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Metal: Cult Classics Pt. VI

Part 6.
1Aura Noir
Hades Rise

Most will probably be surprised at this pick, but personally I feel this is the album where Aura Noir truly found its own voice. Where their older stuff was heavily based in the Teutonic school of blackish thrash, here they add a certain degree of "art rock" in their riffing, creating a style that can be truly called "Aura Noir". The perfected dual vocal formula is the icing on the cake.
As the Weird Travel On

With their own brand of thrash-meets-death-meets-NWOBM-meets-scary-stories-to-tell-in-the-dark-lyricism, Deceased has an incredibly consistent discography to look back on. This right here is the one they've been working towards for their entire career in my book. If you gonna buy one Deceased album, make it this one.
Blod Draum

Borknagar's Oystein Brun's first band left us with this album that to date can still be called somewhat of an anomaly in the death metal world. While the murky almost slurry-like death metal foreshadows what bands like Portal or Mitochondrion would begin to produce almost 10 years later and is unique enough already, it's the completely left-field turns they sometimes take into ethnic instrumental parts (for example the folk middle part in "Following in the Growls" or even the fucking didgeridoo features at times) that messes with your head.
4God Dethroned
The Grand Grimoire

With The Grand Grimoire, these Dutchmen produced one of the finest blackened death albums of all time. Integrating slightly melancholic melodies in an otherwise dark and snarly death sound, this is a showcase of high level songwriting all the way through.
Embrace the Death

While the Van Drunen classics The Rack and Last One on Earth are indeed well deserved classics, Asphyx never sounded as grueling as they did on the collection of songs featured on Embrace the Death. Theo Loomans, just like Van Drunen, was a vocalist with a tone to his growls that can very well be called his own: you can almost hear the blood and bile flying around while he barks out the blasphemous lyrics. Underrated, but essential death metal listening.
Pentecost III

Better known for their later atmospheric rock stuff, Anathema's early death/doom era remains one of the most underrated short runs in all of metal. The way the almost Floydian guitar melodies are draped across thundering walls of crushing doom is exciting enough in itself, but its Darren White's clean to guttural recitative style of vocal delivery which conveys a genuine vibe of agony and despair. As excellent as some of their later softish rock is, the Serenades & Pentecost III stuff with Darren White remains my favorite Anathema work.
Inside the Unreal

Italy's very own death metal classic. The almost Beneath the Remains-like vibe (especially notable in the thrash-like riffs and underlying moments of dark ambience) coupled with the ghostly-yet-bleeding guttural vocals evokes a certain feeling of creeping terror.
Nightshade Forests

Most would probably cite either Dol Guldur or Stronghold as THE Summoning classic, but this EP is equal in quality. As far as I'm concerned this is one of their most atmospheric works and one of their most successful attempts at scene-setting.
Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan

Few bands in metal have ever been as successful at combining the groove with the cerebral as Inquisition. After the masterpiece debut, this in my opinion is strike two for the Colombians/Washingtonians unique brand of black metal.
The Skull

After the unfuckwithable Psalm 9 introduced the metal world to Trouble's very own style of "white metal" (in essence, old school Sabbathian doom metal flavored with a melodic sense of proto-thrash and biblical themes, while keeping true to a genuine sense of ethereal darkness), the band hit hard again with the equally dark "The Skull".
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