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Metal's maligned subgenres

There's fresh fish in the sea even though the water can be a bit polluted at times. Below are a few albums from some of the more criticized metallic subgenres. Can you think of other records in these styles that aren't discussed a lot on Sput (so not local favorites with already hundreds of votes) that you nonetheless consider to be necessary listening for anyone that's interested? Thanks in advance for your participation

Glam metal

Gradually progressing into a more downright heavy metal sound by the late 80's/early 90's the s/t album was still a clear statement by the then most mean spirited hair band on the East Coast. Featuring copious amount of the good old alcohol, drugs, tits and ass it also featured chainsaws and torture. Go figure.
Nonetheless this is GREAT glam metal that doesn't forget it's supposed to be METAL by a talented band with a uniquely gifted vocalist and riffs. Definitely don't forget the riffs.
Those Who Fear Tomorrow


A long time ago in a land far away (Cleveland to be precise)... Before mentioning the word "metalcore" brought up images of rehashed SotS riffs battling it out with breakdowns, vocalists trying their best good cop-bad cop impersonation and broken hearts, crushed souls, shattered mirrors, withered roses and eyeliner mixing with tears... There was Integrity bringing a hostile mixture of blue collar hardcore, crushing metal and bluesy soloing. Commanded by the downright violent vocal performance of Dwid Hellion and disturbingly apocalyptical nihilism on display in the lyrics, this is a beatdown that leaves you lying like a pitiful puddle of bones on some filthy urinated-upon street corner, bare arsed and shame faced for the world to see.
She Lay Gutted

Brutal Death metal

The pinnacle of br00tality to some; a talentless wall of noise to others. Brutal for sure, but not always void of talent. Disgorge surely weren't the first to come up with this style, but here they were arguably the first to perfect it. Often imitated, never bettered. This is one vile maelstrom of filth and bile that mutilates, disembowels and dismembers your girlfriend and het pet chihuahua in the process. It also has the honors of featuring Matti Way on vocals - the man who possibly set the golden standard of the "toilet gurgling" that became one of the genre's stereotypes but who manages it to deliver it with just that bit of panache that many of the later imposters lacked.
The Crash of `47

Alternative metal

A preferred genre for the local dope-dealing-who-also-gets-high-on-his-own-supply nutjob that could be found with half his face blown off anytime soon, alt metal managed to pollute the heavy rock radios for a good time into the 2000's. This sole record has all the basic ingredients: post-grunge vocals, downtuned power chord heavy riffs and angsty lyrics yet it manages to set itself aside from the pack by having actually solid vocals, more-complicated-than-usual riffing as well as changing time signatures and downright brilliant, complex drumming. Showing that you can still make intriguing, memorable music using the same components for instance Drowning Pool uses. It's a strange world we live in, indeed.
5Defeated Sanity
Passages Into Deformity

Slam Death metal

Perhaps this isn't 100% true slam, but it does feature lots of slams anyway. Defeated Sanity distinguish themselves by adding a fair bit of technicality as well as by successfully creating a disturbing aura of deformity and putrid darkness. This record so far is the pinnacle of their established sound as far as I'm concerned.
6Life of Agony
River Runs Red

Groove metal

Before the band completely shat the bed early on in their career thinking it would be a good idea to become a crappy Stone Temple Pilots cover band, they released this anomaly. Soulful vocals clash with knuckledragging groove riffs delivered in concise yet creative songs. Adding to this the record manages to have this vibe of blue collar NYC "cousin Carmine just whacked Fat Vinny outside of a bagel shop in Bensonhurst".
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