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Songs Under 3 Minutes Rec Contest Part 6

Let's bring a little HELL into the final round of this competition. For the final round I want three rec's that, when put together, come to a length of 6:66 seconds or less. Each track can be whatever length you desire, as long as when the 3 track's lengths add together to 6:66 seconds or less, then we're good. KEEP IN MIND, how well these tracks work together as a unit will greatly effect my overall scoring. Also, to add some restrictions here: NO ONE CAN USE THE SAME ARTIST - NO ALBUMS FROM PREVIOUS ROUNDS OF THE COMPETITION - SEE AsleepInTheBack's GENRE CHOICE BELOW!
1Ghost (SWE)




EXAMPLE: He Is (from this album by Ghost)
2The Mountain Goats
The Sunset Tree

Dance Music - The Mountain Goats/ Fucc The Devil - AJJ/ Decatur, or, Round of Applause for Your Stepmother! - Sufjan Stevens
As a whole MyCarandMyGuitar took a set of three tracks and blended them rather marvelously. The tracks all approach personal conflicts ranging from addiction, trouble at home and at the end of it all a reflection on pasts that we can't change. Dance Music features some rather depressing lyrics about how Darnielle's home life growing up and then a period of his life where he suffered addiction to heroin after his introduction to it by his girlfriend at the time. In spite of that the music is rather upbeat and catchy which sort of bring the track to a balance. Lyrically in the same vein as one of my favorite tracks of all time Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. Fucc the Devil then proceeds to speak about addiction further, but this time in the eyes of an alcoholic through the lens of Sean Bonnette of AJJ with another fairly upbeat and pleasant -
Knife Man

instrumental that pairs well with Sean's vocal wonderfully. Finally we wrap the set of tracks up with Sufjan Steven's track "Decatur..." a pleasant folky track with a splash of accordion, banjo playing and some lovely overlapping vocals that recount the trips his stepmother would take him and his brother on and how at a young age they hadn't been thankful enough of her wonderful excursions. The track serves as a reflection of sorts that concludes the set on a more positive note. These were all highly memorable and really set the tone of this round with brilliance. 4.8/5
4Against Me!
Reinventing Axl Rose

Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose/ The Microphones - I Felt Your Shape/ Frank Turner - The Ballad of Me and My Friends
Asleep took a different but still highly effective approach in his combination of tracks. The first track Reinventing Axl Rose begins as a band with a bright and wonderful mission statement for their career with passionate vocals that express a clear cut desire to be a band not in it for the fame, but for the experiences and love of the music. This set an optimistic tone of the hopefulness the music industry should have more of. However, upon entering the second track, I Felt You Shape, Phil goes into his account of losing connection with a loved one in times or hardship. This connects to the previous track by showing how touring can lead to a disconnection of relationships when facing distance from them and going through hard times, which Phil deliveries vocally in a sad yet fitting manner. Upon closing the series of tracks, Asleep then closes with
5Frank Turner
Sleep is for the Week

Frank Turner's track The Ballad of Me and My Friends, which describes the struggles of being a musician trying to make it on your own without the support of anyone else, but also how the industry is a corrupt machine that changes many and leads them to a downward spiral with its fair share of stories to tell. Frank's vocals do great justice to the words being spoken here as he has a very wonderful voice. Asleep put out another set of rec's that come just shy of hitting me as hard as MyCar's (mostly due to less personal connection here) 4.6/5
6Harrod and Funck
Harrod and Funck

Harrod and Funck - Lion Song (live)/ Johnny Cash - Dirty Ol’ Egg Suckin’ Dog (live)/ Bon Iver - Team

A rather pleasant track from an artist I haven't heard is always nice to see. There's a wise and frail set of vocals that meld lovely with the twinkly guitar melody in this opening track. The lyrics have an optimistic message to keep moving forward which brought a little light to a rather awful start to my Monday. Then we move into a track by a legend (Johnny Cash) which is pleasant enough as I really like his vocals as they always carry a track a long way but the rather fun nature of this track seemed a bit out of place to me. Lastly, we have a nice little instrumental with a catchy little bassline which brought the set of tracks to a nice little close. I have to admit although this set wasn't carrying as much weight emotionally, it was still fairly enjoyable. 3.7/5 (First track was 4.4/5 track the rest sat closer to 3.5/5)
7The Decemberists
The Hazards of Love

The Decemberists- The Wanting Comes in Waves/ Destroyer- Times Square, Poison Season I/ Elbow- Gold Slumbers

This first track starts off like something I could totally picture Ghost covering so kudos for starting off this set of songs with one that reminds me of the band I posted for the challenge. Anyhow, this opening of the track has a killer bassline and I love the organ in the background creates a real nice atmosphere from the start and the guitar melodies and violin that later introduce themselves along with what I believe to be a piano. Lyrically this was also an interesting story of sorts. Moving on to our second track, this Destroyer song has some vocals I'm highly fond of paired with simple and marvelous piano melodies and string segments that enhance the track to the peak of enjoyment. There's a sense of choice between two roads on this track and I loved how the track closed. Then we close on lovely cover of The Beatles and I wish I'd heard this-
Poison Season

beautiful track before as its both charming and sweet as well as up lifting. It seems as though you tried to incorporate all of these tracks as sort a message of the struggles of life and how we need to pick ourselves up even through times of hardship. This was right up there with MyCar's recs as far as cohesion and enjoyment of the tracks overall. I'd also warrant you hit me on a day where this set of tracks hit me particularly harder than they usually would. 4.8/5 (yes you are tied with MyCar currently)
9James Taylor
James Taylor

James Taylor - Brighten Your Night With My Day (intro)/ Thomas Giles - Scared/ Superman Revenge Squad - We're Here For Duration
A lovely collection of tracks that drifts (hehe pun) by in a wonderful fashion. Brighten Your Night With My Day has some lovely acoustic melodies paired with some horns that blend with James' vocals quite well and help to give some nice changeup to the acoustic nature of the track. Then we move to a more standard acoustic track with even better vocals that I found quite appealing. Lastly, we come to Superman Revenge Squad, which is essentially Nosferatu D2 without the insane instrumentals and strained vocals. This track instrumental pairs so well his vocals here and his rather helpless and sad vocal delivery pairs so well with an acoustic track of this nature. The strings are also quite heart wrenching and tug in just the right ways. 4.3/5 (loved the last track the most (5/5) but the others fall shy of hitting the same emotional highs)

Vàli - Nordavindens Klagesang/ Nest - Hiljaisuus rikkoutuu/ Musk Ox – Lullaby for Ghosts
SCREAM! took a risk here going the instrumental route which I will say I give you props for bud as these instrumentals contain some of the best melodies I've ever heard, period. If there's anything you've taught me thus far I gotta listen to more of this neofolky metal stuff cause it's been really refreshing and enjoyable. This first track starts off in cinematic fashion that just builds and ecalates with cascading guitar sweeps and some of the most lovely strings I've heard. I want a Zelda game with a soundtrack like this, cause this could totally be tradable as town music or travel music while riding a horse. The second track here has an eerily beautiful melody and I'm just stabbing in the dark here guessing this is guitar with an effect pedal of sorts? The unique quality of the sound stands out so well. Then we fall down from this marvelous musical journey with a song that features some
11Musk Ox
Musk Ox

lovely flute playing and more astonishing strings. I seriously want you to compile me some recs of albums like this, cause these are seriously gorgeous. You've earned your place with another well earned. 4.8/5 (three way tie!)
12Panic! at the Disco
Pretty. Odd.

Panic! At the Disco - Folkin' Around/ Buckethead - Ed's Rhapsody/Midnight Dance/Jars/ Elliott Smith - Somebody That I Used to Know

Heard Pretty. Odd. awhile back but forgot how fun this track that starts the set is. I love Brendon's vocals as usual and this was actually quite enjoyable musically as well. Then we move to a real nice and technical instrumental of an acoustic fashion from Buckethead and man does this dude impress with his guitar playing...Lastly, this Elliot Smith track here which features some rather wonderful instrumentals however the vocals don't strike me as much other recs have been on this round. I will say Dino, you did do a fairly great job considering how unsure you were of yourself so props for still putting out some great stuff here bud. 4.2/5
13Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
Bavarian Fruit Bread

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions - Drop/ Neun Welten - Nahend Zauberwald/ Wardruna - Thurs
SO there was some nice stuff here, I really appreciated the first track the most here, those female vocals were lovely. The second track here was a nice little instrumental but nothing crazy out of the ordinary. Then we conclude on a track that was basically just humming and grunting? I didn't get it... just not for me. 3.5/5 (first track was the obvious standout here for me)
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