yet also the power that drives such a depressing story of regret and sorrow in a way I wouldn't change at all. The backing vocals provide the extra push to some of the hardest hitting lines that are sung. The acoustic guitars, violins, backing bass and really just every instrumental flourish provides the essentials melodies and buildups that are necessary in driving the car of this emotionally gripping rollercoaster. Clearly showing why they were one of the best female country groups. It also helps that I have a huge sweet spot for them as well, my mom used to play them constantly. 5/5
87Genghis Tron
Board Up the House

Grind/ Experimental
Board Up the House
I really dug the way the synth kicks off this track you can just feel the epic buildup that is going to commencing from the pitter patter of the drum synth beat to the guitar riffs that meld with the synth. Then all its synthy roots sort of unfold to unleash these beefy riffs that expand to form a breakneck grind outburst of monstrouous proportions. I love the way overall the synth sort of twinkles and buzzes as the track goes on, it helps to add some melody to an otherwise very tough and heavy track. Plus I dig the fuck out of the screams. 4.6/5
Truant/Rough Sleeper

Dubstep/ Electronic
Rough Sleeper
13 minutes.... this better be good...
Damn this this was a journey that just builds and expands and travels to many different places. I feel like I just took a train ride, then a plane, then a boat and got dropped off on the other side of the globe. Burial does well to create many different segments that somehow merge to make this massive and expansive trip that feels like it's never going to end, all I can say is be patient with this one. There's sooo much to take in... 4.5/5
89The National
Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

Starting off with a fuzzy and buzzing bass beat and some simple yet enjoyable guitar melodies there's already a really nice start to this one. The crooning deep vocals that carry just the right amount of charisma bode will with the spacey and sort of loose guitar melodies. I really enjoyable the bit of fuzziness this sort of has it creates a nice atmosphere. I love how vocally near the end it breaks into those strained screamed vocals they are really passionate and carry loads of energy. We even wrap this track to a close with some airy guitar passages that calmly bring the track back down from its buildup. 4.2/5

Folk/ Classical/ Progressive Rock
Opening up with some beautiful and entrancing piano melodies paired with some quickly paced yet graceful female vocal melodies this track starts off at a great pace which only continues to build and become more complex. The various instrumental flourishes that disperse throughout this one give this a ton of appeal and really create this marvelous complexity yet pulling back and using restraint when its called for. I also really dug how when a new element is brought into play it is done so with a punch (like when the drums kick in at 3:10 ughh so damn good. 4.7/5
91Jeff Rosenstock

9/10 (was honestly gunna check this whole album anyhow so this is an easy add on)
Oh yeah I gotta hear this whole thing, loving this right here. The twinkly melodies, moody deep bass lines, emotional lyricism and just that lovable Jeff personality shining through in its typical fashion. I also really enjoyed the female vocals in the mix here, I think those are Laura Stevenson's vocals? Anyhow I loved this one and I'm not too surprised. 4.5/5
92Jason Mraz
Live in Java Joe's

Zero Percent
This was just loads and loads of fun. Jason is a musician that fits so comfortably in what he's doing that you can't help but see the passion here and join in with his joy. I mean come on this song is just brimming with it! 4.7/5
93Of Machines
As If Everything Was Held In Place

Post Hardcore
Becoming Closer to Closure
Energetic and melodic right from the start this track kicks off on the right foot. Some real enjoyable clean vocals here to boot and the more melancholic pitch that ranges to an almost screeching high pitch is actually quite entertaining. All the bubbling guitar riffs and melodies that come together here embrace you from about every faucet possible. At times its just this wall of harmony and sophisticated technical riffs that shred. 4.3/5
Run With the Hunted

Alternative Rock
Hands On The Water
Really fascinating instrumentally and the vocals were pretty enjoyable as well. The strings and shimmering synths play off the upbeat drums and booming bass really well. Not much I can say here except this was pretty damn enjoyable. 3.8/5

Progressive/ Metalcore
The lyrics on this remind me of something I'd read in a Memphis May Fire song (that isn't a bad thing by any means). However, I really enjoy the clean, strained and even the deep screamed vocals on this a bunch. The deeps are a bit expected but the strained vocals here give this a lot of appeal for me. The proggy buildup of all the instrumentals are great too even if at times the guitars seem a bit chuggy I'm not bothered by it at all. 3.9/5
96Make Them Suffer
Old Souls

Old Souls
I love how the piano merges with the metalcore elements here. The mixing also gives this really atmospheric and hazy quality which only adds to the layers of craziness going on here. The screams, the guitar melodies, piano and strings give this an almost orchestral quality while all sounding HUGE. Damn this was a rollercoaster. 4.6/5

Electronic/ Progressive Rock/Pop Rock
This is a really intriguing blend of prog rock with some pop tendencies. The singing is quick and has a ton of energy which bounces off these punchy drum beats and beefy riffs. Reminds me a lot of You Me At Six... pretty solid nonetheless. 3.7/5
98Dan Deacon
Gliss Riffer

Papa Universe
Experimental/ Electronic
When I Was Done Dying
This was odd as fuck... I kind of loved it though. The layered elements here make this track completely insane. 4.7/5
99St. Vincent

Papa Universe
Indie Pop/ Indie Rock
Black Rainbow
Right up my alley. Some kooky instrumentation with some lovely female vocals. No complaints here. 4.5/5
Nu-Mixx Klazzics

You Know How We Do It
This was pretty chill, not a whole lot to say about it honestly. 4/5

Never Had A Friend Like Me (by 2pac)
Oh that juicy and punchy bass with some old school rap flow...This is some tasty hip hop that definitely swims amongst the classic territory. 4.7/5
101Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

1) 5 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
2) 5 Monobody - Gilgamesh (R-Texas)
3) 5 Radiohead - Paranoid Android
4) 5 M83 - Wait
5) 5 Dixie Chicks- Top of the World
6) 5 Fleetwood Mac- Beautiful Child
7) 5 Tom Waits - Take It With Me
8) 5 The Microphones - I Want the Wind to Blow
9) 5 La Mer- Julio Iglesias
10) 4.8 Erra - Dementia
11) 4.8 Explosions in the Sky - The Earth in Not a Cold Dead Place
12) 4.8 Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth (max richter version)
13) 4.7 2pac- Never Had A Friend Like Me
14) 4.7 Shawn Colvin - Trouble
15) 4.7 TV on the Radio - DLZ
16) 4.7 MF Doom - Potholderz
17) 4.7 Iamthemorning- Matches
18) 4.7 Jason Mraz- Zero Percent
19) 4.7 Dan Deacon- When I Was Done Dying
20) 4.6 Cult of Luna - I: The Weapon
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