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Metal: Cult Classics Pt. IV

Part 4 of the series.

Most point to Antithesis of Light, and while admittedly an amazing album, I feel it's on Quietus where Evoken already perfected their sound before they just went on a second home run with Antithesis. The crushing doom-death, Paradiso's infernal vocals, the at times almost ethereal's all here.
2Solitude Aeturnus
Beyond the Crimson Horizon

With Beyond the Crimson Horizon the band decided to spice up their epic doom metal sound (perfected on their debut) with a good dose of old school power metal. While this peculiar combo on paper might raise a few eyebrows, the crushing riffs coupled with Lowe's massive soaring vocals is something which amazingly works.

Manegarm managed to position themselves as one of the strongest folk metal bands out there with Vredens Tid, after which they went for strike two with Vargstenen. Manegarm's style, where most folk metal bands go for the epic, is surprisingly chaotic - pounding you to death with crushing passages of an almost death metal-like intensity which at any time can make way for atmospheric instrumentals and heavy folk anthemic warrior shouts.
4Mourning Beloveth
The Sullen Sulcus

Commonly described as the "Irish My Dying Bride", I don't think this description is fair to either band, as both are easily distinguishable. Mourning Beloveth focuses more on the "death" side of the death/doom with an almost funeral doom-like instrumental approach, crushing growls and atmospheric spoken word passages that seem to come out of nowhere. The Sullen Sulcus is where they perfected their formula.
Order and Punishment

The Czechs at one time were known for producing some of the most batshit insane deathgrind captured on tape. As proof, look no further than The Obliteration of Mankind's Order and Punishment. Furious, experimental and technically insane, the album portrays itself as a descend into madness with a vocalist that actually sounds like a rabid tweeker who's about to stab you to death with a selfmade prison shank.
6Virgin Steele
The Marriage of Heaven And Hell: Part I

Virgin Steele has become somewhat of a laughing stock by now, but at one time they were producing some of the greatest "true metal" at a time when this particular style was out of fashion and barely being produced at all (the mid 90's). Defeis' voice may be shot now, but at that point in time he was a vocal powerhouse. This album is the first part in one of the greatest classic heavy metal trilogies ever recorded: The Marriage of Heaven And Hell Pt. I & II & Invictus.
The Sun of Tiphareth

The album where Absu crafted their sound of adventurous mythological blackened thrash. The Sun of Tiphareth features some of Absu's finest, creative compositions. An eternally underrated album.
Dark Metal

One of the founding fathers of "blackened doom" are arguably also the ones who did this particular style the best. Dark Metal, while different from the equally amazing follow-up Dictius Te Necare, is an example of pure misery caught on tape. Yet for all of its bleakness, there's an undercurrent of musical complexity at work as well.
Eater of Birds

Many are familiar with Gin, making Eater of Birds a rather overlooked album. Nevertheless is Eater of Birds the album where Cobalt fine-tuned and created their signature sound of "Sam Peckinpah Wild West Metal". Drawn out atmospheric parts that make you feel as if you're under the burning sun crawling through the endless Colorado desert make way for raw bursts of violence where deranged outlaws are out to blow your and each others' brains out.
10Mournful Congregation
The Monad of Creation

Australia's foremost funeral doom band and one of the finest examples in this subgenre. Masters at integrating unique melodic parts of haunting acoustics in an otherwise crushing style of atmospheric infernal doom. The Monad of Creation is their finest hour.
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