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Mildly Unsettling Metal Albums

Here's a few metal albums that might disturb your neighbors, your parents, your sister, your sister's boyfriend...etc...etc... No guaranteed succes One album per band, in no particular order
To the Depths... In Degradation

when Jason Oliver doesn't sound like he's choking on his own cut out tongue, he lets loose some of the most alarmingly terrifying shrieks and gurgles in existence; once in a lifetime vocal performance
by the way: what the hell happened to Oliver? dude vanished from the face of the earth
those keyboard soundscapes bring the creeps as well

it's like wandering around a cornfield, coming across a deserted farmhouse and hearing sounds coming from the shed which turn out to be the ramblings of a psychotic lunatic who's about to dismember an already bloated corpse with a rusty hacksaw
two words: Alan Dubin
3maudlin of the Well

strange pick but this thing is haunting as hell
at its most soothing its contradictorily at its eeriest as well, like it wants to lull you into sleep while you know a nightmare is awaiting you
4At the Gates
The Red in the Sky Is Ours

Alf opened a portal to pull a couple of riffs out of a hellish netherworld
Tompa howls like a tortured ghoul

ps: people rarely talk about that brief, but demented moment where Tompa shrieks "she's not alive anymore" in 'Claws of Laughter Died'
Dance of December Souls

Renkse shrieks, howls, rasps, gurgles, times you can almost hear him tearing up his vocal chords
the creeping melodies and warped song structuring are an extra bonus on top of the downright tormented vocal performance
Souls at Zero

hard to choose between this one or the almighty Through Silver in Blood, but I feel the atmosphere on this one is a bit more grainy and suffocating
Dave Edwardson's earth shattering bellows are ridiculously effective on this album, they seem to come out of nowhere and in their own way they're terrifying: he doesn't sound 'demonic' or anything, rather he sounds like someone who's genuinely pissed off at you for something, making you soil your pants like a toddler
7The Ruins Of Beverast
Unlock the Shrine

Rain Upon the Impure is dark as hell, but the debut edges it out in the creep department
song structures are more warped, the samples and soundscapes are horrific

"the eeeeyyyyyeeeesssss...I saw his eeeeeeyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss"
8Celtic Frost

Warrior delivers a vicious hateful vocal performance while the music dooms over you like an all consuming dark cloud
whenever Ain comes in with those ghostly spoken word passages, things go straight into hell
(fucking "Totengott"...)
9Acid Bath
When the Kite String Pops

broken glass and dirty needles
soul erosion truth
electric god
our superman found dead in a telephone booth
shards of teeth, ice pick abortions
orgasmic death so warm
let's die screaming, black goat semen
I can't hear you whisper conform
hearts will stop and brain cells pop
apocalyptic high
she screams bloody murder as they chop off her fingers
so this is how it feels to die

but it's's's ok (it's ok)
10Deathspell Omega
Si Monvmentvm Reqvires Circvmspice

'First Prayer' most evil instrumental ever made?
they really summoned something evil with this one
11Blut Aus Nord
The Work Which Transforms God

supposedly inspired by The Black Witch Project, this captures the same alarming anxiety the characters in that movie are going through
12The Axis of Perdition
Deleted Scenes From Transition Hospital

more experimental blackened industrial metal stuff, sorta like Gnaw Their Tongues but a bit more "metal" (and yes, "song") based
sources of inspiration: Silent Hill, Lovecraft and mannequins
In the Embrace of Evil

for a compilation, this flows ridiculously well as an album
blackened death/thrash spiraling you deeper into hell with each song
those chilling random shrill screams in the 'Incantation' song attain almost Fleurety levels of eagle-ness
Release from Agony

at their most technical, they also turn out to be at their most evil
listening to this album makes you feel like they're turning you into that frankenmutant on the cover
Transcendence into the Peripheral

the lyrics seem to be spiritual in nature, but make no mistake, this one screws with your brain
there's a strange feeling of "I've heard this somewhere before in a dark dream" when you listen to those reverby growls and screams and chants
The Pernicious Enigma

a 2 hour long mindfuck
difficult to describe, I's Esoteric

the sound of a decrepit industrial landscape and a manifestation of unbridled rage, hatred and anxiety from a rundown estate

I mean wtf
Dictius Te Necare

the vocalist screams, shrieks, growls and spits in German
20Cultes Des Ghoules

like being part of a devilish ritual
I'm almost certain the vocalist actually tried to summon an evil spirit while recording
Drawing Down the Moon

ridiculous to some, downright chilling to others
Beherit captured something here
22Burning Witch
Crippled Lucifer

"when I first heard Burning Witch I laughed... and then I did not"
- Aaron Turner
Demon Entrails (Remastered)

sure, it's primal, but at times it sounds like you're stumbling upon a bunch of ghouls holding a jam session in your basement after waking up in the middle of the night
Mortal Throne of Nazarene

could've picked any of the 3 classic Incantation albums, but here Pillard's vox sound as if they're rising up from the deepest abyss
Dawn of Possession

Dolan's serpentine vox and the unholy lyrics will unnerve you
the lyrics aren't of the "I'm gonna rape Jesus up the ass" variety, no, they actually seem to mock and torment God
The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide

pure fucking misery
Musta Seremonia

one of the most decrepit sounding death metal records ever
the keyboard soundscapes make the rather primitive recording sound even more spectral

scientists have yet to find a name for the creatures who put together this album
Voices of Omens

feels like you're lost in the Ozarks at night and a bunch of screaming, yelling, bellowing, shouting hillbilly voices are surrounding you from all sides, yet you don't know where the fuck they are coming from
30Morbus Chron

this was actually recorded in a fever dream
Black Death Horizon

Sindre howls like he's captured in the dungeon of a forgotten occult manor
32Silencer (SWE)
Death - Pierce Me

ridiculous to some, downright chilling to others [2]
Fallen Angel of Doom

music that actually feels antagonistic
they want to beat you to death and they do mean it
34Today Is the Day
Temple of the Morning Star

structured like a psychotic stream of consciousness

"I can't be what you want me to be I am dead"
35The Angelic Process
Coma Waering

I am stuck in a coma, I want to get out, but the coma is telling me to go fuck myself because I'm never getting out
Into Darkness

this one evokes images of that landscape in Fallout 3, only without the humor and cartoonish creatures
37Lord Mantis
Death Mask

somewhere in a rundown apartment in a derelict big city neighborhood, a couple of smack heads' heroin buzz just ended and they are really pissed off
Dead as Dreams

how bleak can you get?
it definitely won't be easy to out-bleak Gossard's incoherent screams, yells, howls and gurgles
Transilvanian Hunger

"Darkthrone is for all the evil in man"

it's Portal
More Constant Than The Gods

there's something decidedly unnerving about the almost comatose vox and screeching use of violins for lead guitars
42Unholy (FIN)
From the Shadows

weird blackened doom, this is one of those things they buried a long time ago and then a bunch of stupid fucks unearthed it unaware of the hell they brought upon themselves
43Dragged Into Sunlight
Hatred For Mankind

serial killer sludgegrind as presented to you by a bunch of hooded goons from the Liverpool suburbs
talks about cannibalism, stoning, dismemberment, scissors cutting through flesh and straight into bone and the like
Call Of The Wretched Sea

sometimes when I listen to this album, I actually get seasick
Antithesis of Light

if being lost in a giant graveyard at night might be your idea of a fun time
46Ved Buens Ende
Written In Waters

this stuff's so off-kilter it gets under your skin
also, the vocals are completely the dude has no soul or something
47Void Of Silence
Human Antithesis

the horrors of war transformed into an industrial doom album
Scorn Defeat

Sigh's first and most evil album: black metal with a twist, seemingly recorded at the Aokigahara Suicide Forest
The Dreaming I

suffering from sleep paralysis blows
I speak from experience
50Saint Vitus
Die Healing

Scott Reagers at his most psychotic
Saint Vitus' most underrated and discomforting album
The Awakening

straight up evil death/thrash from the crypts
Morbid Visions

Sepultura's underrated debut studio album
just listen to that Latin invocation in 'Crucifixion'...
The Return of the Darkness and Evil

it's fucking Bathory
The Destroyers of All

imho the moments of industrial-like ambience are at their most haunting and malevolent on this album
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Exhumed of the Earth

christian guys, yet it's one of the creepiest sounding doom/death records around
Liberate Te Ex Inferis

a christian metalcore album, but at the beginning of their career Zao was one of the only metalcore bands ever that could match a death or black metal band in terms of eeriness
the atmosphere on this one is surprisingly hellish
Forest of Equilibrium

like being lost in a dark medieval forest
Dorrian delivers a strange, but one of a kind vocal performance
Mass III

grimy guitars that form a dark cloud over you
vox sounding like a wounded animal bleeding to death at the side of the road

apparently they cut themselves up while recording
there's something demented about Williams' style of screaming: zero technique, just straight up throat destroying mayhem
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